Accepting differences and getting rid of prejudices is not always easy, but it is worth trying. That is the central message conveyed by this beautiful story about friendship, differences and respect for others that teaches children to understand this concept in a much simpler way. With a language that is very easy to understand, “The dog and the cat” transmits to the little ones the importance of not letting themselves be carried away by beliefs and the need to question all the things that we generally take for granted in life since, in order to Of accounts, who does not take risks, could be losing the opportunity to win a friend.

“The dog and the cat”, a story to reflect on

Dogs and cats have never gotten along. So much so that there is a popular belief that wherever there is a cat there cannot be a dog because they are enemies by nature. However, as you may have heard on occasion, every rule has its exception as this story of the dog Marco and the cat Cleo demonstrates.

The story tells that it all began in a village far away in the mountains, on the banks of a mighty river. The dog Marco lived there with his friends, with whom he used to go for a walk and have fun rolling around on the grass, chasing the hares that were in the field and playing to find how many branches he had lost in the grass. It was June, when one morning Marco heard a noise in the distance while he was having fun with his friends.

Interested in finding out where the sound was coming from, Marco and his friends hurriedly ran in the direction of the noise. Upon arrival, they were greatly surprised to find a little kitten curled up in a ball that seemed very scared and, seeing them, she quickly stood up and alerted. Without thinking twice, Marco’s friends started barking at the kitten with the intention of scaring her and getting her to leave her. However, Marco did not play along. His reaction was very different:

– But it’s just a kitten – Marco told them as he approached his friends trying to dissuade them. – Leave her alone and let’s continue playing.

However, his friends were not very clear.

– But what are you saying! The cats are our enemies and we have to get her out of here as soon as possible – one of them replied while he moved him away with his paw so that he would leave a clear path for them.

But Marco was determined to defend this helpless-looking kitten. What harm could he do to them? In the end, she was just scared.

“Well, I won’t move,” he replied. – She is very scared, she won’t hurt us. Leave her alone, let’s go back and get on with our game.

Seeing that his friends did not intend to move away, Marco barked at them angrily and showed them his big fangs to gain respect and make them pay attention to him. Seeing his attitude, his dog friends gave up and, angry, turned their backs on him, leaving him alone with the kitten.

– If when we are no longer this cat attacks you, do not count on us. You have chosen her before your friends – they shouted as they left with great anger.

Marco didn’t say anything to them, just watched them walk away. Left alone with the cat, he said gently:

– Excuse my friends, sometimes they can be a bit rude. What’s your name?

– Thanks for helping me, I don’t know what would have happened if you hadn’t intervened. I’m Cleo – the cat meowed as she walked away a little.

– Do you want to be my friend? Marco asked him.

Cleo was paralyzed. A dog wanted to be her friend! After a few long seconds that seemed like hours, when she finally recovered a little from her astonishment, she began to laugh with tender and amused laughter that seemed like light sneezes.

“Cats and dogs are not friends and never will be, everyone knows that,” Cleo meowed as she jumped into a nearby tree.

– But what nonsense you say! We can all be friends, nothing prevents us. Also, if we do fun things together we can have a good time. What does it matter what others say? Marco said with determination.

– What could we play? How could we have fun? We are very different, we won’t be able to do anything together – Cleo affirmed while he watched Marco from above.

Marco was thoughtful. What if Cleo was right? If cats and dogs weren’t friends, it had to be for a reason. However, convinced that they could achieve it, he proposed:

– Well, you run and I chase you, and then I run and you chase me. That’s what we can play! – He answered excitedly, waiting for Cleo to go running at any moment.

After these words Cleo thought for a while. They would be the first dog and cat to be friends. However, she told herself that if she never tried it, she wouldn’t know if it was possible or not. Therefore, she put her prejudices aside and taking advantage of a small carelessness of Marco, she ran away. After noticing her, Marco started chasing after her.

So they ran across the field, hiding among the trees and grass, crossing the bridge over the river and even reaching the hills that could be seen on the horizon. It was very funny! They were playing until it began to get dark and they stayed the next day to continue running. Then the next day, and the day after, and the day after… Marco kept away the dogs that bothered Cleo and she helped him get the things the dog couldn’t reach because he couldn’t jump that high. They complemented each other so well and had so much fun together that very soon they didn’t want to be apart for a single moment.

Since then, Cleo and Marco have learned a beautiful and important lesson: no matter who the other person is, anyone can give us their company and become our best friend, if we only focus on the things that unite us, instead of Think about what divides us. They discovered that even the most different beings can find common points that bring them closer and serve as a foundation to forge a true friendship that lasts a lifetime.