This is a very special day because you are looking for names for your baby. You sit in front of the computer or you are on a sofa giving and giving your finger to your mobile phone and you have wondered what beautiful names in Basque there are for your baby. Stop here and stop digging because this is the post you were looking for. This is a selection of Basque names with meaning to make it easier to make that decision.

When you choose a name for your son or daughter, the origin is as important as the meaning it has. Basque names are usually made up of several elements and a certain complexity in the meaning they carry. If you read this post in detail, you will probably find out about some important etymological aspects about the Basque names on the list. Choose the best baby names for girls.

Zorionak family! In the following list of Basque names and their meaning you have enough options to choose the one you like the most. Ready? Here we go.

Basque names for girls and their meaning


Its meaning is “ yellow like the sun ” or simply “ radiant ”.


Name of medieval Basque origin that means ” who prepares delicacies “.

To root

Also Araiza. It means ” who gives love “.


It means ” little swallow “.


Its meaning is ” the family shield “.


Lexia too . This name means ” protector of the family “.


Leyre too . Its meaning is ” warrior of the legion “.


It means “ the queen of flowers ”.


Also Isaac. It means “ the rays of the sun ”.

And was

Basque name, but it is also considered African. It means “ preferred by the Virgin Mary ”.

Basque names for boys and their meaning


Its meaning is “ the son of good parents ”.


This name means ” the charming one “.


Basque name that derives from Latin and means ” holy man “.


It means ” strong as the oak “.


The meaning of this name is ” the only one “.


It means “ the one who has long life ”.


Its meaning is “pilgrim” or “good faithful”.


It means “living moss”.


This name means “ the helper of God ”.

One X

Its meaning is “ the good shepherd ”.

Characteristics of the most famous people who are called:
Antsa Sincere and honest. They do not get bored easily, they always find something to entertain themselves with and become very skilled at it. They learn very quickly and see everything as a challenge that they are not afraid to take on.
apala They love to experiment and challenge the imposed, they believe that there are better ways to achieve the tasks. They like to innovate and surprise others with their skills. They are impeccable and faultless.
To root They are not self-centered, quite the opposite. They seek to share what they have with others. They communicate through gestures since they are shy and sometimes they tend to be dependent, however, they are courageous when they need it.
Enara They like to participate in group activities and always seek to leave everything better than they find it. They always look busy and willing to do what they are passionate about. Sometimes they can become capricious and show stubbornness.
isasi Autonomous and usually loaded with responsibilities from an early age. Centered and support their family more than anything in the world. They have many abilities to stand out in the financial world and they know how to use them to their advantage.
laxia Analytical and cautious. They are gentle and understanding with the weakest. Sometimes a little indecisive, but it is because they fear making decisions that could directly affect their family.
Read They like nature. Impatient and sometimes reckless. They are not afraid to say what they think, but that means they can find enemies due to their lack of tact. Affectionate and very good friends.
naira Ecologists and they care a lot about caring for the environment. Astute, versatile and defenders of their principles. They are strong-willed and tenacious. They are cheerful, they always show sweetness and a pleasant smile.
Saura Talented in logical and mathematical areas. They have few friends, but they are sincere and loyal to her. They also have something of a childlike personality. Sometimes they can be a bit of a liar, in the interest of getting their way.
And was Shifty, but don’t like to cause trouble. Complacent and do what is necessary to maintain a calm environment around them. Very affectionate and guided by intuition.
Aitor Prudent, supportive and of good convictions. Lovers of simplicity and art. They are attached to their family and always seek their well-being. When there is something that disturbs them, they are not usually easily demotivated.
Anko They have the necessary initiative to motivate others. Leaders and they know how to please in every new place they arrive. Impressionable and good friends. In some cases they can come across as authoritarian or somewhat pedantic.
Antso They are always willing to help others. They have great empathy and have social skills for conciliation. His personality has great magnetism and a sense of duty.
berex They are drawn to topics in politics and economics where they tend to excel quickly. They tend to emanate a sense of security and their discipline helps them to succeed in each personal goal. Intellectuals and may be workaholics.
Eneko They are usually influential people with great personalities. Although they are a bit lazy, they have the gift of people and they help each other to achieve their goals. Distrustful and somewhat arrogant.
izan They stand out for their perseverance and will to achieve their goals. Diligent, creative and with great impetus. They are demanding with themselves, but they are not perfectionists. Competitive and like to stand out from the rest.
lander They tend to be thoughtful and calm. They like concentration and in some cases isolation. This does not mean that they are solitary, but rather that they usually seek refuge spaces that allow them to think.
musko Sometimes they are clumsy both in their actions and in communicating with other people in society, however, due to their great charisma, they often overlook this detail. Smart, but they don’t know how to express themselves. Ingenious and full of creative ideas.
Michael Faced with some principles they tend to be a bit rigid. Over the years, their experience leads them to have sage gifts. They have a great capacity for observation and analysis. The essential thing for them is to be able to be in a harmonious environment.
One X Lovers of simplicity and with a big heart. His character shows security and complacency. Courageous and seek to protect those they love without showing any fear. Everything they are passionate about they will achieve without much effort.