Learn about the main benefits that sex brings to health, from the prevention of various diseases to reducing pain or stress.

In addition to the more obvious ones, there are other lesser-known benefits of sex that have to do with health. Beyond a release of hormones that cause pleasure or happiness, there are other advantages when it comes to having sex. Anna Hodgekiss in The DailyMail tells us about all these healthy contributions.

According to scientific studies, through sex diseases related to the heart or prostate can be prevented. It is also a good remedy to prevent depression and reduce stress. And there is even more: it helps us sleep better, increases fertility and prevents incontinence.


1. A natural pain reliever

Did you know that orgasm helps reduce pain? Forget the drugs for a moment. It has been proven to inhibit the transmission of pain through the nervous system. In addition, it releases endorphins, a chemical substance similar to morphine that also gives a sensation of pleasure.

2. A measure against depression and stress

The same endorphins cause a feeling of well-being that helps reduce stress, anxiety and depression. Other benefits of sex are increased self-esteem and happiness, through these hormones that are released during orgasm.

3. Reduces cardiovascular diseases

Another benefit of sex is the reduction of chances of suffering strokes, heart attacks and other cardiovascular problems. At this point it is essential to reach orgasm.

4. Good for the bones

Menopausal women who maintain regular sexual activity release twice as much estrogen, a hormone that protects the bones.

5. Protect neurons

It has been shown that upon reaching a certain age, neurons are not replaced when they die. From the age of 35, the body loses around 7,000 neurons a day. This condition can be reduced by having sex, protecting them from aging. Likewise, sexual practice helps the growth of neurons.

6. Increases fertility

Another of the benefits of sex for women has to do with the increased chances of pregnancy. And it is that, sex practiced on a regular basis causes changes in the immune system that facilitate this situation. A good method for those couples who are trying to get pregnant.

7. Sleep better

Sex helps the body to relax after orgasm, and therefore to sleep better. However, this causes greater effects in men than in women, who remain stimulated longer.