Little nature and outdoor enthusiasts will love having a toy tractor. Not only does it give them the opportunity to drive a vehicle while they train their coordination and balance, but they can entertain themselves doing little “fixes” in the garden or patio at home. It’s also a great option for kids who enjoy playing in the sand as it will allow them to move larger amounts from one place to another with ease.

Of course, when choosing a children’s tractor it is not only important to take into account the quality of the materials and the benefits it offers, but also its safety. In the Children’s Stage we have compiled some children’s tractors that, in addition to being very comfortable and cool, have additional protection systems.

7 perfect tractors for children to have fun

1. Tractor a pedal Farmer Max de Smoby

With this tractor from the Smoby label, the little ones at home can become real farmers. Made of plastic and metal, it is very robust and has an adjustable seat that allows the vehicle to be adapted to the height of children while thanks to its manual pedal system they can take it wherever they want. In addition, it includes an excavator shovel with which they can collect sand or stones, as well as a detachable rear trailer in which they can transport them. And, to avoid possible accidents, it has an integrated horn on the steering wheel. Ideal for children over 3 years of age, it is, without a doubt, an ideal toy to develop the coordination and spatial orientation of the little ones while they have fun.

2. Peg Perego John Deere Electric Tracto

If you are looking for a robust and practical tractor for the little ones at home, this Peg Perego model is an excellent option. Made of high-quality, resistant plastic , it has a height-adjustable seat that adapts to child growth so that children can use it for several years. However, one of its greatest attractions for the little ones is, without a doubt, its automatic driving system that allows them to drive at a speed of approximately 7 km/h to transport their load from one place to another with little effort. With an autonomy of about 40 minutes, it includes a rechargeable battery and charger to put it back into operation when the power runs out. It is recommended for children over 3 years old.

3. Homcom Pedal Tractor with Trailer

Ideal for both outdoor and indoor spaces, this model is perfect for little ones who dream of becoming a farmer. Its sporty design makes it a very cool model while thanks to its pedal and steering wheel system it can be driven in all directions. To add a dose of realism, it includes a shovel and rake so that children can collect sand or dirt and a removable trailer to transport it. Its iron and plastic structure is not only very robust but also stable, while it has resistant plastic wheels that are adaptable to any type of terrain. Recommended for children over 3 years,It has an ergonomic seat so that children feel comfortable at all times.

4. Tractor a pedal Stronger XXL de Smoby

It is the most advanced and professional model in the Smoby line of tractors, and without a doubt, the most realistic of the brand. Perfect for children over 5 years old, it supports up to 50 kilos of weight and has an adjustable seat that adapts to the height of the little ones as they grow. In addition, it has an integrated manual pedal system so that children can easily manipulate the vehicle and take it from one place to another. It is worth noting that it includes a rear trailer in which they can safely carry stones, soil or plants. And, so that they can alert those who cross their path, it has a horn integrated into the steering wheel.

5. Tractor a pedal de Falk

The little ones at home who have fun playing in nature will love this pedal tractor from the Falk label. Specially designed for children from 2 to 5 years old, it is made of quality plastic, which makes it a resistant toy over the years. Without a doubt, one of the details that little hands will like the most will be its folding hood that allows them to access the engine to check the filters, belts and spark plugs. It also includes a detachable trailer with which they can transport sand, dirt, leaves, stones and even toys, as well as a steering wheel with horn that will allow them to steer it more easily. And, so that they can personalize the vehicle,includes a license plate where they can write their name.

6. Tractor a pedal Schneider Novus de Rolly

If you are looking for a practical, resistant and safe tractor for children, this Rolly model is a good bet. Not only does it have a very cool and realistic design, but it also offers many features so that children feel like real farmers. Thanks to its pedal system it is very easy to drive while its adjustable seat allows the tractor to be adapted to the height of the little ones as they grow. Plus, it features an extendable hood that can be opened and an adjustable drive chain, plus it includes a front shovel so kids can pick up leaves, dirt or stones from the path. Another advantage? It is very safe: it includes someanti-roll bars, as well as an automatic locking system on the hood and silent wheels with treads. It is recommended for children over 3 years old.

7. Injusa electric tractor

Practical and resistant, this Injusa electric tractor is ideal for small fans of heavy vehicles. Recommended for children over 18 months, it drives automatically and reaches a speed of 2 km/h so they can get from one destination to another with ease. It is worth noting that it includes an electric brake and an accelerator on the right foot so that children can increase speed when they are in a hurry. It also has an integrated trailer to move small stones, sand, earth or leaves from one place to another. Made of plastic and metal,It is not only very robust but also durable that will surely accompany the little ones for a long time. It is worth noting that it includes a 6 V battery and its charger.