How does one determine the Tamil Girl Baby Names around? And what is “best” after all, if not a popularity check of the current standards? Each time had its “best” baby girl names in Tamil and ours has certain visible trends that you may or may not want to follow.

If you do a rapid search on the Internet on the term “pure baby girl names in Tamil language”, you’ll find different tops and polls where users can pick the name they are about to think is currently best suited for a baby girl. these tops don’t essentially reflect anything other than a simple trend that can be different from website to website and they can change each year, or even each season, similarly to any other trend, you might think of. You might be interested in Tamil Baby Girl Names.

There are certified categories of names that you might want to link to when cutting down the list to get the best baby girl name for your soon-to-be daughter. These categories can be: biblical baby girl names, unique Tamil Girl Baby Names, popular Tamil girl names, historical baby names in Tamil, or celebrity girl baby names in Tamil.

More Names of Baby Girl

The best Tamil Girl Baby Names is undoubtedly Anju. It’s a popular Tamil name in almost all Tamil cultures and even though it’s not uncommon or unique, it’s a beautiful name that musters with spirituality.

  • If you’re looking for a pure Tamil Girl Baby Names in Tamil language, you’ll need either to look in a field that no one would expect you to come with a name from, or simply create one out of nothing. For example, you can choose the girl baby names in Tamil out of the Tamil book, with the beautiful flower names you’ll find there. Or if you’re feeling creative, you can make up a good Tamil girl name, or even combine two existing girl names into one.
  • If you’re simply looking for the name to be popular, you could aim for the names voted as being the most popular on websites mentioned in the introduction. Popular baby girl names may be a good choice today, but remember that the name trend changes quickly, and what is hot today, maybe obsolete tomorrow.

Historical Tamil Girl Baby Names can be extremely meaningful and they can offer a sense of style to your daughter. Although, make sure the name is chosen after a popular historical woman figure, not after someone that’s just wildly popular. Names like Ananthi (Endless | Infinite | Lord Shiva | Who Has No End), Anbarasi (A Kindful Girl), Arulmozhi (Parrot), and Bagyam (Lucky) all reflect the personality of the historical figures that held them. Find more names for your baby from our Two Names site.

Last but not least, celebrity Tamil Girl Baby Names are also in fashion this season. Unfortunately, celebrities have a distinct hobby of making fun of their babies, naming them in the most awful ways possible. However, naming your baby girl directly after a celebrity might prove to be a good touch.


Reha Destroyer of enemies Star
Reesha Feather Line Saintly
Reepal Love Merciful or compassionate
Reenu Atom Dust Sand Pollen
Reeha Destroyer of enemies Star
Raya Flow Sated with drink
Ravita Band Bond Link nexus
Raviprabha Light of the Sun
Ravina Sunny Bright Fair
Ravali Sound came from Murali
Raushani Brightness Light Brilliance Law
Ratnavali A bunch of gems
Ratnabali A bunch of gems
Ratna Priya Lover of jewels Adorned
Ratna Bala Jewelled
Ratanjali Red sandal wood
Rashmita Having light Beaming Stringed
Rashmika Ray of light
Ranya Pleasant Assertive Aggressive
Ranjudeep Light of victory
Ranjika Exciting Plesant Lovable
Ranhita Quick Swift
Ramyadevi Beautiful God
Ramra Splendor
Ramita Pleasing Loved Happy
Ramadevi Goddess Lakshmi Devi
Rama Satya A lofty place
Rama Devi Goddess Lakshmi Devi
Raktima Pleasing
Rakti Pleasing
Rajshree Sage like king
Rajrita Prince of living
Rajnikant The Moon
Rajnandhini Princess
Rajivini Collection of blue lotuses
Rajini Night
Rajika Lamp
Rajdulari Dear princess
Rajasi Worthy of a king
Raisa Leader Chief Princess Flower
Raina Beautiful princess Night
Rai Goddess Radha
Ragi Loving Very much attached
Raghavi God of Raghavendra
Radnya Daughter of king
Rachna Creation Construction Arrangement
Rachiyata Creator
Rachi East Morning
Raakin Respectful
Raahi Traveler


Quarrtulain Mercy of God
Putana Blowing Hard Demon
Pushyaja Born from flower
Pushpavathi Decorated with flowers
Pushpasri Bunch of flowers
Pushpalata Flower creeper Flower
Pushpagandha Juhi flower
Purvaja Elder sister Complete
Purva Earlier One Elder East
Punitha Love Pure Sacred Devout
Puneeta Love Pure Sacred Devout
Pundari Holy
Punarvika Star
Punarnava A star
Pujitha To be worshipped
Pujeetha To be worshipped
Prutha Daughter of earth
Protyasha Expectation
Prosmita Quite girl
Priyavadhana Lovable face
Priyasmita Best friend
Priyaranjeny Loving
Priyanvada One who speaks nicely
Priyansi Lovable Dear Loving
Priyanshi Lovable Dear Loving
Priyangi Goddess Lakshmi Lovely body
Priyanga Lover of Sharmila
Priyana Ideal
Priyajanani Mother with Love
Pritilata A creeper of Love
Prinitha Pleased
Prija Goddess of good wishes
Preshti Ray of light
Prerita One who inspires
Prenitha A gift from God
Prekshya Looking at Observing
Preksha Viewer Beholding Viewing
Preetha Lakshmi Happy
Preetal Loved one
Preeksha Viewer Beholding Viewing
Prayukta Experimented
Prayerna Bhakti Worship
Praya Place of sacrifice Allahabad
Pravarsha Rain
Pravallika Question
Pravalitha Unlimited power
Praudha One who is old
Pratyaksha One who is real
Pratvi Goddess Sita Princess
Pratusha Saisudha Early morning Dawn
Pratika Image Beautiful Symbol Symbolic
Prattysha Morning
Prattusha Beautiful soft
Pratistha Preeminence
Pratishtha Preeminence
Pratikshya To wait Expectation
Pratiksha Hope Waiting for something


Pratibha Light Keen intellect
Prathyumna Victory
Prathysha Saisudha Early morning Dawn
Prathvi Goddess Sita Princess
Prathusha Saisudha Early morning Dawn
Prathulya Incomparable
Prathiksha Hope Waiting for something
Prathika Image Beautiful Symbol Symbolic
Prateeka Image Beautiful Symbol Symbolic
Prasitha Prasitham
Prasidhi Famous
Prasheila Ancient time
Prasheetha Origin Starting point
Prashanthi Highest peace
Prasanthi Highest peace
Prasansha Happy
Prasannakshi Lively eyed
Prasadabhimukhi Emerging to grant boons
Prapti Achievement Discovery Gain Determination
Pranisha Love to life
Pranhita Name of a river
Pranani Most beautiful
Pramlocha Beauty of beauties
Pramitha Best friend Wisdom
Pramita Best friend Wisdom
Prameetha Best friend Wisdom
Prakyamshita Great Appear
Prakruti Nature Beautiful Weather
Prakruthi Nature Beautiful Weather
Prakrthi Nature Goddess Lakshmi
Prakarana More intelligent
Prajwala Eternal flame
Prajana Wisdom Goddess Saraswati
Prahasini Continues smiling girl
Praharshita Ever Happy girl
Praharsha Happy girl
Pragyawati A wise woman
Pragyaparamita Wise
Pragya Lord Vishnu Prowess
Pragnika Clever lady
Pradnya Knowledge Wisdom Buddhi
Pradnaya Knowledge Wisdom Buddhi
Pradipta Glowing Illuminated Enlightened Blazing