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“L” represents Actions. The K shows Loyalty, has a natural balance and is a good manager, and intellectual mind.

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Beautiful Algerian Baby Girl Names Start With L

Laafira Winning
Laaiba Pretty Women Heaven
Laaibah is the prettiest women in all the jannats (heavens).
Laaibah Laaibah is the prettiest women in all the jannats (heavens). She will be in jannat al firdous
Laaibah TBD
Laaibah Laaibah is the prettiest women in all the Jannat’s heavens, she will be in Jannat al Firdous
Laaiqa Beautiful; Elegant
Laaiqah Worthy, deserving, capable
Laaiqah Deserving; Elegant; Suitable
Laaiqah Worthy; Deserving; Capable; Suitable
Laaj Shyness; Honour; Respect
Laal Pearl, ruby.
Laal Ruby; Pearl
Laal Pearl; Ruby; Name of a precious stone; Red; Heart; Child; Beloved
Laali Well Spoken
Laayba Love
Laazima Essential
Labbaanah Milk
Labeeba Intelligent, wise
Labeeba Wise, Intelligent, Understanding
Labeebah Intelligent; Wise; Brilliant; Sensible
Labiba Intelligent, judicious, sensible, understanding, sagacious, wise, prudent, wise; fem. of Labib.
Labiba Wise; Intelligent; Confident
Labiba Wise; Intelligent
Labibah Sensible, intelligent
Labibah Intelligent; Wise; Brilliant; Sensible
Labisah Wearer
Labony Beautiful Raining
Ladan A Flower; Nasturtium; Indian Cress
Ladan A flower
Laeba Most Prettiest Angel of Heaven
Laeeqa Worthy; Deserving; Capable
Laeeqah Capable; Worthy; Deserving
Laela Dark beauty; Night
Lafira TBD
Lafiza As deep as a sea.
Lafiza As Deep as a Sea
Laheza TBD
Lahifa Helper.
Lahifa Helper
Lahifa Helper
Lahna Gift of God
Lahya Gift
Lahza Blink of an Eye
Laia Dark Beauty; Night
Laiba Angel of heaven.
Laiba Name of a Hoor in Heaven
Laiba Angel of heaven
Laiba Most Prettiest Angel of Heaven
Laiba Female of the haven
Laibah TBD
Laiha Glittering.
Laiha Glittering
Laiha Glittering
Laiji TBD
Laika Likeable; Most Beautiful
Laikha TBD
Lail Night.
Lail Night
Lail Night
Laila Dark beauty
Laila Of the Night.
Laila Of the Night
Laila Sweetheart, Night Beauty
Laila Born at night; Dark beauty; Sweetheart
Laila, Layla, Leila night
Lailaa Night; Born at Night; Sweetheart
Lailah Night, Born at Night, Sweetheart
Lailan Two Nights
Lailat Nights
Lailie Born During Light; Nightfall
Lailuma Bright Moon-night
Lailuma Bright Moon-night
Laily Night, Nocturnal
Laimah Beautiful
Laiqa Intelligent, smile
Laiqa Worthy, deserving, elegant, capable, decent.
Laiqa Worthy, Deserving, Elegant
Laiqa Intelligent; Smile
Laiqah Suitable; Deserving; Elegant
Laiqah Worthy; Deserving; Capable; Suitable
Laira Stars
Lairah Stars; Shinning Stars
Laisa Devoted in Faith
Laish A Lion
Laisha Prosperous; Angel
Laiya Dark Beauty; Night
Lajina Energetic
Lajwa Beautiful Flowers
Lakea Light; Found Treasure; Clear Sky
Lakecia Woman
Lakeesha Joyful or Happy, Woman
Lakeisha Combination of La and Keisha
Laketia Woman; Life
Lakeya Found Treasure; Born on Thursday
Lakeyah Born on Thursday; Found Treasure
Lakeysha Woman
Lakhsha Glittering.
Lakhsha Glittering
Lakhsha Glittering
Lakhta Ear Ring
Lakhta Ear ring
Lakia Treasure
Lakicia Woman
Lakisha Joyful, Happy, Woman, Alive
Lakitia Woman; Life
Lakiya Found Treasure; Born on Thursday
Lakiyah Found Treasure
Lakkia Found Treasure
Lala Flower.
