Are you looking for boy names with Z? In Spanish they are not very frequent, but in other languages ​​there are quite a few, as you can see in this article.

Looking for boys names with Z ? We hope to inspire you with this list that we have prepared for you. As you can see, it is not that there are many Spanish names with that initial, but they are frequent in other languages.

Most of the names of children with Z are of Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Nahuatl, Turkish or African origin, among others.


1. Zabdiel . Of Hebrew origin. It means “gift from God”. Variants: Zabdy, Zabi, Zavdi, Zavdiel, Zebdiel, Zabdi, Zebdy, Zabad.

2. Zechariah . One of the few Spanish boy names with Z. This comes from the Hebrew zejaryah , which means “God remembers”. Variants: Zejariah, Zajhariah.

3.Zachary . Of Hebrew origin, it means “the remembered God”. Variants: Zacharias, Zacharia, Zacarlah, Zacary, Zacharias, Zachari, Zac, Zach, Zack, Zak.

4. Zadig . Of Armenian origin. It means “Holy Week”.

5. Zadkiel. Of Hebrew origin. It means “my justice is God”. Variants: Tzadkiel, Zadquiel.

6.Zadok . Of Israeli origin. It means “fair”.

7. Sapphire . Of Latin origin, it alludes to the precious stone of the same name. The word sapphire comes from the Hebrew chappir , which means “neat”.

8. Zahid . Of Arabic origin, like many of the boy names with Z that you will find in this list. It means “selfless”. Variants: Zahed, Zaheed.

9. Zahir . Of Arab origin. It comes from the word zahara , which means “to shine” or “to flourish”.

10. Zahur . Boy’s name that begins with the letter of Egyptian origin. It means “flower”.

11. Zaid . Of Egyptian origin. It means “he shall be added”. Variant: Ziyad.

12. Zaym . Of Arab origin. It means “general”. Variant: Zaym.

13.Zain . Of Arab origin. It means “handsome”. Variants: Zein.

14. Zakai . of Aramaic origin. It means “innocent”, “pure”.

15. Zamar . Of Hebrew origin. It means “song”. Variants: Zamer, Zamir, Zamyr.

16. Zamir . Of Arab origin. It means “brave” or “beautiful”.

17. Zamna . Of Mayan origin. It means “God of Knowledge”.

18.Zander . Of English origin. It means “protector of humanity”. It is a variant of Alexander.

19. Zared . Of Hebrew origin. It means “ambush”

20. Zarek . Of Greek origin. It means “may God protect the king”.

21.Zareth . Of Indo-European origin. It means “dawn glow”.

22. Zarif . Of Arab origin. It means “intelligent”.

23.Zayan . Of Arab origin. It means “full of grace.”

24. Zaid . Of Arab origin. It means: “abundance, growth, the one who progresses”. Variants: Zaid, Zeid, Zeyd, Seid, Jayed, Zayed, Zaeed.

25. Zeferino . Of Latin origin, it means “the one who carries life”. It is a variant of Ceferino.

26. Zeheb . Of Turkish origin. It means “gold”.

27.Zea . Of Aztec origin, its meaning is unknown.

28. Zein. Of Arab origin. It means “aromatic plant”.

29.Zeki . Of Turkish origin. It means “clever, intelligent”.

30. Zeleny . Of Czech origin. It means “green”.

31. Zempoaltecatl . Of Nahuatl origin. It means “house of 20 lakes”.

32. Zerika . of Aramaic origin. It means “sprinkled”.

33.Zeth . Of Greek origin. It means “investigator”.

34. Zeus . Of Greek origin. It comes from zen, which means “Supreme God”.

35.Zhao . Of Chinese origin. It means “above and beyond everything”. Variants: Tzao.

36. Zhu . Of Chinese origin. It means “help”.

37. Zhu . Of Chinese origin. It means “upright”.

38. Zigor . Of Basque origin. In Basque it means “stick” or “scourge”.

39. Ziu . Of Scandinavian origin, he was the god of the sky, of light and of war.

40. Ziza . Of Hebrew origin. It means “something bright that goes back”.

41. Zlatan . Of Slavic origin. It means “made of gold”.

42. Zion . Of Hebrew origin. It means “sign”.

43. Zohan . Another of the names of children with Z of Hebrew origin. It means “gift from God”.

44. Zoilo . It means “full of life”. Variants: Zoil, Zoile.

45.Zorba . Of Greek origin. It means “one who lives each day”.

46. Zori . Of Russian origin. It means “farmer”.

47. Zuberi . Of Egyptian origin. It means “strong”.

48. Zuhair . Of Arab origin. It means “little flowers”. Variant: Zuhayr.

49. Zuriel . Of Hebrew origin. It means “the Lord is my rock”.

50. Zurisadai . Of Hebrew origin. It means “Jehovah is my rock”.

Do you know more names of children with Z that you want to share with us? You can put them in the comments.