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“N” represents imagination. The N shows imagination and loves pleasure, writer, and spokesman.

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Beautiful Algerian Baby Girl Names Start With N

Na’eemah Joyful
Na’ilah Acquirer, obtainer, winner
Na’imah Comfort, tranquillity
Naa’irah Bright, Shining
Naadhira Blooming; Flourishing
Naadhirah TBD
Naadia Hope
Naadirah Precious; Rare; Choice
Naafi Propitious
Naafia Useful; Advantagious; Beneficial
Naafilah Gift; Present
Naafoora Water Fountain
Naaila Variant of Na’ila; Winner
Naailah Some thing special
Naailah Some thing special; Acquirer; Obtainer; One who succeeds
Naaima Living a Good Life, Soft, Gentle
Naaira Worth Praising
Naairah Bright, Shining.
Naaj Pride
Naaji Saver
Naajidah Courageous
Naajidah Courage
Naajidah Courage; Successor; Help
Naama Sweetness, Pleasantness
Naamah Agreeable; Lovely; Pleasant
Naas-Afrini TBD
Naashirah Helper; Friend
Naashitah Lively; Active; Energetic; Brisk
Naasihah Advisor, Sincere Friend
Naasima Leader; Fem of Nasim; Zephyr; Gentle
Naasiyah TBD
Naayelah TBD
Naaz Pride, elegance
Naaz Pride
Naaz Glory, pride, elegance, gracefulness, fresh.
Naaz Pride; Elegance; Young; Gentle; Coquetry
Naazan Proud; Vain
Naazbina TBD
Naazhirah Fresh; Spectator; Seer
Naazia Paradises Flowers, Queen, Pride
Naazira One with healthy and happy looks, flourishing, bright.
Naazira Like; Equal; Matching; Observer; Supervisor
Naazja TBD
Naazma Star
Naazmeen Self Dependent
Naazneen Beautiful
Naazneen Delicate; Belle; Beautiful
Naazneen Beautiful
Naazra Glow / Happiness of the Face
Naazreen Wild Rose; Blue Scented Flower
Naba Famous, good, pious.
Naba Great News
Naba Great News.
Naba Great News, Announcement
Naba Tune; Famous; Good; Pious
Nabaahat Nobleness; Renown; Eminence
Nabaha Fame, Nobility, Intelligence
Nabaha Fame, nobility, intelligence, brightness, brilliance.
Nabaha Fame; Nobility; Intelligence
Nabawiya Prophetic
Nabawiya Prophetic.
Nabawiya Prophetic
Nabeeha Noble, famous, eminent, distinguished, brilliant, intelligent; fem. of Nabih.
Nabeeha Intelligent
Nabeeha Intelligent; Honest
Nabeela Noble, honorable
Nabeela Noble
Nabeelah Noble
Nabeelah Noble.
Nabeelah Noble; Magnanimous
Nabeesha Gift of God
Nabi Butterfly
Nabiha Noble, famous, eminent, distinguished, brilliant; fem. of Nabih.
Nabiha Eminent, noble, alert, intelligent
Nabiha Intelligent One, Reliable, Alert
Nabiha Intelligent; Honest
Nabihah Intelligent, noble, eminent
Nabihah Intelligent
Nabihah Intelligent; Noble; Eminent
Nabihah, Nabeeha Intelligent
Nabiihah Noble; Intelligent; Eminent
Nabijah Ambitious, Leader and Brave
Nabijah Ambitious; Leader and brave
Nabila Noble, highborn, magnanimous, beautiful, intelligent, honourable.
Nabila Happiness, generosity
Nabila Happiness, generosity.
Nabila Of Noble Character, Heaven
Nabila Noble
Nabilah Noble, magnanimous
Nabilah Noble, magnanimous.
Nabilah Noble; Magnanimous
Nabilah, Nabeela Noble
Nabira TBD
Nabisa The Heavens
Nabiya TBD
Nabra Pinnacle; Rare; Precious
Nabra Pinnacle; Rare; Precious
Nabsha TBD
Nacima Blessing
Nacira Victorious
Nada Generousity, dew
Nada Generosity, Dew, Giving, Hopeful
Nada Generous
Nada Dew; Generosity; Liberality
Nadaa Dew, generosity, liberality, magnanimity.
Nadaa Dew, Generosity, Liberality
Nadaa Dew; Generosity; Liberality
Nadae Dew; Generous
Nadal Birth; Fortunate
Nadaliya Beautiful Dew
Nadda Dew
Naddaa Generous
Nadea Tender; Delicate; Moist; Hope
Nadeah Hope
Nadeah Full of dew
Nadean Hope; Delicate; Moist; Tender
Nadeeda Equal, rival
Nadeeda Rival; Equal
Nadeema Friend, companion
Nadeemah A Companion; Friend
Nadeen Love; Air
Nadeen Hope
Nadeene Moist; Tender; Hope; Delicate
Nadeera Rare
Nadera Rare; Precious
Nadereh Rare
Nadesh Hope
Nadha Beautiful, Intelligent, Brave
Nadheed Arranged, Organised
Nadheema Intimate Friend
Nadheema Intimate friend
Nadheera Head, Foremost
Nadheerah A Flourishing Woman
Nadhifa Clean
Nadhilah TBD
Nadhima Happiness
Nadhira Head, Foremost, Blooming
Nadhirah A Flourishing Woman
Nadhirsha Precious
Nadhrah Radiance; Joyfulness
Nadhrana Gift
Nadi Moist, damp, tender, delicate.
Nadi River; Flow
Nadia The caller.
Nadia Filled with Hope, Caller, Moist
Nadia The beginning, first
Nadia The beginning; First; Black; Generous
Nadiaa Caller; A Variant of Nadia
Nadiah Announcer; Caller
Nadida Rival, equal.
Nadida Rival; Equal
Nadida Rival; Equal
Nadidah Equal to Another Person; Rival
Nadidah Equal, rival
Nadidah, Nadeeda Equal, rival
Nadien Moist; Tender; Delicate; Hope
Nadifa Born Between Seasons
Nadiha TBD
Nadijah Moist, Delicate, Tender, Hope
Nadima Intimate friend, companion; fem. of Nadim.
Nadima Companion; Friend
Nadima An intimate friend; Companion
Nadimah Friend
Nadin Tender; Moist; Delicate; Hope
Nadine Filled with Hope, Hopeful
Nadira Rare, extraordinary, choice, precious; fem. of Nadir.
Nadira Pinnacle; Rare; Precious
Nadira Pinnacle
Nadirah Rare, precious
Nadirah Rare; Precious
Nadirah Rare, precious.
Nadirah Rare; Precious
Nadirah, Nadira Rare, precious
Nadirsha Precious
Nadisa River Goddess
Nadisha River Goddess
Nadiya The beginning; First; Black
Nadiya River; Hope; Generous; Successful
Nadiyah Announcement
Nadiyah Caller; Announcer
Nadiyah Caller, announcer
Nadiyah Caller; Announcer
Nadiyya Fem. of Nadi, dew, generosity, damp, tender, delicate.
Nadiyya Dew, Generosity, Damp, Tender
Nadiyya Generous, openhanded
Nadiyya Fem of Nadi; Dew; Generosity
Nadiyyah Announcer; Caller
Nadjae Delicate; Moist; Hope; Tender
Nadjah Delicate; Hope; Moist; Tender
Nadjeschda Delicate; Tender; Hope; Moist
Nadjiba Assiduous
Nadra Rare, unique
Nadra Unusual; Unique; Radiance
Nadra Rare, unique.
Nadra Radiance, bloom, glamour, brightness, opulence, wealth.
Nadra Rare; Unique
Nadrah Be Green; Good
Nadusha Hope; Moist; Tender; Delicate
Nadwa Council, club.
Nadwa Council
Nadwa Council, generosity
Nadwa Council; Generosity
Nadwah Council
Nadwah, Nadwa Council, generosity
Nadya Hope; Generous
Nadya The beginning; First; Black; Generous
Nadyn Hope; Moist; Delicate; Tender
Nadyne Flower
Nadyne Moist, Delicate, Tender, Hopeful
Nadyne Flower
Naeda Delicate; River or Water Nymph
Naeeda TBD
Naeem Benevolent; Comfort
Naeema Happiness, peaceful, comfort, ease, pleasure, smooth, tender, bliss; fem. of Naim.
Naeema Ease, blessing
Naeema Blessing
Naeema Blessing; Living an enjoyable life; Belonging to one
Naeemaat Bliss; Blessings
Naeemah Benevolent
Naema Pleasant, To be Contented, Soft
Naemah Delight, Joyful, Soft, Beautiful
Naera Gift of God; Wonderful
Naesha Special; Sharp Minded
Naf Super; Nice
Nafahat Gifts; Presents; Good Scent
Nafala TBD
Nafasat Purity, refinement.
Nafasat Purity; Refinement
Nafay One who gets profit.
