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“R” represents Possibilities. The R shows Enthusiastic, patience, and even-tempered. R is stable, hard-working, warm-hearted, and compassionate.

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Beautiful Algerian Baby Girl Names Start With R

Ra Doe
Raabia Fourth; A God Name
Raabiaa TBD
Raabiah A Bounding in Green Foliage
Raabitah Connexion
Raabiya Spring; Springtime; Garden
Raabiya Queen
Raadhiyah Content One; Pleased One
Raadiya TBD
Raafa Kindness; Sympathy
Raafiah High; Wealthy; Exalted
Raafida Rejecter
Raaha Peace
Raaheel The One who Lead or Show the Way
Raaheen Knowledge; Rising
Raahilah Traveller
Raahima Merciful, Compassionate
Raahmi Merciful; Compassionate
Raaida Leader; A Doll
Raaidha Leader
Raaifa Kindness; Merciful
Raaina Beautiful princess, pretty priness.
Raaina Little Queen; Beautiful Princess
Raaina A beautiful princess; Night; Pure; Clean; Queen
Raaisha Leader; Goddess
Raajiya Expectation; Hope; Wish
Raakiba Horse Rider
Raalah TBD
Raameen Obedient
Raameen Obedient, Who rescues the people from hungry, and pain brings Joy into peoples life
Raana Of elegant, statue, soft, lovely, beautiful, graceful, delicate.
Raana Of Elegant, Statue, Soft, Lovely
Raana Of elegant; Statue; Soft; Joy; Jewel; To gaze; Look
Raanana Beautiful; Fresh; Luxuriant
Raanee The Queen
Raani A queen.
Raani Queen
Raaniya Delighted; Gazer
Raashida Conscious; Pious; Wise; Mature
Raashida Wise; Mature; Intelligent; Sober
Raashidah Follower of the Right Path; Pious
Raashidha Pious; Conscious
Raasiyaat Massive; Towering
Raawiya Transmitter, Storey Teller
Raawiya Transmitter of ancient Arabic poetry
Raawiya Story teller; Narrator; Reciter; Transmit
Raazi Secretive; Agree
Raazia Satisfied; Pleased; Willing
Raaziah Satisfied; Pleased; Delighted
Raazika TBD
Raazitha Attracted; Luminous
Raaziya Pleasant; Delighted
Raaziyah Agreed, Willing, Satisfied
Raba The Fourth-born Child
Rabaa Grace; Kindness; Favour
Rabab Usually two-stringed instrument.
Rabab White cloud
Rabab White clouds
Rabab White cloud; A musical instrument
Rabah A God, Name of a Sahabi RA
Rabail Veil of Flower
Rabail A veil of flowers
Rabail Veil of flower
Rabbab A musical instrument.
Rabbab A Musical Instrument
Rabbani Divine; Godly; Soul / Spirit
Rabbia The Follower of Quran
Rabbina TBD
Rabbiya TBD
Rabbiya Cool breeze of spring season
Rabbiya The cool breeze of Spring season
Rabdaa TBD
Rabea Spring
Rabeca To Tie; Cattle Stall
Rabecca Tied; Bound
Rabeea One who is well-versed.
Rabeea Garden; Springtime
Rabeea Springtime, garden
Rabeea Garden; Famous; Godly
Rabeeah A Bounding in Green Foliage
Rabeeba Queen, One who is Under Oath
Rabeeha Gainful
Rabeehah Winner
Rabeeka Form of Rebecca
Rabeena Beauty of the Sun; Peace
Rabeeya Queen; Princess
Rabekha Name of a Prophet’s Mother
Rabeya Queen; Princess
Rabhya Worshipped
Rabhya Worshipped
Rabi Sweet; The Harvest; Or the Spring
Rabi Breeze
Rabia The fourth. “Rabia Basri”, name of a saint who lived in Basrah.
Rabia Famous, Godly, Spring
Rabia Spring, Springtime
Rabia Historical name
Rabia Garden; Famous; Godly
Rabiah Pale Cloud; Born in the Spring
Rabiah, Rabeea Garden, springtime
Rabica Neat
Rabih Gainer; Winner; Prizes
Rabiha Winner, gainer; fem. Rabih.
Rabiha Winner; Gainer; Fem
Rabiha Winner; Gainer
Rabihaat Winners, Acquirers
Rabihah Winner, Acquirer
Rabika A Precious Stone
Rabina TBD
Rabiqa A Precious Stone
Rabisha Loved by the Sun
Rabita Band, bond, link nexus.
Rabita Bond; Link Nexus
Rabita Band; Bond; Link nexus
Rabitah Bond, tie
Rabitah Bond; Tie
Rabitta Tie; Bond
Rabiya Spring, springtime, garden; fem. of Rabi.
Rabiya Princess; Queen
Rabiya Princess, Queen
Rabiya Spring; Springtime; Garden
Rabiyah Hill
Rabiyathul TBD
Rabna Nice-looking; Eye-catching
Rabsha TBD
Rabwa Hill.
Rabwa Hill
Rabwa Hill
Rabwah Highland; Small Hill; Hilly Area
Rachida Righteous
Racida Rightly Guided
Radea Content; Satisfied
Radeya Satisfied; To Please; Contented
Radeyah Content; Satisfied
Radeyah Satisfied
Radeyah Content, satisfied
Radeyah Content, satisfied.
Radeyah Content; Satisfied
Radheefha TBD
Radhia Well-satisfied
Radhia Pleasant, satisfied
Radhia Pleasant; Satisfied; Content
Radhiah Well-satisfied
Radhika Successful, Prosperous
Radhiya Contented; Agreeable
Radhiya Content, satisfied
Radhiyaa Content; Satisfied; Queen of Night
Radhiyaa Pleasant; Satisfied; Content
Radhwa Name of Mountain in Medina
Radhwa Name of a mountain in Medina; Contentment
Radhwaa A Mountain in Medina
Radia Pleasant; Satisfied; Content
Radia Satisfied; Content
Radiah Satisfied; Contented
Radifa One who is full of shame.
Radifa One who is Full of Shame
Radifa One who is full of shame
Radiha Beautiful; Satisfied
Radiya Veiled, covered.
Radiya Pleased One; Veiled; Covered
Radiya Veiled; Covered
Radiyah Content; Satisfied
Radiyah, Radhiya Content, satisfied
Radiyya Satisfied
Radiyyah Pleased; Delighted; Contented
Radwa Name of a Mountain in Medina
Radwa a mountain in Medina
Radwa Name of a mountain in Medina; Contentment
Radwa, Radhwaa a mountain in Medina
Radwaa Variant of Razwaa
Raeca Unique; Beautiful
Raeda Leader, Pioneer, Ahead, Guide
Raeeda Gentle Breeze, Leader, Guide
Raeefa Compassionate; Kind
Raeefah Merciful; Compassionate
Raeeka Unique; Beautiful
Raeema Sunshine; Pleasing
Raeena Mighty; Queen; Night
Raeesa Leader, chief, princess, a noble lady, a wealthy lady.
Raeesa Princess, Queen, Leader, Chief
Raeesa Leader; Chief; Princess; Flower
Raeesah Princess
Raeesah Princess; Noble lady
Raeesah Princess; Noble lady.
Raeesah Princess; Noble lady
Raeesha Rose
Raeha Fragrance, perfume, scent.
Raeha Fragrance; Perfume; Scent
Raeha Fragrance; Perfume; Scent
Raehanna TBD
Raela Leader; Princess
Raeleah Rays of Sunshine
Raeleah Rays of sunshine
Raesa A Wealthy Lady; Princess; Queen
Raesha Rose
Raessa Princess, Wealthy, The Believer
Raeya Singer; Graceful
Rafa Happiness, Prosperity, Well-being
Rafa Happy
Rafa Happiness, prosperity
Rafa Happiness; Prosperity
Rafa, Rafa Happiness, prosperity
Rafaela God has Healed; Form of Raphael
Rafah Kindness, Well-being, Prosperity
Rafah Pleasant, luxurious life
Rafah, Rafat Mercy
Rafal To Trail a Garment
Rafal To trail a garment
Rafana Good Looking; Graceful; Beautiful
Rafat Mercy, compassion, pity.
Rafat Prosperity
Rafat Mercy
Rafath Patience
Rafayet Importance, Power, Highness
Rafda Support; Gift; Helper; Gift of God
Rafeda Gift
Rafee High
Rafeea Variant of Rafi’a; Exalted; …
Rafeea Sublime, high
Rafeeah Sublime, high.
Rafeeah Sublime; High
Rafeeah High; Sublime; Exquisite
Rafeedah Helper; Giver; Generous
Rafeedha Soft Hearted; Friend
Rafeef Name of a flower
Rafeeha Living in luxury
Rafeeka Companion; Sweetheart; Friend
Rafeena Beauty Queen
Rafeenah TBD
Rafeeqa Companion, friend
Rafeeqa Sweetheart, Companion, Friend
Rafeeqah Friend
Rafeeqah Friend; Soft-hearted
Rafeeqah Friend; Soft hearted; Companion
Rafeesa Daughter of God
Rafeeza Daughter of God
Raffa Happy / Prosperous One
Raffia Exalted; High
Rafha TBD
Rafhika Companion Friend
Rafi Prosperity
Rafia High, Exalted, Sublime
Rafia High, Sublime
Rafia High, Sublime.
Rafia High; Exalted; Sublime
Rafiah Sublime, exquisite
Rafiah Exalted.
Rafiah Exalted; Exquisite; Sublime
Rafiah High; Sublime; Exquisite
Rafica Companion; Intimate Friend
Rafida Generous, liberal
Rafida Support, prop.
