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Do you like names that start with the second to last letter of the alphabet? Names like Xavier, of Catalan origin, Xoan, of Galician origin, or Xicoténcatl, of Nahuatl origin, are very special and beautiful names. If you like boy names with the letter X, in this series of articles on boy names with each letter of the alphabet, you will find several options. In this Baby Names article, you will find boy names that start with X , along with the meaning and origin.

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Old spelling of the name “Javier”. Xavier always tries to keep a distance between himself and others, perhaps as a defense mechanism. Hotheaded and hyperactive, he is fickle and passionate. Holiday: December 3.

UNIQUE Boy Names That Start With X


Xicoténcatl is one of the few names of Nahuatl origin that has survived to this day. It means “the one that comes from the shore where the bumblebees are”. But his fame is acquired thanks to a Tlaxcalan general named after him, a symbol of Mexican independence.


The name Xoan is of Asturian and Galician origin, and is a variant of Juan, which means “God is merciful”.

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