Nafay One who Gets Profit
Nafay One who gets profit
Nafeela Surplus; Prayer
Nafeena TBD
Nafeesa Precious
Nafeesa Princess, Precious Thing
Nafeesa A precious thing; Gem; Princess; Refined; Pure; Exquisite
Nafeesah Precious, Choice, Delicate
Nafeesah Precious gem
Nafeesha Incurable Price
Nafeeta New
Nafeeza Precious One
Nafeezah Excellent
Nafesa A precious thing; Gem; Princess; Refined; Pure; Exquisite
Naffessa Love
Naffia Useful; Beneficial; Gift
Naffisha Incurable Price
Naffo Funny
Naffy TBD
Nafha Usefulness, Gift / Present
Nafi-Akter Name of Allah
Nafia Profitable, beneficial, advantageous, useful, beneficial; fem. of Nafi.
Nafia Beneficial; Gift; Useful; Helpful
Nafia Profitable; Beneficial
Nafiah Profitable
Nafiah Profitable
Nafida TBD
Nafiha Fragrant
Nafija Beautiful
Nafila Gift
Nafilah TBD
Nafiri Flute
Nafisa Precious Gem, Delicate, Gem
Nafisa Refined, pure, precious, delicate, choice, exquisite.
Nafisa precious
Nafisa A precious thing; Gem; Princess; Refined; Pure; Exquisite
Nafisah Precious gem
Nafisah Delicate; Gem; Precious Gem
Nafisah Precious gem
Nafisah, Nafeesa Precious thing, gem
Nafisha Incurable Price
Nafishaa Incurable Price
Nafissa Invaluable
Nafiya Sweet; Helpful
Nafiyath TBD
Nafiza Divine Gift
Nafizah Influential; Powerful
Nafla Prayer; Surplus; Overabundance
Naflah Surplus, Voluntary Good Deed
Naflah Surplus, overabundance
Naflah Surplus; Overabundance
Nafraa Happiness
Nafreen TBD
Nafrin Negotiable
Nafrin Negotiable
Nafrina TBD
Nafseena TBD
Nafsha TBD
Nafsia Profitable
Nafsiya Loveable Person
Nafziya TBD
Nagamma Poetess
Nagat Sight; Beauty
Nageen Pearl; Gem
Nageen Precious stone; Ring; Jewelry
Nageena Gem; Pearl; Diamond
Nageenah Precious Stone
Nageenah Precious stone; Ring; Jewelry
Nagena Pearl, Diamond, Gem
Nagham Melody
Nagheen Pearl
Nagheen Pearl
Naghema Song; Melody
Naghma Song; Melody
Naghma Melody, song.
Naghma Melody; Song
Naghmah Melody; Sweet Voice; Song
Naghmeh Melody; Tune; Song
Nagia Precious Stone; Princess
Nagia The saved
Nagiah Beautiful
Nagiba Precious Gem
Nagima Beautiful; Melodious Song
Nagina Diamond
Nagina Jewel
Nagiya TBD
Nagla Wide-eyed
Naglah Bright Eyes
Nagma Diamond, Melodious Song
Nagma Nag devta; Song; Tune or a melody
Nagmah Melodious Song; Diamond
Nagwa Sweet
Nahaar Daytime
Nahad Snow Falling
Nahada TBD
Nahal Small Plant
Nahal A Young Plant; Stream; River
Nahal Small plant
Nahala Fragrance; Smell
Nahan Beautiful
Nahana Beautiful
Nahar Day i.e. daytime.
Nahara Light
Naharin TBD
Nahdera TBD
Nahdiya Announcer; Caller
Naheda Big; Blossom
Naheed Star, Venus, The Planet Venus
Naheed Honorable
Naheed Honorable; Generosity
Naheeda Blossom; Big
Naheeda Beautiful
Naheela Happiness, Be Happy, Fragrance
Naheem Praise Lord
Naheema TBD
Naheen TBD
Naheera TBD
Naher Beautiful Eyes
Nahid Venus.
Nahid One with full, round breasts
Nahida Fem. of Nahid.
Nahida Elevated, delightful
Nahida Beautiful
Nahidah Fragrant Flower
Nahidah, Naheeda Big
Nahila TBD
Nahira TBD
Nahiya One who advises, adviser.
Nahiya One who Advises; Adviser
Nahiya One who advises, Adviser
Nahiza Elevated, deligent.
Nahiza Elevated; Diligent
Nahiza Elevated; Diligent
Nahjah Clear, Apparent
Nahla Bee.
Nahla Drink
Nahla A drink of water
Nahlah A Drink of Water
Nahlah, Nahla A drink of water
Nahleejah Down to Earth; Cool
Nahleejah Down to earth, cool
Nahleejah Down to Earth; Cool
Nahran Rivers; Plural of Nahr
Nahreen River
Nahriah TBD
Nahrin River
Nahsirin TBD
Nahwah Wisdom; Intelligence
Naida A nymph
Naidah River or Water Nymph
Naideen Delicate; Moist; Hope; Tender
Naidene Tender; Delicate; Moist; Hope
Naidine Delicate; Moist; Tender; Hope
Naidyne Hope; Delicate; Tender; Moist
Naieema TBD
Naiema Graceful, Calm, Comfort
Naiera Light, Bright, Illuminating
Naif Stable; Never Change
Naifah This was the name of a well-known, woman loved by the masses for her kindness and generosity.
Naifah This was the name of a well-known, woman loved by the masses for her kindness and generosity, her advice was sought by the people in different affairs
Naifah This was the name of a well-known woman loved by the masses for her kindness and generosity, The people in different affairs sought her advice
Naifin Bright
Nail Winner, achiever, a boon, gift, acquirer.
Nail Winner, Achiever, A Boon, Gift
Naila Fem. of nail.
Naila Acquirer; Obtained
Nailah Attainer, Achiever, Ali, Poet
Nailah One who succeeds
Nailah Some thing particular; Acquirer; Obtainer; One who succeeds
Nailah, Naila Acquirer, obtainer, one who succeeds
Nailisha TBD
Naima comfort
Naima Delicate, soft, smooth.
Naima Blessing; Living an enjoyable life; Belonging to one
Naimah felicity
Naimah Joyful, Delight, Soft, Smooth
Naimah Comfort; Amenity; Tranquility; Peace; Living a soft; Enjoyable life
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Naimah, Naima Comfort, amenity, tranquility, peace; living a soft, enjoyable life
Naimat Blessing, Favour, Delight, Ease
Naimath Ease, Blessing, Wealth, Delight
Nain Eye
Nain Eyes; Beauty; Pleasantness
Nain Eye
Naina Eyes
Naina Name of a Goddess; Beautiful eyed
Nainaz Two Eyes
Nainsey God has Shown; God was Gracious
Nainuzz Lucky
Nainza Two Eyes
Nainza Two eyes
Naira Shinning, glittering
Naira Shining, glittering.
Naira Shining; Glittering
Nairaah TBD
Nairah Source of Light
Naireen Honour; Light; River
Nais Pure
Naishana Gorgeous
Naishka Sunlight
Naiyara TBD
Naiyra Source of Light; Pure; Beautiful
Naiyyira Luminary; Bright Star
Naizah Miracle of God; Cold
Naizia TBD
Naja Successful
Naja Strong; Success
Najaah Success
Najaah Success; Purity; Righteousness; Honesty
Najaat Success
Najaath TBD
Najaf City in iraq
Najaf City in Iraq
Najah Success, safety
Najah Success.
Najah, Najaah Success
Najama Star; Precious; Beautiful
Najara Sight; Vision
Najarana Gift
Najat Safety
Najat Safety, rescue, salvation, deliverance.
Najat Rescue; Salvation; Safety
Najath Success; Protection
Najbeen Beautiful; Intelligent
Najbeer TBD
Najbin TBD
Najbunnisa TBD
Najda Courage
Najdah Courage, bravery
Najdah Courage, bravery, help, succour.
Najdah Bravery, Help, Courage, Succour
Najdah Courage; Bravery
Najdiyyah TBD
Najee Saver; Safe
Najeeba Intelligent, excellent
Najeeba Of Noble Birth, Excellent
Najeeba Noble; Excellent; Generous; Distinguished
Najeebah Of Noble Birth
Najeeda TBD
Najeedah Brave
Najeeha Successful; Prosperous
Najeela Eyes that Glisten
Najeema Star; Radiant
Najeemah Radiant; Brilliant
Najema Certainly; Harmless
Najera Vision
Najia Saved, liberated; fem. of Naji.
Najia Optimistic and full of hope; Princess; Queen
Najiah TBD
Najiba Noble, exce4llent, generous, praiseworthy.
Najiba Excellent; Intelligent
Najiba Noble; Excellent; Generous; Distinguished
Najibah Of noble birth, distinguished
Najibah Distinguished; of noble birth
Najibah Noble birth; Distinguished
Najibah, Najeeba Distinguished; of noble birth
Najida Brave; a lady who accomplishes difficult tasks.
Najida Brave
Najida Brave
Najidaa Supporter, Rescuer, Brave
Najidah Succour, Help
Najidah Succor, Help.