Rafida Helper; Support
Rafida Gift
Rafidah Support
Rafidha Support; Helper
Rafif Glittering, shining, gleaming.
Rafif To Gleam; Shimmer
Rafiga Sweetheart; Companion
Rafiha TBD
Rafija TBD
Rafika An intimate friend; Companion
Rafika Companion Friend
Rafina Love
Rafiqa Intimate friend, companion, associate; fem. of Rafiq.
Rafiqa Intimate Friend; Companion
Rafiqa An intimate friend; Companion
Rafiqah Friend, companion
Rafiqah Friend; Companion
Rafiqah Friend; Soft hearted; Companion
Rafisa Daughter of God
Rafisaah TBD
Rafisah Daughter of God
Rafisha TBD
Rafita TBD
Rafiya Luckly; Dignified
Rafiyah Exquisite; Sublime; Exalted
Rafiza Exalt; Daughter of God
Rafizah Exalt, Keeper of the Sacred Book
Rafka Friend, Colleague, Companion
Rafna Beauty Princess
Rafnaaz Bright; Curiosity; Creative
Rafnaz Curiosity; Creative; Bright
Rafni Princess
Rafou Great; High in Status and Rank
Rafq White Rose; Beautiful and Nice
Rafqa Colleague, Friend, Associate
Rafraf Cushion, eyeshade.
Rafraf Cushion; Eye-shade
Rafraf Cushion; Eyeshade
Rafsa Daughter of God; Favourite of God
Rafsan TBD
Rafsana Bright; Light
Rafsha Brightness
Rafshana TBD
Rafsidha TBD
Raful Helpful
Rafya Healing of Jehovah
Raga Harmonious, Melody, Tune, Feeling
Ragaa TBD
Raghaad Ease, Luxury, Ease of Life
Raghad Pleasant.
Raghad Pleasant; Comfortable
Raghad Pleasant
Raghada Comfort opulence, affluence.
Raghada Comfort Opulence; Affluence
Raghada Comfort opulence; Affluence
Raghd Pleasant, plenty.
Raghd Pleasant
Raghd Pleasant
Raghda Pleasant
Raghdah Sweet, Delicate
Raghdiyyah Wealth – Abundance
Ragheebah Desired; Wished for; Aspired to
Raghiba Desirous, wishful, willing; fem. of Raghib.
Raghiba Wishful, Desirous, Willing
Raghiba Desirous; Wishful; Willing
Raghibah Desiring, desirous
Raghibah Desirous, Aspiring, Seeking
Raghibah Desiring; Desirous
Raghid Comfort, opulence, affluence, plenty.
Raghid Comfort, Opulence, Affluence
Raghida Happy
Raghidah Pleasant, Ease, Luxury
Raghubah Desirous; Aspiring; Wishing for
Ragia Hoping; Hopeful
Ragina Night
Ragya Shooting Star
Raha Peaceful
Raha Peaceful, Happiness, Free, Bliss
Raha Peaceful
Rahaa Free, Unbound, Vast, Tranquil
Rahab Large, Extended, Broad, Spacious
Rahaf Delicate; Fine
Rahafa Sweet
Rahala TBD
Rahama Full of Mercy
Rahamat Grace; Gift
Rahamath Grace; Kindness; Full of Mercy
Rahana Sweet basil
Rahana Garden, Anger, Guardian
Rahana Sweet Basil
Rahani Soul; Spiritual
Rahanuma Merciful; Guide; Full of Mercy
Rahat Rest, comfort, ease, relief.
Rahat Relief; Comfort
Rahath Rest; Relax
Rahbat Vast Expanse of Land
Rahea Born During the Springtime
Rahee Traveller
Raheebah Generous; Open-hearted
Raheeda Discerning
Raheel To Leave, To Go on a Journey
Raheela Departure; Exodus
Raheem Compassionate God
Raheema Beneficent
Raheema Merciful, companionate, kind.
Raheema Merciful, Compassionate, Kind
Raheema Merciful; Companionate; Kind
Raheemah Merciful
Raheemah Sweet; Merciful
Raheemah Merciful; Companionate
Raheena Beautiful; Splendid
Raheeq Exquisite wine (nectar)
Raheesa Wealthy; Rich
Raheeya TBD
Rahel Ewe; Sheep; Female Sheep
Rahela Caravan, Helpful
Rahela One who shows the way
Rahema Merciful; Generous; Kind
Rahemat Grace; Full of Mercy; Kindness
Rahemath Gift; Grace
Rahemeen TBD
Rahemin Merciful
Rahena A Handful of Sweet Basil
Rahenuma Merciful; Guide; Full of Mercy
Rahey Born During the Springtime
Raheya Key of Paradise; The Mercy of God
Rahfa Angel of Death
Rahi Traveller; Spring Weather; Way
Rahi Spring
Rahia Rain; Beauty
Rahiana Lovely; Soft
Rahiba Love
Rahida Showing Right Way; Beautiful
Rahie Born During the Springtime
Rahifa Sharp; Feminine of Rahif
Rahifa Sharp; fem. of Rahif.
Rahifa Sharp; Fem of Rahif
Rahii Way, Traveller
Rahija TBD
Rahil Wife of the Prophet Yaqub (Jacob). In the Bible she is mentioned as Rachel.
Rahila One who travels
Rahila Departure; Exodus
Rahila One who travels
Rahilaa One who Travels
Rahilah One who travels
Rahilah One who travels.
Rahilah One who travels
Rahilla One who Travels; Departure
Rahim Another Name of Allah
Rahima Compassionate, Kind, Generous
Rahima Kind, compassionate; fem. of Rahim.
Rahima Merciful; Companionate; Kind
Rahimaa Compassionate; Merciful
Rahimah Merciful, compassionate
Rahimah Merciful; Companionate; Kind
Rahimah Merciful; Companionate
Rahimateh Grace
Rahimath Grace
Rahimunnisa A Person who is Merciful
Rahina Soft; Lovely; Merciful; Beautiful
Rahinna Lovely; Soft
Rahiq Nectar
Rahiq Nectar
Rahiqa Desire
Rahisa Rich; Mystery
Rahisha Victory; Rich
Rahiyanath TBD
Rahiza Wealthy
Rahla Happy; Mirth; Joyous
Rahla Happy, mirth, joyous.
Rahla Happy; Mirth; Joyous
Rahma Compassion; Peaceful; Mercy
Rahma Mercy
Rahma Merciful; Companionate; To have mercy upon
Rahmaa To have Mercy Upon
Rahmaa Merciful; Companionate; To have mercy upon
Rahmah Compassion; Mercy
Rahmah Compassion, mercy
Rahmah Compassion; Mercy
Rahmanah Merciful; Compassionate; Tender
Rahmat Mercy; Compassion; Kindness
Rahmat Mercy, compassion, kindness.
Rahmath Blessing; Kindness; Mercy
Rahmati Compassion; Mercy; Kindness
Rahmatu Kindness; Mercy
Rahmi Merciful; Compassionate
Rahmiyyah Merciful; Compassionate
Rahna Light
Rahnani TBD
Rahnuma Guide
Rahqah Nectar
Rahshea TBD
Rahsheda TBD
Rahsheita TBD
Rahsina TBD
Rahuma TBD
Rahumaf TBD
Rahumah Merciful; Compassionate
Rahumath TBD
Rahy Born During the Springtime
Rahza Gorgeous
Raia Shiny Blue Fish; Friend
Raiah Queen of Power
Raiana Talented
Raiba Name of God
Raida Leader, Explorer, Guide, Model
Raida Explorer, guide, leader, pioneer, model, example; fem. of Raid.
Raida Leader
Raida Explorer; Guide; Leader
Raidah Leader; Pioneer
Raidah Raaida Leader
Raidah Leader; Pioneer
Raidha Leader, Graceful, Night Star
Raiesa Wealthy, The Believer, Thinker
Raifa Merciful; Kindness
Raifa Very compassionate
Raifah Merciful
Raiha Smell; Fragrance
Raiha Smell, fragrance.
Raiha Smell; Fragrance
Raihaana Aromatic; Sweet Basil; Leader
Raihana A handful of sweet basil. A bouquet of flowers; Wife of the Prophet Muhammad.
Raihana The fragrance of a rose
Raihana Aromatic; Sweet Basil
Raihana The fragrance of a rose
Raihanah Sweet Basil
Raihanath Precious
Raika Good; Beautiful
Raikah Beautiful; Good
Raila Form of Raili
Raima Pleasing, Sunshine
Raima Well-cultured.
Raima Pleasing
Raina Queen, Advice, Decision
Raina Peaceful Queen
Raina A beautiful princess; Night
Rainah Wise Guardian, Form of Regina
Rainisha TBD
Rainy Rain of Love; Jolly
Raiqa Pure, clear, tranquil, serene; fem. of Raiq.
Raiqa Serene, Clear, Pure, Tranquil
Raiqa Pure; Clear; Tranquil; Serene; Beautiful
Raiqah Clear; Pure; Undisturbed
Raiqah Clear, Pure, Undisturbed
Raiqah Clear; Pure; Undisturbed
Raisa Chief
Raisa Easy-going, Leader, Flower, Queen
Raisah Leader
Raise Easy-going; Adaptable; Rose
Raisha Princess of Arabia
Raishah Leader; Princess of Arabia
Raisu Believer
Raisya TBD
Raita Food; Rose; Wild
Raitah An early woman narrator of Hadith, she was the daughter of Muslim.
Raitah Narrator of Hadith
Raitah A narrator of Hadith.
