Very early in the morning, Anansi the spider looked out the window to watch the weasel water his crop of watermelons. It was a very hot day and the greedy Anansi’s mouth was watering to think of his neighbor’s ripe and juicy fruits. However, since he was so lazy, it would never have occurred to him to plant his own crop.

Around noon, the heat became unbearable. The weasel put the hoe and the watering can aside, and went into his house to take a nap. Anansi took the opportunity to quickly slip out the window and into the orchard.

While his neighbor snored from exhaustion, Anansi looked for the biggest and juiciest watermelon. With the help of a pointed stone that he found along the way, he opened a hole to get into and once inside he ate until he was as round as an orange.

At that instant, he heard the weasel approaching. But she couldn’t get out of the watermelon because she had gotten too fat and couldn’t fit through the hole through which she had entered.

“What a mess I’ve gotten myself into!” Anansi thought. I’m going to have to wait until I lose the weight I’ve gained.

Anansi slept for a long time inside the watermelon, but the wait seemed very long and the moment came when he felt very bored.

-I know what to do! Anansi said. When the weasel gets close I’ll make him believe that this watermelon can talk.

When the weasel approached the watermelon where Anansi was, he heard a voice say:

“Good afternoon, Lady Weasel, thank you very much for cultivating me.”

The weasel could not believe what his ears were hearing, very excited he said:

“I didn’t know watermelons could talk.”

“Of course we talk,” Anansi said, mimicking the best watermelon voice he could think of, “but you don’t have a good listener.”

“Fantastic, wonderful! I must take this watermelon to the elephant king to reward me for this discovery,” said the weasel and rushed out carrying the watermelon.

On his way to the Royal Palace, he met the hare.

“Mrs. Weasel, where are you going in such a hurry?” asked the hare.

“I must take this watermelon to the elephant king,” answered the weasel.

“The elephant king has a lot of watermelons, why do you want to bring him that?” replied the hare.

“Because this watermelon can talk,” said Mrs. Weasel, with the greatest pride.

“I didn’t know that watermelons could talk,” said the hare with great distrust.

“Of course we talk,” Anansi said, enjoying his deception, “but you don’t have a good listener.”

—Incredible, extraordinary! I must accompany you to take this watermelon to the king.

On their way to the Royal Palace, the weasel and the hare ran into the duck, the squirrel, the skunk and the opossum. One by one, they scoffed until they heard the watermelon speak. Immediately, everyone wanted to go to the king to show him the amazing watermelon.

When they arrived at the Royal Palace, the elephant king asked them:

“Why do you bring me this watermelon?” I have thousands of them.

“Your majesty, you don’t have one like this,” they all replied in unison. This watermelon can talk.

“I didn’t know watermelons could talk,” the elephant king said suspiciously.

“Of course we talk,” said Anansi, enjoying his deception even more, “but you, despite being the king, do not have a good listener.”

“How come I don’t have good hearing? Do you think I have these huge decorative ears?” refuted the elephant king angrily.

It was then that the king took the talking watermelon with his trunk and threw it as far as he could. The watermelon fell into the weasel’s orchard breaking in half. Anansi returned home without complications.

The next morning, Anansi woke up with a huge appetite, opened his window and heard the weasel say in frustration:

“I’ll never plant watermelons again!”

Anansi, hidden behind his window, responded by imitating the best watermelon voice:

—Plant yams for the next harvest.

But don’t be surprised by this unusual request, although you may not like sweet potatoes, these are and will be Anansi’s favorite food!