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“K” represents Aspiration. The K shows Sensitive, Vigorous, and Creative. K sees itself as an authority figure.

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Beautiful Algerian Baby Girl Names Start With K

Kaadiha Making Efforts; Toiling
Kaamil Beautiful; Perfect; One of the ninety nine qualities of God
Kaamila Perfect; Complete
Kaamla Perfect; Goddess; Flower
Kaarima Kindhearted, Noble, Excellent
Kaashifaat Discoverers; Removers of Hardship
Kaashifah Remover of Hardship; Discoverer
Kaatima Last
Kaawa East
Kaaya Body
Kaazima TBD
Kabeera Great
Kabeesha This was the name of a poetess, daughter of al-Waqa (AN).
Kabeesha Lord of poets; Lord Ganesh; Small poem (This was the Name of a poetess, (Daughter of al-waqa an))
Kabira Great.
Kabira Leader, heroic woman.
Kabira Great
Kabirah Elder, Big.
Kabirah Elder, Big
Kabirah Elder; Big
Kabshah She was a companion; she was the daughter of Sabit bin al-Munzir al-Ansari (AN)
Kabshah She was a Companion
Kabshah She was a companion
Kabul Acceptance; Fulfilled Wish
Kadeaja Premature Child
Kadeeja First Wife of Prophet Mohammed
Kadeejah Trustworthy
Kadeija Trustworthy
Kadejah Trustworthy
Kadi Pure, Rhyming Variant of Katy
Kadija Trustworthy
Kadijah Born Prematurely
Kadin Companion
Kadira Powerful; Able; Good at many things
Kadri Torture; Pure
Kadshah She was a companion
Kadshah Companion of Prophet Muhammad
Kadshah Companion of prophet Muhammad
Kaeysha Princess
Kafayat Don’t Judge Me
Kafeeya Poem
Kafhiya TBD
Kafi Another name of God; Talented; Enough
Kafia Poem
Kafilat Satisfactory; To Help
Kafiyah Sufficient
Kaheela Labour, triumph, trial.
Kaheela Labour; Triumph; Trial
Kaheela Labor; Triumph; Trial
Kaheesha This was the name of a poetess, daughter of al-Waqa
Kaheesha Poetess; Daughter of Al-waqa (This was the Name of a poetess, Daughter of al-waqa)
Kahekasha Galaxy
Kahiraa Goddess of Protection
Kahkashan Beautiful Star; Galaxy
Kahkashna Star Night
Kahksha White Rose; White Flower
Kahla Beloved; Sweetheart; One who has beautiful black eyes
Kahlila Good Friend
Kahsa Of an Ancient People
Kaia Chaste, Stability, Ocean or Sea
Kaia Stability
Kaif A State of Joy; Happiness
Kaif A state of joy.
Kaifiya Ecstatic
Kaifiya Ecstatic, mirghful, gayhooppy.
Kaifiya Ecstatic
Kaima Immortal
Kain Brave
Kaina Leader Woman, Created by God
Kaina Leader woman.
Kaina Leader woman
Kainaat Universal, World, The Creation
Kainaat Universe
Kainaat Universe
Kainaaz Leader Women; Rejoice with Pride
Kainat Universe
Kaireen TBD
Kairunnisa Best of Women
Kaiyana Open Faced Beauty
Kaizifa TBD
Kaizy Beautiful; Pure
Kaju Cute
Kakuli Crest, tuft on the head of an animal like comb of a cock.
Kakuli Crest
Kala The Fine Arts, Art, Miracle
Kalah Beloved; Sweetheart
Kalah Slim and Fair; Beloved; Sweetheart
Kaleela Sweetheart; Beloved
Kaleema Speaker; Mouthpiece
Kaleemah Speaker.
