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Blooket is a popular educational game platform that makes learning engaging through fun quizzes, races, defense games and more. Learn how teachers utilize Blooket for classroom activities, assign games for homework, and track student progress. Get tips on troubleshooting join issues, game strategies, and technical requirements.

General Information About Blooket

Blooket is an educational gaming platform created by Mikhail Gershkovich that allows teachers to make fun classroom games and activities. With its collection of gamified learning tools, Blooket aims to make learning more engaging and exciting for students of all ages.

What Is Blooket?

Blooket is a web-based educational game platform that teachers can use to create fun quiz games, races, gold quests, and more for their students. On Blooket, teachers can build their own games by customizing existing game templates or creating questions from scratch. These games can then be shared with students using a unique game code.

Blooket offers a library of pre-made games across a variety of subjects that teachers can use or customize for their classrooms. The platform also allows teachers to track student progress through data analytics. Blooket games are playable across devices using a web browser or the Blooket mobile app. The games aim to provide an engaging way for students to review concepts, provide formative assessment opportunities, and energize the classroom.

Blooket Features

Some key features of Blooket include:

  • Customizable games – Teachers can build games by creating custom questions or pulling from Blooket’s pre-made question sets.
  • Variety of game templates – Quiz-style, head-to-head racing, gold mining, tower defense, and more.
  • Student progress tracking – Teachers can view class and individual student stats and growth.
  • Avatars and rewards – Students can pick fun avatars, collect virtual tokens/crypto, and unlock accessories.
  • Accessibility options – Text-to-speech, font size adjustment, and dyslexic font to aid diverse learners.
  • Multi-language support – Available in English, Spanish, French, and more languages.
  • Mobile app – Games can be played using iOS and Android Blooket apps.

How to Use Blooket

Using Blooket involves a simple 3-step process:

  1. Build – Teachers can build games by creating questions or selecting from pre-made question sets on topics like math, ELA, science, social studies, and more.
  2. Share – Each game has a unique code that the teacher shares with students so they can access the game. This works on any device.
  3. Play! – Students enter the code on their device to play exciting games like quiz challenges, tower defense, gold quests, and racing games against their classmates.

Teachers have full control over game settings like time limits, number of questions, and more. Blooket’s variety of game modes keeps students engaged while reviewing concepts.

Blooket Game Types

Blooket offers a variety of entertaining game modes teachers can choose from:

  • Quiz – Test knowledge with multiple choice, true/false and open response questions.
  • Tower Defense – Correctly answer questions to earn towers that defend against enemies.
  • Gold Quest – Race to collect gold nuggets and gems before time runs out.
  • Racing – Compete head-to-head against classmates in a race to finish first.
  • Cafe – Take customer orders and prepare food accurately before the timer ends.
  • Match – Make matches by correctly answering questions within the time limit.
  • Puzzle – Fill in the missing pieces of a puzzle by dragging and dropping correct answers.
  • Factory – Keep the production line moving by answering questions to fix errors.
  • Memory – Match hidden pictures tiles after answering quick questions.

Joining And Using Blooket

Blooket games are simple and accessible for students to join with code provided by their teacher. Here’s what students need to know about joining Blooket games and setting up their account.

How to Join A Blooket Game

Joining a teacher’s Blooket game only takes a few quick steps:

  1. Get the game code from your teacher. This unique code identifies the specific game.
  2. Go to on any web browser or open the Blooket app on your device.
  3. Click “Join Game” and enter the game code when prompted.
  4. Choose your avatar, add your name, select accessories, and then you’re in!
  5. Once your teacher starts the game, you can start playing and competing against classmates.
  6. Games may have multiple rounds, so stay engaged until your teacher ends the game.
  7. Have fun learning with Blooket!

Blooket Join Codes

Blooket join codes are 5-6 digit unique codes that teachers create to let students access a particular Blooket game.

Each game instance has its own join code. Teachers can set up multiple games and generate new codes as needed. Sometimes teachers may reuse a game and code.

Where to find the join code:

  • On your class whiteboard if teacher displays it
  • Verbally shared by your teacher
  • On a worksheet or email from your teacher
  • Within Google Classroom or other class platform

Make sure to enter the code carefully. Check with your teacher if you have any issues joining. The code lets the Blooket platform identify which game lobby to add you to.

