If you are looking for the baby names for baby girls, then you are in the right place.  This article will give detailed guidance on how to sort out baby girl names that start with J.

The names are a depiction of the identity of the children’s personality. Usually, the Baby girl names that start with a J are unique and do come with a variety of sweet meninges associated with such names.  The letter J provides a couple of names that start with this letter. The Baby girl names that begin with J letter have a unique meaning and often parents love to adopt the names starting with this letter.

With us you will be finding cute girl’s names that start with J, unique J girl names, pretty J names, best baby girl j names and rare girl names starting with J.

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If you are thinking of J girl names in the Bible, then it is the right decision for you. Not only the J gorl names are attractive but also the meanings of names starting with the letter J are unique, sweet, and adorable. The names that with the letter J are usually taken because of their uniqueness, meaning, and sweet tone associated with these names. When a newborn baby girl came into the world, every member of the family is excited to know her name. This excitement is not only related to the family members but is also associated with relatives, friends, and community members. You can better fulfill the excitement needs of your family members by naming your Baby girl names that starting with J unique. There is an increasing trend of associated baby names with specific alphabets. People use to opt more for some famous alphabet J.

Very comprehensive screening is done while selecting baby names for girls. All the family members give their opinion and researches related to names is made before finalizing a specific name for the baby girls. If you are interested in naming your baby girl with letter j, you should select those names referred by family members that start with letter j. After getting all names, you should make a list of Baby girl names that starting with J. You can select a particular name from the list that suits you the best. It is better to take the opinion of other family members as well. The reason for this is the fact that the name you selected will remain with baby girl for the whole life. Check out our baby names for girls.


Choosing the name of the baby is one of the most exciting moments that future parents experience, although the choice is not always easy. Some people prefer short names , while others bet on compounds. The animal kingdom, nature or well-known writers and artists can also be excellent sources of inspiration.

It is also common among many families for all their children’s names to start with the same letter. Today we continue our tour of cute girl’s name that start with J. So you are expecting a girl, we offer you more than 120 ideas of cute baby girls name that start with J, so that you can find the one you like the most.

Ja’elle Jacqi Jadyn Jailand
Ja’kaylah Jacque Jadzia Jailyn
Ja’miyah Jacquelin Jaede Jaima
Ja’nylah Jacqueline Jaedyn Jaimah
Jaala Jacquelyn Jaedynne Jaimarie
Jaana Jacquelyne Jael Jaime
Jaba Jacquelynn Jaeleigh Jaimee
Jacala Jacquenetta Jaelie Jaimi
Jacalyn Jacquetta Jaelle Jaimie
Jacee Jacquette Jaelyn Jaina
Jacelyn Jacqui Jaelynn Jaisa
Jacelynn Jacquline Jaffa Jaiyana
Jacey Jacqulyn Jagger Jakayla
Jacie-Ann Jacy Jagoda Jakita
Jacinda Jacyn Jagtar Jaklena
Jacinta Jacynda Jahdiel Jalana
Jacintha Jacynthe Jahnavi Jalandra
Jacinthe Jada Jahnelle Jalanea
Jackeline Jadagrace Jahniya Jaleesa
Jackelyn Jadalyn Jahzara Jaleigh
Jackie Jade Jaibrian Jalexisya
Jackleen Jadelyn Jaice Jalisa
Jacklyn Jaden Jaida Jalissa
Jacklynn Jades Jaidan Jaliyah
Jackquelin Jadeyn Jaide Jalyn
Jaclyn Jadie Jaiden Jalynn
Jacoba Jadis Jaidin Jamaica
Jacobina Jadranka Jaidyn Jamariyah
Jacolyn Jadrian Jaidynmina Jamelle
Jacomina Jadwiga Jaielle Jamelyla


After you have selected the name of your unique J girl names, it is important to share it with friends, family and close ones so that they can give you a second opinion on your selection. You can share your selected name with them so that they can help you in selecting the best one. Further, you can also share the list of names for baby girls to us so that we can create and keep updating our lists to match your changing demands. You might also be interested in girl names Z?.

