Biblical Girl Names


Undoubtedly, choosing the name of the baby that is on the way is something very exciting. We know that a final choice will depend on many factors such as sound, meaning, its origin, among many other things. To help you make a good choice, in this baby names article we present a list of 100 biblical girl names and their meaning .

In the bible there are hundreds of options for you to name your daughter, and the best thing is that these names are full of history, sound and deep meaning. We know that in this section you will get the one that identifies with your tastes and demands. Do you want to know which girl’s name means a gift from God or which is the most beautiful name in the Bible? Keep reading this list.

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Biblical names of beautiful girls

Do you want a biblical name for a girl that is very pretty? So, you’ve come to the perfect listing. Biblical girl names have stuck around through the centuries because they evoke a lot of strength. There are many characters who have a beautiful story and who are in both the Old and New Testaments. Next, let’s see the list of the most beautiful biblical names for girls. Rest assured that you will love one of them:

  • Abigail : name that appears in the holy scriptures and that means “the joy of the father”.
  • Adaida: this is one of the biblical names of beautiful girls that means “the one with the gift of the Creator”.
  • Adelaida : it is a name reflected in the holy scriptures that means “honorary woman”.
  • Ágnes: is a beautiful biblical name for a girl that means “the woman who is the lamb of Jehovah”.
  • Adela : it is a cute girl’s name that appears in the bible and that means “the distinguished one”.
  • Amparo: is a religious name whose meaning is “the one who has protection”.
  • Ariel – This Biblical name translates to “she who is with God.”
  • Bernice: is a Hebrew name. Bernice was the wife of a Syrian king and means “the victorious woman”.
  • Bathsheba: Biblical name of Hebrew origin meaning “the daughter.”
  • Celeste – This biblical girl’s name means “glorified on high.”
  • Damaris : it is a pretty name biblical name of woman that means “the faithful wife”.
  • Daniela : is a variant of Daniel and means “God does justice”.
  • Davinia: is a biblical girl’s name means “graceful of God”.
  • Deborah: Biblical character that means “the woman like the bee”.
  • Diana – This name in scripture means “the angelic woman”.
  • Elena : it is a name of Greek origin and appears in the scriptures, it means “the shining woman”.
  • Eve : first woman in the book of genesis, created by God and companion of Adam.
  • Genesis: is a name of the first book of the bible that has the meaning “origin or beginning”.
  • Hanna – Biblical character who was Samuel’s mother and means “woman full of grace”.
  • Ilana: it is a name that appears in the bible and means “the straightness of the tree”.
  • Agnes : This ancient name means “the servant of God.”
  • Irene – This is one of the biblical pretty girl names and means “the woman with inner peace.”
  • Elizabeth : is a beautiful biblical girl’s name that means “the woman who honors God”.
  • Josefina: is a derivation of the name of Joseph who was the adoptive father of Jesus.
  • Judith: biblical character who liberated the Jews from the Assyrians, means “Judah”.
  • Mary : is a Hebrew name. She was the mother of Jesus and means “the chosen one of God”.
  • Mariana: is a combination of María and Ana, and refers to the devotees of the Virgin Mary.
  • Martina – derived from the ancient Greek name meaning “Mars.”
  • Nazareth: this Hebrew name for a girl refers to the place where Jesus was born.
  • Neri: Biblical name for a girl that translates “the one who has light”.
  • Samara: This beautiful name for a girl means “the one that God protects”.
  • Sila: This Hebrew name means “she who does not forget”.
  • Veronica – This beautiful old name means “the woman who achieves her goals.”

Uncommon Biblical Girl Names

The trend of giving uncommon names to girls is becoming more and more popular. This gives them a unique, striking and original personality. Imagine combining an unusual name with one of Biblical origin. This would be perfect for that name to stand out from the rest. If what you want is an unusual biblical girl name for girls, this list is the one for you:

  • Hagar: we start with this peculiar biblical name for a girl, whose meaning is “the foreigner”.
  • Almudena: This is another of the unusual biblical names for girls that means “the one who lives in the barn.”
  • Athaliah : is a name of Hebrew origin that belonged to the queen of Judah and means “the glorification of God”.
  • Aruma : Uncommon Biblical name for girls and which translates “she who falls at night.”
  • Áurea – This biblical name for a woman means “the woman without flaws.”
  • Azura : is a name of Persian origin that means “bluish”. She was a daughter of Adam and Eve.
  • Benedicta : is a name of biblical saints that means “the blessed woman”.
  • Chloé – This Biblical name translates to “the woman in the bush.”
  • Cret a: is a name from the scriptures that means “the bold woman”.
  • Dara – This is another of the uncommon biblical names for girls that translates to “woman of wisdom.”
  • Dinah : is an Old Testament name meaning “adorned woman.”
  • Eunice – is a Biblical name meaning “the glorified woman”.
  • Phoenicia : is a name that refers to those born in the ancient city “Phoenicia”.
  • Galilea : it is a Hebrew name that translates “those that come from Galileo”.
  • Hadassa : is a Hebrew name that refers to the biblical character of Esther.
  • Hazae l: is a little known girl’s name that means “woman created by God”.
  • Hildelgarda – This is a strange Biblical name meaning “self-sacrificing woman”.
  • Jana – is a little used Biblical name meaning “God has compassion on her”.
  • Hulda : She was the wife of Shallum. She lived in the city of Jerusalem and means “vermin woman”.
  • Lea – This Biblical character name means “the honorable woman.”
  • Libna : is a biblical name that translates “the woman of great purity”.
  • Lidia : is an old name that means “the woman who fights”.
  • Lilith : Biblical character who was the companion of Adam, after Eve.
  • Micaela – This is another of the uncommon biblical names for girls that means “God is just.”
  • Ruth : This biblical name for a girl, was a family of King David, means “good companion”.
  • Sarai : Hebrew name, was the wife of Abraham and means “maiden”.
  • Zipporah : she was the wife of Moses and means “the woman is like a bird”.
  • Odelia : This religious name means “she who worships God.”
  • Priscilla : She was a friend of Saint Paul. She founded a church and preached the word of God.
  • Tabitha : is an Aramaic name, given to the wife of the apostle Peter. It means “sweet”.

