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Are you pregnant? Congratulations! Although most names with the letter Y do not have their origin in Spanish, there are a variety of names from other origins, such as Hebrew. If you want a name for your baby that begins with the penultimate letter of the alphabet, in this series of articles on names with each letter of the alphabet, you will find multiple ideas, such as Yago or Yannik. In this baby names article, we offer you boy names that start with Y , along with the meaning and origin.

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Iago is the Latin vocative for Jacobus. Ya’aqob is the biblical patriarch. It comes from the Hebrew verb sarah, which means “dominate”. Its strict interpretation is “he who dominates God”. Israel was a nickname given to Jacob, after his fight with the angel sent by God.


The male name Yannick means “God is merciful” or “the grace of God”. On occasion, the name Yannick has also been translated as “God is with me”.

UNIQUE Boy Names That Start With Y


The masculine name Yaron is of Hebrew origin and means ‘singer’ or ‘song of God’. It is said that ‘Ya’ comes from God and ‘rum’ from singing.


The meaning of the name Yeray is “the great one” or “the strong one”.

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