If one day you go for a walk by a lake and you hear the bellowing of a bull, but you do not see any, you may find yourself very close to an American bullfrog and its intention is to let you know that you are invading its territory.

The American bullfrog is an amphibian belonging to the ranidae family and can grow to 20 centimeters long and weigh a pound. It has a light green color with darker variations such as olive or greenish brown, which allows it to blend in with its surroundings.

These types of animals love to be in humid or totally aquatic places. In the same way, they are fascinated by the fact that these areas where they live have a lot of vegetation, so you will see them in puddles, swamps, lakes and freshwater reservoirs.

These frogs are carnivorous. Their varied diets include snakes, smaller frogs, fish, and occasionally birds and bats. Its predators or species that are encouraged by the bullfrog are alligators and birds such as the kingfisher.

Fun facts

  • There is a difference in the size of the eardrum, in male frogs it is longer than the eye. While, in females both the eye and the eardrum measure the same.
  • It is a native species of North America and has been introduced in other countries of Eurasia and America.
  • During the winter time, the American bullfrog hibernates underwater.
  • For many scientists it is an ideal model in educational experiments in biology, physiology, among other sciences.
  • Due to their long legs, these frogs are amazing swimmers. Similarly, on stable surfaces it can jump up to 2 m away in its single jump.
  • The female can lay up to 20,000 eggs that are kept together on the surface of the water. At birth, the tadpoles live underwater and breathe through gills.
  • Bullfrogs breathe through their lungs. When they are underwater, they close their nostrils and continue to absorb oxygen through their skin.
  • In some parts of the world, such as France, bullfrog legs or legs are a very delicious dish.