The letter W is the twenty-fourth letter of the alphabet and is a letter that is basically used to write foreign words. Do you like names of Germanic origin? Most boy names with the letter W are of Germanic origin, such as Washington or Walbert. If you need help deciding, in this series of articles on names with each letter of the alphabet, you will find several options. In this baby names article, we provide you with a list of boy names that start with W such as Wareim Warner, Wilfredo or Wilmer, along with their meaning and origin.

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“illustrious foreigner” Of Germanic origin, he is practical, communicative and observant. He is easy to make friends. He is trustworthy and honest. When he sets his mind to something, he almost always gets it. Holiday: September 18.


Name of Germanic origin that means “the one who stands out in command”. He is very sensitive, tender and affectionate. He is very impressed by the misfortunes of others and cries easily and for no apparent reason.He does not have a holiday.


Waldo is a hypocoristic of names of Germanic origin whose first element is wald-, “government, command, chief”. Waldo is the “powerful”, the one who bears the responsibility of the government, the illustrious and wise man capable of leading the people.

UNIQUE Boy Names That Start With W


Name of Germanic origin that means “protection of command”. He is a very talkative person. Likeable, sharp, communicative and even funny, he has the right comment for every occasion, although he lacks a sense of measure and for this reason he can be somewhat hurtful.


Wally is a relatively modern name, derived directly from the Anglo-Saxon Vallace, “foreigner”. With this name the native people of Wales were called. According to another interpretation, Wally is the hypocoristic of Walter or Gutierre, which means “the commanding army”, the seat of power.


Walter It comes from the union of the terms walt or wald, “command, government, power”, and hari, “army”. Its most adequate interpretation is “the commanding army”, the seat of power. The name Haroldo has the same meaning and is made up of the same inverted elements.


Warein is a variant of Guerín, in turn a contraction of Guarino. It is a hypocoristic of names of Germanic origin whose first element was warin, “protection, protection”. The person who wears it is characterized by the qualities of security towards and with others.


Washington is conventionally used as a masculine given name in Latin America. The term comes from an English town in County Durham so called. It is a documented village since the twelfth century.


Wenceslas is the graphic variant of Wenceslas, a name that has been documented since the 10th century. It seems to come from a form of Old Czech and means “the most glorious man”.


Werner is the German form of our Vernerio. He means “The protection of the army”. He is extremely popular in Germany and implicitly embraces the concepts of “protection, security and protection”.


Name of Germanic origin that means “determined peacemaker” He is intelligent and original, and hates protagonism. He does not need the recognition or applause of others at all and he feels satisfied knowing himself that he has done things well.


The masculine name Wilmer has Germanic origin; means determined protector and is a variant of the name Guillermo. He is a far-sighted, persevering person and likes to feel admired.


Name of Germanic origin. Firm and energetic, Witiza is not fond of frivolity and jokes. For her, her work comes first and, if he has a position, he is inflexible with her subordinates.


Wulstano is the graphic variant of Vulstano, one of many names of Germanic origin that has come to our culture. It comes from the union of the words wulf, “wolf”, and stan, “stone”. Its literal interpretation is “the stone of the wolf”.