We are living through difficult days. A few days that begin to be weeks, but the children are the ones who are showing us with their integrity that you can be at home, that you can get along… Their joy and vitality teach us the importance of living, to enjoy the family, the love and the security that our own home gives us.

But there can also be fears and sadness in many children during these weeks. It is common for it to happen, but it is necessary that the little ones receive the dose of love and security they need to be well. This is the duty of the parents to provide it.

Co-sleeping before the pandemic

Perhaps your children sleep in their beds on a regular basis and in your home, everyone has their own bed every night. Or maybe in your home your children sleep with you and your partner in the same bed or in the same bedroom. It doesn’t matter what the situation of your family is, because each one is a world and your decisions if they are thought for and for the good of all, then, they are fine.

There are situations in life in which co-sleeping is indicated so that your children feel safe… As in these weeks, where everyone, both adults and children, have certain ups and downs that make us feel vulnerable to intense emotions such as rage, sadness or anger due to the impotence of the social chaos that is occurring as a result of the pandemic caused by the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Co-sleeping as protection and emotional security

When there is an alarm situation, children are afraid, so co-sleeping is a good way to provide them with protection and security. Children are more sensitive, cry more, have nightmares, act like they did when they were younger, are more disobedient or defiant than normal, are more worried… they have more pronounced negative behavior but they don’t know why.

pandemic security bed

We already told you; It is difficult for them to process everything that is happening, they may see you worried and even crying about everything that happens and they notice this. And it affects them.

In this sense, co-sleeping with your children when night comes is more than recommended. Just as you sleep with them when they are sick, when they are sad about something reason, when they need your hug in the middle of the night because they had a nightmare… or you just sleep together because you want and when you want… now is also a good time to do it.

Because hugs from mom and/or or dad in the middle of the night is what can really fill the fearful child with the security he needs to sleep peacefully. Because we are facing a pandemic that has completely changed our way of living and also of see the world.

We are facing a social problem that we do not know how it will end, we want everything to pass, that our children return to normal, we want to hug ours, feel the fresh air and know that everything is well. And our children also want all this and co-sleeping can be a good start to feel that security and emotional protection that is so important at this time.