Lala Tulip; Well Spoken; Giving Respect
Lala Flower
Lalaa Shine, Glimmer, Shimmer
Laleh Tulip Flower
Laleh Tulip
Lalita Beautiful Woman, Variety, Beauty
Lalma TBD
Lalma A piece of Land that Defends Only on Rain
Lalzari Lal – Ruby; Zar – Golden
Lalzari Lal – ruby; Zar – golden
Lama Darkness of lips
Lama Darkness of inner lips, it is considered to be beautiful.
Lama Darkness of lips
Lamah Brilliancy
Lamah Brilliancy
Laman Shine, luminescence
Lamasiah Soft and Gentle
Lamba Flame, Large, Spacious, Tall
Lameeha Glowing
Lamees Soft to the touch
Lamees Soft to the Touch; Pure Silk
Lamees Pure silk
Lamees Soft to the touch; Pure silk; Tender woman
Lameeza Kind; Soft to the Touch
Lamese Soft
Lamha Time
Lamia Brilliant, lustrous, shining, radiant.
Lamia Beauty of Darn Lips, Shining
Lamia Dark lipped; Brilliant; Lustrous; Shining
Lamiah Shine
Lamiah Shine
Lamiha Glowing
Lamihah One who Glances
Lamis Soft
Lamis Tender woman.
Lamis Soft to the touch; Pure silk; Tender woman
Lamis, Lamees Soft to the touch
Lamisa Soft to the touch
Lamisa Soft to touch.
Lamisa New Born Flower; Soft to Touch
Lamisa Soft to touch
Lamisah Soft to the touch.
Lamisah Soft to the touch
Lamisah Soft to the touch
Lamiya Dark lipped
Lamiya With beautiful curls.
Lamiya With Beautiful Curls
Lamiya Dark lipped
Lamiyaa Beautiful
Lamiz Soft
Lamya Of dark lips
Lamya Dark-lipped (from inside).
Lamya Dark lipped; Brilliant; Lustrous; Shining
Lamya, Lamya Of dark lips
Lamyah Of Beautiful Dark Lips; Gullet
Lamyea Unique
Lana Wool
Lana to be gentle, soft, tender
Lana Attractive, Fair, Good Looking
Lana Peaceful; Little rock; Latin; Wool; Greek; Hawaiian; Buoyant; To be gentle; Soft; Tender
Landa Reference to the Virgin Mary
Lanika The Best
Laquina The Bravest; Loving
Laraib Without a doubt.
Laraib Not suspicious, truth.
Laraib Truth, Without a Doubt
Laraib Without a doubt
Larbi Deer Town; Farmstead where Deer
Lareen Laurel Tree; Sweet Bay Tree
Larefa TBD
Larifa Beautiful and Intelligent Girl
Larin Beautiful
Lasca Army or Soldier
Laseef Glitter.
Laseef Glitter
Laseena Desire; Cheerful
Lashirah Very intelligent
Lasima Clever
Lasiniyyah Eloquent; Fluent
Lasnaa Eloquent
Latafat Variety, Gentleness, Kindness
Latayif Gentle; Kind
Lateefa Gentle, pleasant
Lateefa Gentle, Kind, Subtly, Sweet
Lateefah Gentle, Kind, Pleasant, Friendly
Lateegah Kind; Gentle
Latheefa Beautiful; Kind; Gentle; Pleasant
Latiba TBD
Latif Kind; Gentle
Latifa Gentle. Kind. Pleasant, Friendly.
Latifa Pretty, charming, gentle, sweet, refined, kind, pleasantry, humour, friendly; fem. of Latif.
Latifa Gentle; Kind; Pleasant; Friendly
Latifa delicate
Latifah Gentle, kind, pleasant, friendly.
Latifah Gentle, kind, pleasant, friendly
Latifah Gentle; Kind; Pleasant; Friendly
Latifah Gentle; Kind; Pleasant; Friendly
Latifah, Lateefa Gentle, kind, pleasant, friendly
Latifi Kind
Latimah Scent.
Latimah Scent
Latimah Scent
Latipha Master Piece
Laveeza Daughter of Adam
Laviza Thirsty of Knowledge
Lavizah Thirsty of Knowledge
Lawahiz Glance
Lawaiza The girl who was born to Eve with Abel.
Lawaiza TBD
Layaal Night
Layaali Nights
Layaan Gentleness, softness, tenderness.
Layaan Softness; Tenderness
Layah The First Flowers of Spring
Layal Darkness of Beauty; Nights
Layali Nights
Layali Nights; Plural of Layla
Layan Gentle and soft
Layan Luxury of Life
Layba Love
Layeeka TBD
Layeeqa TBD
Layia Dark Beauty; Night
Layina Tender, supple, resilient.