Najidah Succour, Help.
Najidah Help, Assist, Succour, Supporter
Najidah Courage; Successor; Help
Najifa Purest; Guider to Paradise
Najiha Successful
Najiha Prosperous, Successful
Najiha Successful, prosperous; fem. of Najih.
Najiha Pure; Honest; Successful; Prosperous
Najihah Victory
Najihah Victory.
Najila Eyes that Glisten
Najilaa Beautiful Eye
Najilan Beautiful Eye; Eyes that Glisten
Najima Star
Najimi Abounding in Joy; Star
Najina Jewellery
Najini TBD
Najira TBD
Najisa TBD
Najish TBD
Najiya Saved, blessed
Najiya Safe
Najiya Intimate friend, bosom friend; fem. of Naji.
Najiya Safe
Najiyah Safe
Najiyah Safe; Survivor; Rescued Person
Najiyah Safe
Najiyya Safe
Najjar Eye Sight
Najjia TBD
Najjiyya Variant of Naaji’a; Beneficial; …
Najjiyyah Variant of Naaji’a; Beneficial; …
Najla Of wide eyes
Najla Large-eyed, wide-eyed.
Najla Of wide eyes
Najla, Nagla wide-eyed
Najlah Gold
Najm Star, planet.
Najm Star, Planet, Luminary
Najma Star, a fine species of grass.
Najma Star
Najma A star; In the middle of a group of stars
Najmaa Star; A Variant of Najmah
Najmah Star
Najmah Star; Beautiful
Najmim TBD
Najmin Beautiful; God Gifted; Princess
Najmina God Gifted
Najmiyyah Star
Najmiyyah TBD
Najmiyyah Star
Najmul All Star
Najmun TBD
Najmuneesa TBD
Najmunnisa Star
Najmus Sahar The morning star.
Najmus Sahar The morning star
Najmus-Sahar The Morning Star
Najmushar TBD
NajmusSahar The Morning Star
Najneen TBD
Najnin TBD
Najrana Gift
Najreen TBD
Najrin TBD
Najrina A Gift
Naju Proudful; Noble
Najula Star; Of Wide Eyes
Najuma Abounding in Joy
Najumah Radiant; Brilliant
Najumnneesa TBD
Najura TBD
Najuwa Whisper
Najveen TBD
Najwa Confidential talk, secret conversation.
Najwa Confidential talk, romantic talk, secret conversation
Najwa Confidential talk; Secret conversation
Najwa, Nagwa intimate conversation
Najwaa Whisper; Private Conversation
Najwan Saved, liberated.
Najwan Saved; Liberated
Najwan Saved; Liberated
Najya Victorious
Najya Optimistic and full of hope; Princess; Queen
Nakea Pure
Nakeah Pure
Nakeya Pure
Nakeyia Pure
Nakhat Fragrance
Nakhat Fragrance.
Nakhat Smell; Fragrance
Nakhat Fragrance
Nakheel Purified; Date Palm Trees
Nakhla Palm Tree
Nakhlah Date Palm
Nakia Pure, faithful
Nakia Pure; Faithful
Nakiah Pure
Nakiba Precious Gem
Nakiea Pure
Nakiya Pure
Nala Successful, Beloved, Queen
Naleefa TBD
Naleeha TBD
Naleema Intelligent
Naliba All People Love
Nalifa Beauty
Nalima Intelligent
Nalira TBD
Nalisha TBD
Nalleli TBD
Nallely I Love You
Nalyssa TBD
Nama Gift, present, grace, favour, kindness.
Nama Greeting, Gift, Present, Grace
Nama Gift; Present; Grace; Favor
Namaira New Beginning; Pious Women
Namar Name of a mountain
Nameeda TBD
Nameera Delicious Water, Pious Woman
Nameera Delicious water, pious woman.
Nameera Delicious water; Pious woman
Nameerah Pious Woman, Holy Place Name
Nameira Pious Women; New Beginning
Namera Intention
Namia Force to move forward, force to expand
Namira Pious Women; Princess
Namirah Princess
Namirah Princess
Namisa Happiness; Rejoice
Namiya Grown
Namra Delicious water
Namra Delicious water
Namrah Brave; Tigress
Namrin Soft – Delicate
Namyla Quiet, Serious
Namyla Quiet, Serious.
Namyla Quiet; Serious
Nana Infant, Green Leaves
Nancea God was Gracious; God has Shown
Nancine God was Gracious; God has Shown
Nangialai Honourable
Nangialai Honorable
Nani Charming; Gracious
Nannine God was Gracious; God has Shown
Nanona God; Friendly; God was Gracious
Nanone God; Friendly; God was Gracious
Nanonea Friendly, God, Old
Nanonia God was Gracious; Friendly
Nanonya Friendly; God was Gracious
Nansea God was Gracious; God has Shown
Nansiya TBD
Naorin TBD
Naosheen TBD
Naqa Purity, refinement, clarity.
Naqa Purity; Refinement; Clarity
Naqa Purity; Refinement; Clarity
Naqeeba Soul; Group Leader; Representative
Naqeebah Leader, Head, Chief
Naqeebah Leader; Chief; Head
Naqeebah Leader; Head; Chief
Naqiba Mind, intellect, leader.
Naqiba Soul; Group Leader
Naqiba Mind; Intellect; Leader
Naqilah Transporter; Copyist; Narrator
Naqiya Unblemished
Naqiya Clear, pure, clean; fem. of Naqi.
Naqiya Clear; Pure; Clean
Naqiyya TBD
Naqiyya Pure, immaculate
Naqueeb TBD
Naquiya Unblemished
Naraiman Pious angel
Naraiman Pious angel.
Naratain Flowers, White Flowers
Nareeman TBD
Nareeman Pretty, shapely
Nareen Contented
Nareen Delicate, slim
Narenja Orange
Narenja Orange
Nargees Beautiful Flower
Narges daffodil; narcissus flower
Nargess Narcissus Flower; Daffodil
Narghees Beautiful Flower
Nargis Flower; Narcissus
Nargis Narcissus
Nargis Narcissus (flower).
Nargis Narcissus.
Nargis Daffodil; Narcissus flower; Eye
Nargisa Narcissus; Flower
Nargish Flower
Nargisha Narcissus; Flower
Nariah TBD
Nariman TBD
Narina Rosy, Fresh, Passionate
Narinaa Like Pomegranate Flower, Rosy
Narisa Daughter of Nereus
Narisha Goddess
Narjes TBD
Narjess Nice
Narjia TBD
Narjima TBD
Narjina Light of Paradise
Narjis Flower
Narjis Narcissus
Narjis Narcissus (flower).
Narjis Narcissus flower
Narmeen A Flower; Delicate
Narmeen A flower; Delicate; Soft; Slender; Polite
Narmila Pure; Fresh
Narmin A Flower; Delicate; Soft; Slender
Narmin A flower, delicate, soft, slender.
Narmin A flower; Delicate; Soft; Slender; Polite
Narmina Clean; Soft; Delicate
Naroon Pomegranate Tree; Pomegranate
Narsheen TBD
Narvan Elm Tree
Narveen Freedom
Nasara Beautiful
Nasarin Flower
Nasayir Supporter; Helper of the Oppressed
Naseara Helper
Naseeb Faith Luck; Future
Naseeb Fait; Noble; Relative
Naseeba Luck, Share, Appropriate, Fitting
Naseeba Noble; Highborn
Naseeda TBD
Naseedha TBD
Naseefa Speech that is Spoken in Secret
Naseehath Good Suggestion
Naseeka Sacrifice; Piece of Gold
Naseeka Nusuk (arabic sacrifice), piece of gold
Naseeka Piece of gold
Naseela Beauty
Naseem Breeze
Naseema Gentle Breeze; Zephyr; Fresh Air
Naseemah Breeze
Naseemah Breeze.
Naseemah Breeze; Fresh air
Naseen Cool Breeze
Naseena TBD
Naseera Helper, protector, friend, patron; fem. of Nasir.
Naseera Helper; Supporter; Helper of God
Naseera Helper of God; One who helps; Glowing star
Naseeraa Helper; Supporter
Naseerah Helper
Naseerah Helper.
Naseerah Helper; Publisher; Diffuser; Spreader; Protector
Naseeya Form of Natalie
Nasera Supporter; Helper of God
Nasha Scent, perfume
Nasha Scent, perfume.
Nasha Scent; Perfume
Nashaal Perfume; Scent
Nashara Pearl; Most Beautiful; Helper
Nashat Cheerfulness, Joy, Energy
Nashat Liveliness, vigour, cheerfulness, joy, sprightliness, energy, vivacity.
Nashath Happy; Active
Nasheeba Luck; Fortunate
Nasheed Beautiful one
Nasheed Beautiful one
Nasheeda Beautiful One
Nasheelah Honey Comb
Nasheelah Honey comb
Nasheem Breeze, morning air.
