If you have entered this post, it is because you are surely looking for beautiful Canarian names to call your baby. We congratulate you on this good news! In previous articles we already showed you lists of Basque names, Spanish names, Catalan names and Guanche names. This time it will be the Canarian names.

Some of the Canarian names with meaning can also be included within the Guanche names, since both are from the Canary Islands, a beautiful archipelago of volcanic islands with one of the best climates to enjoy. Each island has its particularities, but all are bathed by a beautiful sea and their beaches are black and white sand. If you have been to any of these islands, you will probably understand the beautiful landscapes they have and can also be an inspiration to name your baby. Choose the best baby names for girls.

There are many Canarian names that are currently popular in many parts of the world. Here we leave you a list with the best selection according to its etymology and that, without a doubt, you can consider to name that little person who is about to come home. Continue reading to know this compilation that you will surely like.

Canary names for girls and their meaning

Ana Isabel

Its meaning is ” graceful and chaste woman “.


This name means “princess”.


Also Briséis or Bricéis. Its etymology is ” goddess of beauty “.


The etymology of this name is “luminous woman”.


Its meaning is ” quiet woman “.


Faina too . It means “ between light and fire ”.


The meaning of this name is ” high place “.


The meaning of this name is ” true love “.


This name means “ destined for glory ”.


It means “ controversial spirit ”.

Canary names for boys and their meaning


Hebrew name, popular in the Canary Islands whose meaning is ” under water “.


Its meaning is “ who loves freedom ”.


Its meaning is ” the seeker “.


Its meaning is ” the one who comes from the valley “.


This name means “ the one that goes down with the flow ”.


Latin name very common in the Canary Islands. Its meaning “ good son ”.


It means ” the one who watches over the earth “.


Its meaning is ” ready for combat “.


This name means ” the one who works the land “.


Yruene too . Its meaning is ” evil god “.

Characteristics of the most famous people who are called:
Ana Isabel They have a great leadership force within them. Impatient to see their goals fulfilled, that is why they strive to see their tasks fulfilled. When they don’t like something, they assert themselves and know how to communicate.
Arai Hedonistic, communicative and adventure lovers. They never take no for an answer, and to do so they tend to be very persuasive and persevering. They like art activities, music and dance, where they can really stand out.
Briseis They are very agile and eloquent who know how to use their innate qualities very well. They are insightful and nothing escapes them. They must take care to be very talkative, if they want to be taken seriously.
tame Receptive, confident and communicative. They have very good ideas that they don’t take long to share to make them come true and that their contribution not only brings personal benefits, but also for the group of people they love.
Famara Unconcerned about life and duties, especially because due to their intelligence and cunning, they know how to resolve situations with ease. They are not irresponsible, but their apathy for obligation can get them into trouble.
Faina Skeptical, angry and given over to the mystery. It is not known how they will react when they feel threatened, they can be very diplomatic or they can explode in feelings. They have great personality gifts.
isora The main thing in his life is to fulfill his personal goals. They are not to please anyone and they make that very clear from an early age. They have very clear objectives and go directly towards them without knowing any limits.
maday Emotional, who do not usually hide their feelings. Above all, the main thing for them is sincerity and honesty. They are intelligent, enterprising and usually give everything for that person who knows how to reciprocate their feelings.
Tullia They seek prosperity in their life. Hardworking, industrious and sociable. They can become great leaders when they put their mind to it. They have written and oral communication skills that they know how to use to their advantage.
Yunera They are people of great impetus and vital energy to carry out their goals. They like to shine among others and sometimes they can use some tricks to ensure their victory. Honesty is not one of his best virtues.
today Calm, calm and very serene. They know how to communicate what they think and feel with great dexterity and skill. You must seek to learn how to increase your innate generosity.
Airam They don’t usually stay where they feel they limit their abilities. They like adventure and all kinds of expeditions that can offer you a broader view of life. They like change and are easily bored with everyday life.
Belmaco They are usually very observant, curious and meticulous. Their speech is convincing and they always get what they want. Sometimes they can be somewhat manipulative, seeking personal interests, even outraging other people.
Bencomo They have many projects in mind that they want to carry out. They like to contemplate nature and relax in front of it, they feel that this activity fills them with inspiration and increases their creativity to carry out all the ideas they have in mind.
Bicor They do not like at all to be underestimated their abilities and are willing to prove to anyone that they are worthy of any task. They like to train, practice and constantly develop skills that will lead to success.
Bonfilio They are helpful people and are always willing to help in a wide variety of aspects that influence a home. Handy and very curious, they tend to perfect every detail with great industriousness.
Choim Grateful, tolerant and with a positive mentality. They stand out for being serious and committed to their work. They always have a big smile to offer and impress with their great personality and good attitude to approach life.
Gonzalo Responsible, judicious, consistent and fulfill what they promise. Even when they are scared or fearful, they are not noticed. They are people full of courage and eager to succeed. Entrepreneurs and know how to manage money.
Gorka They are very aware of their position in the world and know that their actions influence others, which is why they tend to have an encouraging and charismatic attitude. They always have time for what they are passionate about and fills their hearts.
Iruene They easily get used to changes and take them very naturally, however, they want to impose themselves and have things done their way. Energetic, committed and with artistic gifts.