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“P” represents Power. The P shows Thoughtful, Talented, Shrewd, Expressive, and influential.

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Here on this page, we have compiled famous Algerian Baby Girl Names Starting With P, Choose the best name for your newborn from the following list of most beautiful Algerian Baby Girl Names Start With P.



Beautiful Algerian Baby Girl Names Start With P

Padideh Phenomenon
Pahal The Start
Pahrun TBD
Paige Sweet, Page, Young Child
Pakeeja Divine
Pakeeza Cleanliness; Pure
Pakeezah Pure
Pakeezah Pure; Clear
Pakeezah Pure; Chaste; Polite; Nice
Pakiza Pure, chaste, polite, nice, fine.
Pakiza Virtuous; Pure
Pakiza Pure; Chaste; Polite; Nice
Pakizaa Virtuous
Pakizah Virtuous
Palwasha Moon-like; Light Ray of Moon
Palwasha Light Ray of Moon
Palwashah Light of Moon; Light of Sun
Pamira TBD
Paniz Sugar
Panra Leaf
Panra Leaf
Parand Silk
Parand Silk
Paransa Silk like
Parasto A Bird; Swallow
Parastoo A Bird; Swallow
Parastu Bird; Swallow
Pardaj Splendour.
Pardaj Splendour
Pardaj Splendor
Paree Fairy; Beautiful
Pareechehr Beautiful
Pareerou Face Like a Fairy / Beautiful
Pareerou Having a face like a fairy, Beautiful
Pareesa Beautiful; Like a Fairy
Pareesha Fair
Pareesima Beautiful; Fairy-faced
Pareesima Fairy faced
Pareeya Fairy; Beauty
Pareeza Like a Fairy; Beautiful
Pareezaad Of Divine Origin
Parey Face of an Angel; Fairy
Parghunda Cotton; Soft
Parghunda Cotton
Pari Fairy, fairy-like beautiful.
Pari Angel, Fairy, Charitable Princess
Pari Beauty; Fairy; Angel
Pariha Land of the Fairies
Parihan A Fairy
Parin Fairy-like; Name of Lord Ganesha
Parinaz Sweet Fairy; Queen of Fairies
Parinda Bird
Parinda Bird
Parisa Angelic; Like a Fairy
Parisha Like a Fairy; Angel; Gift of God
Pariza Fairy, flower
Pariza Fairy
Parizaad Of Divine Origin
Parizad Of Divine Origin
Parkar TBD
Parmida Princess
Parmina TBD
Parsa Chaste, devout, pious.
Parsa Chaste; Devout; Pious
Parto Ray of Light
Parvana Full Moon; Butterfly
Parvana Butterfly
Parvaneh Like a Butterfly
Parvean The Pleiades
Parveen Very Noble
Parveen Star, Collective Shining Stars
Parveen Star; The Pleiades
Parveja TBD
Parveneh Butterfly
Parvin Cluster of Stars
Parvin Capable; Skilful; Efficient
Parvina Shining star
Parvina Shining Star; Fairy Girl
Parvina Shining star
Parvine The Pleiades
Parviz Victorious; Happy; Excellent
Parwana Butterfly; Acceptable
Parween Cluster of Small Stars
Parwin New
Pasha Bond
Pasha A bond
Pashmina TBD
Pashmina Shawl
Pasmina Beautiful
Pat Patrician, Noble, Lady
Patasa Sort of Candy
Patasa Sort of candy
Pattie Lady, Female Version of Patrick
Payeez Autumn
Pegah Dawn; Early Morning’s Light
Pegah Dawn
Pehr Phase; Time of Day
Peridot Gem, A Green Gemstone
Perkha Dew
Perkha Dew
Persa From the Water
Pervin TBD
Peymaneh Wine Cup
Peyvand Connexion; Joint
Phoenyx A Mythical Bird
Phrah Paradise’s Flower; Happiness; Also …
Pinky Most Beautiful, The Little Finger
Piraya Jewels
Piroeta A Ballet Dancer
Piruza Turquoise
Piyasa Love; Thirsty
Pola Small; Little; Humble
Polika Bright
Polita Intelligent
Polla Poppy; Poppy Flower
Pooneh Beautiful; A Flower
Pouneh Flower; Beautiful
Pouneh Flower
Poupak Bird; Kind of Bird
Poupak One kind of bird
Pouran A Successor
Pouran Successor
Pouri Successor
Pratisha Pre Eminence
Preesa Beloved
Preety Beautiful; Love
Prema Loving; Love; Affection
Preman Lovely; Cute
Priam Loved by Everyone
Princess Daughter of King
Princy A Princess; Queen
Priom TBD
Prishaa Loving; God’s Beautiful Gift; …
Purvajha Ancestors