Raitah A narrator of Hadith
Raiyana Heaven
Raiysa Leader; Easy-going; Rose
Raiysar Beautiful Flower
Raiza Agree
Raizel Rose
Raizel Rose
Raja Permission, Leave, Hopeful
Raja Hope, anticipation
Raja Hope
Rajaa Hope
Rajab The seventh month of the Islamic calendar.
Rajab TBD
Rajah Hopeful
Rajai Hope; Silver; One who Shines
Rajayah Hope; Wish
Rajda Polite; Brave
Rajeen TBD
Rajeena Intelligent and Beautiful
Rajeena Intelligent and beautiful
Rajeeyah Hoping; Full of Hope
Rajena Queen
Rajeya Wish; Hope
Rajha Permission, Leave, Hope
Rajhi One who Shines; Peace
Raji Thankful for anybody; Satisfied; Contended; Pleased
Rajia Hopeful, hoping, full of hope; fem. of Raji.
Rajia Hopeful; Hoping
Rajia Content; Satisfied; Hopeful; Hoping
Rajida Polite; Brave
Rajifa Happy; Lovely
Rajiha Superior, Predominant
Rajiha Wise, mature
Rajiha Superior; Predominant; Fem
Rajila Silvery; Loving
Rajima TBD
Rajimsha TBD
Rajina Sun Shine; Sun; Light
Rajini Kingly, very exclusive.
Rajini Moonlight; Dark Night
Rajini Night
Rajiya Hope, expectation, wish.
Rajiya Hope; Hopeful; Expectation; Wish
Rajiya Hopeful
Rajiya Delighted; Satisfied; Hope; Expectation; Wish; The Sun; Expert or skilled; Fire
Rajiyah Hoping, full of hope
Rajiyah Hoping; Full of Hope
Rajiyah Hoping; Full of hope
Rajiyya Wish; Hope; Expectation
Rajm Name of a mountain in Madina; Hope
Rajmin TBD
Rajmina Charming Face
Rajna Queen
Rajoua TBD
Rajwa Hope.
Rajwa Expectation, wish
Rajwa Hope; Gift of God
Rajwa Name of a mountain in Madina; Hope
Rajwaa Hope; Wish
Rajwana Angel, Beautiful
Rajya Hope, Expectation, Wish
Rakeeba TBD
Rakeena Dignified; Composed; Firm
Rakeenah Composed; Dignified
Rakhaa Ease, Luxury, Ease of Living
Rakhas Soft and delicate, supple.
Rakhas Soft and Delicate; Supple
Rakhas Soft and delicate; Supple
Rakheelah Name of a Sahabiyyat RA
Rakhima soft, pleasant, melodious (voice)
Rakhima Soft; Pleasant; Melodious Voice
Rakhima Soft; Pleasant; Melodious
Rakhs Soft; Delicate
Rakhsha A Lustrous Woman
Rakhshaan Resplendent; Dazzling
Rakhshan Dazzling, bright.
Rakhshan Dazzling; Bright
Rakhshanda Shining; Brilliant
Rakhshi Beautiful-faced, charming.
Rakhshi Brightness, Beautiful-faced
Rakhshi Beautiful-faced; Charming
Rakhshinda Resplendant, bright.
Rakhshinda Resplendent; Bright
Rakhshinda Shining, luminous
Rakhshinda Resplendent; Bright
Rakhshindah Bright; Resplendent
Rakia One who Prostrates ( Makes Ruku)
Rakiba Horse Rider
Rakima TBD
Rakina Firm, steady; fem. of Rakin.
Rakina Firm; Steady; Feminine of Rakin
Rakina Firm; Steady
Rakini Night, Full Moon
Raknah Stay, Residence at a Place
Raksana Protect; Guard
Rakshaana Bright
Rakshana Protect
Ralia Complete; Satisfied
Raliya Smile
Rama Lord Rama, Pleaser of the Lord
Ramaad Dust
Ramad Dust
Ramada TBD
Ramal River of Knowledge
Ramath Pleasing; Raised; Lofty
Ramazan The ninth month of the Islamic calendar.
Ramazan TBD
Ramee Calm One
Rameeja TBD
Rameejah TBD
Rameen Successful woman.
Rameen Successful Woman, Loyal, Obedient
Rameen Obedient
Rameen Obedient, Who rescues the people from hungry, and pain brings Joy into peoples life
Rameena Obedient; Successful Woman
Rameesa Heavens Beauty, Intelligent
Rameesah Beautiful bunch of flowers, bouquet, Umm-e-Saleem: Aunt of Prophet (PBUH)
Rameesah Hidden.
Rameesah Wise.
Rameesah Hidden
Rameesah Wise
Rameesh A bunch of roses
Rameesha A bunch of roses.
Rameesha A Bunch of Roses
Rameesha A bunch of roses
Rameethah Name of a Sahabiyyah RA
Rameja Level Headed
Rami Calm One
Ramia Sender
Ramia Beautiful; Delightful; Captivating; Lovely; Night
Ramidha White rose
Ramidha White rose
Ramiina TBD
Ramila Bestowed of Pleasure
Ramimh Touch
Ramina Well-advised Protector
Ramirah Judicious
Ramisa White Rose
Ramisa White rose
Ramisha White Rose
Ramiya God is Exalted
Ramiza Intelligent, level headed.
Ramiza Level Headed; Intelligent
Ramiza Intelligent; Level headed
Ramizah Bunch of Flowers
Ramizun TBD
Ramla Sand. Wife of the Prophet Muhammad Her kunya is Umm Habiba.
Ramla Prophet; Predictor of the Future
Ramlah Sand
Ramlah Old Arabic name
Ramseela Flower in Heaven
Ramseena TBD
Ramsha Beautiful.
Ramsha Beautiful, Grace of God
Ramsha Beautiful; Like Moon
Ramsheeda TBD
Ramsheena Beautiful
Ramshida TBD
Ramsi Ram’s Island
Ramsy Ram’s Island
Ramya Enchanting, Delightful, Enjoyable
Ramz Symbol; Gesture; Mark
Ramza Coquette.
Ramza Coquette
Ramzah Symbol; Mark; Gesture
Ramzana TBD
Ramzeela Flower in Heaven
Ramzeela Flower in heaven
Ramzeena TBD
Ramzia Gift, Sign, Symbol, Gesture
Ramzia Gift
Ramzia Gift
Ramzina Knowledge
Ramziya TBD
Ramziyah Symbolic
Ramziyah Symbolic
Ramziyya TBD
Rana To gaze, look.
Rana Blessing, Elegant
Rana Behold
Ranaa Eye Catching, To Gaze
Ranarauna To Gaze; Look
Ranaraunaa To Gaze; Look
Rand Bay laurel
Randa Scented, fragrant tree, good for decoration.
Randa Tree of good scent
Randa To Dance, Admirable, Resemble
Randa Scented; Fragrant tree; Good
Ranee Queen
Raneed TBD
Raneem Sweet Voice
Raneem Chant, musical tone
Raneesa TBD
Raneesha Princess; Bright
Rani Queen
Rani Queen; Princess
Rani A real motavater
Rania Gazing.
Rania Queen.
Rania Contented, Queen
Ranim Singing, song, music.
Ranim To Recite in a Sing Song Voice
Ranim Great; Famous; Peace protector
Ranim, To recite in a sing song voice
Ranim, Raneem To recite in a sing song voice
Raniya Gazing; Delighted
Raniya Gazing
Raniya Gazing
Raniyah Gazing
Raniyah Gazing
Raniyah, Raniya Gazing
Ranjeetah Pleased
Rannah Good Looking; Eye-catching
Ranrha Light
Ranrha Light
Ranya Conquerer
Ranya Pleasant; Assertive; Aggressive
Ranya Pleasant, War Like, Gazer
Raonak Beauty of Nature, Happiness
Raoofah Merciful, Compassionate
Raoom Loving, tender.
Raoom Loving; Tender
Raoom Loving; Tender
Raoufa TBD
Raphia Looming Woman; A Tall
Raqeeba Guardian
Raqeebah Guardian
Raqeema One who is Knowledgeable
Raqia Superior, high ranking, educated; fem. of Raqi.
Raqia Superior, High Ranking, Educated
Raqia Superior; High ranking
Raqiah Ascension (to Become Elevated)
Raqiba Guardian, supervisor.
Raqiba Guardian; Supervisor
Raqiba Guardian; Supervisor
Raqiqa Delicate, fine, soft, slender, slim.
Raqiqa Delicate, Fine, Soft, Slender
Raqiqa Delicate; Fine; Soft
Raqiya Ascending
Raqiyah Ascending, progressing
Raqiyah Progressing
Raqqah Land Close to a Valley
Raqqat TBD
Raquiba Most Watchful
Rasa Dew, Expressive, Nectar
Rasa Expressive; A young deer
Rasada TBD
Rasafna TBD
Rasan Sober, thoughtful, wise
Rasbina TBD
Rasee Life full of happiness.
Rasee Life Full of Happiness
Rasee A life full of happiness
Raseeka Full of Passion, Connoisseur
Raseema Designer, Planner
Raseena Lovely; Composed; Calm
Raseetha Gilded; Bright
Rasha Fawn, young gazelle.
Rasha Young gazelle
Rasha The First Drops of Rain
Rasha Gazelle
Rasha Expressive; A young deer (Celebrity Name: Raveena Tandon)
Rashaa Young Gazelle
Rashad Straight
Rashad Righteous.
Rashada Intelligent
Rashadah Right Guidance / Path
Rashae Soft; Blend of Ray
Rashaqa Graceful, stature, grace, elegance.
