From Fabián to Francisco, passing through Felipe or Fernando. In this article we have compiled a list of 50 boy names with F.

From Fabián to Francisco, passing through Felipe or Fernando. The names of children with F are not very abundant (2.5%).

But enough to make a list that can help you choose the name of your baby. Most are of Irish, Latin, Greek and German origin.


1. Fabian . Comes from latin. It is Fabio’s patronymic.
2. Fabius . From Latin. It means “the one who cultivates the beans”.
3. Fabiolo . From Latin. It comes from fabiolus , which means “the one who grows beans”.
4. Fabrizio . From Latin. Derived from faber , -bri , means “the son of the craftsman”.
5. Facundo . From Latin. It comes from the adjective facundus , which means “the eloquent one”.
6. Falcon . One of the many boy names with F of Latin origin that you will see in this list. It comes from falco , -onis: “falcon”.
7. Fantine . From Latin. It means “childish”, “innocent”.
8. Farid . Of Arab origin. It means “unique”, “incomparable”.
9. Faustinian . Latin boy’s name. It is the patronymic of Faustino.
10. Faustin . From Latin. Patronymic of Faust.
11. Faust . From Latin. It means “prosperous”, “beneficial”.
12. Favila . Of Germanic origin, it was the name of an Asturian king. It is believed to come from falwa , “dark yellow”, and the diminutive suffix ila .
13. Phoebus . Of Greek origin, derived fromfoibos , whose meaning is “the bright one”, “the resplendent one”.
14. Frederick. From the German He comes from frithureiks , which means “prince of peace”.
15. Fyodor . It is a variant of Theodore of Greek origin.
16. Feliciano . From Latin. Patronymic of Felix.
17. Happy . From Latin. Superlative of Felix, means “happy”.
18. Philip . From the Greek. It means “friend of gentlemen”.
19. Felix . From Latin. It means “fertile and happy”.
20. Phoenix . Of Greek origin. It comes from foinis , “Phoenician”.
21. Fermin . It comes from the Latin fermus , firminus . It means “firm”, “constant”.
22. Fernan . Spanish boy name. It is the shortened form of Fernando.
23. Ferdinand . From the German It comes from frad nand , which means “intelligent”, “bold”, “daring”.
24. Fidel . From Latin. It comes from fidelis , which means “faithful”.
25. Figaro . Of French origin. It is believed that it comes from figuier , “fig tree”.
26. Philemon . Boy’s name that begins with the letter F of Greek origin. derived from film, “lover”, “affectionate”, or from filima , which means “kiss”, “osculo”.
27. Philibert . From the German It comes from fili-bert , which means “very illustrious”.
28. Philip . Of Greek origin, it is a variant of Felipe.
29. Philomena . From the Greek. It comes from philos-melos , “lover of song”.
30. Filoteo . Of Greek origin. It is composed of phileo , which means “to want”, “to love”, and theos , “God”. It means, therefore, “the one who loves God”.
31. Phineas. It is a biblical boy’s name whose etymology is not very clear. It is believed that it may come from the ancient Egyptian word panwhs , which means “the Nubian”, “the black”.
32. Fintan . The names of children with F of Irish origin are frequent. This is believed to derive from the Gaelic finn- , meaning “white”.
33. I sign . From Latin. It means “solid”.
34. Flavius . From Latin. It means “yellow”, “blonde”.
35. Floral . From Latin. It means “fruitful”.
36. Florence . From Latin. It comes from Florentis . It means “flourishing”, “in flower”, “flowery”.
37.Florentine . Latin name. From Florentinus  / Florentina , meaning “flowery”, “flourishing”.
38. Florin . He is of Romanian origin. Derived from the Latin flos , meaning “flower.”
39. Flower . From Latin. It means “flower”, “sprout”.
40. Fortunate . Of Latin origin. It comes from fortunatus , which means “lucky”, “happy”, “opulent”.
41. Francis . English form of Francis.
42. Francis . From Italian. It means “the one who speaks in French”.
43. Frank. From the German It comes from Frank, which means “free” and “of the ethnic group of the Franks”. Another meaning is “spear man”.
44.Franklin . English name meaning “free.”
45. Froila / Froilan . Germanic boy’s name. Derived from frau , “master”, “sir”.
46. Fruitful . From the Latin fructuosus , meaning “fruitful”, “fertile”, “fertile”.
47. Fruella . Of Germanic origin, it is a variant of Froila. This is how two Asturian kings were called.
48. Fruity . It comes from the Latin fructuosus . It means “fruitful”, “fertile”, “fertile”.
49. Fulgence . Another of the names of children with F from Latin. Derived from fulgens , -entis , meaning “bright.”
50. Fury . Of Latin origin. It derives from fury , which means “fury”, “fury”, “violence”.