It has been a long time since I upload new new content to the blog… And I really wanted to be able to tell you why, write again and talk with you.

Those of you who follow me on Instagram already know that the Tierra en la manos family has grown a bit and that now we are one more !! Last June my second daughter was born and the truth is that just as it happened with Terrícola… I really wanted to fully enjoy the first months, to be in a total family mode, taking care of and pampering each other a lot.

The last few months have been very intense. To sleep little, to teat a lot, to go up and down with the eldest, and many other things that life brings with children and babies. And you know what? It has been and is wonderful.

I would not change anything that the puerperium brings. But I must admit that I have missed you a little. I am passionate about writing. I am passionate about education. I am passionate about nature and outdoor spaces for children. I am passionate about trees and plants. And above all… I am passionate about my children and childhood, which is so and so wonderful.

And the good thing about this blog, called “Tierra en las manos”, is that it allows me to gather and enjoy all these passions. When I prepare things, when I reflect, when I visit patios, when I write …

So now that the little girl is 9 months old and I close the stage of exterogestation … I really want to go back here, share again, reopen my heart a little and my gaze on education.

I have a notebook full of ideas about topics that I want to write about, many started articles stored in the memory of my computer and I really want to communicate here again, so little by little I will go back to this little corner of cyberspace.

Of course … Writing and maintaining a blog takes a lot of time … At least for me, I always reread what I write a thousand times, I try to take beautiful photos, and so on. etc. The posts are quick to read although they cook very little by little, hehe.

So at the moment I cannot promise regularity or specific days, but if you follow me on Facebook you will surely find out about the new publications. I also encourage you to follow me on Instagram , a social network that, due to its ease of use, is the one that I maintain the most active and where you can read a little more about everything I want to transmit with Earth in my hands.

I say goodbye now but I do not want to end without thanking you all for having continued reading and participating in the blog, even if I have not uploaded new articles, for continuing to share my writings, for following me on Instagram or Facebook, for writing to the email telling me or asking me things, for continue being part of the Tierra en la manos community.