Rashaqa Graceful; Stature; Elegance
Rashaqa Graceful; Stature; Grace
Rashdaa Rightly Guided; On the Right Path
Rashdah TBD
Rashea TBD
Rasheda Righteous; Rightly Advised
Rasheeda Righteous, of good character, one who leads onto the right path.
Rasheeda Wise, mature
Rasheeda Wise, Mature, Conscious, Pious
Rasheeda Wise; Mature; Intelligent; Sober
Rasheedah Intelligent one, Sober
Rasheedah Intelligent One; Sober
Rasheedah Intelligent one, Sober.
Rasheedah An intelligent one; Sober
Rasheedha Pious; Conscious; Righteous
Rasheeka A Ray of Light, Graceful
Rasheela Interesting; Tasty
Rasheena TBD
Rasheeqa TBD
Rasheeta TBD
Rasheetha Conscious; Pious; Righteous
Rasheika TBD
Rasheka TBD
Rashel Female Sheep
Rasheqa Elegant; Graceful
Rashid Guided by God
Rashida Intelligent, Sober
Rashida Righteous, pious
Rashida Follower of the right path, mature, right minded, rightly guided; fem. of Rashid.
Rashida Righteous, Rightly Advised
Rashida Wise; Mature; Intelligent; Sober
Rashidaa Rightly Guided; On the Right Path
Rashidah Wise, mature
Rashidah Conscious, Pious, Wise, Mature
Rashidah, Rasheeda Wise, mature
Rashidha TBD
Rashidi Of Good Council, From Kikuyu
Rashieda TBD
Rashieka TBD
Rashika Descended from Royalty
Rashima Radha
Rashina Glorious; Splendour; Charming
Rashiqa Graceful, elegant; fem. of Rashiq.
Rashiqa Graceful; Elegant
Rashitha Graceful; Peaceful
Rashmi A First Ray of Sun
Rashmia Ray of Light
Rashmila Ray of Light
Rashmina Sun Rays
Rashmiya TBD
Rashna A Ray of Light; Girdle; Rectitude
Rashni A Judge; Affectionate
Rashwa Delighting; Full of Nectar
Rasi Quantity, Amount, Extent, Content
Rasia Rose; Queen; Flower Name
Rasida Rightly Guided
Rasifa TBD
Rasika Connoisseur, Full of Passion
Rasikha Firm, stable
Rasikha Well-established, well-founded, stable, steady; fem. of Rasikh.
Rasikha Well-established, Well-founded
Rasikha Well-established; Well-found
Rasima Designer, planner
Rasima Planner, designer; fem. of Rasim.
Rasima Planner, Designer
Rasima Planner; Designer
Rasina Calm, composed.
Rasina Calm; Composed
Rasina Calm; Composed
Rasita Gilded
Rasiya Passion
Rasiyah Towering, Tall
Rasiyat Towering; Massive
Rasla TBD
Raslina Beautiful
Rasma Ray of Light; Smooth; Silk
Rasmeen Well-established, Well-founded
Rasmeena Sense of Justice
Rasmi Ray of light or the sunrays; Silken; Full of light
Rasmia Formal; Ceremonious
Rasmiha Beautiful
Rasmin Beam of Moon Sun
Rasmina Sense of Justice
Rasmiya Ceremonious, Formal
Rasmiya Ceremonial; Ceremonious
Rasmiyah Official, formal
Rasmiyah Official; Formal
Rasmunnisa TBD
Rassada Seedlings
Rastifa Beautiful
Rateeba Soft – Delicate
Ratiba Well-arranged, well-ordered.
Ratiba Well-ordered; Well-arranged
Ratiba Well-arranged; Well-ordered
Ratna Jewellery; Precious Stone; Gem
Raudah A Soft Toy; Paradise
Raudhah Paradise
Raudzah Garden in paradise
Raudzah Garden in paradise
Raufa TBD
Rauhah Happy Contented
Rauhah Happy contented
Raunaa To Gaze; Look Beautiful; Graceful
Raunak Beauty of Nature; Bright; Delight
Raunaq Beauty, grace, glamour, splendour.
Raunaq Beauty; Grace; Glamour; Splendour
Raunaq Jahan Lustre of the world.
Raunaq Jahan Luster of the world
Raunaq-Jahan Lustre of the World
RaunaqJahan Lustre of the World
Raushan Light, luminous, bright, splendour.
Raushan Light; Bright; Splendour; Luminous
Raushan Ara Adorning light (female).
Raushan Ara Adorning light female
Raushan Jabin Of radiant forehead.
Raushan Jabin Of radiant forehead
Raushan-Ara Adorning Light
Raushan-Jabin Of Radiant Forehead
RaushanAra Adorning Light
Raushani Light, splendour.
Raushani Brightness; Light; Brilliance; Law
RaushanJabin Of Radiant Forehead
Raushni Splendour, Light
Rausmina Sense of Justice
Ravan Soul; Spirit
Raveen Pretty; Blackbird
Ravisa Desired by the Sun
Ravya Story teller; Narrator; Reciter; Transmit
Rawa Satisfaction with Drink
Rawaa Refreshing Water
Rawaah Evening; Rest; Departure; Leaving
Rawaan Pure Water, Heaven Gates
Rawabi TBD
Rawah Charm, beauty, splendor
Rawah Rest, repose.
Rawah Repose, Rest, Charm, Beauty
Rawah Rest; Repose
Rawaha Peace; Air
Rawahah A Noted Narrator of Hadith
Rawan Heaven Gates; Pure Water
Rawana Spirit; Soul
Rawand Sweet Smelling Plant
Rawasee Mountain
Rawashed Rightly Guided; On the Right Path
Rawashedah Rightly Guided; On the Right Path
Rawasi Mountain
Rawayeh Good, Fresh Scent
Rawda Beautiful Garden in Heaven
Rawdah Garden
Rawdah, Rawdha Garden
Rawdha Garden
Rawdha Garden, A Bunch of Gems, Meadow
Rawdha Garden
Raweeha Happiness / Rest After Tiredness
Rawfiyyah Tranquillity, Serenity
Rawh Relaxation, Mercy, Cool Breeze
Rawhah Nice
Rawhah Fresh Scent / Breeze; Good
Rawhiya Good Scent
Rawhiyah Spirituality
Rawhiyah Spirituality
Rawia Narrator, reciter, transmitter (of incident Arabic poetry).
Rawia Narrator; Reciter; Transmitter
Rawia Story teller; Narrator; Reciter; Transmit
Rawiah TBD
Rawiah, Raawiya Transmitter of ancient Arabic poetry
Rawish TBD
Rawiya Story teller; Narrator; Reciter; Transmit
Rawiya Storyteller; To Relate
Rawiyah TBD
Rawnak Prestigious, Beauty of Nature
Rawnaz Beautiful
Rawya Relating to Sun, Storyteller
Rawya Story teller; Narrator; Reciter; Transmit
Rawza Garden.
Rawza Garden
Rawza Garden
Rawzat Garden of Heaven
Raxana Guarded; Beautiful; Protector
Raya Sated with drink
Raya Flow, Sated with Drink
Raya Aroma, fragrance.
Raya Flow; Sated with drink
Rayaan The Door Way to Heaven
Rayaana Rain; Rainbow
Rayah Flow; Moving; River
Rayan TBD
Rayana Rainbow; Rain
Rayann Its the door of heaven that opens in the month of ramadhan
Rayann Queen, Wise Guardian
Rayann Its the door of heaven that opens in the month of ramadhan
Rayba TBD
Raydaa Soft Breeze
Raydah Soft Breeze
Rayeena TBD
Rayeesa Princess; Wealthy
Rayeesha Princess of Arabia; Knowledgeable
Rayeeza Leader
Rayeka TBD
Rayema TBD
Rayesha Knowledgeable
Rayfa Kindness; Merciful
Rayha A Little Luxury
Rayhaan Fragrance; Scented Plant
Rayhan Good Scent, Fragrance
Rayhana Aromatic Sweet Basil
Rayhanaa Aromatic Sweet Basil
Rayhanah Aromatic sweet basil
Rayia Guardian, custodian, patron, protector; fem. of Rayi.
Rayia Guardian, Custodian, Patron
Rayia Property; Treasure; Fragrance; Breeze
Rayida Bestowing Wealth; Granting Riches
Rayidah TBD
Rayie Gorgeous
Rayisa Flower; Prepared
Rayisha TBD
Rayiza Agree
Rayla Ewe; Well-advised Protector
Rayma Sunshine
Rayna Pure, Clean
Rayna Pure, Clean.
Rayna Queen; Pure; Purity; Holy Dust
Rayna A beautiful princess; Night; Pure; Clean; Queen
Rayra Blessing
Raysa Pretty
Raysah Rose; Adaptable; Easy-going
Raysha Beautiful Angel of God
Raytah Daughter of Hurayth, and a narrator of Hadith.
Raytah Daughter of Hurayth
Raytah A narrator of Hadith (Daughter of Hurayth)
Rayya Light
Rayya Light.
Rayya Fragrant Breeze, Form of Light
Rayya, Rayyaa Sated with drink
Rayyaa Sated with drink
Rayyaa Fragrant Breeze, Sated with Drink
Rayyah Satisfied Thirst
Rayyai Wealth, Riches, Possessions
Rayyan Luxuriant; Lush; From Swahili
Rayyana Pretty; Full
Rayza Adaptable; Easy-going; Rose
Rayzil Beautiful
Rayzilee TBD
Raz Secret; Mystery
Raza Favour
Razaan Sensibility and respect
Razaan Sensibility; Respect
Razaana One who is calm
Razaana Calm; Composure; Self-possess
Razaanah One who is calm
Razaanah One who is calm.
