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“O” represents Patience. The O shows Responsibility, Knowledge, and intellect. The O is a frank, methodical person who has respect for law and order in everything.

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Here on this page, we have compiled famous Algerian Baby Girl Names Starting With O, Choose the best name for your newborn from the following list of most beautiful Algerian Baby Girl Names Start With O.



Beautiful Algerian Baby Girl Names Start With O

Oadira Powerful; Potent
Oadirah A Powerful Woman
Oafiqa TBD
Oaisara Empress; Wife of Caesar
Oamra The Moon
Obaida Servant of God
Obaidiyah Bonds-woman of Allah
Obaidiyah Bondswoman of Allah
Obaidiyah Bondswoman of Allah
Obdulia Servant of Allah
Ofra Fawn; Deer
Ohda Responsibility, Trusteeship
Ohi Message
Oisha Shy
Oishi Gift of God, Divine
Ojaala Light
Ojala Light, sunshine
Ojala Light; Sunshine
Oksana Woman of Hospitality
Olia Olive Tree; Holy
Olida Olive Tree
Olizamia Soft Spoken
Oma Highest
Oma Leader, Giver of Life, Commanding
Omaima Little Princess; Short for Mother
Omaimiya Form of Umaimah
Omaira Awesome; Star; Red
Omaira Red
Omaiza Beautiful – Soft Hearted; Bright
Omam Plural of Ummah; Nation
Omana Protector, Friend, Helper
Omar Red
Omarah Red
Omari Red
Omaria Red
Omeera To Admire / Wonder
Omema Leader
Omera One who posses an inspiring and great personality, enjoys having a positive attitude
Omera Inspiring; Positive Attitude
Omera Great personality
Omira Little Mary; Star of the Sea
Ommata Girl Slave
Ommata Girl slave
Omnia A Wish; What Heart wants
Omniati My Hope / Wish
Omyma Cherry Blossom
Omysha Smile
Onaifa Dignified
Onaysa Good Friend
Oneekah Special Gift
Onessa Pure; Gentle
Ongkar TBD
Onima Analysis
Ons One of the Lovers
Onsiyah TBD
Ooma Silent
Oraiba Keen, Discerning, Intelligent
Oraibia Keen, Perceptive, Intelligent
Oraida Eloquent
Oranous One of the Solar Planet
Oreekha Affectionate Personality
Orin Flower; Unlimited
Orit Little Light
Orjun TBD
Orkideh Orchid
Orni Beautiful; Pretty
Oroni TBD
Orub Devoted; Full of Love; Loving
Orush Thrones; Ceilings
Orwiya Female Mountain Goat
Orwiya Female mountain goat.
Orwiya Female mountain goat
Orzah Competent; Proactive
Orzala Brightness of Fire
Oshaira Wealthy; Fortunate
Osheen Shining, Beautiful, Water Pearls
Osima God’s Protection; Virtuous; …
Osma God’s Protection; Divine …
Osmani Servant of God; Divine Protector
Ouarda Rose
Oudsiyya Glorious; Holy
Ouhood Covenants; Promises
Oula First, Foremost
OurraTulAin Delight of Eye; Darling
Owaiba One who Repents
Owaidat TBD
Owaiqiba Reward; Recompense for Good Deeds
Owaiza Replacement
Owaria Water Well
Oyaina One who has Large Eyes
Oyun Eyes, Variant of Ain, Spring
Oza Strength
Ozaifa God Gift
Ozara Treasure; Wealth
Ozima TBD
Ozra Virgin, Virgin Mary
Ozra Neat; Clean; Virgin Mary
Ozra Virgin; Virgin Mary
Ozza A baby fawn, young female deer, female fawn.
Ozza A Baby Fawn, Young Female Deer
Ozza A baby fawn