A child’s cancer diagnosis is one of the most difficult times a family can go through. The world seems to come crashing down and you think about the hard road you have to travel. But we must not lose hope, because the long-awaited day will come when the bell for the end of chemotherapy will ring. 

With the ‘Bye Bye Quimio’ campaign, which the Juegaterapia Foundation has presented on International Childhood Cancer Day, it wants to give a positive message of strength and hope to all children with cancer and their families .

The protagonists of the campaign are children who are undergoing cancer treatment , such as Alma, Samantha, Javi, Rubén and Julia. They are some of the 1,500 children who are diagnosed each year with cancer in Spain, and survival of the disease is 80 percent.

a hopeful sound

In many countries, when a bell is rung in a hospital, it means that a child is saying goodbye to chemo, “sounds of happiness for the family that ends the cycle and of hope for the family that begins treatment,” said the president of the Foundation, Monica Esteban.

A very important cycle change in their lives , happy for the families that are ending and hopeful for those that are beginning, because this day will surely come for them too.

Ringing the bell is not yet the end of the fight, which is the healing of the patient, but it is a very important goal that implies having traveled a hard road. A moment of hope and optimism for the child and his family, which fills them with joy, and undoubtedly has an impact on his recovery.