Razaanah One who is calm
Razan Balanced
Razan Sensibility; Respect
Razan, Razaan Sensibility and respect
Razana Calm, composure, self-possession.
Razana Smell of Flower, Calm, Composure
Razana Calm; Composure; Self-possess
Razanah Calm, Composure, Self-possession
Razaque TBD
Razdan TBD
Razeen Noble; Gentle; Name of a Sahabi
Razeena Sober Minded; Sedate
Razeena Serious, sober, polite
Razeeya Delighted; Pleasant; Satisfied
Razi Agree; Secretive
Razia Content, Satisfied
Razia Satisfied, content, well-pleased; fem. of Razi.
Razia Content, Satisfied.
Razia Chosen, Happy
Razia Content; Satisfied; Hopeful; Hoping
Raziah Good; Strong Minded
Raziela The Lord is My Secret
Razika Aesthetic
Razilee My Secret
Razili My Secret
Razina Calm, Composed, Self-possessed
Razina Calm, composed, self-possessed; fem. of Razin.
Razina Calm; Composed; Self-possess
Raziqa Feeder; One who Feeds Others
Raziqa One who feeds others, feeder.
Raziqa One who feeds others, Feeder
Raziqah TBD
Raziya Delighted, satisfied, contended, pleased; fem. of Razi.
Raziya Contented, satisfied
Raziya Delighted; Satisfied; Hope; Expectation; Wish; The Sun; Expert or skilled; Fire
Raziyaa Hopeful; Wish
Raziyah TBD
Raziyah Hoping; Full of hope
Raziyana TBD
Razlin TBD
Razmeena TBD
Razmi Joyous, Evergreen, Loving
Razmina TBD
Razna TBD
Razva TBD
Razvi Wealthy
Razwa Name of a mountain in Madina.
Razwa Name of a Mountain in Madina
Razwaa Name of a Mountain in Al-madinah
Razwana Chosen; Desired; Preferred
Razya Delighted; Pleasant
Reaha Good Smell
Reahana Sweet Basil
Reama A White Antelope
Reanayra Peaceful
Reath TBD
Reba One who Ties and Joins, Fourth
Rebab Covenant; Promise; Oath
Reda Satisfied
Reeba Tied, Joined, To Bind
Reeda Favoured by God
Reedha Favoured by God
Reefa Princess of Peace
Reefah TBD
Reefath Eminence; Dignity
Reeha Air
Reeha Air.
Reeha Destroyer of enemies; Star
Reeha Air; Smell
Reeham Rain; Little; Light Rain
Reeham Little; Light rain; Drizzle; Mercy
Reehana Perfume
Reeja Lord
Reejah Hope
Reeju Queen; Servant of Allah
Reem Beautiful Gazelle
Reem Gazelle, White Antelope
Reem White gazelle; Antelope
Reema White antalope
Reema White antalope.
Reema Goddess Durga; A wife; The Goddess of fortune, Good luck, Riches, Splendor, Vermilion, Red Earth; Name of An Apsara; Epithet of Mahalakshmi; A woman
Reema Goddess of Durga, White Antelope
Reemah A White Antelope
Reemal Soft
Reemsha Bunch of Flowers
Reen Unicorn
Reena Beautiful
Reena Cute; Gem; Joyous song; Melted; Dissolved; Rebirth; Clear; Bright
Reena Artistic; Gem; Dissolve; Reborn
Reenah Lovely, Bright, Clear, Bay
Reenat Happiness; Melody
Reenaz Great
Reeni Peaceful
Reesha Feather, Sanity
Reeshma Ayurvedic Medicine, Sweet Revenge
Reevana Ambitious; Interesting
Reeyah Graceful, Singer, Gem
Reeza TBD
Reezana Sunshine; Sun
Refa Princess; Great
Refana Angel
Regina Queen; Purple Flower
Reha Star
Rehaab Garden
Rehaana Fragrance, Air of Heaven
Rehab Garden, Having Good Manners
Rehaf Blossom
Reham Rain drops
Rehamathi Full of Mercy; Kindness
Rehan Flower
Rehana Fragrance, Air
Rehana A handfull of sweet basil
Rehana A handful of sweet basil.
Rehana Sweet Basil; Sweet smelling plant
Rehanaa Air of Heaven, Fragrance
Rehanan Scented
Rehanaz Perfume
Rehane Scented
Rehanee TBD
Rehanna Sweet Basil
Rehannah Sweet Basil; Spice
Rehema Compassionate, Indulgence
Rehema Allah mercy
Rehemah Compassion; Forgiveness
Rehemat Gift
Rehemat Gift
Rehena A Handful of Sweet Basil
Rehila Departure; Exodus
Rehima Compassionate
Rehina TBD
Rehma Silk; Mercy of God
Rehmada TBD
Rehmat Blessings; Peaceful; Good Life
Rehmath Mercy
Rehmati Kindness; Full of Mercy
Rehmatunnisa TBD
Rehna Queen; Precious
Rehnaz TBD
Rehnooma Guide
Rehnuma Guide; Leader; Kindness; Merciful
Rehnuma One who guides you
Rehwa Ancient Name of River Narmada
Rehwa An ancient name of river Narmada
Reiaf Peaceful; Kind
Reida Redhead
Reidah Pioneer; Leader
Reihana Sweet Fragrance Flower
Reima Pleasing; Wise Protector
Reisa Prepared; Queen; Leader
Reja Good News
Reja Good News.
Rejah Wish
Rejeena Light; Sunshine
Rejila TBD
Rejina Queen
Rejine Queen
Rejmina Charming Face, Golden Heart
Rejwana Guardian of Heaven; Beautiful
Rejwani Beautiful; Guardian of Heaven
Reksona Brilliant
Rema Heat, Light, Fire, White Antelope
Remi From Rheims, Champagne
Remina Gift of God
Remisa White Rose
Remsha Bunch of Flowers
Remy Precious
Renaaz Great
Renad TBD
Renaiza Sweetness
Renath TBD
Renaz Great
Reneesha Bright; Perfectionist; Precious
Reneez Peaceful
Renesha Reborn; Rae Plus Aisha
Renisa Perfectionist; Bright; Reborn
Renn Night; Sunlight
Renna Dissolve; Artistic; Reborn; Night
Renoza TBD
Renza Loving; From Florence
Renzil Traveller to Ultimate Happiness
Resha Line
Reshail TBD
Resham Silk
Resham Silk, softness.
Reshama Silken; Sweet Revenge; Silk
Reshana Calm; Beautiful
Reshma Golden Silk, Expensive
Reshma Silk; Atom; Silken
Reshma Golden Silk, Expensive.
Reshma Silken
Reshma-Begam Golden Silk
Reshmaan Of Silk
Reshman Of Silk; Soothing
Reshmina Silken
Reshmina Silken
Reshtina Truthful
Reshtina Truthful
Resia Harvester
Resma Silk; Smooth; Soft; Beauty
Resmi Smooth; Silk
Resmina Sense of Justice
Resmiya TBD
Rewa Swift
Rexona Royal Grace
Reya Queen, Angel, Graceful, Singer
Reyaana Jasmine Flower
Reyah Comfort
Reyah Comfort, Winds, Scents, Strength
Reyah Comfort
Reyana Night; Queen; Pure
Reyhan Favoured by God
Reyhana Sweet smelling flower of paradise
Reyhana Sweet smelling flower of paradise
Reyhaneh A Flower
Reynelle Advice; Counsel
Reza Summer; From Theresa; Reaper
Rezan Cut
Rezana Charm; Beautiful
Rezena TBD
Rezeya TBD
Rezina Queen
Rezma Beautiful; Flower
Rezona Paradise Stars
Rezowana Beautiful; Angel of Heaven
Rezvan Paradise; Heaven
Rezwana Guardian of Heaven; Beautiful
Rhae Stream, River, Poppy Flower
Rhania Queen; Contented
Rheanna Great Queen, Form of Rhea, Rivers
Rheba Cattle Stall, Tied, Joined
Rheema A White Antelope
Rhidy Night Angel; Heart
Rhima A White Antelope
Rhizwana Angel, Beautiful
Rhosyn Rose
Rhudaina Part of Heart
Rhutvika TBD
Rhyana Stream, Welsh, Great Queen, River
Ria Singer, Love, To Flow, Earth
Riaana One who Removes Poverty
Rian Witch; Nymph; Goddess
Riana Love, Happiness and Luck, Queen
Rianna Kind, Caring, Sweet Basil
Riaz Practise
Riba Knowledgeable
Ribah Fish
Ribana TBD
Ribla Giver of Life; A Fruitful Woman
Ribqah The Wife of Hzrat Ishaaq (PBUH)
Rida Favored by God
Rida God-given, An Angel
Rida Sheet of cloth, veil, covering.
Ridaa Happiness
Ridah Favoured by God; Consent
Ridah Favored by God; Consent
Ridh Contentment
Ridha Tone
Ridhan Great Heart
Ridhana One with Great Heart; Satisfaction
Ridhva Grateful; Prosperity; To Make Gain
Ridhwaan Contentment
Ridhwaana Pleasure; Acceptance
Ridhwana Pleasure; Acceptance
Ridwaanah Pleasure; Delighted; Content
Ridwan Variant of Rizwan
Ridwana Feminine Form of Rizwan
Ridwanna A Pleasant Woman
Rieyana Beautiful
Rifa Happiness; Prosperity
Rifa Happiness, prosperity.