Nasheem Breeze; Morning Air
Nasheem Breath of fresh air, Morning air; Breeze
Nasheen Beauty
Nasheena Beauty
Nasheeta One who is Energetic
Nashema Wise, Blossom
Nashema Wise; Blossom
Nashema Wise, Blossom.
Nashema Wise; Blossom
Nashfa Beauty
Nashia Active; Young Generation / People
Nashia Youth, growing
Nashiba Fortunate; Luck
Nashibah Luck; Fortunate
Nashid Booming
Nashida Relaxation, joyance.
Nashida Student; Desirous; Seeker
Nashida Desirous, seeker
Nashida Student
Nashiha Adviser; Neat
Nashika One who forgives, forgiver.
Nashika Forgiver; One who Forgives
Nashika Indestructible
Nashima Blossom
Nashira Supporter; Helper; Guide
Nashirah Publisher; diffuser, spreader.
Nashirah Diffuser; Spreader; Publisher
Nashirah Publisher, Diffuser; Spreader
Nashirah Publisher, Diffuser; Spreader.
Nashirah Helper; Publisher; Diffuser; Spreader; Protector
Nashita Energetic, dynamic, lively, fresh, vigorous.
Nashita Energetic and Full of Life
Nashita Energetic, full of life NULL
Nashita Energetic and full of life
Nashitah Active; Energetic
Nashitah Active, energetic.
Nashitah Active; Energetic
Nashiyath TBD
Nashmeen-Shabnam Dew Flower
Nashmia Garden of flowers
Nashmia Garden of flowers.
Nashmia Garden of flowers
Nashoba Wolf
Nashra Pearl
Nashrah Publisher; Spreader
Nashrah Publisher; Spreader
Nashrana TBD
Nashreen TBD
Nashva Happy; Good
Nashwa Euphoria, Fragrance, Perfume
Nashwa Fragrance, perfume, that which intoxicates
Nashwa Fragrance, aroma.
Nashwa Elated; Exultant; Flushed
Nashwaa Elated, exultant, flushed, enraptured; fem. of Nashwan.
Nashwaa Elated, Exultant, Flushed
Nashwaa Elated; Exultant; Flushed
Nashwah Ecstasy
Nasia Clear, pure; fem. of Nasi.
Nasia Clear; Pure; Most beautiful one; Reformer; Advisor
Nasiah Companion, Friend
Nasiba Luck; Share
Nasiba Noble, highborn; fem. of Nasib.
Nasiba Noble; Highborn
Nasibah One who is Noble; Luck; Fortunate
Nasifa Just; Equitable
Nasifa Just, equitable.
Nasifa Just; Equitable
Nasifah Just, equitable
Nasifah Equitable
Nasifah Just, equitable.
Nasifah Just; Equitable
Nasiha One who Gives Valuable Advice
Nasiha Advisor, sincere.
Nasiha One who gives valuable advice
Nasihah Advisor
Nasihah Advisor; Giver of Good Guidance
Nasihah Advisor.
Nasihah Advisor
Nasika Nose
Nasikah Worshipper
Nasikhah Changer, Editor, Blotter, Clerk
Nasila Honey that Flows from the Comb
Nasila Honey that flows from the comb.
Nasila Honey that flows from the comb
Nasim Fresh air, breeze
Nasim Breeze, gentle wind, fresh air, zephyr, fragrant air.
Nasima Gentle Breeze; Zephyr
Nasima Fem. of Nasim, zephyr, gentle wind.
Nasima Leader; Fem of Nasim; Zephyr; Gentle
Nasimah Gentle Breeze; Fresh Air
Nasimah Gentle breeze, zephyr.
Nasimah Breeze; Fresh air
Nasimara TBD
Nasina TBD
Nasiqa One who Manages; Organiser
Nasiqa One who manages, organiser.
Nasiqa One who forgives, forgiver.
Nasiqa One who forgives, Forgiver
Nasira Victorious, helper
Nasira Victorious, Helper, Supporter
Nasira Helper, aide, assistant, protector.
Nasira Helper
Nasira Helper of God; One who helps; Glowing star
Nasirah Helper, protector
Nasirah Helper; Protector; Supporter
Nasirah Helper; Publisher; Diffuser; Spreader; Protector
Nasitha Moon Light
Nasiya Reformer; Miracle of God
Nasleena TBD
Naslim Calm, Loving, Helpful
Nasliya TBD
Nasma Ripple
Nasmah Breeze
Nasmah Breeze
Nasmeen Flower
Nasmia TBD
Nasmin Flower
Nasmina Dear One; Flower
Nasmiya Gift of God
Nasneem TBD
Nasnin Delicate
Nasooh Advised; Suggested
Nasooh Advised, suggested.
Nasooh Advised; Suggested; Sincere; Faithful
Nasra Helper
Nasra Helper.
Nasra Helper
Nasraa Helper; Support
Nasrat Help, Support
Nasrath Intelligent; Arts
Nasreen Wild Rose
Nasreen Jonquil, Narcissus, wild rose, Jericho rose.
Nasreen A Kind of Flower, Jonquille
Nasreena White Wild Rose
Nasria Good
Nasrien A Wild Rose; Queen of Flowers
Nasrin Eglantier
Nasrin A Flower, A Wild Rose, Jonquil
Nasrin Blue scented flower
Nasrin Wild rose; Blue scented flower
Nasrina A Wild Rose; Flowers
Nasrinbanu TBD
Nasriya Super
Nasrullah Victory of Allah
Nasrullah Victory of Allah.
Nassab Inspiration
Nassema Gentle Breeze; Fresh Air; Zephyr
Nassera Victory; Protection
Nasserine A Wild Rose, A Flower
Nassim Breeze
Nassima Gentle Breeze
Nassrin A Wild Rose, A Flower
Nastaran Wild Rose
Nastharin A River in Heaven
Nastusya Resurrection
Nasuha Create Life; Sincere
Nasya Reformer, advisor.
Nasya Clear; Pure; Most beautiful one; Reformer; Advisor
Natacha Born on Christmas or Birthday
Natara Sacrifice
Natara Guardian
Natara Guardian
Nataria Sacrifice
Natasha Strong
Natasha Gift of Allah
Natasha Beautiful
Natashah A Flower, Beautiful, Resurrection
Nathaara Fragments; Prose Writer
Nathania Gift of the Lord
Nathara Snake
Natheerah TBD
Nathifa Clean, pure
Nathifa Pure, Clean
Nathifa Pure
Nathifa Clean; Pure
Nathifah Pure; Clean
Natifa Decent
Natifah Decent
Natila Relation, way, sake.
Natila Relation; Way; Sake
Natiqa One endowed with speech, eloquent, spokesperson; fem. of Natiq.
Natiqa One Endowed with Speech, Eloquent
Natiqa One endowed with speech
Natori Sacrifice
Naufiya TBD
Naura Light; Flower
Naurah Flower, Blossom
Nauratan Flowers, White Flowers
Nauratan Flowers
Naureen Bright light
Naureen Bright light.
Naureen Light; Honor; Bright
Naureen Light; Honour
Naurin Bright Light; Luminous
Naurus Bird in Arabic
Naurus Bird in Arabic
Nauseen TBD
Naushaba Elixir
Naushaba Elixir; Water of life
Naushabah Elixir.
Naushabah Elixir
Naushabah Elixir
Nausheen Sweet, pleasant, agreeable
Nausheen Beauty; Sweet; Happy
Nausheen Happy; Sweet
Nausheena TBD
Naushida TBD
Naushin Sweet
Naushin New
Naushin Happy; Sweet
Naushina TBD
Naushiya TBD
Nausin New
Nava Gorgeous; A Boat; Tune; Beautiful
Nava Tune; Famous; Good; Pious
Navaya Simplest
Naveda Glad things
Naveda Glad things
Naveeda Bringer of Good News; Happiness
Naveen New, Excellent, Something that is better than the rest
Naveen Fresh; New; Excellent; Pleasant
Naveen New, Excellent, Something that is better than the rest.
Naveera Enlightening; Petal; Beautiful
Navera Flower Bud
Navida New; Bringing Good News
Navijah TBD
Navil To be blessed
Navilfida TBD
Navira New; Mountain Top
Navisa Original
Navni Young; New
Navyah New Beginning
Nawa Kernel; Seed
Nawaal Gift
Nawaar Blossom; Rose Flower
Nawal Gift, present, grant, favour, grace, kindness.
Nawal Gift
Nawal Gift, present
Nawala Gift
Nawar Flower, bud, blossom.
Nawar Flower; one who dislikes bad deeds
Nawar The one who guards herself, Flower
Nawar Flower
Nawar One who guards her self; Flower
Nawaylah Good
Nawaylah Good name
Nawazia TBD
Nawaziya Pride
Naweed Good news.
Naweed Good news
Naweed Good news; Glad tidings
Naweeda Good News
Nawel Gift
Nawel Gift
Nawf Exalted, sublime
Nawfa Excess, surplus.
Nawfa Exalted, high
Nawfa Excess; Surplus; High
Nawfaa Excess; Surplus; High
Nawfalah Beautiful
Nawfan High
Nawfar Water Lilly
Nawla Gift, present, grant, favour, grace.