Kaleemah Speaker
Kaleemah Speaker
Kaleesi TBD
Kali Bud (of flower)
Kalie Laurel, Beloved
Kalifa Holy girl
Kalifah Adorer; Lover; Fancier
Kalila beloved
Kalila Sweetheart, beloved
Kalila Dearly loved
Kalila Sweetheart; Beloved
Kalilah Darling; Sweetheart; Dearly Loved
Kalilah Dearly loved
Kalilla True Friend / Patriot
Kalima Witness
Kalima Blackish
Kalimah Muhammad is Allah’s Messenger
Kalimat Words
Kalin Combination of Caleb and Colin
Kalista Most Beautiful One; Fairest
Kaliyah TBD
Kallima Lecturer; Butterfly
Kally Most Beautiful, Fortress
Kalma In Mythology Goddess of the Dead
Kalsam Name of Al-qarshiyah who transmitted Hadith from Sayyidah Ayshah (An)
Kalsoom Beautiful Woman
Kalsoom Name of prophet Muhammad PBUH daughter.
Kalsoom Name of prophet Muhammad’s (Pbuh) daughter; One who has full healthy cheeks
Kaltham Name of al-Qarshiyah who transmitted Hadith from Sayyidah Ayshah.
Kaltham Name of Al-qarshiyah
Kaltham Name of al-Qarshiyah who transmitted Hadith from Sayyidah Ayshah
Kaltham Name of Al-qarshiyah who transmitted Hadith from Sayyidah Ayshah
Kalthum One with Plump Cheeks
Kaly Beloved; Rosebud; Flower Bud
Kalyn Pure; Keeper of the Keys
Kamal Lotus Flower
Kamalah Born of the Lotus; The Garden
Kamaliyah Perfection
Kamaliyah Perfection: name of a traditionalist, daughter of Muhammad bin Muhammad al-Hashmiyah al-Makkiyah RA.
Kamaliyah Perfection
Kamaliyyah Whole; Without Flaws; Perfect
Kamaria Pretty, Bright as the Moon
Kamariya Like the Moon
Kamarunisa Moon of the Women
Kamarunnisa Moon of the Women
Kamarunnisha TBD
Kamayilah Whole; Without Flaws; Perfect
Kameela Most Perfect
Kameela Most perfect; Complete
Kameelah Perfect
Kamila Complete, perfect
Kamila Perfection
Kamila Perfect, complete, genuine; fem. of Kamil.
Kamila Most perfect; Complete
Kamilaa Whole, Complete, Perfect
Kamilaa Most perfect; Complete
Kamilah Perfect, Complete, Flawless
Kamilah the perfect one
Kamilah Perfection
Kamilah Perfect, complete
Kamilat Whole, Complete
Kamilia Helper to the Priest
Kamilla The Perfect One
Kamilla Perfection
Kamillaa Whole; Without Flaws; Perfect
Kamillah Perfection
Kamille Young Attendant, Perfection
Kamille Perfection
Kamillia Perfection
Kamilya Perfection
Kammile Perfection, Attendant at a Ritual
Kamna Desire
Kamna Desire; Expectation; Wish
Kamra Desirable; Beautiful
Kamrunisha Successful; Fortunate
Kamrunnisa Moon of the Women
Kamsa Happiness
Kamya Lucky; Beautiful
Kaneesh Wind Flow
Kaneez Slave
Kaneez Slave; Maid servant; Female servant
Kaneezah Firm of Flush; Sturdy of Body
Kaneezah Firm (of flish), sturdy (of body).
Kaneezah Firm; Young girl
Kanij Worker; Helper
Kanishk Name of a Famous King
Kanissa One with Beautiful Eyes; Diamond
Kaniz Slave Girl; Servant
Kaniz Maid servant, female servant, virgin.
Kaniz Slave; Maid servant; Female servant
Kanizah Young Girl
Kanizah Firm; Young girl
Kansa To Stay in Peace – Harmony
Kanval Flower.
Kanval Flower
Kanval Flower; Lotus
Kanwal Water Lily
Kanwal A flower of water, water-lilly.
Kanz Treasure.
Kanz Treasure of Heaven; Treasure
Kanz Treasure
Kanz Treasure
Kanza Hidden Treasure
Kanza Hidden treasure
Kanzah Treasure
Kanzah Treasure; She was a poetess (AN)
Kanzah Treasure
Karam Generosity
Karam Noble Nature; Generous; Liberality
Karam Generosity, bounty, noble nature.
Karamah Honour; To be Honoured
Karamat Astonishment; Miracle
Karamat Miracle.