Rifa Happiness; Prosperity
Rifaah Need, Greatness
Rifaat Altitude, Height, High
Rifaat Altitude, Height, Greatness
Rifaat Altitude; Height; High; Development
Rifaath Dignity; Eminence; High Standing
Rifadha Dignity
Rifah Highness, Clever
Rifaha God’s Gift
Rifana Angel, Beauty Princess, Queen
Rifansa TBD
Rifasa TBD
Rifat Dignity, exaltation, high rank, high standing.
Rifat Dignity; Exaltation; High Standing
Rifath Dignity; Eminence; Patience
Rifaya Princess, Cute, Brilliant
Rifaya Brilliance
Rifaza Charming
Rifdha Dignity
Riffat High
Riffat Altitude, Height, High, Happy, Gratefulness.
Riffat High
Riffath Eminence; Dignity; Patience
Rifha TBD
Rifka Riverbank; Shore
Rifkan TBD
Rifla Beauty; Beyond; Respectful
Rifna Beauty Princess; Angel; Lucky
Rifnaas TBD
Rifnaz TBD
Rifqa Kindness, gentleness, company, companionship. Wife of the Prophet ishaq.
Rifqa Kindness, Gentleness, Company
Rifqa Kindness; Gentleness
Rifqah Leniency; Kindness; Gentleness
Rifqat Kindness, Form of the Name Rifqah
Rifsha Kind; Generous
Riftha Charity
Rifza Charming
Rigel Foot
Riha Free; Flower; Fragrance
Rihaam Good Smell
Rihaana Sweet Basil
Rihaana Sweet Basil; Sweet smelling plant
Rihab Vastness, expanse
Rihab Pl. of Rahbbah, vastness, expanse.
Rihab Vastness; Expanse
Riham Lasting, fine rain
Riham Light rain, drizzle
Riham Lasting; Fine Rain
Riham Little; Light rain; Drizzle; Mercy
Rihama TBD
Rihan Fragrance; Scented Plants
Rihana Sweet basil
Rihana Sweet Basil; Sweet smelling plant
Rihanah Flower
Rihanat TBD
Rihani Entrance of Heaven; Spiritual
Rihanna Sweet Scent; Great Queen; Unclear
Rihannat Sweet Basil
Rihazma TBD
Rihla Journey
Rihwa Beauty, Joined, Tied
Rija Desire, Hope
Rija Hope; Dreamfull
Rija Goddess Lakshmi; Good news; Desire; Hope
Rijana Sun; Sunshine
Rijavana Beautiful
Rijha Heavens Beauty; Dreamfull; Hope
Rijia Beautiful
Rijja Heavens beauty
Rijja Heavens beauty
Rijla TBD
Rijuvana Gift of God
Rijvana Gift of God
Rijwana Beautiful, Guardian of Heaven
Rikka Rich Powerful Ruler
Riktisha Queen of Grace
Rikza TBD
Rilla Little Creek, Small Brook
Rilsa TBD
Rilvana TBD
Rilwana Beautiful
Rilza TBD
Rim White Antelope; Green Land
Rim White gazelle, antelope.
Rim White gazelle; Antelope
Rim, Reem Gazelle
Rima White Antelope
Rima White, gazelle, antelope.
Rima, Reema White antelope
Rimah A White Antelope
Rimal Soft
Rimas Diamond Heart
Rimel Sand
Rimmy A White Antelope
Rimna Calm; Composed
Rimsa Benj of Flowers; Flowers Opening
Rimsha Bunch of flowers
Rimsha Sweet, Bunch of Flower
Rimsha Flowers
Rimshah TBD
Rimsia TBD
Rimza Flowers Opening
Rimzana Charm – Good Hearted
Rina Peace, Form of Catherine, Pure
Rinaad Happiness
Rinaaz Great
Rinaaz Great
Rinan TBD
Rinas Cute
Rinat Happiness; Melody
Rinath Sun Shine; Happy; Lovely
Rinaya Star; Gift of God
Rinayah TBD
Rinaz Great
Rinda A Giant
Rineesha Perfectionist; Bright
Rinesh Success
Rinha Beloved; Peace; Joyful; Melody
Rinooba TBD
Rinsa Ray of Light; Calm
Rinsha Beautiful, Sweet Heart, Gold
Rinshana Star; Beautiful
Rinshida TBD
Rinshila TBD
Rinshina Goddess
Riny Debtor
Rinza Beautiful
Riona A Queen; Royal
Riqbah Name of the wife of Prophet Ishaq AS.
Riqbah TBD
Riqbah Name of the Wife of Prophet Ishaq (Name of a wife of prophet)
Riqqah Gentleness; Kindness; Leniency
Risana Satisfaction; Good Human Being
Risfana TBD
Risha Beautiful, Feather, Line, Saintly
Rishaana Passionate; Bright; Touchstone
Rishadha TBD
Rishal Helpful
Risham Soft; Peaceful; Silk
Rishana Beautiful; Calm
Rishdha TBD
Rishla Powerful Ruler
Rishma Smart; Pretty; Funny; Saintly
Rishmiha TBD
Rishmiya TBD
Rishna God Given Gift
Rishona First
Rishwana Bringer of Rain
Riska Heritage, Peaceful Ruler
Risla TBD
Risliyyah Gentle; Lenient; Kind
Rismath TBD
Rismiya Beauty
Risna Wise; Beautiful
Risna Wise; Black; Dark; Name of Hindu God
Risniya Beauty
Risqin Good Fortune
Rissana TBD
Risvana Beautiful
Risvia Wealthy; Great One
Riswa TBD
Riswana Pleasure; Satisfaction; Pretty
Riswi Religious
Ritaaj TBD
Ritaj Door of a Castle; Crown
Rital Ocean Pearl
Rittal Ocean Pearl
Ritzi Beloved of Amun; Blessed
Riva Form of Rebecca, Tied, Joined
Rivana Interesting; Ambitious
Riwa Joined; Beauty; Tied; Pure Water
Riwa Fruitfulness; Plenty
Riwana Ambitious; Interesting
Riwana The Moon light
Riyaah Gales; Strong Wind; Fragrant Smell
Riyaasha TBD
Riyah Victory; God’s Gift; Fragrant …
Riyam Strong
Riyana TBD
Riyanna A Person Devote his Life for Music
Riyansika Truthful; Goddess
Riyasa TBD
Riyasha TBD
Riyath TBD
Riyaz Garden; Plural of Rawza
Riyaz Pl. of Rawza, garden.
Riywa Tied, Beauty, Joined, Pure Water
Riyyan Name of Jannah’s Door
Riza Pleasure
Riza Pleasure.
Riza Fairy; Pleasure; Wish
Rizaa Satisfaction
Rizah TBD
Rizal TBD
Rizana Flower Garden; Beautiful; Charm
Rizawana Guardian of Heaven
Rizaya TBD
Rizbana A Beautiful Flower in the Sea
Rizeen Dignity, heavy and precious thing, souvenir.
Rizeen Dignity, Heavy and Precious Thing
Rizeen Dignity; Heavy and precious
Rizfa TBD
Rizha Heavens Beauty
Rizhana Charm; Beautiful
Rizia Delight, Pleasure, Bliss
Riziel Beautiful; Righteous
Riziki Fate; Destiny; Daily Sustenance
Riziya Delighted; Religious
Rizma Winner; Flower; Beautiful
Rizmi Heart
Rizmi Heart
Rizmiya Part of Heart
Rizna Beautiful
Rizniya Beauty
Rizqaa Provision; Gift; Blessing
Rizqah Provision; Gift; Blessing
Rizqin Good fortune
Rizqin Good fortune
Rizqkin Pretty
Rizuana Guardian of Heaven; Beautiful
Rizuvana Guard of Paradise, Beautiful
Rizvana Beautiful, Guardian of Heaven
Rizvee TBD
Rizvi Beauty
Rizviya TBD
Rizvy TBD
Rizwaa Religious
Rizwaan God’s Contentment Toward Humans
Rizwan Satisfaction, acceptance, pleasure, contentment, name of the gate-keeper of paradise.
Rizwan Satisfaction, Acceptance
Rizwana Beautiful, Guardian of heaven
Rizwana Fem. of Rizwan, .
Rizwana Angel; Guard of paradise; Bringer of good news
Rizwanaa Guardian of Heaven; Beautiful
Rizwani Good will
Rizwee Guard of Paradise
Rizwi Religious
Rizwi Angel; Guard of paradise; Bringer of good news
Rizwiya Religious
Rizwna Guardian of Heaven; Beautiful
Rizzu Powerful; Brave
Rjha Permission; Leave
Rkhsana TBD
Rnzna TBD
Robabeh Name of an Instrument
Robeena Happy, girl.
Robeena Bright Fame
Robeena Happy; Girl; Blessing with Love; Waterfall
Robina Bright Fame
Robina Happy; Girl; Blessing with Love; Waterfall
Rodaina Old Arabic Name; Sword
Rodika Renowned Ruler
Roeena Strong
Rofaida TBD
Rofaidah Support; Helper
Rofeena Beautiful
Rofena Beautiful
Rofida Support; Helper
Roha Life; Soul; Beautiful; Rose
Roha Soul, life.
Roha Soul; Life
Rohaan A river in paradise
Rohailay Noble
Rohana Sandalwood
Rohanee Most Beloved; Sacred; Spiritual
Rohani Most Beloved; Powerful
Rohayah My Soul
Roheema Kind; Merciful; Generous
Roheen Iron.
