Are you looking for Arabic names for the new little person that comes into your life? You have come to the right place because here, in Primary World, we have compiled several with great meaning so that you have options to choose from. If you have been reading alternatives for a long time and you still have not found the perfect name, it is time for you to stop and read this post.

All the names that exist have a different meaning. For the Arab anthroponymy, the names usually indicate the feats of the families and very important principles for the community. Many of these names are derived from family surnames and also suggest moral duties expected of new members arriving at home. Choose the best baby names for girls.

That is why the etymology of Arabic names usually have beautiful meanings that are worth taking into account when calling your son or daughter. We know that for you the most important thing is the meaning and the influence that it has on the personality of each person, that is why we have this brief but very complete selection of names for your baby.

Arabic names for girls and their meaning


Its etymology is ” the hope that has come home “.


Its meaning is ” princess “.


This name means ” the force of the world “.


It means ” woman loyal to her principles “.


The meaning of this name is ” provided with great wisdom “.


Also Nasla or Nawja . Its meaning is “ big-eyed ”.


Its meaning is ” healthy woman “.


It means “ condescending woman ”.


Its etymology is “ aromatic herb ”.


Its meaning is ” the one that grows determined “.

Arabic names for boys and their meaning


Its meaning is ” servant of Allah “.


Also Ali . Its meaning is ” sublime man “.


Dalal too . It means ” the one who does not doubt “.


The meaning of this name is ” the very gallant “.


It means “ he is unique ” or “ no one is equal to him ”.


The etymology of this name is “ the king ”.


Its meaning is ” great conversationalist “.


It means ” he who is called “.


It means ” the one who is radiant “.


Its meaning is ” the one who brings abundance “.

Characteristics of the most famous people who are called:
Amal Susceptible, but their company is always pleasant for all people. Calm, loving and their optimism makes them always see the positive side of things, even in the worst moments.
Amira They like parties and are very affectionate. They always have a plan B or an ace up their sleeve and are very perceptive in their actions.
Dounia Creative and willful. They do not stop in the face of adversity that may appear, she is talkative and a good friend.
Emma Autonomous and very generous. They tend to analyze all situations before making a judgment since they fear committing some injustice or act that goes against their moral principles. They know how to listen and they are bold.
Fahima Intelligent, cunning and with a tendency to be perfectionists. They don’t usually make mistakes. Creative and have communication skills.
Naila Friendly and very nice. Great conversationalists, she always has some funny joke or comment to make others laugh. Sensitive and sometimes fickle. Tenacious when you want to defend what is yours.
Salima They make a nice impression and have a nice appearance. They like to communicate through dialogue and express their feelings, in the same way they want others to be as open as they are.
Rafika They are not friends of conflicts, which is why they tend to be great mediators and opt for the options that suit everyone. Kind, sincere and very honest. They like to be in the company of animals and enjoy natural spaces a lot.
Raihane Pleasant, solitary and of a peaceful character. Creative and like to innovate in everything they do. They are not afraid to be different from others.
Zaida They like lasting friendships. They like deep conversations, avoiding banalities at all costs. Determined and very reliable. Honest and very nice.
abdel They have an imposing personality and great skill in the arts. They have wit and are active at all times, they do not know what boredom is. They maintain a constant energy to carry out all the projects they dream of.
Ali Idealists and dreamers. They like to cooperate in many group activities. They take everything personally, which leads them to give their best in each activity and give their best.
dalil Strong and uncompromising. They do not like emotional events or farewells. They are usually somewhat shy and introverted when it comes to expressing their feelings, but they usually have sensitive gestures.
Hassan Elegant and cordial. Considered and do not like lies.
farid Sociable and have people skills. They are usually the first to start a conversation and they do so with great sympathy. Intelligent and have a taste for art.
Malek They have good intentions, but they are somewhat egotistical in their actions. He is proud even of small achievements. They have difficulty keeping the friendships they make.
Nadim Sociable. Entrepreneurs and workers. They don’t like sloths.
yassin Sensitive and altruistic, they like to share everything they have and therefore they make very good friends. They have great courage and firmness, they always act bravely to protect their family. They have the tenacity necessary to achieve their dreams.
Zahir Empathetic and show generous attitudes towards others. Workers and usually spend time building the future they want for themselves.
Ziad Responsible, reliable and honest and this brings them very good rewards in the world of work.