Troubleshooting Blooket Join Issues

If you have issues joining a Blooket game, here are some troubleshooting tips:

  • Make sure you correctly enter the game code provided by your teacher. Double check the digits.
  • Check your internet connection. Blooket requires an active internet connection to join multiplayer games.
  • If using the mobile app, force close and reopen the app. Rebooting can resolve temporary glitches.
  • Try using a different device or web browser if one isn’t working.
  • Clear cached data and files which may be outdated.
  • Update the app or browser to the latest available version.
  • If problems persist, tell your teacher so they can double check the game code and settings.
  • As a last resort, creating a new Blooket account can fix account-specific problems.

Blooket Login And Registration

Blooket can be used without needing to create an account. Simply enter your name when joining games as a guest user. But registering for a free Blooket account unlocks additional features:

  • Save your avatar and name for future games
  • Track gameplay history and stats over time
  • Accumulate tokens that are saved
  • Unlock additional avatars, icons, and accessories
  • Port an account between different devices

To register:

  1. Click Create Account on the Blooket lobby screen
  2. Enter your email and create a password
  3. Confirm your account via email verification

Once registered, simply log in with your email and password. Linking your account lets you build up your own personalized Blooket presence!

Blooket Game Play

From racing games to tower defense to trivia quizzes, here are tips to excel at the most popular Blooket game modes plus reviews of standout games you’re likely to encounter.

Blooket Game Strategies

Each Blooket game has its own optimal strategies and techniques for scoring points and getting the high score:

  • Racing – Memorize level layouts and ideal paths. Take high-risk shortcuts and perfect boosting.
  • Gold Quest – Map out efficient collecting routes. Learn which obstacles slow you down most.
  • Tower Defense – Place elemental towers strategically to maximize damage. Upgrade key towers first.
  • Cafe – Multitask filling orders quickly. Memorize recipes and ingredients.
  • Quiz – Pace yourself to finish all questions. Read carefully and avoid silly mistakes.
  • Crypto – Manage buying/selling carefully. Time market peaks and dips based on question difficulty.

Popular Blooket Games

Some of the most popular Blooket games teachers assign include:

Racing: Compete in a fast-paced race across multiple laps. Answer questions quickly to gain a speed boost. Very replayable.

Tower Defense: Prevent enemies from reaching the castle by building elemental attack towers. Requires strategic tower upgrades and placement.

Gold Quest: Navigate your explorer through a maze collecting as much gold as possible before time runs out. Rush for big payouts but avoid pitfalls.

Cafe: Take customer orders, prep ingredients, and serve food accurately within the countdown timer. Fun roleplay with intense multitasking.

Crypto: Buy low and sell high across 3 cryptocurrencies based on your confidence in answering each question correctly. Tests your risk management.

Blooket Game Reviews

Here are some highlights of top-rated Blooket games based on user reviews:

Squid Games – Faithfully recreates playground challenges from the Netflix series. Nostalgic and intense. 9/10

Math Fact Showdown – Fast-paced Western shootout but with math facts instead of guns. Multiplayer duels are a blast. 8/10

Harry Potter Maze – The fantastically-designed Hogwarts castle maze is a joy for Potterheads to explore. Collect the Horcruxes! 10/10

Coastal Cruise – Breezy tropical vibes. Relaxing way to review concepts while cruising to vacation destinations. 7/10

World Explorer – High production values create an exhilarating global scavenger hunt. Educational and entertaining. 8.5/10

Blooket Game Tips And Tricks

Take your Blooket skills to the next level with these expert tips:

  • In racing games, memorize maps and find shortcuts that others may miss.
  • In gold quests, collect the biggest payouts first, then go clean up remaining gold.
  • In tower defense, concentrate towers near the end of the path to destroy leaked enemies.
  • In cafe games, prep ingredients during downtime so food can be served faster.
  • In crypto, initially buy the coin with the easiest upcoming question to quickly grow your money.
  • In all games, use deduction and process of elimination to make educated guesses when unsure of an answer.

Blooket In Education

With its collection of engaging game modes, Blooket has become a popular platform for making learning fun and interactive in classrooms. Here’s a look at best practices for using Blooket educationally.