Roheen Iron
Roheen Iron; Rising
Rohi Soul, A River in Afghanistan
Rohi Life, soul
Rohida Ornament Made of Precious Stones
Rohima Compassionate; Kind; Merciful
Rohima-Begum Merciful; Compassionate
Rohin Rising; Lord Vishnu
Rohina Rising
Rohma Kind Hearted
Roiya Dream; Vision
Roja Garden; Meadow; Paradise
Roja Pretty; Rose; Sensitive
Rojama Flower Grace
Rojan TBD
Rojeena TBD
Roji Beautiful; Love; Satisfaction
Rojina Light; Brightness
Rojmina TBD
Rokeya TBD
Rokhana Bright
Rokhsana Dawn (as in Sunrise)
Rokhsanana Light
Rokhsar Bright Face
Rokhshana Shining; Bright
Rokita Innocent; Pleasing; Season
Roksana Awesome person that is funny; energetic and cool
Roksana Star of Magnificence, Light
Rokshana TBD
Rolla Leadership; Beautiful
Roma Exalted, Lofty, Goddess Laxmi
Romaana Romantic; Fascinating
Romaicia Bunch of Flowers
Romaisa Bunch of Flowers
Romana Pomegranate; The fruit of Paradise
Romana Citizen of Rome; Woman from Rome
Romasa Bunch of Flowers
Romaysa Sweet; Intelligent; Beautiful
Romeena Is Perfect; From the Land
Romeesa Heavens beauty
Romeesa Heavens beauty
Romeesha Flowers; White Rose
Romel Strength
Romela One who Decorates
Romena TBD
Romesa Heavens Beauty; Bunch of Flowers
Romesha White Rose
Romessa TBD
Romeza TBD
Romina From the Land, Place Name
Romisha TBD
Romiya TBD
Romiza Bunch of Flowers
Romna Pomegranate
Romysha TBD
Rona Shining light
Rona Light, Rough Island, My Joy
Rona Shining light
Ronaq Light
Rond Tree of Good Scent
Ronza Kind
Rooaliya TBD
Rooba Beautiful
Roobee Ruby; Precious Stone
Roobi Ruby; Precious Stone; Pearl
Roobi Ruby, pearl.
Roobi Ruby; Pearl
Roobika Beauty
Roobina The Red Gemstone
Rooby Precious Stone; Pearl
Roofia TBD
Roofiya TBD
Rooh Soul
Roohan Godliness
Roohani Spiritual; Sacred; Divine
Roohee Of Spirit
Rooheena TBD
Roohi Soul
Roohi A music tune; Soul; A flower; Who touches the heart
Roohina TBD
Roohshanas Keep Knowledge of Soul
Roohy Soul, A Star, Of Spirit
Rooksaar Beautiful
Rookshana Beautiful
Rooma Brahma’s Daughter
Roomana Beautiful; Enchanting
Roomi Peaceful; Wealth
Rooroo TBD
Rooshan Light / Bright
Rooza TBD
Roquaia TBD
Rosalia Beautiful Rose, Rose Garlands
Rose Rose Flower / Bush, Flower Name
Roselin Pretty Rose
Rosemeen Rose
Rosemin TBD
Rosena Rose; Flower Name
Roshail TBD
Roshan Bright.
Roshan Bright; Light
Roshana Bright; Passionate; Touchstone
Roshana Bright; Light; Illumination; Shining; Brilliance
Roshanai Illumination, Shining, Bright
Roshanak Star of Magnificence; Light
Roshanak Lustrous; Bright; Dawn
Roshanara Light of Assembly
Roshane Light; Bright; Dawn
Roshaney TBD
Roshani Brightness; Light; Brilliance; Law
Roshani Light, Lighting, Lustrous
Rosheena Pretty; Horse Shield of Lime Wood
Roshida One who Guides to the Right Path
Roshima Soft; Moonbeam
Roshina One who Gives Light
Roshina One who gives light
Roshini Means light
Roshini Light, noor
Roshini Brightness, Shining, Radiant
Roshiya TBD
Roshna Bright; Shining; Light
Roshni Brightness; Light; Brilliance; Law
Roshni Light.
Roshni Shining, Radiant, Rays of the Sun
Roshnie Dawn; Light; Bright
Rosila Sweetness; Beautiful Rose
Rosina Horse Shield of Limb Wood
Rosiya TBD
Rosnara Passionate
Rosonara TBD
Rosy Deep Pink; Beautiful; Rose
Rouba TBD
Roubina TBD
Roufana TBD
Roufeena Beautiful
Roufi TBD
Rouhina TBD
Roukhya Rising the Sun
Roumesa Bunch of Flowers
Rouna TBD
Rousha Beautiful Butterfly
Roushana Light; Brightness
Roushanara TBD
Roushida Righteous
Rouyaa Dream
Rovaida TBD
Rowa Lovely Vision
Rowaida Walking Gently; Beautiful
Rowfiya TBD
Rownaf TBD
Rowsan Shine; Bright
Roxana Bright, Dawn, Light
Roxy Dawn; Sunrise
Roya A Dream Come True, Premonition
Roya Dream; Vision
Royafa TBD
Roylene Dream; Royal; Vision
Roza Rose Blossom, Flower Name
Roza Garden; Meadow; Paradise
Rozana Graceful Rose; Passionate
Rozee Rose
Rozeen TBD
Rozeena Daily Pay
Rozena Daily Pay
Rozey Lucky; Rose
Rozhin Sunlight
Rozi Flower; Rose; Progress
Rozia Rose
Roziah TBD
Rozida TBD
Rozina Daily Pay, Variant of Rose
Rozinah Daily wages, pension, reward.
Rozinah Daily Wages; Pension; Reward
Rozinah Daily wages; Pension; Reward
Rozine Pretty; Horse Shield of Lime Wood
Rozmeen Well-established; Rose Flower
Rozmin Rose Flower
Rozmin Rose flower
Rozmina Rose Flower
Rozy As a Rose; Lucky
Rua Dreams; Visions
Rua Dreams, visions
Rua Pl. of Ruya, vision.
Rua {h} Goddess Parvati; {m} Almost perfect; Invisible
Ruaa Beauty; Invisible; Prettiness
Ruaa {h} Goddess Parvati; {m} Almost perfect; Invisible
Ruaida Vacation
Ruaydaa Very Gentle, Forbearing
Ruaydah Forbearing; Gentle
Ruba Pl. of Rubwa, Rabwa, hill.
Ruba Green Highland, Hill, Gift of God
Ruba Pl of Rubwa, Rabwa; Hill
Rubaa Plural of Rubwa; Rabwa; Hill
Rubaa Hills, height
Rubab Attitude, Proud, Good Deeds
Rubab Proud
Rubaba Rose
Rubaba A two stringed musical instrument.
Rubaba Rose
Rubadah Ash colored
Rubadah Ash Coloured
Rubadah Ash-colored
Rubaida TBD
Rubaihah Winner; One who Makes Profits
Rubaika A Precious Stone / Gem; Beauty
Rubain A Bright Woman
Rubaina Bright, Radiant, Beautiful
Rubaina Bright
Rubaisha TBD
Rubaiya Cool Breeze in Spring Time
Rubama Confidence; Intelligent
Ruban Hill; Plural of Rubwa; Bright
Ruban Bright
Ruban Pl. of Rubwa, hill.
Rubana A Bright Woman
Rubani Soul of Holy Book
Rubasha TBD
Rubay TBD
Rubay She was the daughter of Muawwiz and a companion of the Propphet PBUH from her young age.
Rubay A companion of the prophet (Pbuh) from her young age (She was the daughter of Muawwiz)
Rubaya Cool Breeze in Spring Time
Rubayat TBD
Rubaysha Part of Gemstone
Rubayya TBD
Rubby Red Gemstone
Rubea Red
Rubeda Ash Coloured
Rubeela TBD
Rubeen TBD
Rubeena Face Reader
Rubeina Bright
Rubel Light
Rubena Behold a Child
Rubi Red gem
Rubi Red stone; Ruby; Red; Jewel; Precious
Rubi Red Gemstone
Rubia Lovely; A Red; Ruby Jewel
Rubiha Gainer; Winner
Rubii Red Gemstone
Rubika Beauty
Rubin Behold; A Son
Rubina Blessed with love, waterfall
Rubina Face reader.
Rubina Blessed with Love; Waterfall; Ruby; Red
Rubinoor TBD
Rubisha Part of Gemstone
Rubista TBD
Rubiya Spring Season
Rubiya Spring season
Rubiyat TBD
Rubsha Tree; Darakht
Ruby Red stone; Ruby; Red; Jewel; Precious
Ruby Reddish
Ruchie A Love Growing into a Wish; Ewe
Rucksana Brilliant
Ruckshana Beautiful; Also Spelt as Rukshana
Rucsana Brilliant; Beautiful
Rudaba Fame; Glorious; Status
Rudaina Heart; Old Arabic Name; Sword
Rudainah Old Arabic name
Rudainah, Rudaynah Old Arabic name
Rudayna Sword; Old Arabic Name
Rudaynah Sword; Old Arabic Name
Rudba Status; Fame; Glorious
Rudha Beautiful
Rudhaina Old Arabic Name; Sword; Heart
Rudina TBD
Rufaa Affectionate
Rufaida Bright Star; Support
Rufaidah Support
Rufaidah Support
Rufaidah, Rufaydah Support
Rufaidha Support
Rufaidiyyah Helper; Supporter; Giver
Rufaiyda TBD
Rufaya An Early Student of Hadith
Rufayah An early student of Hadith.
Rufayah An early student of Hadith
Rufayda She was a female companion who performed surgery on the injured in a tent setup in the mosque.
