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The American toad is an amphibian that lives in North America, mainly in the United States. It comprises three subspecies: the Hudson Bay toad, the pygmy toad, and the eastern American toad.

It is common to find them near large bodies of water, because this element is essential for their reproduction. They also live in gardens, patios and agricultural areas, because in these areas there is a constant source of food.

An adult specimen is about 7.5 cm long, and females are always larger than males. The skin is thick, it has many warts and the legs are short. The color can be between red and brown, with the lower part lighter.

Fun facts

  • Its evolution towards the adult stage is very fast, the tadpoles reach maturity in only 30 to 45 days.
  • Through the skin they release a milky substance that is poisonous without coming into direct contact with the mucous membranes of humans or animals.
  • The skin is very sensitive to external changes, such as humidity and temperature, or to the toad’s stress levels. It can turn black, brown or yellowish.
  • The females are different from the males because they are longer and have a clear body and throat. The colors of the males are always dark and their throat is black.
  • They feed on small vertebrate animals, such as moths, worms, spiders, earthworms and ants.
  • They lay eggs that hatch between 2 to 14 days after being deposited in the water. They live in the aquatic environment for a period of time until they become land animals.
  • It is a kind of docile and friendly toad with human beings, which is why having them at home has become increasingly common.