Layina Tender; Supple; Resilient
Layka Likeable; Most Beautiful
Layl Night; Dark Beauty
Layla Dark Beauty, Wine, Intoxication
Layla Born at night, dark beauty.
Layla Night, A well-known character in Arabic literature i.e. the beloved of Majnoon.
Layla Born at night, dark beauty
Layla, Leila (Born at) night; rapture, elation
Laylaa Beautiful; Unique; Special
Laylah Night Beauty
Laylee Wine; Intoxication
Layli Wine; Intoxication
Layliyyah Belonging to the Night
Layly Night, Nocturnal
Layma Awesome
Layna Joyful Life
Laysha Angel; Prosperous
Layyah Twist, Flexure.
Layyah Twist; Flexure
Layyanah Affable; Friendly; Mild; Gentle
Layyin Gentle, Soft; Delicate
Layyina Gentle, Soft, Delicate
Layzu TBD
Lazeena Wish; Desire; Unique
Lazim Essential, imperative
Lazim Imperative; Essential
Lazimah Wished for, Sought After
Lazin Key of Gentleness
Lazina Faithful; Lucky
Laziza Sweet; Beautiful
Lazwa TBD
Leah Mistress, Ruler, Meadow
Leasha Woman; Life
Lebanon White; Incense
Lee Dweller Near the Wood or Clearing
Leela Divine Drama, Play, Amusement
Leelah Night
Leelia Night, Purity
Leem Peace
Leema Cultural
Leen Soft; Kind
Leena A Devoted One, Tender, Light
Leena Plant of dates, soft, mild, clemency
Leena Plant of dates, soft, mild, clemency.
Leenah Light; Variant of Helen
Leeniyyah Gentle; Friendly; Affable
Leepa To Spread
Leesha Fortunate; Happy
Leeza Pledged to God; Form of Lisa
Lehana One who Refuses
Lehaz Discipline
Leila Born at night
Leila Dark as Night, Black, Night
Leila Night
Leilah Born at night
Leilah Night
Leilah Born at Night; Night; Dark Beauty
Leili Night
Leilia Night
Leily Night, Nocturnal
Lekeesha Woman
Lekeisha Woman
Lekisha Life; Woman; Cheerful
Lela Born at night
Lela Black Beauty, Born at Night
Lelah Night
Lelia Well Spoken, Night, Night Beauty
Lema Eye; The Beauty of an Eye
Lena Light, Pledge, Bright One
Lenoa Bright One; Shining One
Lesha Woman; Life
Leshah Woman
Leya Loyalty; The Law
Leyan Kind, Gentle
Leyla Born at night
Leyla Night
Leyla Night, Black Beauty
Leylah Princess of the Night
Leynee God is My Light; Dwelling; Lodging
Leyza Brightness, Honourable, Noble
Leza Wonderful; One who Besets
Lhaam Intuition
Liaba TBD
Liba Most Beautiful (Hoor in jannah)
Liba Most Beautiful (Hoor in jannah).
Liba Most Beautiful One
Libah Heart
Liban Beauty of Women
Lida Noble Kind, Love, Joy, Happiness
Lidya Beautiful One; Noble One
Liesha Alive; One who Lives
Liga Beauty
Lihaaza Respectful
Lihana One who Refuses
Lija Sweet; Beautiful
Lijayn Silver
Lika Queen of Rocks
Lila night
Lila Good, Night, Feminine of Lyle
Lilach A Flowering Shrub
Lilack A Flowering Shrub
Lilah Night, Night Beauty
Lilas Lily; A Flowering Shrub
Lili German Diminutive of Elizabeth
Lilia Night, Form of Lilac, Bluish
Lilian Blend of Lily
Lilith Ghost, Night Demon, Storm Goddess
Lillah Lily Flower
Lillis Ghost; Night Demon; Lily
Lillith Night Owl
Lily Lily, Form of Lillian
Lima Cultural; Goddess of the Threshold
Limra Lovely; Gift of God
Limuza TBD
Lina Delicate
Lina Palm tree
Lina Gentle, soft, tender, ‘a kind of palm’.
