Autumn short stories for children

The arrival of autumn is a stage that adults and children enjoy very much. Outdoor excursions can be planned without the suffocating summer heat and crafts can be made with the materials that autumn gives us. However, there are days when you want to stay indoors, especially when it rains and temperatures drop. In that case, nothing better than betting on a reading session.

In fact , Children’s stories stimulate children’s capacity for reflection, as well as their memory and abstract thinking. They also help them face their own fears, improve their communication skills and expand their vocabulary.

In this sense, several studies have shown that children who are read stories frequently develop a greater attention span and better self-control. Also, children’s stories are perfect for little ones to fall asleep.

Three simple stories about autumn that children will love

1. Why some trees don’t lose their leaves

This is a very entertaining children’s story through which children will be able to settle some of their doubts about autumn. The story begins with the beginning of autumn, when the cold begins to penetrate the bones while the birds leave for warmer destinations. All except one poor little bird with a broken wing. The little bird thought that if he did not find a place to take refuge soon, he would die of cold. He looked around and saw some trees in the distance that would give him safe shelter. Jumping and flapping as best he could, he reached the trees and stood right in front of a large oak tree that seemed strong enough to shelter him, so he asked permission to take shelter among its branches until the good weather returned. However, the oak refused his help, saying that if he let him take shelter there, he would end up pecking at his acorns. The bird saw another beautiful tree with silver leaves, a poplar, and thought it would give it shelter. He came to him and told him about his problem, but the poplar also kicked him out, telling him that he was going to stain his beautiful leaves and his white trunk. Very close there was a willow but this one, like the others, rejected it arguing that it did not deal with strangers.

The little bird began to jump as it could with its broken wing aimlessly until a fir tree saw it and asked him what was wrong, the poor man told him about his misfortune and the fir tree offered him its branches to protect him from the cold. The pine, which was close to the fir tree, also offered to protect it from the wind since its branches were bigger and stronger, while the juniper offered its berries so that it would not starve. The bird prepared a warm place for itself on the largest branch of the fir tree and, protected by the pine and fed by the juniper, it settled down to spend the winter. It was a very happy season, but one night the wind began to blow very hard, dragging the leaves from the trees in its wake. Everyone was scared but, before the wind reached these trees, the King of the Winds stopped it and asked him not to undress those who had helped the little bird. The wind left them alone, and ever since then fir, pine, and juniper have kept their leaves throughout the fall and winter.

autumn tale

2. The Three Autumn Leaves

This is a very funny children’s story that narrates the journey of three leaves during autumn. It all begins when the autumn season arrives and the leaves leave the tree that gave them life, to be left at the mercy of the wind. The leaves were very happy to be free and to dance every time the wind blew. Flying, they discovered wonderful bucolic places that they could not even imagine. Halfway down the road, something caught their attention: they noticed that they were no longer green as before, but were taking on an ocher and reddish color, just like the leaves that were under other trees. Intrigued by that change, they asked the wind but it couldn’t answer, so they went to the rain but they didn’t get an answer either. Along their way they asked everyone they met, but they did not find a satisfactory explanation.

Thus, the days passed, until they found Don Autumn, who was resting on a branch, and They decided to ask one more time. “Tell us, Mr. Autumn, why did our color change when we fell from the tree?” Mr. Autumn, with a hoarse and serene voice, explained to them: “When I arrive, the rain that wets the tree and the wind that must blow must come with me. Therefore, my friends, you should not worry. After a few months, all this will pass, other sisters will come, and once again the tree will be covered in green”. The leaves understood everything that was happening, they thanked Mr. Autumn and happily continued their journey to the ground.

3. The Fox and the Grapes

This story will make children reflect on autumn, but also on pride and arrogance. The story begins in the fall, when the cold begins and the animals barely come out of their burrows to look for food. This problem was also experienced by a fox, who lived in a burrow in the forest and could only get a few mice to feed on. The fox would have preferred to eat a good hen, but the keeper of the henhouse had long been a very fierce dog, so it was better to be content with what the forest had to offer: mice, frogs, and the occasional dormouse. However, one morning the fox woke up with a great desire to eat something refreshing. He thought a bunch of grapes would do him good, so he headed towards the bunches of grapes they could see in the distance.

He found many bunches, but they were very high. So the fox began to jump to try to reach them. He jumped once, twice, three times… but he couldn’t reach the bunches. The fox was not discouraged, she took momentum and jumped again, but there was no way. Each time the grapes seemed taller. Panting and exhausted from the effort, the fox was convinced that it was useless to keep trying. However, when she was about to give up, she noticed that a little bird had been watching her from a high branch. She thought that she had made a fool of herself, the great predator of the forest had not managed to reach the grapes. However, she found a graceful way out: “They told me that they were ripe, but I see that they are still green. They will not be a delicacy worthy of my exquisite palate.” And she left, sure that she had gotten out of the situation with dignity, while the little bird laughed to herself.