Karawan Variety of plover birds
Karawan Variety of plover birds
Kardawaiyah Daughter of Amr Al-basriyah
Kardawaiyah A ious woman, daughter of Amr al-Basriyah was so name (AN)
Kardawaiyah A pious woman
Kardawiyah A pious woman, daughter of Amr al-Basriyah was so named.
Kardawiyah A Pious Woman
Kardawiyah A pious woman, daughter of Amr al-Basriyah was so named
Kardawiyah Pious woman
Kareeda Untouched; Virgin; Maiden
Kareeha TBD
Kareema Generous, kind
Kareema Generous, Noble, Precious
Kareema Generous; Noble; Precious; Perfect
Kareemunnisa TBD
Karen Chaste; Pure; Clear; Virginal
Karida untouched, virginal
Karida Untouched
Karida Untouched
Karima Precious, perfect
Karima Generous
Karima noble, generous
Karima Kind, generous, benevolent, open-handed, bountiful, noble; fem. of Karim.
Karima Generous; Noble; Precious; Perfect
Karimah Generous, noble
Karimah Giving
Karimah Giving; Generous; Noble
Karimah Generous; Noble
Karimah, Kareema Generous, noble
Kariman Generous Lady
Kariman Generous lady.
Kariman Generous lady
Karimunnisa TBD
Karin Chaste, Pure One
Karinda Untouched; Virginal
Karizma Miracle; Favour
Karma A Star, Action, Fate, Destiny
Karma Vine, grapevine, kind, generous.
Karrena Virgin, Maiden
Karynda Untouched; Virgin
Kas Glass.
Kas Glass
Kas Glass; This was the name of a woman, daughter of Buhayr bin Jundub.
Kas Glass
Kasfiya Beautiful
Kashaaf Discoverer; Finder
Kashama Promise; Oath
Kasheera TBD
Kashfia To Make it Evident; To Impart
Kashfia To make it evident; To impart
Kashfiara TBD
Kashfiya Enlightenment
Kashfiya Enlightenment.
Kashida Hardworking.
Kashida Hard Working
Kashida Hardworking
Kashiefa Discoverer
Kashifa Reveler Of Secrets.
Kashifa Revealer; Remover of Hardship
Kashifah Revealer of Secrets
Kashifah Revealer of Secrets.
Kashifah Reveler of secrets
Kashifat Removers of Hardship; Discoverers
Kashira Jubiliant, jovial.
Kashira Jubilant; Jovial
Kashira Jubilant; Jovial
Kashish Attraction.
Kashish Attraction
Kashish An Attraction
Kashmala Necklace of Flowers; Garland
Kashmala Necklace of flowers, Garland
Kashmala Necklace of flowers; Garland
Kashmin Growth of New Flower
Kashmira From Kashmir, The Holy City
Kashooda Attractive
Kashooda Attractive.
Kashooda Attractive
Kashud Bloom, success, benefit.
Kashud Bloom; Success; Benefit
Kasirah Plenty.
Kasirah Plenty
Kasirah Plenty
Kasmira From Kashmir; Commanding Peace
Kasmiya Auspicious
Kasool A girl brought up by tender care, sluggish girl.
Kasool A girl brought up by tender
Kasra Truthful; Faithful; Beauty
Kassaba TBD
Kasturi Musk, a song bird.
Kasturi Musk, A Fragrant Material, Earth
Kateebah Battalion, Regiment
Kateejah TBD
Katha Distress, Form of Catherine, Pure
Katheera Abundant
Katheerah Abundant
Katheri TBD
Kathija Wife of Prophet Muhammed
Kathira Abundant
Kathirah Plenty
Kathirah Plenty
Katibah Writer; One who Writes
Kattamah Keeper of Secret
Kaukab Star.
Kaunain Two World
Kaureen Beautiful girl, pretty girl.
Kaureen Beautiful Girl; Pretty Girl
Kaureen Beautiful girl; Pretty girl
Kauser A Fountain in heaven
Kaushar A River, Lake in Paradise
Kauthar Abundant
Kawakib Star
Kawakib Satellites
Kawakib Satellites
Kawisha TBD
Kawkab Star, satellite.
