Choosing a name for the future baby is something that fills parents with great enthusiasm. Among the important factors to choose an appropriate alternative, are that it be an original name, with good sound and that it has a beautiful meaning. Some parents go by the more traditional alternatives, such as those names that have been passed down from generation to generation. However, others are more risky and look for unique and original options. In order for you to find the perfect name for your child, in this baby names article you will see a selection of 80 names of Argentine boy names and their meaning . For your convenience, we have organized them by typical, unusual, beautiful and most modern names. We know that when you finish reading, you will be inspired and find the best name of all. Let’s get started!

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Typical Argentine boy names

Argentine names are very striking because they evoke elegance and lordship. Among the alternatives are Gabriel, Humberto, Fidel and many more. Let us remember that Argentina inherited the Spanish language as its official language and, therefore, has many typical names. Next, let’s see the list of typical Argentine boy names:

  • Agustín: we start with this name of Latin origin that derives from Augustus, and that means “solemn man”.
  • Alonso: This German name is used by many children in Argentina and means the one who is ready to fight.
  • Bautista: this Greek name is widely used in Argentina, it means “the one who immerses”.
  • Benjamin: This is a Hebrew name that means “privileged son.” It is typical in Argentina.
  • Felipe : This Greek name means “the caretaker of horses”, and is characteristic of boys from Argentina.
  • Fidel: This name is widely used in Argentina and means “faithful man”.
  • Gabriel : This Hebrew name that means “the one who strengthens” is typical in Argentine boys.
  • Humberto: This German name means “strong man like the bear” and is used by many children in Argentina.
  • Julián : is a Latin name that comes from Julio, and means “man of strong roots”.
  • Justo – This Latin name means “man who sticks to what is just.”
  • Lázaro: this is another of the typical names of Argentine boys, which derives from Ezequiel and means “helped by God”.
  • Leandro: This beautiful Hebrew name means “the man like a lion”.
  • Lorenzo: Latin name meaning “he who wears the crown of laurels.”
  • Joaquín : is a typical Hebrew name in Argentina, which translates “God will build”.
  • Matías – This popular name among boys from Argentina meaning “the gift of God”.
  • Santiago : it is a Latin name that means “God will fortify us”, it is characteristic in the boy of Argentina.
  • Santino: it is an Italian name that is typical in Argentina, it means “consecrated to God”.
  • Samin: name of Quechua origin that means “lucky and happy”. Quechua is an indigenous language in Argentina.
  • Sayani: This is another typical Argentine boy’s name that has a Quechua origin and translates as “I’m still standing.”
  • Simón: This Hebrew name means “God listens to me,” and is representative of boy in Argentina.
  • Tomás: it is a name of origin and means “the twin”. It is very common throughout Argentina.
  • Óscar – This Germanic name means the “spear of God” and is carried by many boys in Argentina.

Uncommon Argentine boy names

Unusual names are becoming increasingly popular with new parents. This is because they are unique and original. If what you want is an unusual name for Argentine boys, this section is special for you:

  • Astor: some famous Argentines are called that. This name has a Greek origin and means “like the falcon”.
  • Basil: is an Arabic name that means “brave man”.
  • Cosme: This name means “man with ornaments”. He is of Greek origin.
  • Facundo : is a Latin name that means “person with occurrences” is used in Argentina very rarely.
  • Gaspar: This is another unusual name for Argentine boys and means “the one who protects the treasures”.
  • Gerardo : is a Germanic name little used in Argentina, it means “spearhead”.
  • Inca: is an indigenous Quechua name that translates as “the boss”.
  • Kusi: it is a name of Quechua origin that means “the one who is happy and happy”.
  • Lautaro: This name comes from South America and means “bird of prey”.
  • Narciso: This is another of the rare Argentine names for boys that means “beautiful man.”
  • Natalio: is an interesting Argentine name that means “the day of birth”.
  • Nicolás: it is a name that is used in other latitudes, but in Argentina it is not very frequent.
  • Oleguer: This Latin name means “ready for battle.”
  • Telmo : It is a beautiful but unusual Greek name for boys, meaning “the one who protects us”.
  • Thiago : comes from Hebrew and means “God will not give”. It is an adaptation for Santiago.
  • Sixto: This is another of the unusual Argentine names for boys. It has a Greek origin and means “ready man”.