Nawla Gift; Present; Grant; Favor
Nawlaa Gift; Present; Bestowal; Blessing
Nawlah She was a narrator of Hadith
Nawlah A narrator of Hadith
Nawr White Flower; Radiance; Brilliance
Nawra Blossom, flower.
Nawra Blossom; Flower
Nawraa Beautiful, Glowing and Radiant
Nawrah Blossom, flower, happiness
Nawrah Blossom; Flower; Happiness
Nawrah Blossom; Flower; Happiness
Nawreen Lightening
Nawroz Day of the Year
Nawshaba Gift of God
Nawsheen Pleasant
Nawsheen Sweet
Nawshin New
Nawsin Sweet; Pleasant
Nawwaara TBD
Nawwal Gift
Nawwal Gift; Generous; Noble
Nawwal Gift
Nawwar May
Nawwar May, Radiant, Glowing, Brilliant
Nawwar May
Nawwarah Brilliant; Dazzling; Radiant
Nawzad TBD
Nayaab Rare
Nayab Scarce
Nayama TBD
Nayamee Blissful
Nayara Very Light; Leadership; Leader
Naydene Hope; Delicate; Moist; Tender
Naydin Delicate; Tender; Hope; Moist
Naydine Hope; Delicate; Moist; Tender
Naydyn Delicate; Hope; Moist; Tender
Nayeema Blessing
Nayeera Gift of God; Beautiful
Nayeesha Thoughtful; Pure; New
Nayeli Cute
Nayelly Form of Neila
Nayely Highness; Grace; Princess
Nayema Shy; Friendly
Nayera Gift of God, Fashionable, Lucky
Nayesha Pure; New
Nayfeen New generation
Nayifa Grace; Highness
Nayila Queen of river Nile
Nayila One with Beautiful Eyes
Nayila Queen of river Nile
Nayima A Kind and Benevolent Woman
Nayirah Radiant, Full of Light, Luminary
Naylaa Gift
Naylaa Bestowal, Gift
Naylah One with Beautiful Eyes
Naylila Brilliant eyes
Naymat Blessing; Delight; Wealth
Nayrah Full of Light
Naysha Life
Nayssa Miracale of God
Nayyab Very Rare, Exclusive
Nayyab Very Rare, Exclusive.
Nayyab Very Rare; Exclusive
Nayyab Very rare; Exclusive
Nayyar Sun.
Nayyar Sun
Nayyara Luminous, shining; fem. of Nayyir.
Nayyara Luminous, shining
Nayyara Luminous; Shining
Nayyer Radiant
Nayyira Radiant
Nayyirah Luminary
Nayyirah Luminary.
Nayyirah Luminary, Radiant, Brilliant
Nayyirah Luminary
Nayyra Shining; Radiant; Luminous
Nayzza Miracale of God
Naz Coyness
Naza Honesty
Nazaaha Purity, righteousness, honesty
Nazaaha Purity; Righteousness; Honesty
Nazaaha Purity; Righteousness; Honesty; Chest
Nazaakat Delicacy; Neatness
Nazaara Happiness, Brilliance
Nazafarin Delight
Nazafarin Producing delight
Nazah Success; Purity; Righteousness; Honesty
Nazaha Purity, righteousness, chastity, virtue, honesty.
Nazaha Purity, Righteousness, Chastity
Nazaha Purity; Righteousness; Honesty; Chest
Nazahah Purity, righteousness, honesty
Nazahah Purity, righteousness, honesty.
Nazahah Purity; Righteousness; Honesty
Nazahah Purity; Righteousness; Honesty
Nazahah, Nazaaha Purity, righteousness, honesty
Nazakat Delicacy, subtlety.
Nazalia Gift of God
Nazaliya Gift of God
Nazama TBD
Nazan Proud, vain, haughty.
Nazan Proud; Vain; Haughty
Nazana Proud; Love; Gift of God
Nazanin Elegant, delicate, beloved.
Nazanin Beautiful, pretty
Nazanin Sweetheart; Delightful
Nazanin Sweetheart
Nazanina Beautiful
Nazanina Handsome; Whimsy
Nazara Bloom, beauty.
Nazara Bloom; Beauty
Nazara Bloom; Beauty
Nazarah Great
Nazarana TBD
Nazarat Freshness of splendour.
Nazarat Freshness of Splendour
Nazarena Flowers
Nazarene TBD
Nazareth Birth Place of Jesus, Separated
Nazarha A Sight
Nazarha A sight
Nazari TBD
Nazarin Flower
Nazariya Rose
Nazath Freedom
Nazbeen TBD
Nazdana One we Take Care of
Nazdana One we take care of
Nazeama One who is Motherly
Nazeeba Intelligent; Excellent
Nazeefa TBD
Nazeefah Clean
Nazeefah Clean.
Nazeefah Clean
Nazeeha Honest
Nazeeha Pure; Honest
Nazeela Lovely; Charming
Nazeema Poetess; One who is Motherly
Nazeena Gift of God; Love
Nazeena Gift of God; Love
Nazeera Like; Equal; Matching
Nazeera Equal, like, alike, resembling, match, comparable; fem. of Nazir.
Nazeera Warner, anything offered as a token of respect, anything given as sacrifice.
Nazeera Like, equal, matching
Nazeera Like; Equal; Matching; Observer; Supervisor
Nazeerah Warner
Nazeerah Warner; Beautiful; Delicate
Nazeerah Warner.
Nazeerah Warner; Observer; Supervisor
Nazeeya Optimistic and Full of Hope
Nazeeya Optimistic and full of hope; Princess; Queen
Nazema TBD
Nazeya Full of Hope; Optimistic
Nazgol Cute Flower
Nazgol Cute flower
Nazgul Cute Flower
Nazgul Cute flower
Nazhan Virtuous
Nazhat TBD
Nazheerah Example; Instance; Precedent
Nazhifa Believer; Hope
Nazhin Name of a Tree
Nazhin Name of a tree
Nazia Pride
Nazia Tendency, inclination
Nazia Optimistic and full of hope; Princess; Queen
Naziah Companion; Friend
Naziah Sharpness, cold, a large bowl.
Naziah Companion, friend.
Naziah Companion; Friend
Naziat TBD
Nazibah Excellent
Nazida TBD
Nazifa Pure; Clean; Chaste
Nazifa Pure, clean, neat, chaste, innocent; fem. of Nazif.
Nazifa Pure; Clean; Neat; Chaste
Nazifah Chaste; Clean; Pure
Naziha Pure; Honest
Naziha Pure, honest.
Naziha Pure; Honest; Successful; Prosperous
Nazihah Honest
Nazihah Honest; Victory
Nazihah, Nazeeha Honest
Nazika TBD
Nazila Charming; Lovely
Nazila Lovely, charming.
Nazila Lovely; Charming
Nazilah Lovely; Charming
Nazilla Cute
Nazima Song; Poetess; Matron
Nazima Song; Poet
Nazimah Poet, Administrator, Organiser
Nazimah Administrator
Nazimah Song; Poet
Nazina Love, Gift of God
Nazindah Name of a liberal woman of Baghdad; she founded a college with religious school.
Nazindah Liberal
Nazindah Name of a liberal woman of Baghdad who founded a religious school
Nazindah Name of a liberal woman of baghdad who founded a religious school
Nazini TBD
Nazinin Gentle; Delicate
Nazira Happy, Joyful
Nazira Observer, supervisor.
Nazira Like; Equal; Matching; Observer; Supervisor
Nazirah Like, Equal, Matching, Observer
Nazirah Observer, supervisor
Nazirah equal, like
Nazirah, Nazeera Like, equal, matching
Nazirqah TBD
Nazisa TBD
Nazish Proud; Fragrance; Lover; Happiness
Nazish Proud, lover.
Nazish Fragrance, Proud
Nazish Bred up like princess; Fragrance; Proud
Naziya Pride
Naziya High aspiring, energetic
Naziyah Goddess of Miracles
Nazlah TBD
Nazlee Coquetish
Nazleen Gift
Nazleena TBD
Nazlene TBD
Nazli Delicate, feminine.
Nazli This was the name of an intelligent, learned woman who had command over different languages, Turkish, Arabic, French, English and was an expert in dif
Nazli Feminine, delicate
Nazlin Expert in Different Fields
Nazlina Delicate
Nazliya Gift of God
Nazma Star
Nazma A star; In the middle of a group of stars
Nazmaa Star
Nazmeen Light; Delight; Beautiful
Nazmeen-Noor Delighted; Light
Nazmeena Light
Nazmeera TBD
Nazmera TBD
Nazmin Light
Nazmin Light
Nazmiya TBD
Nazmiyya TBD
Nazmul TBD
Nazmun Star Light
Nazneem Beautiful
Nazneen Glorious, Beloved, Delicate
Nazneen Beautiful, delicate.
Nazneen Beautiful
Nazneen Beautiful.
