The Hindu religion comprises of vast religious diversities. There are lots of casts and creeds belonging to people living in the hugest area of land called India. Baby Girl names Hindu ethnicities are quite exciting and lovely to call also. Four hundred ninety-seven million females are living in this country, plus 100 million approximately are living outside India. Some Hindu parents prefer the western girl’s name instead of the Hindu girl’s name, and it may be due to a fear of persecution if the family is living with people of other ethnic groups, religions, or merely because “Rose” sounds more pleasant than “Reshma”.

The birth of a child or the welcoming of a new guest in a home is always exciting. On such alluring occasions, there is a brisk wind of joy in the minds of a whole family no matter their religion or race.

In Hindu culture, we see that they value their traditions and customs on a large scale. Whenever they have a baby girl in their family, they traditionally celebrate the occasion, and also at very first they approach for a holy name for her daughter. Before some decades, the birth of a girl was not considered as a good sign as a boy. Still, today, the psychology of peoples has changed because of acquiring education after living in big cities and towns in an era of the 5th generation. However, an ancient Hindu tradition shows that their elders picked names that sounded pleasant and had an auspicious meaning. According to history books, they used to name their Childs’ as the names of their Gods and Goddesses. Check out our baby names for girls.


Top cinematic figures (seven-star personalities) baby girl names Hindu celebrities are given below with their success stories. Giving a beautiful name to your little daughters not only positively affect her personality but also provides ecstasy in all her life, and she would remain thankful to you for this courteous act. It is a proven thing Names play a significant role in the character development of a person. Let’s take “Kajol”, a big name of the Bolly-wood film industry as an example. Her name means joyous and outgoing, and if we observe her personality, it quite matches the meaning. Apart from this, there are many big names in the industry which have Hindu origins like “Gouri”, a wife of Great king Shahrukh Khan, Shilpa Shetty and many more Hindu female celebrities. It is evident upon reflection how their names affect their lives. 

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A newborn baby always gives joy to parents and the whole family because we have this good news after the many visits to the hospital, and long nine months of waiting.