Send personalized Christmas cards to all your family and friends with the help of these apps. You look at these ideas.

The Christmas season is approaching and surely you are already thinking of sending the traditional Christmas postcards. For this reason, today we propose a series of applications with which you can create  personalized Christmas postcards and send them to all your loved ones.

Today, it is difficult to find someone who does not have instant messaging on their mobile, so wishing Christmas wishes through this means is very common. So you may be interested in our proposals for applications to create personalized Christmas cards.

In addition, creating Christmas postcards in a personalized way will allow you to be creative and give your designs a personal touch, and thus make your loved ones feel very special.


These applications will help you create personalized postcards. They all have very similar characteristics, but it is possible that one is more useful to you than another, or simply that there is some detail that you like more in one than in another. Take a look and choose.

1. Xmas Cards Free

The first of the applications that we propose is available only for iOs . It should be noted about this app that, in addition to having templates to create postcards, it has the possibility of editing personal photos and then sending them.

2. Christmas cards

This application for Android puts at your disposal a large collection of Christmas postcards as well as to congratulate the New Year. The application has several categories such as: traditional, fun, religious, alternative or contemporary. Choose the one that best suits what you are looking for. You can adjust the font size or put different effects like stars, snowflakes, lights, sparkles or candles.


With this application we go to another format, that of personalized videos in the form of postcards to congratulate Christmas. ElfYourself allows you to create videos in which elves appear to which you can put a photo of your face or of the people to whom you are going to send the postcard. Elves dance in a very funny way, with this personalized Christmas postcard you will surely surprise your loved ones!

4. Christmas cards

The following app to make animated Christmas cards has a very unoriginal name but excellent content. It offers an infinity of Christmas images to share with your loved ones, and the possibility of creating personalized images in which to include a message with the typography that you like the most. It has some templates that are already predesigned and to which you can add different effects and phrases, both made by you and those that the application contains by default.

5. JustWink Greeting Cards

This application is very versatile since it will allow you to create Christmas postcards. In addition, it can also be very useful for other occasions when you want to congratulate someone for other reasons that have nothing to do with Christmas.

6. Canvas

Our latest proposal is not exactly a mobile application but it allows you to customize your postcards in a simple way. It offers great possibilities in terms of designs that will allow you to personalize the postcards and surprise your friends and family. Canva allows you to change the images, alter the background, change the typography, and modify colors.