Until a few decades ago, knowing how to read was a privilege since our grandparents and great-grandparents had to start working at an early age in order to eat. Going to school was not a priority and there were many people who could not read or write. Our parents, the grandparents of our children, it is possible that they do know how to read, some know how to write, the older ones do not know how to write but they can read… Illiteracy was a general rule due to the circumstances of life in the past.

Boys and girls today learn to read, but there is another important deficiency that can cause problems in lifeā€¦ they read well, but they do not understand what they read. This is undoubtedly a problem that should be solved, since reading is fine, but if you don’t understand what is in front of you, it is of little use to learn to understand the written code.

Finish fast

When was the last time you read a book longing to finish the page to do something else? Quiet reading seems to be passing away and this is a shame. The new technologies and the immediacy of everything means that reading habits are also affected.

Reading for fun, for leisure is being lost… and that is seen in children . Children who learn to read but who do not enjoy reading and who, in many cases, do not understand what they are reading.

Functional illiteracy

It has happened to all of us that at read, we have to go back because we have not learned what we read because we have “our minds elsewhere”. It is because of the internet and the immediacy of things that people, especially the youngest, are not able to pay the necessary attention to reading in order to retain the information in front of them. When this occurs, a lack of read compression occurs.

understand reading

This can have serious consequences for those who do not focus on understand what they are reading, for example, they will not know how to follow directions, understand a map or traffic signs. Understanding information is essential for life and if this is not able to be achieved due to immediacy, you will encounter many problems in life.

This makes the The mind is easily distracted, it is difficult to maintain concentration and the imagination and creativity are diminished forever.

Reading is much more than deciphering the written code

Reading is much more than deciphering the written code. Reading is more than pronouncing in the mind or reading aloud what is in front of you. Reading requires understanding, understanding, feeling… giving the correct meaning to what is being read. Think critically about the information received.

Reading and understanding it is the source of all information, it is the only thing that can help us get out of lies or ignorance. We live in a society where critical thinking is essential and where reading is the way out of ignorance, yes, understanding everything that is in front of you. Let’s take advantage of all the information that is at hand, instead of wasting it because of immediacy.