Kawkab Satellite; Star
Kawkaba Star; Planet
Kawthar Abundance, A Fountain in Paradise
Kawthar A river in paradise; Abundant
Kayan Morning light of the sun
Kayan Entity; Strong Existence
Kayanat World; Universe
Kayanath Universe; World
Kayda Rule, Preserved
Kayenat World; Universe
Kayinat TBD
Kayle Laurel; Crowned
Kaylila TBD
Kayma Immortal; Also Spelt as Kaima
Kayn Two Right Hands
Kaynaat The Universe
Kaynat Universe; World
Kayra Princess; Unique
Kaysa Pure
Kaysah She was a narrator of Hadith.
Kaysah Daughter of Abu Bakr al-Saqafi, was a narrator of Hadith.
Kaysah A narrator of Hadith
Kazhina TBD
Kazim Beautiful and Intelligent
Kazima One who controls or suppresses her anger; fem. of Kazim.
Kazima One who controls anger
Kazima One who controls; Suppress
Kazimah One who Controls her Anger
Kazma Generous
Kebira powerful
Keeva Pretty; Gentle; Beauty; Gentleness
Kehara Precious
Kehara Precious
Kehkasa Galaxy
Kehkashan Galaxy.
Kehkashan Galaxy
Kehkashan Galaxy
Kehksha White Flower
Keiarah Peaceful; Sweet
Keila Crowned with laurels
Keily Boomerang; Slender and Fair
Kelva Full of Dreams, Precious
Kenitra Small Bridge
Kensa First
Kenza Treasure
Kenza Treasure
Kenzi My Treasure
Kerstine Form of Kerstina
Ketifa To harvest fruit
Ketifa Flowering
Ketipha Blooming
Kewanna Beautiful
Keya A Monsoon Flower
Khaalida Immortal; Deathless
Khaalidha Deathless; Immortal
Khaalisah Noble, Fresh, Genuine, Untainted
Khaanam Lady; Noble Woman
Khaatoon Lady; Noble Woman
Khabira Aware, knowing.
Khabira Aware; Knowing
Khabira Aware; Knowing
Khabirah Expert; Experienced
Khadeeja Name of Prophet Muhammad’s Wife; …
Khadeeja Name of prophet muhammads wife
Khadeejah Wife of Prophet Sa
Khadeejah First wife of the Prophet
Khadeera Freshness; Innocence
Khadeeza TBD
Khadejah TBD
Khadejha Queen of Mecca
Khadeshia TBD
Khadheeja Name of Prophet Muhammad’s Wife
Khadidja First Wife of the Prophet
Khadiga Born Prematurely
Khadija The first wife of the Prophet Muhammad who was the first to embrace Islam.
Khadija Early Child, Born Prematurely
Khadija First wife of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)
Khadija Name of prophet muhammads wife (First wife of prophet mohammed (PBUH))
Khadijah Early Baby
Khadijah Premature baby
Khadijah Muhammad’s first wife who the koran describes as one of four perfect women (First wife of the prophet, First woman to accept Islam)
Khadijeh TBD
Khadisah TBD
Khadiza TBD
Khadra Green, verdant.
Khadra Green, Green of the Jennah
Khadra Green; Verdant
Khafifa Small
Khafifah Nimble; Agile; Cute; Lovable
Khaila Crowned with laurels
Khair Good, blessing, boon, wealth, fortune.
Khair Good, Blessing, Boon, Wealth
Khaira The best, prime, top, flower, cream; sing. of khairat.
Khaira Charitable; Good
Khairaat TBD
Khairah Good, Best, Well, Safe, Very Well
Khairah Best, good, virtuous
Khairah Good; Virtuous
Khairat Pl. of Khaira, blessing, good work.
Khairat Blessing, Good Work
Khairin TBD
Khairiya Charity, benevolence, beneficence, good.
Khairiya Charitable; Good
Khairiya Charitable, beneficent, good
Khairiya Charitable; Good
Khairun Nisa Best of women. Epithet of Khadija, the first wife of the Prophet Muhammad.
