You are looking for a name that matches the characteristics of your baby’s personality. Although before birth, we cannot know for sure the personality of a boy or a girl, but since pregnancy some behaviors can be outlined and the name that is chosen has a great impact on the character. That is why we present you a list of names, this time, they are beautiful American names with meaning.

The etymology of these names has varied over the years, given that it is a diverse population that is home to people from all over the world and this has directly impacted the popular names in this North American country. However, there are also names that continue to be classics.

Perhaps it may be that you are interested in other styles such as English names, French names or Spanish names. But this time we will show you the best selection of American names and their meaning so you can browse one by one. Choosing a name for your baby is not an easy task and here we help you with it. Choose the best baby names for girls.

American names for girls and their meaning


Although it is a name of Greek origin, it is widely used in the United States. Its meaning is ” the one that provides the defense “.


This name means “ the divine promise ”.


The meaning of this name is “ industrious woman ”.


Also Janet. This name means “ full of grace ”.


Name of Arabic origin, very popular in the United States that means ” little bird “.


The meaning of this name is ” woman full of purity “.


Its meaning is ” the one that brings faith “.


This name means “ beautiful hay forest ”.


It means ” good daughter “.


The etymology of this name is ” daughter of the willow “.

American names for boys and their meaning


The meaning of this popular American name is “ manly man ”.


Its meaning is ” praiseworthy “.


The meaning of this name is ” the one who carries Christ within him “.


Name of Hebrew origin that means ” held by the heel “.


This name means “ God is generous ”.


Name that derives from the Latin Justus and means “honest”.


This name means “ the gift of the Creator ”.


Coming from Hebrew, the etymology of this name is ” the gift of God “.


The meaning of this name is “twin”.


This name means “ the protector ”.

Characteristics of the most famous people who are called:
allison Charitable and perfectionist with both their duties and passions. They are very interested in their physical appearance and have a great sense of fashion.
Elizabeth They are generous women with calm personalities. Their tranquility in the face of confusing situations brings calm to people and that is why they are sometimes seen as a refuge. Intelligent and have a facility for languages.
Emily Tenacious and persevering. They do not take no for an answer, they rely on their intelligence to look for alternatives that allow them to achieve their goals. They appear to be super sensitive and somewhat contradictory.
Jane Benevolent, smiling, affectionate and accommodating. They are willing to give their best, they give their hearts in every act. Humble and sincere.
Jenna They have a great ability to listen and are very observant, which allows them to be willing to understand and respect opinions that they do not share, but take them into account for their personal training.
Katherine Noble, shy, funny and cordial. Their attractive personality makes them get along with everyone and like them everywhere they go.
Faith Cozy and peaceful. Intelligent and industrious. They have a lot of creativity to carry out their projects and they like to innovate. Innate leaders who know how to lead groups and assume responsibilities of the position.
Hailey Cunning and somewhat manipulative. They like to use their abilities to their advantage and not put effort into activities they don’t want to do. Romantic and capricious with their friends and close people.
Madison They have the ability to perform a large number of activities at the same time and do them all well. They are quite concerned about the opinion that their family may have of them and this tendency leads them to take complacent and attentive attitudes.
Willow Dynamic, energetic and rebellious. They do not like to be told how to do things, they have their own way and style. Original and usually impact with their presence in all environments.
Andrew Applied in their work and close to their family. What worries them the most is the well-being of their loved ones and they dedicate a good part of their time to providing them with what is necessary for their comfort.
anthony Reserved, sensible and since childhood they have very clear their ideals and objectives, which they pursue without knowing limits. They come to amaze with their enthusiasm for life and their great ability to perform feats.
Christopher Very smart and insightful. They tend to feel comfortable in large places with great flow of people. Talkative and are not afraid of the stage or speaking in public.
Jacob They are men of principle and have their feet firmly on the ground. Sometimes pampered and pampered, they want everything to be done in their opinion and tend to get annoyed easily if they contradict them.
Joshua Calm and intelligent, although they tend to have a strict and conservative vision of life, which is why they come to distance themselves socially from environments they do not understand or from people who do not share their interests.
Justin They are always aware of what they will say and therefore they tend to give great importance to their appearance and that it meets social expectations. Sometimes haughty and tend to underestimate others.
matthew Thinkers and intellectuals who have many skills to strengthen. They excel in the areas of mathematics and science, this is due to their logical thinking and their analytical ability to think about the environment that surrounds them.
Nathan Spiritual, complex and indefinable at first sight. Although they tend to be skeptical, they manage to have a good understanding of the real facts in order to face them from the beginning.
Thomas Refined and educated, with great concern to please and be loved. Very instinctive and tend to rush when any important decision has to be made. They like quiet environments and meditation.
William Versatile and always rise to the occasion. Possessive in both the affective and financial state, which can go from being a strength to a weakness. Perfectionists and do not like mediocrity.