Mythology is much more than the simple sum of myths of a culture to try to explain the origin of the world, the universe or natural phenomena. From the Greek “mythology” which means “the spoken history of a people”. Therefore, mythology reflects the customs, ways of thinking and beliefs of a civilization.

In fact, knowing mythology is not simply becoming familiar with its main characters and reading their stories, but is more related to discovering the worldview of an entire people in a specific historical period. It is also an excellent resource for sparking children’s imaginations and stimulating their creativity, while developing their critical thinking and reflection skills. Factors of teachers that leave a mark on their students.

An excellent way to introduce children to mythology from an early age and help them understand the background of its entire history is through reading. There are many books dedicated to mythology, but if you do not want to bore the little ones at home at first, the ideal is that you choose books about mythology that are attractive and easy to read. Here is a selection of some titles that will captivate the little ones from the first pages.

10 books on mythology perfect for the little ones at home

1. The Voyages of Ulysses, by Ricardo Gómez Gil

With a good wind and a little luck, it would have taken Odysseus’ ships very quickly to return from Troy to Ithaca. However, the decision of the god Poseidon to divert the currents and cause strong storms upset Ulysses’ course in the Mediterranean. Thus, a trip of only three or four days lasted for ten long years in which Odysseus had to face cyclops, sirens and avoid many other dangers. Without a doubt, it is one of the great myths of Greco-Roman culture that is now told in this illustrated collection, perfect for introducing children to the world of mythology.

2. Greek Myths, by Geraldine McGaughrean

The adventures of King Midas, who turned everything he touched into gold, or Icarus, the man who flew very close to the sun, come to life in this compilation of some of the main Greek myths of history. Narrated with a very simple language, but at the same time captivating, it also tells lesser-known stories such as that of Atalanta, the goddess capable of running faster than any man, or that of Arachne, the boastful weaver who ended up turned into a spider. Stories that, together with those of Jason, Ulysses or Theseus, will arouse the interest of the youngest members of the household in the mythology of ancient Greece.

3. The Hundred Greek Myths of Atticus the Storyteller, by Lucy Coats

Ático was a shoemaker, but also an excellent storyteller. Therefore, one day he decided to travel to Mount Ida, where every year the best storytellers of Greece gather to participate in a festival. After setting off, the road began to be too long for him, so he was neither short nor lazy, he began to tell his stories of gods, heroes and monsters to everyone who asked him. One hundred different but equally attractive stories that will reveal the incredible world of Greek myths to the little ones at home and that, of course, will allow Ático to win the prize for the best narrator of the festival.

4. The Odyssey: 1, by Eduardo Acín

This adaptation for children from the pen of Eduardo Acín is based on the original work by Homer. The book tells the story of Odysseus and his incredible 10-year journey from Troy to Ithaca.   An adventure through the Mediterranean sea in which he had to face all kinds of dangers and threats, from cyclops and monsters to horrible creatures and mermaids, but in which he never lost hope of reaching his destination. Without a doubt, an exciting and action-packed story with which children will be able to meet this character and discover some of the most interesting myths of ancient Greece.

5. Mythological monsters: 4, by Víctor Sabaté

Only the best and cunning of the Greek heroes managed to survive the encounter with these incredible and powerful monsters from the magical world of legends. Beasts that threatened the lands and were capable of breathing fire, poisoning crops with their breath, petrifying with their gaze or hypnotizing with their voice. Monsters that were the reflection of the greatest fears and fears of a society in which there were many phenomena to explain and many doubts to resolve. All of them appear in this excellent compilation of the most terrifying mythological monsters in history.

6. Oh, my God!: The mythology you didn’t know you knew, by Damián Mollá

Have you ever wondered why we say “orient ourselves” even though we are not going to the East? or why is the baby Jesus naked in the middle of December in the nativity scene? In this book, the little ones at home will find answers to this and other questions related to mythology, history and the stars. A text full of curiosities that will not only bring the little ones closer to topics that they were unaware of until then, but will also make them reflect on many of the stories that they have taken for granted.

7. The most beautiful stories of Norse and Viking myths, by Lorenza Cingoli

Is the smallest of the house interested in Viking stories? Then you’ll be delighted with this book that collects some of the most famous Norse and Viking myths from Scandinavia. From the adventures of Odin, the wise and powerful god, and the confrontations of Thor and his hammer to the misfortunes of the rebel Loki and the incredible adventures of Ragnarok, in this book there is room for the deeds of the gods, the most intrepid Viking warriors and the most legendary heroes of ancient Norse culture.

8. The Labors of Hercules: 2, by Javier Alonso López

Hercules was one of the most famous heroes of ancient Greece. Born from the divine union of a god with a human, he stood out from a very young age for his courage and strength. However, to reach the world of the gods , much more was needed, so the gods commissioned Hercules with twelve dangerous and risky jobs in which he had to face some of the most fearsome monsters in the world. Was he able to get it? In this book, the little ones at home will find the answer while they discover some of the most famous stories of Greek mythology.

9. The Trojan War: 3, Javier Alonso López

Legend has it that for ten long years, Greeks and Trojans fought one of the most famous wars of all time: the Trojan War. It all started when the prince of the Trojans, Paris, fled with Helen, the queen of Sparta, and they took refuge in Troy. With the desire to recover Helena and take revenge, the Greeks only thought of one thing, ending the Trojans. Thus began this famous war in which legendary heroes such as the invincible Achilles, the fearsome warrior Agamemnon and the brave Prince Hector met. A story full of action, mystery and adventure that children will not want to miss.

10. The most beautiful stories of Ancient Rome, by Lorenza Cingoli

From the pen of the writer Lorenza Cingoli, this book compiles some of the most famous stories from ancient Rome, the cradle of modern civilization. From the landing of Aeneas and the famous fire in the time of Nero to the rebellion of Spartacus, this anthology brings the little ones closer to the history of the ancient heroes, emperors and slaves who gave life to Roman culture. Full of memorable stories and others less known, it is a perfect alternative for children to discover the ancient Roman civilization.