James Janeen Jannicke Jasminah
Jamesina Janel Jannie Jasmine
Jameya Janelie Jannika Jasmyn
Jami Janell Janny Jasmynn
Jamia Janella Jansen Jasneha
Jamie Janelle Janson Jasperine
Jamie-Lynn Janene January Jassy
Jamieson Janeska Janyce Jasvinder
Jamila Janessa Japera Jasvir
Jamilah Janet Japji Jatae
Jamina Janeth Jaqlyn Jataunia
Jamison Janette Jaquelin Jauslyn
Jamisyn Janey Jaqueline Javiera
Jamiya Janiah Jara Javlyn
Jamiyah Janice Jardena Jaxyn
Jammie Janie Jarielle Jaya
Jamya Janiece Jarima Jaycee
Jamye Janiela Jarleesa Jaycie
Jamyn Janina Jaroslawa Jayda
Jan Janine Jaryn Jaydah
Jana Janiqua Jasayla Jayde
Janada Janis Jasbinder Jayden
Janae Janisa Jasbir Jaydyn
Janai Janissa Jasdhir Jaye
Janaia Janisse Jaselle Jayella
Janaliz Janita Jasey Jayelle
Janana Janiya Jasika Jayla
Janay Janiyah Jasilyn Jaylah
Janaya Jann Jasinta Jaylani
Janaye Janna Jasiyah Jaylee
Jancey Jannah Jasleen Jayleen
Janda Janne Jaslene Jayleesa
Jane Janneane Jaslyn Jayleigh
Janea Janneke Jasmer Jaylen
Janean Jannelle Jasmijn Jaylene
Janeane Jannette Jasmin Jayli
Janee Janney Jasmina Jaylie


There are not a few pretty j names that begin with this consonant, but what is certain is that the ones we present to you below are less well-known than the rest and keep a mysterious secret behind their four or five letters. And it is that in addition to being original and beautiful, they are short, something that makes many parents opt for them.

Jaylin Jeannie Jenev Jerica
Jaylyn Jeannine Jeneva Jerilyn
Jaylynn Jeannique Jenevieve Jerin
Jayma Jeanyne Jeni Jerline
Jayme Jedda Jenianna Jerri
Jaymee Jeffyne Jenibeth Jerrica
Jaymi Jefri Jenica Jerrie
Jaymie Jehanne Jenice Jerrilyn
Jayna Jehona Jenicka Jerry
Jayne Jekka Jenifer Jersey
Jaynella Jelena Jenifry Jerusha
Jaysona Jelia Jenilee Jeryl
Jaz Jelina Jenilyn Jeselle
Jazelle Jelisaveta Jenine Jesenia
Jazlene Jelise Jenivee Jesica
Jazlin Jelissa Jenji Jesika
Jazlyn Jemarica Jenn Jeslyn
Jazlynn Jemi Jenna Jeslynn
Jazmin Jemima Jennabelle Jesminder
Jazmine Jemimah Jennalea Jesmyn
Jazmyn Jemina Jenne Jesmynda
Jazmyne Jemma Jennea Jess
Jazz Jemmy Jennefer Jessa
Jazzelle Jen Jenni Jessah
Jazzlyn Jena Jennica Jessaly
Jazzlynn Jenae Jennie Jessalyn
Jazzmin Jenai Jennifer Jessalynn
Jazzmyn Jenalie Jennika Jessame
Jazzmyne Jenalynn Jennilie Jessamine
Jazzy Jenava Jennipher Jessamy
Ja’neeka Jenavie Jennsen Jessamyn
Jean Jenavieve Jenny Jessan
Jeana Jenay Jenoah Jessany
Jeane Jenaye Jensen Jesse
Jeanene Jence Jensey Jessemy
Jeanetta Jendra Jensine Jessenia
Jeanette Jene Jensyn Jessey
Jeanie Jenean Jensynn Jessi
Jeanine Jeneane Jentrie Jessica
Jeaniyah Jenée Jentzie Jessicah
Jeanlee Jenell Jenya Jessie
Jeanna Jenelle Jeraldine Jessika
Jeanne Jenessa Jereza Jessilyn
Jeannette Jenettia Jeri Jessique


Are you pregnant? Congratulations! If you already know what letter you want your baby’s name to start with, you’ve already come a long way. If you need inspiration to choose the name of the new member of the family, in this series of articles on girl names with each letter of the alphabet, you will find various options, all very pretty. In this article, you will find best baby girl j names, such as Julia, Jessica or Jimena, along with their origin and meaning.