Khairun-Nisa Best of Women
Khairuneesa TBD
Khairunissa TBD
KhairunNisa Best of Women, Epithet of Khadija
Khajabee TBD
Khajabi TBD
Khajista Lucky; Blessed
Khakshan The Milky Way; Galaxy
Khakshan The milky way; Galaxy
Khaldaa Immortal; Eternal
Khaleda Immortal, Deathless, Abiding
Khaleeda Eternal; Immortal
Khaleedah Immortal; Eternal
Khaleef A Road Between Two Mountains
Khaleefa Heir, Successor, Agent, Deputy
Khaleela Friend
Khaleela Friend, companion
Khaleeqa Well Mannered
Khaleesah Name of a Sahabiyyah RA
Khaleesi TBD
Khalesa Pure, Ture, Clear, Real
Khali Immortal; Eternal
Khalida Permanent, immortal, eternal; fem. of Khalid.
Khalida Immortal; Deathless; Eternal
Khalida Eternal, everlasting
Khalida Immortal
Khalidaa Deathless; Immortal
Khalidah Immortal, Abiding, Forever
Khalidah Eternal
Khalidah immortal
Khalidah Immortal; Everlasting
Khalidha Immortal; Eternal
Khalila Sweetheart; Beloved
Khalila Beloved
Khalilah Bosom Friend; Honourable Comrade
Khalilah Good friend
Khalilah Friend
Khalillah Friend of Allah
Khaliqa Well Mannered
Khaliqah A Creator; One who is Well-behaved
Khalisa Pure, true, clear, real; fem. of Khalis.
Khalisa Pure; True; Clear; Real
Khalisa Pure; True; Clear; Real
Khalisah Pure, Clear, Sincere
Khalisah Pure, clear
Khalisah Name of a Sahabiyyah; Pure; Clear
Khaliyah Empty, Immortal, Everlasting
Khalsat Purity
Khalulah Nimble; Agile; Light
Khalwat Solitude.
Khalwat Solitude
Khalwat Solitude
Khalyda Eternal; Immortal
Khamila TBD
Khamrah Good Scent
Khan Zadi The ruler’s daughter
Khan-Zadi The Rulers Daughter
Khanam Princess, noble woman.
Khandan Smiling; Family
Khani Hidden
Khani Hidden
Khanifa Victory
Khanita TBD
Khanizha TBD
Khansa Proper name (famous Arabic poetess), pug-nosed.
Khansa Wild cow or deer
Khansa Old Arabic name
Khansaa White Gazelle
Khansha Desire; Wish
Khantamah Dazzling Beauty
Khaperai Fairy
Khaperai Fairy
Kharijah External.
Kharijah External
Khariya A Charitable Woman
Kharo Bird
Kharo Bird
Kharqa Strong, wind
Kharqa Strong wind
Khasa A Kind of Perfume
Khashar Decorated, ornamented.
Khashar Decorated; Ornamented
Khashar Decorated; Ornamented
Khashia Pious, devout; fem. of Khashi.
Khashia Pious; Devout; Feminine of Khashi
Khashia Pious, humble
Khashia Pious; Devout
Khashiat One who Fear God
Khashifa Disclosing, divulging.
Khashifa Disclosing
Khashifa Disclosing; Divulging
Khashiya TBD
Khashiya God-fearing
Khasiba Fruitful, fertile, prolific, prodigal, productive; fem. of Khasib.
Khasiba Fruitful, Fertile, Prolific
Khasiba Fruitful; Fertile; Prolific
Khateeja Name of Prophet Muhammad’s Wife
Khateeza TBD
Khatema To End
Khatera Memory.
Khatera Memory
Khatereh Memory
Khatiba Speaker.
Khatiba Orator, speaker, fianc?e.
Khatiba Speaker
Khatibah Speaker; Fianc E
Khatijah Born Prematurely
Khatira Wish, desire.
Khatira Precious memory
Khatira Wish; Desire
Khatoon Noblewoman, lady.
Khatoon Lady
Khatoon A noble woman
Khaula A buck, deer, name of a well-known Sahabi i.e. companion of the Prophet Muhammad.