Lina tender
Lina Alive, Pledge, Noble, Nobility
Linah Tender
Linah, Lina, Leena Tender
Linara Born from Beauty
Lini Soft
Linit To Rest
Linora Bright One; Bright; Shining One
Linsha Merciful
Linta Soft Heart; Pretty
Liqa To Meet; To See; Worthy
Liqaa To Meet; Come Face to Face
Lira Love
Lisana Variant of Lisanne
Lisha Fortunate Woman, Full of Mystery
Lishana One who is Awarded a Medal
Lisna Brilliant; Good
Liva Olive Tree
Liwaa Flag, A Large Division of an Army
Liya Beautiful, Intelligent, Ambitious
Liyah Gazelle; Antelope; Weary; Tired
Liyana Softness, tenderness
Liyana Softness, tenderness.
Liyana Art; Softness; Tenderness
Liza Dedicated for Allah.
Liza Consecrated to God
LizaHayati God of Plenty
Lizanaaz TBD
Lizeen TBD
Lizna Consecrated to God
Lizralais Soft to the Touch
Loelia Night
Loloo Variant of Lu’lu; Pearls; Gems
Londyn Fair – Noble
Lorain From Lorraine
Lorin Perfection, Beautiful
Lotifa TBD
Loubna Tree; Best
Louma Light
Louqiyana TBD
Lraaz Mystery
Lu Luah She was a narrator of Hadith
Lu Luah She was a narrator of Hadith.
Lu’lu Pearls
Lu-Luah She was a Narrator of Hadith
Lubaaba The innermost essence
Lubaaba The Innermost Essence, Beauty
Lubab The best part
Lubaba The Innermost Essence
Lubabah The innermost essence
Lubabah, Lubaaba The innermost essence
Lubaiba The Innermost Essence
Lubaika Door of Heaven
Lubaina The Innermost Essence
Luban Pine tree; denotes long neck
Luban Pine Tree
Lubana Wish, desire.
Lubana Wish; Desire
Lubanah Wish, desire
Lubanah Wish; Desire
Lubayna TBD
Lubena Purity.
Lubena Purity
Lubina Flower of Jannat (Heaven)
Lublubah Tender; Affectionate
Lublubah Affectionate, tender
Lubna A tree which yields an aromatic resin used in perfume and medicine i.e. storax-tree.
Lubna Storaz, Systrax
Lubna Storax Tree
Lubna Kind of tree
Lubnaa Desire; Wish
Lucky Luckiest
Lughah Language
Luha Measure; Amount
Luham Great
Luja of great depth
Lujain Silver
Lujain Pure Silver, Silver
Lujain, Lujayn Silver
Lujaina Silver
Lujayn Silver
Lula Famous Warrior, Pearl
Luli Dewy Jasmine; Pearls; Body Part
Luloah A pearl
Luloah Variant of Lu’lu; Pearls; Gems
Lulu Pearls.
Lulu Pearls
Lulu Famous Warrior
Lulua Pearl.
Lulua Pearl
Luluah Pearl
Luluah Pearl; Bead of Pearl
Luluah, Lulwa Pearl
Lulwa Pearl
Luma Sunset
Lumeera Brave Beauty
Lumna Brilliant Light
Lumya TBD
Luna Moon.
Luna Moon
Luna Moon; Purity; Lovely; Flower
Lunah Date palm
Lupa Pretty and Exited and Energetic
Lutaifah Gentle; Kind
Lutf Kindness, friendliness, courtesy, delicate, grace, favour from Allah.
Lutf Friendliness, Courtesy, Delicate
Lutfa Joyful
Lutfah Gentleness; Kindness
Lutfana Kind, helper.
Lutfana Kind; Helper
Lutfeya Friendly, Delicate, Courtesy
Lutfia Delicate and Graceful; Perfect
Lutfiya Delicate; Graceful
Lutfiyah Delicate; Graceful
Lutfiyah Delicate, graceful
Lutfiyya Kindness; Delicate; Graceful
Lutfiyya Gentle, tender
Lutfun Nisa Grace of women.
Lutfun-Nisa Grace of Women
LutfunNisa Grace of Women
Lutfye Kind
Luthfa TBD
Luthfiya Lovely
Luthufiya Wonderful; Lovely
Luvaiza TBD
Luwaihah Canvas
Luwaiza Name of Prophet’s Wife
Lyan Beautiful, Strong, Kind, Loving
Lyana Eye of the Light
Lyba Angel of Queen in Heaven
Lylah Night; Lovelorn; Seductive
Lyn Waterfall, A Cascade, Lake, Pool
Lyrah Stars
Lysha Of a Noble Kind; God is Salvation