During childhood, children are in full growth, which means that both their muscular system and their bone structure are strengthening. At this stage, teaching them to maintain correct posture while walking or sitting is essential to avoid major pathologies that can affect the spine or legs later in life.

The ergonomics of children’s furniture also plays an essential role in this process. If children do not have a table and chair suitable for their size, they will not be able to maintain good posture. In addition, the right furniture has a positive psychological effect as it stimulates children’s independence and allows the child to have greater control over their environment, which means that they will have a greater perception of self-efficacy. For this reason, we offer you some safe and beautiful table and chair sets for your child.

8 perfect table and chair sets for children

1. KYWAI Children’s Wooden Table and 2 Chair Set


KYWAI-Children's Table and Two Chairs Set Pink and White Wooden Kids Furniture Small Round Table...

If you are looking for a set of table and chairs for the room of the smallest of the house, this model of Nordic inspiration from the KYWAI label can be an excellent choice to give a warm and elegant touch to the room. Made of natural beech wood with white and pink lacquered wood finish, it is a very cool and resistant set over time that will surely accompany children throughout their lives. development.

The table and chairs set is very easy to assemble, you only need to turn the legs and that’s it. Also, it is very safe! It has all rounded corners and its legs are placed outwards to give the structure extra stability and prevent it from tipping over. It is worth noting that the legs have a plastic protection so as not to damage the floor and avoid noise when moving them. Another advantage? It is very easy to clean and resistant to humidity.

2. Milliard Multi-Use Table & 2 Chair Set


Milliard Children's Table and 2 Chair Set, Multi-Purpose Activity Table/Children's Wood Block Table, Natural...

Elegant and practical, this set table and two chairs from Milliard is ideal for the smallest room. It has the perfect size so that the little ones can enjoy a snack as well as get down to work with their crafts, while it has a lot of storage space since it has a shelf fold at the bottom of the table so they can store their toys and accessories.

In addition, the set is very resistant and safe. It is made in mixed wood with a white and gray anti-scratch finish that is not only very cool but also easy to combine with any decorative style. And it’s been lab tested! Both the table and the chairs have been tested for strength and safety by an independent consumer agency, while also being approved by children.

3. KidKraft Stella Table & 2 Chair Set

KidKraft Wooden Heart Table & 2 Chair Set with Compartments storage, game room for...

This set of table and two chairs from the American brand KidKraft will come to the children as to The finger is the same to do homework as to play or give free rein to your imagination in art or DIY. Thanks to its wood, red and blue color design with star detail, it goes well with practically any decoration and children will surely love it.

Made of solid natural wood , includes four practical removable storage spaces made of plastic where the little ones can store their belongings to always have them close at hand. It is worth noting that being removable, they are very easy to clean and transport while they can be accessed from both sides of the table. Another point in your favor? It has a very robust and stable structure that guarantees the safety of the little ones at all times.

4. Oneconcept kids table and chair set

Oneconcept Annika Ergonomic Children's Desk Set, Composed of a Desk and a Chair…

If you are looking for an ergonomic children’s table and chair set so that children can always sit with the correct posture, this Oneconcept model may be a good choice. Ideal both for doing homework and for letting the imagination fly with crafts, it adjusts to growth so that it will accompany children for many years: the table has 11 height levels, The chair has 7 height levels and the back of the seat can be adjusted in two positions.

Another of its greatest advantages is that it has a tilting table top from 0º to 40º so that the little ones can adapt it as they please, while it has a board with treatment against the effects of reflections and glare. And it includes different types of compartments! It has removable drawers with compartments for notebooks, pens, books and all kinds of accessories. And so that children can use the set also in summer, it has ventilation slots to ensure good air circulation in the seat and backrest. Of course, it has a very stable and safe structure. steel with non-slip rubber feet and safety dividers to prevent little ones from getting their fingers caught.

5. KidKraft Round Wood Table with Two Chairs


KidKraft 27027 Children's Round Table and 2 Wooden Chairs Set, Children's Playroom and Bedroom Furniture...

If you don’t like the plastic tables and chairs, this set is ideal because it is made of high quality and resistant wood. In fact, it is a very elegant and discreet set, so you will have no problem combining it with the decoration of the child’s bedroom. You can choose a set of table and chairs completely white or with the tone of natural wood.

This set, from the American brand KidKraft, will accompany your child as he grows up to play, draw or do the duties from him. Recommended for children between 3 and 6 years old, the table also has a convenient storage space in the center so that your child keeps everything well organized and at hand.

6. Table and two chairs set with natural wood legs by B. Spaces by Battat

B. spaces by Battat Set, 1 Craft Table and 2 Chairs for children with Natural Wood Legs (Ivory and Mint),...

This three-piece set includes a table and two very comfortable chairs for children. You can assemble it in a matter of minutes and your child will have their own space to do crafts or receive their “guests” and have a tea party. In fact, you can perfectly add another two chairs so that your child receives his friends in a space adapted for them.

From the Battat brand, a family business with more than one century of experience, this furniture is characterized by being elegant and resistant, providing stability and style to children. Another important detail? You can clean the table in the blink of an eye, so that it is always impeccable.

7. EUGAD Children’s table and two chairs set

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If you are looking for a table with safe, comfortable and practical children’s chairs, this set will come to you as a ring he finger. Made with MDF boards, they have rounded edges and corners to prevent children from injuring themselves on sharp edges.

The chairs are very stable, so there is no risk of the child tipping over, although one of the most interesting details of this set is that the tabletop can be used on both sides. The gray side is perfect for games and crafts while the black side can be used as a blackboard for chalk painting, although it is recommended that the board is always rotated by an adult. It is also very easy to clean and perfectly resistant to moisture and mold. And both the table and the chairs have storage space, a plus that always comes in handy to keep the toys in order.

8. Bellanny Kids Study Desk & Chair Set

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This set of chair and desk is perfect for children to to study at home. Suitable for ages 3 and up, it has an ergonomic design that not only helps little ones feel more comfortable while doing homework, but also ensures that they maintain good posture to prevent bone disorders of the development that can emerge at these ages. One of its greatest advantages is that the set is completely adjustable in height, from 23.6 to 29 inches in the case of the desk and from 14.17 to 16.05 inches for the chair, so that children will be able to continue using it as they grow.

In addition, the table can be tilted at an angle of 0º 60º and has a smooth non-reflective surface that also protects children’s vision. And, to prevent the little ones from hurting themselves when raising or lowering the board, it has a stop so that their fingers do not get caught. It also has a removable drawer that offers a lot of storage space so that children can have their belongings close at hand, but always well organized. It is worth noting that the backrest and the base of the table and chair are designed with a ventilation and heat dissipation system, so that it can be used even during the summer because it does not give off heat. And it’s very sturdy! It’s made of high-quality steel and plastic panels to ensure kids can use it for as long as they need it.