In this article we have gathered 30 names of children with I for you to add to the list of possible names for your baby. Iván, Íñigo, Iñaki, Ismael, Isaac, Ignacio…

Iván, Íñigo, Iñaki, Ismael, Isaac, Ignacio…

If you think about boy names with I , these are the first ones that come to mind.

In this article we have gathered another 24 for you to add to the list of possible names for your baby.

As you can see, many of them are of biblical origin. There are also some boy names with I that come from Arabic and Anglo-Saxon countries.


1. Ian . Of Scottish origin, it is the equivalent of Juan. It means “compassion of Yahweh”.
2. Iago . Galician variant of the Latin name of Hebrew origin Iacobus , Jacob. This, in turn, is formed by the words aqeb (heel or sole of the foot) or aqob (seize, hold, supplant).
3. Ibay . Of Arabic origin, it is a variant of Abraham. This name, in turn, comes from the Hebrew av hamon goyim , which means “father of many”.
4.Ibrahim . Of Arab origin. It comes from the Hebrew name Abraham, which means “father of the people”, “superior father” or “father of the multitudes”.
5. Icarus. Of Greek origin.
6. Idomeneus . Name of Greek origin. According to mythology, he was the name of a King of Crete who participated in the Trojan War.
7. Ignatius . Of Latin origin. He comes from Ignatius , which means “fire bringer”.
8.Iker . Boy’s name of Basque origin. It means “one who brings good news”.
9. Ildefonso . Of German origin. It comes from hild-funs , which means “prepared for battle”.
10. Illidium . Of Greek origin. It means “related to the troops”.
11. Enlightened. Of Latin origin, it was a name adopted by many Christians for its meaning: “enlightened by faith” or “illuminated by the light of Christ”.
12. Immanol . Another boy’s name of Basque origin. It is the Basque form of Manuel. It means “God is with us”.
13. Indalecio . Spanish name of Basque origin. Its etymology is unknown, so it can have several meanings. One of them is “strength”. It is also believed that it may be related to the Basque word inda , which means “path”.
14. Igor . Its German origin, but it is a widely used boy’s name in Russia. It comes from ing-warr, which means “defender of the god Ingwi”.
15. Inaki. It is the Basque variant of Ignacio. It means “bearer of fire”.
16. Inigo . Of Greek origin. He means “proud”.
17.Irving . Of Anglo-Saxon origin, he comes from a Scottish surname. It refers to a place: Irvin or Irvine, formed by the words ir (fresh) and afon (water).
18. Isaac . Of Hebrew origin, like many of the boys’ names with I. It comes from yishq’el , which means “Yahweh laughs.”
19. Isaiah . Of Hebrew origin. It comes from yeshah-yahu , which means “God is the savior” or “salvation of the Lord.”
20. Isidore. If its Greek origin is taken into account, it means “equitable gift”.
21. Isidro . Boy’s name of Latin origin. It comes from Isis-don , whose meaning is “gift from Isis”.
22. Ishmael . Of Hebrew origin. It comes from  ishma or  shama el . It means “God listens”.
23. Isocrates . Of Greek origin. It means “equal in strength”.
24. Israel . Of Hebrew origin. It comes from Ysra’el or ezra’el , which means “the one who fights with God”. Another meaning is “prince of God”.
25. Italo. Another of the names of boys with I of Latin origin. It means “ox”, “bull”.
26. Itzae . Name of boy of Mexican origin that means “gift of God”.
27. Ion . Of Greek origin, it means “gift from God”.
28. Ivan : Russian and Slavic variant of the Greek name loannes , originally from the Hebrew name Yochanan , meaning “God is gracious.”
29. Ivon . This name is of Latin origin. It is a variant of Ives, which in turn comes from the Latin word Ivonis . It means “yew”.
30. Izan. Boy’s name of Hebrew origin that means “constant”, “permanent”. Its provenance is doubtful. Some argue that it is a Castilian adaptation of the English name Ethan. Another possible origin is the Basque verb izan (to be).