Blooket for Teachers

Blooket gives teachers an easy way to energize lessons and review material in a way that resonates with today’s tech-savvy students:

  • Review key concepts through quiz games
  • Engage different learning styles with interactive games
  • Add an element of friendly competition to increase participation
  • Track student progress with analytics to identify knowledge gaps
  • Use as a filler activity to productively occupy end of class time
  • Customize games or leverage existing templates to save prep time
  • Incentivize students through avatars, accessories, and currencies

Blooket Classroom Activities

Blooket fits nicely into many classroom learning formats:

  • Bell work/exit tickets – Short quiz games to start and end class
  • Test prep – Build games using actual test questions and formats
  • Review games – Friendly competition to review before a test
  • Learning stations – One learning activity among centers
  • Whole class instruction – Project games on screens
  • Individual/group work – Provide devices for students to play games
  • Flipped classrooms – Assign games as homework to learn content

Benefits of Using Blooket in Education

Key educational benefits of the Blooket platform:

  • Increases student engagement and enjoyment
  • Provides instant feedback and assessment
  • Appeals to today’s digital generation
  • Allows content customization for your classroom
  • Caters to different learning styles like visual, auditory, and kinesthetic
  • Tracks student progress and class performance
  • Available across devices so easily accessible
  • Offers accessibility features for diverse learners

Blooket Lesson Plans

Blooket games align well to standards-aligned lesson plan objectives across subjects:

  • Math – Arithmetic games, equations, models, word problems, etc.
  • ELA – Grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, literary analysis, etc.
  • Science – Life science, biology, physics, chemistry, natural science quiz questions.
  • Social Studies – Geography, history, civics, anthropology, sociology content.
  • Electives – Foreign language vocabulary, coding skills, health concepts, art trivia, etc.

Effective lesson plans balance game-based learning on Blooket with other modalities tailored for your learning objectives and students’ needs.

Blooket for Homework

Blooket provides engaging out-of-class learning opportunities:

  • Join live games – Use at home join codes for live in-class games.
  • Preview games – Get a headstart playing games before they are used in class.
  • Review games – Play old games to reinforce previously learned material.
  • Asynchronous games – Complete Blooket games on your own schedule.
  • Play for fun – Enjoy the game aspects and social connections.
  • Parent access – Get parents involved by having them play with you.

Leverage Blooket’s app and home access to maximize time spent productively practicing course concepts.

Technical Aspects

Understanding the technical aspects of the Blooket platform helps ensure games run smoothly. Here are key details on system requirements, compatibility, and troubleshooting.

Blooket App And Platform Compatibility

The Blooket companion mobile apps are available for:

  • iOS App Store – iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch (iOS 11+)
  • Google Play Store – Android phones and tablets (Android 5+)

The Blooket web-based platform can be accessed on:

  • Windows PCs
  • Mac Computers
  • Chromebooks
  • Android/iOS tablets and phones via web browser
  • Any device with an updated web browser

For the best experience, use the latest OS and browser versions available.

Blooket System Requirements

To run Blooket games, student devices need:

  • Active internet connection (no offline play)
  • For app: Android 5+, iOS 11+
  • For browser: Latest Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox
  • Audio/speaker to hear game sound effects
  • For classroom projector display: HDMI connection
  • Microphone for voice chat (optional)

Teachers need the ability to display the game lobby externally and share unique game codes.

How To Troubleshoot Blooket

Some tips to resolve issues running Blooket:

  • Refresh browser or restart Blooket app to clear any glitches
  • Check internet connection and bandwidth
  • Update to latest browser or Blooket app version
  • Try a different device or browser if one isn’t working
  • Reboot router if having connectivity problems
  • Disable VPN, firewalls, filters if blocking access
  • Ensure flash player enabled if required by old browser
  • Enable cookies, disable pop-up blockers
  • Clear cached data/files which may be outdated
  • Seek help from Blooket’s active user community forums

Following general troubleshooting best practices helps optimize your Blooket experience.


Blooket has quickly become a go-to platform for teachers looking to energize learning through the power of game-based engagement. With its collection of gamified learning activities like races, tower defense, gold quests, quizzes, and more, Blooket enables educators to make review and instruction interactive and enjoyable for today’s digital-native students.

The platform makes it simple for teachers to build their own customized games or utilize Blooket’s pre-made activities across a variety of subjects and grade levels. Blooket’s versatility also allows it to be incorporated in diverse ways, whether used for whole-class instruction, individual practice, group collaboration, or even assigned for at-home learning.

For students, Blooket’s friendly competition, point incentives, and social connectivity taps into what makes games fun and motivating. The data Blooket provides teachers also allows progress monitoring and identifying class and individual student needs. With minimal technical requirements, Blooket’s website and apps ensure accessibility across devices. While engaging and enjoyable, Blooket games ultimately aim to support student achievement of important educational goals and objectives. Check out the more game stories at our Gaming Category.