Blood makes you related, but loyalty makes you family.

When we come into this world we all have a family, we all have fathers, mothers, uncles, brothers… some people who automatically become our family from the first moment we begin to breathe. That family is not chosen, it is the one that nature puts us by our side without us even realizing it. A family that is supposed to be by our side, should guide us, offer their support and give us their love unconditional.

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We all have roots, ancestors… people who They define us, relatives who had their history and their moment… a family tree that makes us relatives of each other. Families can be bigger or smaller, but they are all families after all. Although caring for a family and the bond that unites people is not easy.

Emotionally estranged families

Sometimes families don’t get along as well as they think they should and feel bad about it. The guilt of not getting along with a father, brother, uncle, cousin… can be very great. Many people feel obliged to get along with people who are really not important to them… or people who at some point hurt them emotionally.

There may be a link of blood, but life does not force you to have to get along with everyone, no matter how much kinship you have. Sometimes, moving away or maintaining a ‘circumstantial’ bond should not be an emotional problem or cause you any trauma… sometimes, it is the best option to be able to maintain your emotional health.

The family in the most strict

Sometimes we tend to think that a family involves sharing much more than just blood or family tree. There are people who unconsciously believe that children should have the same values ​​as their parents, share the same points of view and even behave in a similar way… nothing is further from the truth.

It is necessary to be clear that each person has their own personality, personality is not something that is genetically inherited. It is true that some characteristics can be inherited from parents and even relatives, but the environment and the daily family climate is what really cares or neglects the bond between relatives. Children are not -nor should they be- copies of their parents or they will never be able to be themselves.

Personality is dynamic and is built day by day after day, he stops in front of barriers and limits… Those limits that parents sometimes impose when trying to raise their children. These impositions are the ones that bring with them so many disappointments, disagreements, fights and misunderstandings… Things that cause the family bond to deteriorate.

Blood makes you related, but loyalty makes you family

When the bond is broken…

Sometimes , many parents see their children leave home and stop having contact. There are brothers and sisters who stop talking to each other and families start to have empty chairs at family gatherings… they stop being family. What is causing all this? Each family is a world with its rules and beliefs… but it is the people who decide if they want relationships to work or not, if they prefer to live in the present or anchored in pain.

There are times when people feel that others are closer than their own families. There are those who feel that friends and even animals are beings they love more than their own relatives, even if they are not from the same family tree.

Reflect to have a family full of love

Sometimes, it is possible that your family can become a family full of love, where children are respected and where they can enjoy being by your side and never want to leave you. A family where siblings love each other and like to spend time next to each other is also possible. How? Thinking about education and offering it to children with sincere love, without impositions, with reflection. A love where the person is not punished, but rather the behavior is thought about.

You do not have to blame others for your own mistakes or feel the obligation to maintain contact with family members when they make us feel uncomfortable or are toxic to us. They are your family, it’s true… but in this life you have to take into account what is really important and your internal stability and your happiness should not be truncated by anything or anyone. Your inner peace is what most important, both for you and for your family -the real one-. If someone makes you feel bad, it doesn’t matter if he is from your family or not… emotional distance will be your best gift to that person -and to you-.