Nazneen Beautiful
Nazneena Glorious; Beautiful
Naznin Beautiful, Delicate, Belle
Naznine A Charming and Beautiful Woman
Nazo Attractive; Handsome
Nazo Handsome; Whimsy
Nazpari A Queen of Ancient Persia
Nazpari A queen of ancient persia.
Nazpari A queen of ancient persia
Nazraana Gift
Nazraana Gift
Nazrah Happiest Destiny
Nazrana Gift
Nazrat Pride; Nice; Great
Nazrat Pride, nice, great.
Nazrat Pride; Nice; Great
Nazreeen TBD
Nazreem TBD
Nazreen Wild Rose, Blue Scented Flower
Nazreen Wild rose; Blue scented flower
Nazreena Blue Scented Flower; Wild Rose
Nazrin A Wild Blue Flower
Nazrina Flowers
Nazrine Flowers
Nazriya Beauty
Nazriya-Nazim Cute
Nazrun TBD
Nazu Delicacy; Pride
Nazuk Delicate; The daughter of Muhammad bin Ibrahim had this name.
Nazuk Delicate
Nazura Foremost
Nazurun TBD
Nazvana TBD
Nazwana TBD
Nazy Cute
Nazy Safe; Cute
Nazyra Viewer; Controller
Nazz Proud
Neaima TBD
Neam Gods Blessings
Neamat Grace; Blessing
Nebila TBD
Nebisa The Heavens
Neda Voice, Call, Prayer, Voice of God
Neda Voice; Call
Nedira Rare
Nedjma Star
Needah Call; Voice
Neehana Kindness; Beautiful
Neelab Blue Water
Neelam A precious stone of sky blue colour.
Neelam Sapphire; Bluestone; Precious stone
Neelam Sapphire
Neelam Blue sapphire
Neelma Bluish; Like Blue
Neelma Bluish, Like blue.
Neelma Bluish; Like blue
Neelofar A Beautiful Flower or Plant
Neelofar Lotus; Water lily; A flower
Neelofer Lotus, Water Lily.
Neelofer Lotus; Water Lily
Neelofer Lotus, Water Lily
Neelofer Lotus; Water lily
Neelofur Crystal; Sapphire
Neelopher Blue Lotus Flower
Neem Luxury, Ease
Neemah Born During a Prosperous Time
Neentah TBD
Neerja Avatar, Goddess Lakshmi
Neeshaat A Tree; Liveiness; Energy
Neeshad Cheerful
Neeshad Cheerful; Seventh note on Indian musical scale; Awesome
Neeshma Supreme
Neeya A Desire For Something
Neezah TBD
Nefisa TBD
Negaar Beloved; Painting
Negar Sweetheart
Negeen Precious Stone; Jewellery; Ring
Negin Precious stone; Ring; Jewelry
Neha Beautiful Eyes
Neha Love, rain
Nehafa TBD
Nehala Honey Bee
Nehamiya Comfort; One who Provides Comfort
Nehanna Beautiful
Nehara TBD
Nehaza TBD
Neherin TBD
Nehla Present, gift; sing of Nihel.
Nehla Present; Gift
Nehmat Grace; Gift
Nehreen Queen; Princess
Nehrin River
Nehruta TBD
Neima Gift from Allah, Blessing
Neimaat Blessings
Neimat Blessing
Neisha Night
Neiza Lovely
Nejah Success
Nejat Freedom, stress free
Nejat Freedom; Stress Free
Nejat Freedom; Stress free
Nejira Sight; Vision
Nejla Light; Brightness; Pragasham
Nejmuneesa TBD
Nekia Pure
Nekia Pure; Victory of the People
Nelam Precious stone
Nelam Sapphire; Blue stone; Precious stone
Nelema Beauty
Nelofar Lotus, Water lily
Nelofar Water Lily; Lotus
Nelofar Lotus; Water lily; A flower
Nelofer Name of Flower in Heaven; Lotus
Nelufar Lotus; Water Lily
Nemat Gift of Allah
Nenet Goddess of the Deep
Nepa Walking Backward
Nermeen TBD
Nermin Delicate
Nesa Moral
Nesayem Flower
Neseera TBD
Neshat Joy
Neshat Joy
Neslin TBD
Nesma TBD
Nesreen Blue Scented Flower
Nesrin A field of wild roses
Nesrin White Rose; Field of Wild Roses
Nesrin A field of wild roses
Nesrine Field of Wild Roses; White Rose
Nessah Pure; Holy
Nevaeh Heaven, peace, angels
Nevaeh Heaven; Peace; Angels
Neveah Butterfly
Nevila TBD
Nevila The newly established town
Neymar Ocean
Neymat Precious Thing; Blessing
Neyra Beautiful
Neysha Pure
Neza Successful; Pure
Nezha Happiness; Pleasure Trip
Neziya TBD
Nezlin TBD
Nezliya TBD
Nezmin Light
Nezra TBD
Nezza Angel
Nhally TBD
Ni Blessings
Ni’ja Saved One
Ni’mah Blessing, loan, favour
Niam Lustre, Brightness, Radiance
Niama Thread
Niamullah God’s Blessings; God Bestows Upon …
Niana Obedient; Supremacy
Niaz Desire; Urge to Express Love
Niaz Desire, urge to express love.
Niazmina Dear One
Niazmina Dear one; Apple of the eye
Nibaal Arrows
Nibaal Arrows
Nibal Arrows
Nibal Arrows.
Nibal Arrow
Nibal Arrows
Nibal, Nibaal Arrows
Nibras Lamp.
Nibras Lamp; Light
Nibras Lamp, light
Nida To Call, Voice, Prayer
Nida Call.
Nida Call
Nida Sleep; Night
Nidaa Call
Nidaa Call
Nidah Resembling on Elf
Nidana TBD
Nidda Call
Nidda Generous; With a treasure; Determined; Assiduous
Niddat Equivalent
Nidha Beautiful
Nidhana Wealth; Treasure
Niesa Beauty, Pure, Night, Women
Niesha Full of Life; Pure
Nifa Beautiful
Nifasha God Blessed
Nifat TBD
Niffa Beautiful
Nifra Happiness; Queen; Whitening
Nifrah Happiness
Nifsa TBD
Nifsha TBD
Niga Sight; Vision
Nigaar Beloved; Decoration; Painting
Nigar Picture, Portrait, Sweetheart
Nigar Beautiful
Nigar Picture, portrait, sweetheart.
Nigar Beautiful
Nigarish TBD
Nigeena Pearl; Gem; Diamond
Nigela Smart
Nighat Vision, sight
Nighat Sight; Glance
Niha Beautiful, Pure, Soft, Goodness
Niha Bright one, naughty one.
Niha Dew drop; Admired for a look; Love; Rain; Bright one; Naughty one
Nihaana Wisdom; Mark; Secret
Nihab TBD
Nihad Height
Nihad Height; Uprising; Sound; Nature; Mind; Heart; Resolution
Nihada Gratified
Nihal Romantic; Joyful
Nihal Drink
Nihala Exalted, Pleased, Prosperous
Nihana Bright; Morning; Beauty Queen
Nihar Lord Krishna; Mist; Fog; Dew
Nihara Snow Drop; Waterfall
Nihel Presents; Gifts
Nihel Presents, gifts.
Nihla Present; Gift; Singular of Nihel
Nihla Present, gift; sing. of Nihel.
Nihla Present; Gift
Nihma Blessing
Nihra TBD
Nihu Lovely
Nija Saved One
Nija Truth; Successful; White Rose
Nijah Success
Nijah Success.
Nijah Success
Nijat Salvation, Success, To be Saved
Nijhu Night
Nijhu Night
Nijum Silent / Small Island
Nikhat Sweet Smell
Nikhila Whole, Complete, Smart
Niki Victory of the People, Goodness
Nikia Victorious People
Nikoo Beautiful Flower; Beautiful
Nikou Beautiful; Good
Niku People of Victory; Cute
Nilaa Moon, Blue Coloured
Nilah Success; Water Hyacinth
Nilam Blue Sapphire, Blue Gem
Nilfa TBD
Niliyyah Belonging to the Nile, Beautiful
Nilofar Waterlily
Nilofar Water Lily, Lotus
Nilofar Water-lily.
Nilofar Lotus; Water lily; A flower
Nilofer Wild Mountain Rose
Nilofer Wild Mountain Rose.
Nilofer Water-lily
Nilofer Lotus; Water lily
Niloofar Lily of the Water; Water Lily
Niloufar A Flower; Water Lily
Niloy Grace; Sky
Nilufar Name of a flower
Nima Blessing, favor
Nima Renowned, To Adjust, To Measure
Nimaat Blessings, boons, bounties; pl. of Nimat.
Nimaat Blessings; Loans
Nimah Blessing; Loan
Nimah blessing, loan
Nimah Blessing; Loan; Favor
Nimah, Naeema Blessing, loan
Nimat Blessing
Nimat Loans; Blessing
Nimat Blessing, boon, favour, a gift from Allah, grace bounty.
