Have you prepared everything for your baby daughter from buying clothes to room adoration? So, now it is a time to choose a Tamil Baby Girl Names community for your prettiest queen. Let me tell you that naming your baby girl is one of the most important and worthy decisions you make as a parent. It is also a fact that every name reminds you of someone and has a profound effect on your daughter’s personality. A daughter is one of the unique gifts for parents from the Lord. Although the baby girl is so cutest, she loves her blood relations and always takes care of everyone.

Research says, she always prefers to share everything about her life to her mother and believes that her father is her hero or role model. Neither can she see him in pain nor anyone in a family. Most of the time in life, she sacrifices her happiness for the sake of others. Check-out Tamil girl baby names.

History reveals that the Tamil language is one of the most ancient languages and very commonly used for communication in India and nearby regions. But out of Asia, it is not quite popular in other countries. So, at the time of naming your daughter, please careful about what title suits her. Wherever she will go in the future and choose any profession for her, that name will always affect her nature and mentality. Check out our baby names for girls.

Never repeat the worst mistake that most of the parents do, if you choose any vulgar name for her like a puppy, taklu, sheera, etc. It will make people laugh and make fun of her name that might shake the confidence level of your queen. And remember, once you have named her (with any bad word) then your daughter will have to face it daily in life. Find more names for your baby from our Two Names site.

More Names of Baby Girl


Tamil peoples have an old ritual tradition to organize a naming ceremony for a newborn baby called “Thottil” as this ceremony takes place after two weeks of infant’s birth. Usually, in this ceremony, all relatives and friends are invited. It is in their culture that all of them call out the name of a baby to the newborn at least three times. And then the father of a baby writes the moniker of a baby on the plate of rice. Old Tamil Baby Girl Names are comparatively tricky to spell out, and in this era of modern civilization, names should be modern as well. For example, Ahna (meaning = existence), Deesha (meaning = direction), Lyla (that means glooming moonlight).

Across the Tamil Nadu, it is a common belief of Tamils that a name always affected on human life. So, always pick a name with positive and most significant meaning.


Baby Name Meaning
Ara Ornament Decoration Light bringer
Fenna A feeling of peace
Rutuja Related with season
Ruthwika Speech
Rushmathi Red haired
Rupriya Beautiful pretty
Rupeshwari Goddess of beauty
Rupasi Beautiful Beautiful lady
Rupashi Beautiful Beautiful lady
Rupali Pretty Beautiful Shapely
Rupal Made of silver
Runzun Sweet music
Runjhun A pleasing musical sound
Rukumani God name
Rukshiny Hindu God name
Ruhin Spiritual Sacred Divine
Ruhani Spiritual Sacred Divine
Roshni Brightness Light Brilliance Law
Roshika Never forgotten by people
Roshani Brightness Light Brilliance Law
Rootra Goddess Durga Devi
Roopali Pretty Beautiful Shapely
Roopal Made of silver
Rooni Gods obligation Gift
Ronika True image Truth
Riyanka Beautiful Lovable Symbol
Ritshika Traditional
Ritisha Goddess of truth
Rithisha Goddess of truth
Rithika A small river Stream
Ritheka A small river Stream
Risva Noble Great Lord Indra
Risita The best Saintly Learned
Rishu To rise Honest
Rishmitha Saintly
Rishita The best Saintly Learned
Riparna Leaf of sacred bael
Ripa Master of the mountains
Riona Royal Queenly Celtic
Rimpy Full of Love Pretty
Ridhamika Rhythm of life
Ridham In music in beat
Rhyah Queen of the Sun
Revathy Wealth A star
Rethushana Goddess Laxmi
Rethika A small river Stream
Reshika Silken Saintly Pious Learned
Resha Feather Line Saintly
Renuga Goddess Durga Mother
Rency To be reborn greek