Do you like the letter D? There are tons of names that start with D. Some men’s names with D are Daniel, Dante and David. In this series of articles from baby names, you will find lists of names with each of the letters of the alphabet. In this article, we present a selection of the best boy names that start with D. Short and long names, old and modern names, but above all, beautiful and original names. In addition, we tell you the meaning of each of them. Which one do you like the most?

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It has two possible meanings, on the one hand the one that refers to “belonging to Dacus”, that is, an inhabitant of Dacia, and on the other hand the one that derives from Datus. In the latter case, Dacio would mean “the given”, the one delivered, the one that has served as a gift.


It comes from the word dag, “clarity”, “brightness”, and berht, “brightness”. It is the resplendent as the day, the one that shines as the light. Symbolic meanings such as “wisdom” have been associated with it due to its metaphorical relationship with the “light of knowledge”.


It comes from the word dag, which means “clarity” and mar, which means “illustrious, famous”. It is the one that is famous for its brilliance and clarity. The loquacious and persuasive, the man who knows how to convince the public of him.

UNIQUE Boy Names That Start With D


It is one of the ethnic names, it represents the one who was born in Dalmatia, a region of the Adriatic Sea. But in the root dalm we find the Illyrian voice meaning “sheep”. The corresponding Indo-European root is dhe, “to nurse, to nurse”.


It literally means “the tamer”. There are correlations of meaning with names like Domingo and Diaamantina. He is the man who has the strength and perseverance to lead and tame people.


The male name Damian means “the tamer, the one who tames” and is related to those people who are capable of bringing balance and calm to the home. They are generally calm people who transmit that tranquility to…


Thoughtful and introverted, Damocles always seems to be up to something. He tends to be cold and distant in his dealings with others, but he is very honest.


Literally its etymology means “my judge is God”. The one who bears the name is distinguished by his appropriate notion of fairness, he is usually a person who honors kindness and wisdom. Daniel was one of the major prophets and a Catalan anchorite who was martyred in Gerona.


Dante’s name comes from the abbreviation for “during”, from the Latin root “durans”. The name Dante is given the meaning of “one who perseveres in his efforts”, “enduring”, “resistant”. We also found the…


There is no very clear meaning, according to Herodotus it means “repressor”. It is one of the names most used by the Persian kings and maintains all the royal and power connotations that have been attributed to it historically.


It is one of the names that come from the Latin verb do, “to give, grant, present”. It welcomes connotations of generosity, happiness and joy for an offering, it is the “welcome child” as a gift of nature.


The name David means “the one chosen by the Lord”.


Decius is the Latin equivalent of “tenth child”, a very common way of practically designating those born into large families. As in many other cases, this name has already evolved and become part of a well-known Roman gens.


Its Latin form is delphinus and means “dolphin”. In addition to this meaning, referring to the cetacean, in Greek mythology it was the nickname of Apollo when he killed the snake Delphine. It is a name that symbolizes boldness, intelligence and sensitivity.


Name of Hebrew origin. Delmiro usually has quite low self-esteem and tends to underestimate himself, especially in the workplace. At the same time, he is methodical and very organized. Holiday: March 24.


It means “the one belonging to Demeter” which is the Roman Céres. But its literal meaning by the union of these two Greek words is “the motherland”. It symbolizes nature and peace. It is closely related to the conception of the earth as a producer of fruits and life.



It is a Greek voice that comes from the union of two words; on the one hand demos, “people, and on the other kritós, “chosen”. It is the one who is the chosen one of the people or even “judge among the people”. Symbolically it embraces meanings related to justice, fairness, truth and good public.


Name of Greek origin that means “the strength of the people”. Communicative, intelligent and a great manipulator, Demosthenes skillfully manages people to achieve his goals. This however does not mean that he is a bad person, simply that he has an excessive ambition.


The meaning of Derek is “ruler” or “one who rules the people”. Hence, this name is closely linked with leadership. Other theories also attribute the meaning “the chief of the tribe” or “the…


It is the “desired”, the one who is eagerly requested. Its form is the past participle of the verb desidero. This verb is made up of the following voices: de, “out of”, and sidus, “stars”.


Its etymology is complicated, it means “the desired one” and it comes from the Latin verb desidero. This verb is made up of the following voices: de, “out of”, and sidus, “stars”. Therefore it would be the one who is out of the stars and therefore is sought after and desired.


It is a term that comes from god, formed as a genitive of Zeus, and adelfós, “brother”. He is “Jupiter’s brother”. Its meaning is close to that of names such as Adelfo and Filadelfo. Metaphorically it is related to the “heavenly man”, of high status, the one above humans.


Didier is the French variant of Desiderio. Its etymology is complicated; means “the desired one” and comes from the Latin verb desidero. This verb is made up of the following voices: de, “out of”, and sidus, “stars”.


The male name Diego of Greek origin has two identical meanings: “the educated man” and “the well-taught man”. Depending on the geographical area in which we find ourselves, we will come across a meaning or…


This is a name of exclusively Christian origin. Its use is due to its biblical character. San Dimas is the good thief and the first Christian Saint. His story makes him the one who died alongside Jesus and was the one who managed to redeem himself just before death.


It comes from the union of two words; on the one hand God, genitive of Zeus, and on the other génos, “born”. He is the one who has come out of Zeus, driven by Jupiter. Whoever wears it comes directly from the divinity and is honored like the gods.


He is a thoughtful and introspective person who finds it hard to make decisions, so he can sometimes have problems at work. In love he is more determined and does not let opportunities escape. Holiday: August 16.


It means “the one who is consecrated to Dionysus”, that is, the one consecrated to Bacchus, the god of wine. Metaphorically this name represents the one devoted to beauty and pleasure, the one that is aesthetic and artistic contemplation.


It comes, like several names whose beginning is dio-, from the genitive of Zeus and from korós, “adolescent, child”. He means “the son of Jupiter”. It has the same meaning as Diogenes. It is the name of Castor and Pollux, the children born to Leda and Jupiter, transformed into swans.


Homely, calm and a lover of the small pleasures of life, little is enough for him to be happy. This does not mean that he is a conformist, but rather that he is a realistic person. He cares quite a bit about those around him, to the point of being disturbed by other people’s problems.


It is the one “belonging to God”, the one consecrated to the divinity. Domus comes from the Indo-European root dem-, “build, unite”, so it symbolizes the house; God as house and eternal home.


It actually comes from an ancient form of Celtic meaning “powerful in the world”, he is the one who rules the world”. It has been one of the names commonly used by numerous kings; the king of the Cantti in the time of Augustus and the Scotland’s first king bore this name.


It is the “given”, the one that has been given as a gift to their parents. Formerly, the child was considered a gift from God and the earth, as a supreme and incomparable grace. It represents that man of traditional values.


It is made up of two different voices: on the one hand doron, “don”, and on the other hand Deós, “god”. It is thus “the one granted by God”, the one that has been donated by the divinity. The spread of this name is due to the legend of the virgin martyred in Caesarea.


Name of Greek origin whose festivity is celebrated on February 23. Serious and slightly checkered, Dositheus is not too cheerful. Quiet and very reserved, he has a hard time relating to others.


It is made up of dun, “hill”, and stan, “stone”. It is “the stone of the hill” in the literal sense. Symbolically, it would be the man who dominates the hill, the one who is strong as a stone and has the gift of control from above.


Dylan means “son of the waves” or “son of the sea”.