Nimat, Nimaat Blessings, loans
NimatuAllah Allah’s Gift
Nimatullah God’s Blessings / Bounties
Nimerah Tigeress, beauty, strength, modesty, power
Nimerah Tigress; Beauty; Strength; Modesty; Power
Nimla Waterfall; River
Nimo Graceful; Hopeful; Beautiful
Nimra Soft, Lion
Nimra Humble; Politeness; Soft
Nimra Soft, Lion.
Nimra Soft; Lion
Nimrah Pure, clean
Nimrah Pure; Clean
Nina Gracious One
Nina Love Hope, Lovely-eyed
Ninan God; Friendly; God was Gracious
Ninha Child of Illiterate Mother
Nini To Accomplish, Stone, Old Woman
Ninja Active; Smart
Ninonea Friendly; God was Gracious
Ninonia God was Gracious; Friendly
Ninonya God; God was Gracious; Friendly
Nirha Courage; To Rise out; Ascend
Nirjara The Immortal One, Young
Nisa Women
Nisa Night; Women; Dream
Nisa Night; Beauty; Lady; Women
Nisa Women.
Nisaa Night; Lamb One; Hunger
Nisah Night; Beauty; Women – Lady
Nisar Warm Cloth
Nisar Sacrifice
Nisbath Proportion; Relationship
Nisbi Relative, Comparative
Nisfa Sweet
Nisha Whole World
Nisha Night, Perfect, Quite
Nishada Poetry
Nishama Infinite; Matchless
Nisharaah Golden; Perfect
Nishat Happiness
Nishat Happiness, intoxication.
Nishath Happiness
Nishbah Harmony, Connexion, Proportion
Nisheeba Fortunate
Nisheeda TBD
Nisheeha TBD
Nishfaa TBD
Nishida Moon Light; Sharp Night; Alert
Nishira Night; In her Shadow; Delightful
Nishmiya Garden of Flowers
Nisho Mood; Dream; Night
Nishrah Delightful
Nishrat TBD
Nishreen TBD
Nishu Darkness, Night
Nishwan TBD
Nisi Emblem
Nisla TBD
Nisma Fresh Air
Nismiya Queen
Nisrath Respect and Love
Nisreen Flower
Nisreen Aromatic Plant, White Rose
Nisreen Flower; Kind of aromatic plant
Nisreena TBD
Nisri TBD
Nisrin Kind of aromatic plant
Nisrin Flower; Kind of aromatic plant
Nisrina White Rose
Nisrine Wild Rose; Sweetbrier
Nissa Ladylike
Nissa Friendly Elf; Woman; Emblem; Sign
Nisva TBD
Nisvana Long Life
Niswana Soundless
Nitah Yahweh is Gracious / Merciful
Nitasha Form of Natasha, Kind, Strong
Niusha Good listener
Nivin Holy
Niyaf Tall and pretty
Niyaf Light Weight; Tall and Pretty
Niyaf Tall and pretty
Niyah Intention; Caring
Niyajbano TBD
Niyamat Devine Blessing
Niyas Beginning
Niyas Beginning
Niyasia TBD
Niyat Intention
Niyayat TBD
Niyaz Offering; Desire
Niyoosha A Listener
Niyyat Intention, determination, resolution.
Niyyat Intention; Determination
Niza Lady / Women; Clear; Bright
Nizalia Gift of God
Nizam Order
Nizba Proportion; Connexion
Nizha Happiness; Precious; Joy
Nizhu Quiet Night
Nizla Brave
Nizma Truth
Nizrina Flowers; Innocent
Nizva TBD
Nizwa Women; Night
Nizwana TBD
Njood Power; Magical; Happiness
Noah Peaceful, Restful
Nofal Blessing; Donation
Nofal Blessing, donation.
Nofee Princess
Nofisat TBD
Noha Light; Bright
Noheera New Diamond
Nohin Intelligent; Kind
Nohreen TBD
Noima Pleasantness, My Delight
Nojood Noble; Wise
Noma My Pleasure, Farming, Example
Nooha Bright; Intelligence
Noojahan Light from the Earth
Noon Sword Blade; Whale; Beautiful
Nooni Sharp; Like a Sword Blade
Nooni Sharp
Noor Sympathy, Compassion
Noor Light, illumination.
Noor Light; Angel
Noor al-Sabah Morning light
Noor Jahan Light of the world.
Noor Jehan An Indian Queen had this name
Noor, Nur Light
Noor-Afsha One who Sprinkles (Spreads) Light
Noor-afza Precious
Noor-Al-Haya Light of my life
Noor-Al-Haya Light of my life.
Noor-Al-Haya Light of my life
Noor-e-sahar Light of Bewitch
Noor-Jahan Light of the World
Noor-Jehan An Indian Queen had this Name
Noor-ul-ann Light
Noor-Ul-Mateen The Firm and Solid Light
Noor-Ul-Saba Light of Dawn
Noor-ur-Rahman Light of Graceful
Noora Light, Honoured, God is My Light
Noora Light; fem. of Noor.
Noora Light
Noorafsha One who Spreads the Light
Noorah Corolla, blossom
Noorain Moon; Light
NoorAlHaya Light of My Life
Noorana Bright, Luminous, Sun Light
Nooranissa Bright; Luminous
Nooraniyah Luminous, brilliant.
Nooraniyah Luminous; Brilliant; Light; Bright
Nooraniyah Luminous; Brilliant
Noorbani TBD
Noorbano Beautiful Nature
Noorbina TBD
Noordana Light of the Religion
Nooreen Light; Luminous
Nooreeza First Sunlight Reaching Earth
Noorein Glow, Luminous
Noori Shining
Noori-Begum Brightness; Shining; Light
Noorie Light
Noorien Light
Noorien Light; Honor
Noorina Worthy; Respected
Noorinissa Bright; Luminous
Noorish Lightness; Shine Light Upon
Nooriya Light
Nooriya Light
Nooriyya Light
Noorjaaha Light from the Earth
Noorjabin Noor Ki Peshani
Noorjaha Light from the Earth
Noorjahaa TBD
Noorjahaan Light of the World / Universe
Noorjahan Light of the world
NoorJahan Light of the World / Universe
Noorjahan Light of the world
Noorjehan Light of the World
Noorjha Lotus Flower, Avatar
Noorjhan Light from the Earth
Noornidha Beautiful Flower
Noornisa Luminous; Bright
Noorornur Light
Noorsaba Dawn, Early Morning Sun Rays
Nooruddunya Light of the world.
Nooruddunya Light of the World
Nooruddunya Light of the world
Noorul-Aliyah World Queen
Noorulain Peace of eyes, light of eyes.
Noorulain Peace of Eyes; Light of Eyes
Noorulain Peace of eyes; Light of eyes
NoorulBasar Great
Noorun Nisa Light of the women.
Noorun Nisa Light of the women
Noorun-Nisa Light of the Women
Noorunisa Light of the World
Noorunnahar Day Light
NoorunNisa Light of the Women
Nooruzia First Sunlight Reaching Earth
Noorzay TBD
Noorzia TBD
Noosrat Assistance; Victory; Help
Nor Eyes
Nora Light
Nora Light; Honour
Norah Light, Sun Ray, Torch, Reputation
Norah Light
Norah Light
Noraine TBD
Noraisa First Sunlight Reaching Earth
Noraiza First Sunlight Reaching Earth
Norashikin TBD
Noreen Lovable, bright.
Noreen Lovable, bright
Noreen Bright.
Noreen Light; Honor; Bright
Noreenah A Sweet Dish
Noreenah A sweet dish.
Noreenah A sweet dish
Norfaida TBD
Norhan Light
Norhan Light
Norhana TBD
Norhayati TBD
Noria Doctrine; Precept
Norin Holy Phase of Light; Honour
Norisha TBD
Noriza Light of contentment
Noriza Light of contentment
Norjona Pleasure
Norra Honourable, God is My Light
Norul God’s Light
NorulHuda TBD
Noshaba Elixir, water of life
Noshaba Elixir; Water of Life
Noshaba Elixir; Water of life
Nosheen Sweet Thing
Nosheen Sweet thing; Sweet; Pleasant; Dream
Noshi Sweet
Noshi Of pleasant taste.
Noshin Sweet, pleasant, (i.e. dream).