Jesslyn Jivannah Johnie Jorelle
Jessyca Jiya Johnna Joretta
Jessye Jizelle Johnnie Jorga
Jessyka Jlynn Johnny Jorgia
Jestina Jnica Joi Jori
Jesus Jo Joie Jorid
Jesusa Joah Joisy Jorie
Jesy Joaida Joiya Jorine
Jetta Joan Jojo Jorja
Jette Joana Jolaife Jorjiana
Jettie Joanie Jolan Jorlin
Jewel Joaninha Jolana Jorun
Jewelia JoanMarie Jolanda Jorunn
Jewelianne Joann Jolanta Josafina
Jewell Joanna Jolea Josalina
Jewelyn Joanne Jolee Josaly
Jexi Joannie Joleen Josalyn
Jeyne Joaquina Joleigh Josannah
Jezabel Jobyna Jolene Joscelin
Jezabelle Jocasta Jolette Joscelyn
Jezebel Joceline Jolie Josée
Jezelle Jocely Jolina Josefa
Jezmine Jocelyn Joline Josefiina
Jezra Jocelyne Jolisa Josefin
Jheén Jocelynn Jolynn Josefina
Jhené Jochebed Jomana Josefine
Jhenna Jocleta Jóna Joselda
Ji-hee Joclyn Jonatha Joselin
Jia Jodee Jonbenet Joseline
Jiana Jodelle Jonda Joselyn
Jianne Jodes Jondy Josepha
Jifinder Jodette Jonelle Josephina
Jihye Jodi Jonet Josephine
Jill Jodie Joni Josetta
Jillaine Jody Jonileah Josette
Jillana Joe Jonina Joshie
Jillene Joela Jonna Josia
Jillian Joelea Jonni Josiane
Jilliana Joelene Jonnie Josie
Jillianne Joella Jonquil Josielle
Jillyn Joelle Jonty Josina
Jimena Joellen Jora Joslin
Jimilia Joellyn Jorah Joslyn
Jimmie Joely Jorality Joss
Jina Joene Jordan Josseline
Jing Joesette Jordana Josselyn
Jinger Joetta Jordanka Jossie
Jinia Joey Jordanna Josslyn
Jinjer Johana Jordanne Josslynn
Jinny Johanna Jordenne Joule
Jinora Johannah Jordie Jourdain
Jinsy Johanne Jordin Jourdan
Jiraiya Johari Jordy Jourden
Jisinia Johna Jordyn Journee
Jitka Johnette Jordynn Journey
Jesslyn Jivannah Johnie Jorelle


Are you looking for the ideal name for your baby? Here you will find a huge list of names for girls. Find it in this dictionary of names for girls. You’ll find with us rare irl names starting with J names for girls. We will also show you its history, famous people and the dates of their name days. Discover all the names for girls.

Journeyadalynn Jude Julianna Julyana
Jovana Judee Julianne Juna
Jovanna Judi Julie June
Jovano Judie Juliea Juneau
Jovie Judit Julieann Junella
Jovienne Judita Julieanna Junette
Jovita Judite Julieanne Juni
Joy Judith Julielle Junia
JoyAnna Judy Julienna Junie
Joya Judyta Julienne Junifa
Joyann Juinita Juliet Juniper
Joyanna Juju Julieta Junko
Joyce Jula Julieth Juno
Joycelyn Julee Julietta Jupiter
Joye Juleigha Juliette Jurgita
Joyelle Julene Julija Jurnee
Joylynn Julep Julina Justice
Joyzelle Jules Julisa Justina
Jozefa Juli Juliska Justine
Jozefien Julia Julissa Justyna
Jozefin Julia-Louise Julita Justyne
Jozlin Julian Julitta Jusztina
Juana Juliana Julius Jutta
Juanev Juliane Juliza Juvina
Juanita Juliani Jullie Jyoti
Jubilee Juliann July Jørgina