Twin Biblical girl names

If the ultrasound revealed that what is on the way are twins, congratulations, your happiness increases by two. To name them, nothing better than giving them a biblical girl name. In this way, their names will be full of charm, spirituality and beautiful symbology. Check out the selection of the biblical names of twin girls that we made for you, surely here is the combination that you will like.

  • Ana and Amanda : they are biblical names of Hebrew origin, Ana means full of grace and Amanda means “blessed by God”.
  • Addison and Eva : Addison is a name that derives from Adam and together with Eva, according to the biblical account, they were the first to populate the earth.
  • Alejandra and Anastasia: Biblical names of Greek origin meaning “protection” and “resurrection.”
  • Betania and Beatriz : Hebrew names, where Betania means “house of fruits” and was the city where Jesus and the Virgin Mary were, Beatriz which means “the one who is blessed”.
  • Delilah and Dahlia – These biblical names for twin girls are Hebrew and appear in scripture. Delilah was the wife of Samson and Dahlia means “the one who is like the flowers”.
  • Egla and Elise: these names are Hebrew. Egla was the wife of King David and Elise translates “the offering of God”.
  • Jael and Jezebel: Both names are Biblical, where Jael was a heroine of Israel and Jezebel was a Babylonian queen in Judea.
  • Miriam and Mara: Other biblical names for twin girls are Mirian and Mara. Miriam means “tears in the sea”, she was the sister of Moses, and Mara means “bitterness”.
  • Nohema and Nohemi: they were biblical characters. Nohema translates “she who thinks, who was a descendant of Cain, and Nohemí means “enchantress”, who was Ruth’s mother-in-law.
  • Rebeca and Raquel : these names are Hebrew and are in the holy scriptures. Rebekah was Isaac’s wife and means “captivating”, and Rachel was Jacob’s wife, whose translation is “lamb”.

Popular Biblical Girl Names

If what you want is a popular, beautiful name that has a religious origin, then the biblical names of popular girls are the most suitable. Despite the time, the names that appear in the bible remain valid and are even more popular every day. To find a popular biblical girl’s name that is attractive, melodic and has a beautiful meaning, read on.

  • Abby: It is a widely used biblical girl’s name that means “the woman with joy”.
  • Albino – This common Biblical name means “white woman.”
  • Bethlehem : It is a well-known name in the holy scriptures, because it is the place where “Jesus was born”.
  • Camelia – This is a popular Biblical girls name meaning “she who is with Jehovah.”
  • Carmen : is a well-known name that means “the garden of the Creator”.
  • Catalina : is an old name means “woman with innocence”.
  • Cristina : is a name associated with the word Christian which means “he who believes in Christ”.
  • Edna – This Biblical character name means “she who is in Eden.”
  • Elizabeth : is a Hebrew name. She was the sister-in-law of Moses and the mother of Saint John the Baptist, which means “she who is helped by God”.
  • Esther : is a Hebrew girl’s name that belonged to the queen of Persia and that means “star in the sky”.
  • Eugenia : is a Greek name meaning “she who is well born”.
  • Eulalia – This Greek name translates to “the woman who speaks well.”
  • Genoveva : is an old name that means “the woman of noble family”.
  • Gisela : It is an old name that means “the one with great power”.
  • Guadalupe : name that has the meaning “the one that has packs of wolves”.
  • Helena : is a Greek name that means “the woman given by God”.
  • Immaculate : it is a name of a very believer that means “without sins”.
  • Juana : is a name that comes from ancient Greece that means “fidelity to God”.
  • Lucia : It is a well-known name that means “the one born in the morning”.
  • Lucrecia : Popular Biblical girl’s name meaning “the lucky woman.”
  • Manuela : is a biblical name for a girl that derives from Manuel and means “God is everywhere”.
  • Magdalena : is a Hebrew name that belonged to the disciple of Jesus Christ.
  • Marta : is an ancient name of Hebrew origin that means “the one who is at home”.
  • Matilde : is a name that means “the woman of great constancy”.
  • Rosario: it is a very catholic name that means “the roses for the virgin Holy Mary”.
  • Samantha – is a scriptural name meaning “the woman who hears”.
  • Tamara: This is another of the popular biblical names for girls that translates “distant princess”.