Babies born in May have a more positive outlook on life

The month of birth has an enormous influence on child development. A study carried out by experts from the University of Lleida, for example, found that children born in the first quarters of the year have more likely to be part of a professional soccer team compared to those born at the end of the year.

Birth month also impacts academic performance and success professional, while affecting some personality characteristics, as revealed by research conducted at Harvard Medical School in which it was found that children born in the spring months have a more optimistic view of life.

Happier and more optimistic about life

According to the results of this study, children born in the month of May tend to develop a jovial personality marked by optimism and the good sense of humor that is reflected in his positive outlook on life. In a general sense, they are happy and enthusiastic little ones who know how to find the bright side of things, even when circumstances are not favourable.

It is worth noting that in the study the Children born in May also reached a high score on the hyperthymia scale, a state of mind characterized by excessive affectivity that borders on euphoria, which is closely related to the fact that these little ones almost always have a good state of mind and feel satisfied with themselves and the environment.

The researchers explained that this could be related to the greater number of daily hours of sunshine at this time of year, since it has been found that sunlight stimulates the secretion of dopamine, a brain signaling neurotransmitter, which is involved, among other functions, in activating a positive mood.

Being optimistic people, we do not we should be surprised that the children born in May are considered very lucky, as found in another joint study between the University of Hertfordshire and UmeƄ University. In the research, nearly 30,000 volunteers from different nationalities were asked to write their date of birth and respond to 13 statements about their personality and how lucky they felt in life.

The results revealed that people born in May agreed with almost all affirmative statements and their responses tended to be more positive compared to those born in the winter months. Their answers were in line with their beliefs about luck: in practice those born in this month reported feeling very lucky.

Born in May

Children born in May are also healthier

Did you know that children born in May have a lower risk of developing allergies? This was demonstrated by a study carried out at the University of Southampton in which the risk of developing allergies was analyzed according to the time of birth. To do this, the researchers focused on DNA methylation values, whose mechanism has been related in previous studies to the appearance of immunological alterations such as asthma or allergy.

According to the results, the Children born in the spring have a lower risk of developing allergies, asthma, hay fever, and eczema. The researchers explain that this may be because being born during the spring months increases newborns’ exposure to pollen and other allergic agents, which could trigger a change in the DNA methylation mechanism causing a protective immune reaction against some allergic alterations.

However, being healthier does not mean that they usually have good lifestyle habits . Research at the University of Bologna revealed that children born in May prefer to go to sleep later at night compared to those born in the autumn and winter months.