Khaula A buck; Deer; Name of a well
Khawara Sunlight; East
Khawla Deer
Khawlah Female deer
Khawlah Female deer
Khayla Crowned with laurels
Khayr Goodness; Good Deeds; Better
Khayraat Good Things; Good
Khayrah Good
Khayrah Good; Virtuous
Khayriyah Charitable; Good
Khayriyah Charitable, good
Khayriyah Charitable; Good
Khayriyya Charitable
Khayriyyah Charitable; Good
Khayriyyah Charitable.
Khayriyyah Charitable
Khayyira TBD
Khazanah Treasure; She was the daughter of Khalid bin Jafar bin Qurt. She was a poetess.
Khazanah Treasure
Khazanah Treasure.
Khazanah Treasure
Khazeena Arsenal, treasure house.
Khazeena Arsenal; Treasure House
Khazeena Arsenal; A treasure house
Khazimah TBD
Khazzarah Soft; Green
Kheer Virtue; Honour; Generosity
Khidrah Green.
Khidrah Green
Khitam Conclusion
Khitam Conclusion
Khitfa Erroneus, forgetful.
Khitfa Erroneous; Forgetful
Khojassteh Royal
Khojassteh Royal
Khooshbakht Good Fortune
Khora Pure
Khorsheed Cheerful; Shining Sun
Khristene TBD
Khudamah Service, name of a Sahabiyah RA.
Khudamah Service; Name of a Sahabiyah RA
Khudamah Service; Name of a Sahabiyah
Khudra Greenery, greenness, verdancy.
Khudra Greenery; Greenness; Vagrancy
Khudrah Greenery
Khudrah Greenery.
Khudrah Greenery
Khujesta Royal
Khulaidah Permanent, name of a Sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr and the name of a Sahabiyyah.
Khulaidah Permanent
Khulaifah Successor
Khulaisah Pure; Pristine; Wholesome
Khulat Love, friend.
Khulat Love; Friend
Khulaybah This was the name of an Arab poetess.
Khulaybah Arab Poetess
Khulaybah This was the name of an Arab poetess
Khulaybah This was the name of An Arab poetess
Khuld Paradise, heaven, eternal.
Khuld Paradise; Heaven; Eternal
Khuld Paradise; Heaven; Eternal
Khulood Immortality
Khulood Immortality; Eternity; Infinity
Khulud Immortality.
Khulud Immorality
Khulud Immortality, eternity, infinity
Khulud, Khulood Immortality, eternity, infinity
Khunatha Historical name
Khurmi Happiness, leisure.
Khurmi Happiness; Leisure
Khurseed Sun
Khursheda Cheerful; Shining Sun
Khursheed Sun.
Khursheed Sun
Khurshid The Sun
Khurshid Jahan sun of the world
Khurshid-Jahan Sun of the World
Khurshida Shining Sun; Cheerful
KhurshidJahan Sun of the World
Khursida TBD
Khusaiba TBD
Khusbakht Lucky
Khusbakht Lucky
Khushbakht Lucky.
Khushbakht Of Good Fortunate; Lucky
Khushboo Perfume; Fragrance
Khushbu Fragrance, scent.
Khushbu Perfume; Fragrance
Khushnama Happiness; Of Nice Appearance
Khushnood Pleased; Happy
Khushnood Happy; Pleased
Khushnuda Delighted, agreed, happy, joyous.
Khushnuda Delighted; Agreed; Happy; Joyous
Khushnuma Beautiful
Khusi Happiness, Pleasure
Khusnaaz TBD
Khusnuma Happiness Forever
Khusnumah Happiness Forever
Khuta Steps
Khuwailah A little or young female gazelle; name of a women.
Khuwailah A Little or Young Female Gazelle
Khuwailah A little or young female gazelle
Khuwairah Good; Virtuous
Khuwaylah Gazelle
Khuwaylah A little or young female gazelle
Khuzaimah Gabal Elba Dragon Tree
Khuzama Lavender
Khuzama Lavender, tulip.
Khuzama Lavender
Khuzamah Lavender.
