If you desire to name your baby girl after an Arabic origin then don’t worry we have the solution for you. In this article, we are going to discuss the baby names for girls Arabic.

Many Muslims believe that whatever they name their babies it will have a great impact on their deed, personality, and future. So they consider choosing baby name for girls Arabic. Due to the strong belief that names are a reflection of a person so names are given priority among Muslims.

More Names for New Born Babies:

Not the Muslims living in the Arab countries have this outlook over names. But also the Muslims living in the European countries do have a firm believe to choose baby names for girls Arabic.


Talking about some famous names which are worn by famous personalities among Muslims have a great list. But listing few names would give you a little hint about the names which some of the Muslims have worn. Some of the names include Ayesha, Fatima, Zainab, Sana, Sumaiya, Tooba, Layla, Amira, Aaliya, Zara, Mariyam, Umama, Zahra, Salma and many more.

Unique baby names for girls Arabic

Many parents wish to name their little one unique but they also want to consider the origin too. So the unique baby names for girl Arabic include Adab, Abidah, Anabia, Alima, Amal, Daisha, Daneen, Fadilah, Hania, Anaya, Mantasha, Naia, Rahma, Sufia, Taima, Yamama and many more.

Modern baby names for girls Arabic

Many parents wish to name their little angel according to the modern era. For them, we have suggestions that include Adiva, Aasma, Beznazir, Caira, Caria, Henna, Inaya, Karimah, Noorah, Samira, Safeena, Taleeha, Zaina.

The most important factor about naming your little one is that you should consider the meaning of the name. The meaning of the name should have a strong background or it should have a meaningful sense. It has much to do with personality. Also, after your little angel grows up she has to carry the name along for the rest of her life. So it is very important to choose a name with great meaning.

Also, there is another factor to choose the name with a particular letter. It also has to do much with the name. Sometimes the letter of the name is light or heavy to match the personality. This makes a great change in attitude.

While Muslims selecting the names for their little one they can concern their elders too. Also, the Muslim Scholars are often asked about the name and its meaning too. You should name your little one after the consideration. It is the best decision. Further, after concerning others you can have better ideas/suggestions. Moreover, you can look over the Internet too for new and unique baby names for girls Arabic. Check out our baby names for girls.

We hope that the article would have helped you. We would be glad to hear from your side. So drop your suggestions too.