Modern Argentine boy names

Do you want your child to have a trendy name? Then this is the list you are looking for. Modern names have the particularity that they are striking and are maintained over time. For you to find the modern name of Argentine boys that will meet your expectations, then, read on:

  • Adolfo: Germanic name meaning “like a wolf.” In addition to being modern, he has a beautiful sonority.
  • Alberto : is a Germanic name that sounds very strong in Argentina and means “the one who protects”.
  • Alexander – This Greek name is cute for a boy and means “the one who protects us.”
  • Carlos Alberto – This is a modern Argentine name for boys that means “the man in freedom.”
  • Daniel: it is a Hebrew name, it means “God is my judge”.
  • Darío: is a modern name of Persian origin that means “he who does good”.
  • Diego Armando: it is a Hebrew name that means “the educated” and that reminds us of the Argentine soccer star.
  • Elías: it is a very popular name in Argentina that means “my God on high”.
  • Ezequiel: this name is very current in Argentina and means “God strengthens me”.
  • Félix: is a modern Argentine name for boys and means “fertile man”.
  • Germán: this name translates “the warrior man”.
  • Gregorio: means “the one who watches” and is a name widely used today in many parts of South America.
  • Gustavo: it is a name that means “the one in charge”.
  • Javier: this name comes from the Basque country, means “the one with a new house” and is very popular.
  • José Luis: the Hebrew origin of this Argentine name that means “God will give” is transferred to the lands of South America.
  • Juan Carlos: it is of Hebrew origin that translates “God will forgive us”. It is a modern and very popular combination.
  • Juan Manuel: This Hebrew name that means “God will forgive us” has a good sound and is associated with focused and energetic men.
  • Manuel Alberto – This compound name is a favorite for Argentine boys meaning “God is with me”.
  • Marcos : This is another modern Argentine name, which has a Latin origin and means hammer.
  • Vicente: This Latin name means “the man who wins.”
  • Víctor Hugo: this combination is present in many children in Argentina, which means “the man who wins”.

Pretty Argentine boy names

What parent doesn’t want a cute name for their child? We know that you are one of those who are looking for a perfect name for your little one. For this reason, we take care of listing the beautiful names of Argentine children that have a beautiful meaning:

  • Adrian – This cute name for boys means “one who travels by sea”.
  • Álvaro – This Argentinian name has a strong sound and means “He takes care of everyone.”
  • Amaro: is a variant of the Latin name Mauricio and is widely used in Argentina, it means the one who comes from Mauritania”.
  • Bartholomew: This beautiful name has a Hebrew origin. It means “the farmer’s son”.
  • Bernardo: this Germanic name translates “strong as a bear” and is widely used in the southern cone of America.
  • Beltrán : it is a name with a Germanic origin, it means the crow and it is a nice name for boys.
  • Blas: is a cute Latin name that translates “the man with difficulty speaking”.
  • Callistus: This Greek name means “beautiful man.”
  • Jesús María: is a Hebrew name whose meaning is “God will save us”.
  • Juan Pablo: is a biblical compound name that is associated with faith in the south of the American continent, and means “man with humility”.
  • Juan Ignacio: this combination of names is very current among the children of Argentina.
  • Lysander – This beautiful Greek name means “he who saves others.”
  • Lucas: This is another nice name for boys and it means “the one who is enlightened”.
  • Lucio: this name in Latin means the enlightened man.
  • Matthew : is a name of Hebrew origin, which translates as “the gift of God”.
  • Martín: it is a Latin name very carried by Argentine children and means “the God Mars”.
  • Mauro: is a derivation of Mauritius and means “those who come from Mauritana”.
  • Miguel Ángel: is a modern and beautiful name, which is widely used in Argentina and means “the justice of God”.
  • Nestor: is of Greek origin and means “the remembered man”.
  • Pedro : is a Hebrew name that means “like the stone”.
  • Roque: This Latin name means “the tall man.”
  • Timothy – This Greek name meaning “the man who believes in God” is very popular and is associated with a centered and balanced personality.
  • Zechariah: this name has an origin and means “in memory of the Creator”. It is a nice Argentine name for boys.