Whether your child is a science lover or not, a microscope will be a gift they will never forget. It will not only spark his scientific interest, but help him see the world from a different perspective. In addition, it is an ideal resource to enhance his observation capacity, improve his analytical skills and stimulate his concentration. It also helps develop his manual skills, while encouraging patience. However, for children to take advantage of these advantages, any microscope will not do.

What should you consider when choosing a microscope for children?

When choosing a microscope for children, not only is the design important, it is also essential to consider the material. Whether plastic or metal, ideally it should be resistant and safe materials. You should also consider other details:

  1. The format. Most children’s microscopes are in a traditional format with a single viewer. These models are simpler and easier to use. But if you want to go one step further, you can opt for binocular models that, in addition to being comfortable to use, provide greater precision in observation.
  2. The increases. Children’s microscopes are equipped with several objectives with different magnifications. Magnifications range from 20x to 1200x, the higher the resolution the better the image quality the microscope will deliver. If you are looking for a basic microscope, three magnifications between 20x and 1000x will suffice, but if you want a more professional model, opt for equipment with higher magnifications.
  3. The accessories.  The accessories are a basic that you must take into account when choosing a microscope for children. Make sure they at least include a slide, tweezers, and sample containers. The accessories not only allow better handling of the samples, preventing them from becoming contaminated, but also make the task easier for the little ones at home.

7 perfect microscopes for the little ones at home

1. Microscope 30 experiments by Buki France

The little ones at home will be able to enter the world of science with this model from the Buki France brand, recommended for children over 8 years of age. Made of metal for greater stability, it has 3 magnifying lenses of 200x, 600x and 1200x that give it great image quality. In addition, it includes LED lighting so that children can make observations more clearly. Prepared to carry out up to 30 different experiments, it includes coverslips, tweezers, 4 flasks, Petri dish, microcutter, 4 slides for samples, needle and labels to catalog the samples to be analyzed. It is worth noting that the microscope requires a battery that is included.

2. Telmu pocket microscope

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If you are looking for a microscope that the little ones at home can use both at home and on their walks in nature, this Telmu pocket model is perfect. And this without sacrificing image quality since it has a lower LED light and 3 magnifying lenses of 300x, 600x and 1200x that will allow children to discover all the details of microscopic life. Plus, it comes with a built-in rotating color filter wheel so you don’t have to stain your slides, and a mini projector so kids can share the images in real time with their friends. Another of its great advantages is that it includes all kinds of accessories,from droppers, sample bottles, tweezers, dissecting needle, scalpel and plastic spatula to scissors, magnifying glass, Petri dish, slides and shrimp hatchery. It is worth noting that it is made of metal and that it comes in an easy-to-carry case.

3. Microscope 50 experiments by Buki France

Little scientists at home will be delighted with this microscope from the Buki France label that will allow them to carry out up to 50 different experiments. Designed in robust metal, it is not only very stable but also durable, so it will accompany children for a long time. In addition, it has three magnifying lenses, 100x, 250x and 1000x, which added to its LED lighting system allows microscopic samples to be observed with great resolution and sharpness. And so that they can handle it with ease, it includes several accessories: 6 sample slides, 12 empty slides, a Petri dish, a micro-cutter, a needle, a scalpel, a tweezers, a spatula, a stirrer, 4 small bottles, 12 slides and labels and red dye.

4. Carson’s Pocket Microscope

If you are looking for a microscope to bring the little ones at home closer to science, this pocket model from Carson is a safe bet. Its light and compact design makes it an ideal alternative for children to take with them wherever they go because it is very easy to transport and manipulate. And this without sacrificing image quality, since in addition to having LED lighting, it has an aspherical lens system that converges light rays into a single focal point, thus reducing the risk of distortion and offering a clearer and more sharp. It is worth noting that it requires an AA battery that is not included.

5. Science4you Microscope II

With this Science4you microscope, children can feel like real scientists and observe animal cells with the smear technique or create cultures of bacteria to observe. Ideal for children over 8 years old to start developing their scientific and manual skills, it has 3 magnifying lenses of 100x, 200x and 450x, as well as an LED lighting system to achieve greater transparency of objects. Prepared to carry out up to 9 different types of experiments, it includes slides, tweezers and flasks that facilitate the task, as well as a color educational book where children are explained how to use it and everything they can do with the equipment.

6. Telmu microscope

Practical and professional, this Telmu microscope has all the winning cards to become the favorite of children. Beyond its design, it has an inverted optical system that, added to its LED light source, makes it an ideal device for observing both tree leaves and wood fragments, as well as small biological specimens. In fact, it offers a very clear and sharp image thanks to its two 10x and 16x eyepieces and its three 4x, 10x and 20x lenses that can be adjusted between 40x and 320x. The kit includes 10 slides, 2 eyepieces, a plastic tweezer, a metal scalpel, a measuring cup, 10 glass covers, two collection bottles, and a phone suction cup so kids can share that whole microcosm. And it is very light! So children can not only use it at home but also take it to school for their extracurricular activities.

7. Skybasic Digital Microscope

If you are looking for a slightly more professional microscope for your children, this Skybasic model will allow them to take their science knowledge to the next level. Without a doubt, its innovative design is one of its biggest claims, but what really makes the difference is its 2MP 1080P HD camera and 8 adjustable LED lights that offer great clarity and a truly impressive level of detail. Made to achieve a magnification of 50x to 1000x, it also allows you to take photos, make videos and store files.In fact, it is compatible with USB and Wifi, so it can also be connected to the computer. In addition, it is equipped with a snake-shaped flexible tube holder that can be rotated 360º. And it is portable and very light! So the little ones can take it wherever they go.