Noshin Sweet thing; Sweet; Pleasant; Dream
Nouf Highest point on a mountain
Nouf The highest point on a mountain
Noufa TBD
Noufeera TBD
Noufi Attractive
Noufida TBD
Noufila Gift
Noufira TBD
Noufitha TBD
Noufiya Wisdom, Faith, Influence
Nouja Attractive
Noujana TBD
Noum Easy and Luxurious Life
Nour Light
Noura Flower
Nouranghiz Beautiful
Noureen Light
Noureen Light
Noureena TBD
Nouri Light, Colourful Bird
Nourin Light
Nourine TBD
Noursaba Noor ( Light) Saba (Dawn Breeze)
Nouseen New
Nouseena TBD
Noush Afarin Creator of Joy
Noush-Afarin Creator of Joy
Nousha Sweet; Pleasant
Noushaba Elixir
Noushafarin Creator of Joy
Nousheeda TBD
Nousheen Happy; Sweet
Nousheen Snow Fall, Sweetness of Life
Noushida TBD
Noushidha TBD
Noushija TBD
Noushin Sweet
Noushine Emerging
Nousi Grace
Nousiya TBD
Nouzila Beautiful Flower
Nouziya Gift of God
Nowa Light
Nowafee Long Love
Nowfiya TBD
Nowheera Apple
Nowla Descendant of Nuall
Nowreen Light
Nowsheeba TBD
Nowsheen New; Beautiful
Nowshin Pleasant; Sweet
Noya beautiful, ornamented
Noya One who is Beautifully Adorned
Noya Godlike Beauty, Light, Beautiful
Nu’aymah Name of a narrator of hadith
Nuaim Soft; Delicate
Nuaimaat Soft; Delicate
Nuaimah Soft; Delicate; Blessing
Nuaybah One with Good Lineage
Nuaymah Name of a narrator of hadith.
Nuaymah Narrator of Hadith
Nu’aymah Name of a woman narrator of Hadith.
Nubaira TBD
Nubaitah Fearless
Nubeerah Intelligent
Nubia Strong Mother of a Nation, Veiled
Nuboogh Distinction, Eminence, Excellence
Nuboogh Distinction, eminence, excellence, superiority.
Nuboogh Distinction; Eminence; Excel
Nudar Gold
Nudar Gold
Nudar, Nudhar Gold
Nudara Gold
Nudbah Lament, Scar; Mark
Nudbah Lament, Scar; Mark.
Nudbah Lament; Scar; Mark
Nudhar Gold
Nudhar Gold
Nudoora Rareness.
Nudoora Rareness
Nudra Rarity, rareness. .
Nudra Rarity; Rareness
Nudra Rarity; Rareness
Nudrat Singularity
Nudrat Singularity.
Nudrat Unique
Nufaisa TBD
Nufaiza Blessed
Nufayla TBD
Nufaysah Name of the daughter of Munyah who arranged the marriage of the Prophet PBUH with Sayyidah Khadijah RA.
Nufaysah TBD
Nufaysah Name of the Daughter of Munyah who Arranged the Marriage of the Prophet PBUH with Sayyidah Khadijah RA (Name of the daughter of munyah who arranged the marriage of the prophet (PBUH) with Sayyidah Kha
Nufaz TBD
Nufeena TBD
Nufseera TBD
Nuha Intelligence
Nuha Intelligence, intellect.
Nuha The Sage, Intelligence, Mind
Nuha Intelligence; Mind
Nuhaa Intelligent
Nuhaa Intelligence; Mind
Nuhad Brave; New
Nuhar Good Mind; Intaligent
Nuhayah TBD
Nuhayyah TBD
Nuheera TBD
Nujaidah Rescue
Nujaimah Little Star
Nujan TBD
Nujat Safety
Nujat Safety
Nujba Beautiful
Nujud Noble, wise
Nujud Noble, Wise, Elevation, Highness
Nujud Noble; Wise
Nujud, Nojood Noble, wise
Nujum Stars
Numa Beautiful and pleasant
Numa Beautiful and pleasant; happiness
Numa Displayer, viewer.
Numa Beautiful; Pleasant; Happiness
Numa Beautiful and pleasant
Numah Beautiful; Calmness
Numaira Beautiful
Numairah Beautiful
Numaisha TBD
Numayrah Beautiful
Numeera TBD
Nunah Dimple in the chin
Nunah Dimple on the Chin
Nunah Dimple in the chin
Nupur Payal; Honest; Anklet
Nur al Huda Light of the faith
Nur Al Huda Light of the faith
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Nur-al-Huda Light of the Faith
Nura Light
Nura The light, e.g. nurul islam, the light of islam
Nura Filled with Light, Brightness
Nura Light; Illuminate
Nuraa Light; A Variant of the Name Nura
Nurah Light
Nurah Light.
Nurah Brightness, Filled with Light
Nurah Light
Nurah, Noorah Corolla, blossom
Nurahan Radiant King / Leader
Nuraida TBD
Nuraina Luminous
Nuraini Luminous
Nuraisa First Sunlight Reaching Earth
Nuraisyah TBD
Nuralain Remover of Sadness
NurAlHuda Light of the Faith
Nuran TBD
Nurat TBD
Nuratiqah TBD
Nurayda TBD
Nurayda Intelligence
Nurayda Intelligence
Nurbanu Beautiful Nature
Nure Light
Nuren Light; Luminous
Nuresha Enlighten; First Ray of Earth
Nurezannat Glow / Light of Heaven
Nuri Colourful Bird, Stone
Nuria Light; Lords Light; Haven in
Nurin Of Light; Luminous
Nuriya Light, luminous, radiant, brilliant; fem. of Noori.
Nuriya Light
Nuriyah Radiant, brilliant
Nuriyah Radiant, Brilliant, Light,
Nuriyah Light
Nuriyah Light; Another name of Hazrat Fatima Zahra
Nuriyat Light
Nurja Lotus Flower, Beauty
Nurjaha Light from the Earth
Nurjahan Light from the Earth
Nurjahan Light of the world
Nurjenna Light of Paradise
Nurjenna Light of paradise
Nurlita TBD
Nurmina TBD
Nurry Flaming Lights; Gypsy Woman
Nurshah King’s Light; Nur (Light) Shah …
Nursiah TBD
Nurul Light
Nurul-Sahar Early Morning
Nurvi Fragrant Flower; Bliss
Nury Flaming Lights, Colourful Bird
Nuryn Light
Nuryn Light
Nusaiba Beautiful, Intelligent, Generous
Nusaiba Diminutive of Nasiba, noble.
Nusaiba Diminutive of Nasiba; Noble
Nusaibah Old Arabic name
Nusaibah TBD
Nusaibah, Nusaybah Old Arabic name
Nusaifa Equitable
Nusaira Victory
Nusairah Victory; Triumph
Nusaiybah Female Companion
Nusayba Proper Name
Nusayba Diminutive of Nasiba; Noble
Nusaybah One with good lineage
Nusaybah Proper Name; One with Good Lineage
Nusaybah One with good lineage
Nusayma Gentle breeze
Nusayra Environment
Nuseyba Beautiful One, Generous
Nusfa TBD
Nushaba Water of Life; Elixir
Nushaiba Elixir; Water of Life
Nusheen Sweet
Nushrah TBD
Nushrat Essence
Nushrika TBD
Nusra To Support; Helpful
Nusrah Helpful
Nusrah Helpful
Nusrat Help, Victory
Nusrat Help, aid, assistance, support.
Nusrath Winner
Nusreen A Kind of Flower
Nusreena TBD
Nusriya Beauty
Nuthifa TBD
Nuwaira Petals of Flower, A White Flower
Nuwaira Petals of flowers
Nuwaira Petals of flowers
Nuwairah Nuwayrah Small fire
Nuwairah Small Fire, Little Flower, Light
Nuwairah Small fire
Nuwairah, Nuwayrah Small fire
Nuwayla Archiver
Nuwayla Archiver
Nuwaylah Winner
Nuwaylah Winner
Nuwayrah Small Fire
Nuwwar Blossoms, flowers
Nuwwar Pl. of Nuwwara, blossom, flower.
Nuwwara Blossom; Flower
Nuwwara Blossom, flower.
Nuwwara Blossom; Flower
Nuwwarah Flowers; Blossoms
Nuwwarrah Blossom, flower
Nuwwarrah Blossom; Flower
Nuwwarrah Blossom; Flower
Nuzaiba TBD
Nuzaifa Equitable
Nuzairah Radiant, Flourishing, Glowing
Nuzar Pure gold.
Nuzar Pure Gold
Nuzar Pure gold
Nuzat Beautiful; The Key of Heaven
Nuzha Pleasure Trip; Excursion Spot
Nuzha Pleasure trip; Excursion spot
Nuzhah Pleasure trip, promenade
Nuzhat Cheerfulness
Nuzhat pleasure trip, freshness, promenade, excursion, recreation, cheerfulness
Nuzhat Freshness
Nuzhat Cheerfulness
Nuzhath Cheerfulness
Nuzla Gift of God
Nuzra Helpful, To Support, Beautiful
Nuzrath Honest; Help; Victory
Nuzul Merciful
Nweh Light
Nyasia Most beautiful one
Nyasia Clear; Pure; Most beautiful one
Nyela One who Succeeds or Perseveres
Nyfa Gift, Graceful
Nyha Loving
Nyhah Loving
Nykia Pure
Nyla Winner, Achiever
Nyla Winner, From the River Nile
Nyla Winner; Achiever
Nylah Cloud; Champion; Winner
Nyma Blessed; Sun; Thread
Nymah Thread
Nyneishia Princess
Nyra Rose; Beauty of Goddess Saraswati
Nyree Flaxen, Pacific Islander
Nyza Gift from God; Beautiful; Lovable