Beautiful and intelligent bird with blue feathers

The blue jay is a bird that is very striking due to its beautiful blue plumage and an elegant and pronounced crest. The color scheme on his body encompasses colors such as: black, blue, light blue and white.

It is a songbird that also makes a very loud alarm or claim sound, very similar to that of seagulls. One of his best-known voices is the “yei! yei!”, which is sharp and intense.

They are geographically located in central and eastern North America. In this area of ​​the planet it is common to find them at bird feeders, making it impossible to miss them due to their beautiful colors and noisy presence.

Fun facts

  • The blue jay makes many sounds and voices, including imitations of hawk calls. This benefits other species because it drives away or warns that predators are approaching.
  • They are very social birds and like to form pairs, small flocks and family groups.
  • The blue coloration of the feathers is not about pigments, but the color is produced by the structure of the plumage and the way light hits it. When you crush a jay feather, the blue color disappears because the internal structure has changed.
  • The feeding of this bird is mostly vegetarian, but it also eats caterpillars, beetles and grasshoppers.
  • They can have aggressive behavior at bird feeders. They have gained a bad reputation because some have been known to destroy the nests of other birds and eat the eggs or chicks.
  • Some of their habits contribute to the spread of forests, as they bury acorns in the ground and do not return for them. This allows more vegetation to germinate and grow.
  • They are not demanding to make nests, they can build it anywhere, even in mailboxes, something very typical in rural areas of North America.