Dreaded saltwater fish

The barracuda fish is a deep-sea, carnivorous, large and very ferocious animal. It attacks its prey very quickly and is really ruthless. Its habitat is distributed worldwide throughout the tropical and subtropical oceans. It lives in both warm and temperate waters and can be found in reefs and deep mangroves.

It is a large fish, it can measure 1 meter and weigh from 2.5 to 9 kg. It is grayish-blue on top and fades to silvery-white and chalky on the bottom. It is known as “tiger of the seas”, not only because of its size but also because of its marked discord against human beings.

Fun facts

  • It is a fierce and fast predator, it feeds on fish of different sizes, even specimens larger than themselves. They use the element of surprise to catch their prey, making a run that can reach the incredible speed of 43 km per hour.
  • It is a solitary fish during the adult stage, they like to walk at night without any company. But it is possible that during the day, the adults teach the young to hunt and protect themselves from predators.
  • They are feared like sharks because they are capable of biting, ripping and tearing the skin. Barracuda fish do not really like human flesh as food, but sometimes they confuse movement with prey and therefore end up attacking.
  • For the moment of reproduction, they are seen accompanied in large groups.
  • Young females can lay around 4,000 eggs, but adults up to 300,000.
  • The young begin to swim immediately after they are born.
  • The barracuda fish is an animal that is highly sought after for sport fishing due to its character and large size.
  • It is not used as much for food because its meat is impregnated with toxins that cause harm to humans, although in some places they consume this fish in soups and sauces.