Are you about to bring a new little daughter in your family? And searching for baby girl names Christian community? Congratulations! You do not need to browse any more websites because now you are in the right place. We are going to share top favorite lists of Christian names of baby girls that will perfectly match with the charms and glory of your pretty little angel. What comes in your mind whenever you start thinking about baby girl names? The moniker should be precise, attractive, and sounds cool whenever you call your daughter in front of anyone. Being a parents’ it is your first responsibility toward your kid that you name her, which has the right meaning too. And if you got succeeded in this matter then probably your daughter would remain grateful to you in her entire life for such a beautiful name. Approximately 6.9 billion people live on this planet earth, out of which 2.2 billion followers from Christianity. According to a recent survey report, it is a dominant religion that comprises 31% of the world population out of 100%.

By belonging to Christian ethnicity, either you may go for incorporate traditional and cultural names, or you can pick one from the vast list below containing standardize, trending, and new names for girls. Whatever your approach is, it will ultimately lead you to choose the ideal name for your new guest in a house. Check out our baby names for girls.

Daughters are a source of honor in every religion or ethnic group, and God sends the daughter to the earth when He is most happy. If you want to make her strong as concrete, then allow her to live her life as she wants but keep sharp observation on her each activity. You should better to set some boundaries for her and command her not to cross those limits.

More Names of Baby Girl

If you wish to award her with precious gifts, then teach her to teach her patience, sacrifice, love, forgiveness, respect, Nice way of talking, acts of Kindness, and most importantly how to deal with every problem calmly. Sometimes, baby girls get too much hurt if anyone talks to her with a rude or rush tune. They always prefer polite behavior and kind words when communicating with anyone.


There is an organization name SSA “Social Security Administration” that releases top trending and fashionable baby girl names Christian ethnic background every year. They assist new father and mother regarding the concern of naming a new child. The list we are sharing in this article will narrow down the selective options for you to name your girl, and you might enjoy the experience of doing this job.