Khuzamah Lavender
Khuzamah Lavender
Khuzarah Sea, Ocean, Greenness
Khwahish Wish
Khyla Narrow; Slender
Khyrunnisa Epithet of Khadija; Best of Women
Kiah A New Beginning; New Life
Kiah A new beginning
Kiana Soft; Silky; Divine
Kibra Forest / Jungle
Kifah Struggle
Kifli Truth in the Heavens
Kimrutha Beautiful
Kindiyyah TBD
Kinza Intelligent
Kinza Intelligent; Hidden Treasure
Kiran Ray, beam.
Kiran Beam of Light, Divine
Kishmatah Fortunate; Luck
Kishwar Country.
Kismet Destiny; Fate
Kiswa Cover of kaba
Kiswar Territory.
Kiswar Territory
Kiswar A country; Region; Territory
Kiva Beautiful, Lotus, Protected
Kiza Kitty; Pussycat
Knaval Gracious; Well Mannered
Kobra Major
Kochai Nomad
Kochai Nomad
Kohinoor Precious Diamond, Jewel
Kohinoor The mountain of light, name of a diamond that was a prized possession of the Mughals.
Koila Charcoal.
Koila Charcoal
Kokab Star; Celestial body
Komal Beautiful.
Komal Beautiful, Soft
Komal Beautiful
Komila Complete
Komila Complete
Kontara Dove
Koreen Maiden
Korina Exalted, sublime, nice.
Korina Exalted; Sublime; Nice; Maiden
Korina Exalted; Sublime; Nice
Koshar Proper; Lawful
Kousar River in Jannah
Kouser A river in paradise
Kouser River in Jannah
Kouther River in Jannat paradise
Kowaisah Handsome, Pretty
Kowaisah Handsome, pretty, name of a Sahaabiyah.
Kowaisah Handsome; Pretty
Kuaybah Daughter of Sad al-Aslamiyah and she offered allegiance (bayah) to the Prophet (S.A.W) after hijrah
Kuaybah A distinguished woman of her times was so named. She was the daughter of Saad al-Aslamiyah and she offered allegiance (bayah) to the Prophet PBUH.
Kuaybah A distinguished woman of her times; Daughter of Sad al-As
Kubra Great, senior, (Al-Khubra – Epithet of Khadija).
Kubra Great; Senior
Kubrea Great; Senior
Kubria Great; Senior
Kuhaylah Pious
Kuhaylah Name of a pious woman who was a good speaker.
Kuhaylah This was the name of a pious, learned woman who was a good speaker (AN)
Kuhaylah Name of a pious woman who was a good speaker
Kuhaylah Name of a pious woman
Kulfah A Colour Between Black – Red
Kulfat Charge, Burden, Tan Colour
Kulsoom Full of flesh about the face and cheeks, rosy, healthy cheeks, chubby cheeks
Kulsooma TBD
Kulsum Eyes
Kulsum Eyes; Name of Prophet Muhammed Daughter
Kulsumah Figuratively Beautiful
Kulthoom Daughter of the prophet Mohammed; Name of a companion (Daughter of the prophet mohammed)
Kulthoum Daughter of the Prophet
Kulthum Daughter of Ahmad bin Ali al-Asiwatiyah was a righteous woman who had memorised the Quran; there were many other women of this name including a daught
Kulthum Daughter of the prophet Mohammed; Name of a companion
Kulthum, Kulthoom Daughter of the Prophet
Kulus Clearness, purity
Kulus Clearness; Purity
Kumailah Whole, Without Shortcoming
Kumailiyah Whole, Without Shortcoming
Kunaizah Little Treasure
Kunooz Treasures
Kunza Hidden treasure.
Kunza Hidden treasure
Kunza Hidden treasure
Kuraisha Powerful; Strong
Kurat-ul-Ain Coolness of eyes
Kuresa TBD
Kurnia TBD
Kurshida Cheerful; Shining Sun
Kushka TBD
Kuwaysah Pretty
Kuwaysah Pretty.
Kuwaysah Pretty
Kwairah The prettiest
Kwairah The prettiest
Kyara Silence
Kyda Preserved, Strong.
Kyda Preserved, Strong
Kyda Preserved; Strong
Kyda Preserved; Strong
Kylila Beloved
Kylillah Beloved
Kyna Intelligence, Wise, Love
Kyna Intelligence
Kynaaz Intelligent, Pride
Kynlee TBD
Kyra Little Dark, Princess