Rufayda TBD
Rufayda She was a Female Companion who Performed Surgery on the Injured in a Tent Setup in the Mosque
Rufaydah Support
Rufeeda Generous; Helper; Giver
Rufeela TBD
Rufeena Red-haired
Ruffina Red-haired; Redhead
Rufi Lover
Rufia Great Minded
Rufida Support; Helper
Rufina Red Haired; Queen
Rufiya Wisdom; Knowledge
Rufna TBD
Rufsana Light; Bright
Rufsha Beautiful
Rufta TBD
Rufzana Bright; Intelligent; Light
Rugaiya Superior
Rugaya Superior, Goddess of Beauty
Rugayah Name of the Prophet’s Daughter; …
Rughaidah One who Lives in Ease and Luxury
Ruha Grown, Risen, Ascending, Rising
Ruhaana Soulful Fragrant; Sweet Basil
Ruhaani Spiritual; Sacred; Divine
Ruhaani Spirituality, Soul, Most Beloved
Ruhab One who Brings Happiness
Ruhab The one who brings happiness
Ruhaibah Vast Expanse of Land
Ruhaida Soul; Of Spirit
Ruhaila Travel; Departure
Ruhaima TBD
Ruhaimah Compassionate; Merciful
Ruhaina Spirit; Soulful Fragrant
Ruhama Kind; Merciful One
Ruhamaa Kind – Merciful One
Ruhamah Having Obtained Mercy
Ruhana Soulful Fragrant; Spirit; Soul
Ruhanee Soul, Spiritual, Divine
Ruhani Spiritual; Sacred; Divine; Shine
Ruhaniya Spirituality
Ruhaniya Spirituality.
Ruhaniya Spirituality
Ruhaya Spiritual; Soul; Spirit
Ruhee Soul, A Flower
Ruhee Soul, a flower, who touches the heart
Ruhee A music tune; Soul; A flower; Who touches the heart
Ruheeba TBD
Ruheen Souls
Ruheena Sweet / Beautiful Fragrance
Ruheima Protector
Ruhena Beautiful Fragrance; Beauty
Ruhensa Melodious Voice of Heaven
Ruhi A music tune; Soul; A flower; Who touches the heart
Ruhi Soul; Of Spirit; Peaceful
Ruhia Very Beautiful
Ruhie Of Spirit; Soul; Spiritual
Ruhila Ascending, Grown up, Rising
Ruhima Protector; Compassionate
Ruhin Spiritual
Ruhina With a Soul
Ruhina Sweet fragrence
Ruhina Sweet fragrance
Ruhinaz Pride; Part of Soul / Spirit
Ruhisha Part of Soul / Spirit
Ruhita Soul
Ruhiya Spiritual
Ruhiya Spiritual.
Ruhiya Spiritual
Ruhiyah Spiritual
Ruhm She was the daughter of al-Aswad and a narrator of Hadith.
Ruhm TBD
Ruhm She was the Daughter of Al-aswad and a Narrator of Hadit
Ruhma Kind; Merciful
Ruhma Kind, merciful.
Ruhmah Merciful; Kind
Ruhusha TBD
Ruhy Peaceful; Soul; Of Spirit
Ruida Vacation
Ruina TBD
Rujaina Spirit; Soulful Fragrant
Rujayna TBD
Rujena Powerful
Rujina Beautiful; Honest
Rujita Beautiful
Rujita Beautiful
Rujmeen TBD
Ruka Gold
Rukaiya Best of the Best
Rukaiyaa Best of the Best
Rukaiyah Best of the Best
Rukaiyya Best of the Best
Rukan Steady, confident
Rukan Steady; Confident
Rukaya Muhammad Mustafa’s Daughter
Rukayat It is the name of one of the daughters of the Prophet, it means one who Allah loves
Rukayat TBD
Rukayat It is the name of one of the daughters of the prophet; It means one who Allah loves
Rukayya Charm; Superior; Spell
Rukeiya Ascending, Rise, Ascent
Rukeya TBD
Rukha Gentle Wind; Soft Breeze
Rukhaa Soft Breeze
Rukhailah Female Sheep
Rukhaiyabanu Akbar Second Wife Name
Rukhasana Beautiful
Rukhaya Breeze
Rukhaylah TBD
Rukhaylah This is also a male name.
Rukhaylah Female sheep name of a Saha
Rukhi Kind of Own Heart
Rukhila TBD
Rukhjueya TBD
Rukhma Merciful
Rukhsaanah Name of a Girl
Rukhsaar Face; Cheek; Beautiful
Rukhsaar Cheek, Face.
Rukhsaar Cheek; Face
Rukhsan Beautiful
Rukhsana Beautiful
Rukhsana Beautiful; Bright; Brilliant; Shining
Rukhsanah Beautiful
Rukhsanah Rukhsar Cheeks
Rukhsar Cheek.
Rukhsar Cheek
Rukhsar Cheeks
Rukhsar Cheeks; Beautiful; Intelligent
Rukhsar Cheek; Face
Rukhsara Loving; Charming Face; Beautiful
Rukhsara Loving, charming face, beautiful.
Rukhshana Bright; Brilliant; Shining
Rukhshana Bright, brilliant, shining.
Rukhshana Beautiful; Bright; Brilliant; Shining
Rukhshar TBD
Rukhsna TBD
Rukia Rue, Rise, Ascending
Rukina Steady; Firm
Rukiya She Rises High
Rukkaya Superior; Charm
Ruksa Peaceful Ruler; To Guard
Ruksaana Beautiful; Protect; Brilliant
Ruksaar Beautiful
Ruksad One who Protects
Ruksan Heart of Gold; Beautiful
Ruksana Beautiful, persian princess
Ruksana Brilliant; Beautiful; Protect
Ruksana Brilliant
Ruksar Beautiful
Ruksat Beautiful
Ruksha Beautiful
Ruksha Beautiful
Rukshaar Charming Face; Beautiful
Rukshad One who Protects
Rukshana Beautiful
Rukshar Beautiful, Charming Face, Cheeks
Rukshara Goddess Lakshmi; Goddess Laxmi
Rukshinda TBD
Ruksona Brilliant
Rula Ruler; Commander or Leader
Rulil Ascending; Essence; Soul; Spiritual; Beloved
Ruma Queen; Wife of Sugriva; Vedic Hymn
Rumaan Caring; Loving
Rumaana Caring; Loving
Rumaanah TBD
Rumaika Charming
Rumaila Caring; Good
Rumailah Good; Caring
Rumailah Old Arabic name
Rumailah, Rumaylah Old Arabic name
Rumaina Protectiveness; Heavenly Fruit
Rumaisa Bunch of flowers
Rumaisa She was Umm Sulaym and a narrator of Hadith; Bunch of flowers
Rumaisah Bunch of Flowers
Rumaisha Bunch of Flowers
Rumaissa Bunch of Flowers
Rumaitha Raised; Lofty; Flower
Rumaithah Old Arabic name
Rumaithah Lofty; Raised
Rumaithah, Rumaythah Old Arabic name
Rumaiya Innocent
Rumaiyya Innocent
Rumaiza Bunch of Flowers
Ruman Pomegranate
Rumana Romantic, loving
Rumana Heavenly Fruit
Rumana Romantic; Loving
Rumanah TBD
Rumani Heavenly; Pomegranate
Rumaya Innocent
Rumayla Sand particle
Rumaylah Old Arabic name
Rumaylah TBD
Rumaysa TBD
Rumaysa She was Umm Sulaym and a narrator of Hadith.
Rumaysa She was Umm Sulaym and a narrator of Hadith; Bunch of flowers
Rumaysah TBD
Rumaysha Bunches of Flower
Rumayta TBD
Rumayta The daughter of al-Hadis bin al-Tufayl al-Azdiyah was known by this name; she was a narrator of Hadith.
Rumaythah Old Arabic name
Rumayza TBD
Rumee Peace; Loyal
Rumeena Protectiveness
Rumeesa TBD
Rumeesha Flowers; White Rose
Rumeha Beautiful Stone.
Rumeha Beautiful Stone
Rumeha Beautiful stone
Rumeisa TBD
Rumena Protectiveness
Rumesa Bouquet; Bunch of Flowers
Rumesha Bucket of Flowers
Rumeza Bunch of Flowers
Rumi Peaceful; Good
Rumina Protectiveness; Sleeping Baby
Ruminah Protectiveness
Rumisha Flower; White Rose
Rumiza Princess; Denotes Strength
Rumla Good
Rumman Pomegranate; Plural of Rummana
Rumman Pl. of Rummana, pomegranate.
Rumman Pl of Rummana; Pomegranate
Rummana Pomegranate
Rummana Pomegranate.
Rummana Pomegranate
Rummanah Pomegranate
Rumsi TBD
Rumsiya TBD
Rumysa Flower of Heaven; Greenery
Rumysha Bunch of Flowers
Rumyza TBD
Runa Secret Tradition, Secret Love
Runa Sixth month
Runaiza Sweetness
Runayna TBD
Ruponti Endless Beauty; Comfort
Ruponti Comfort
Rupsa Beautiful
Rupsha TBD
Rupsha Beautiful; River in Bangladesh; Alternatively; Impeccable beauty
Rupsona TBD
Ruqa Pretty; Beautiful
Ruqa Pretty, beautiful.
Ruqa Pretty; Beautiful
Ruqaiya Name of Prophet’s Daughter
Ruqaiyah Maker of Dresses
Ruqaiyya Superior, Charm, Best of the Best
Ruqaiyyah Princess of the Muslims
Ruqaiza TBD
Ruqaya Daughter of the Prophet (S.A.W).
Ruqaya Name of the Prophet’s Daughter; …
Ruqaya Daughter of the Prophet (S.A.W)
Ruqaya Name of prophets daughter
Ruqayah Superior
Ruqayqa Delicate
Ruqayqah A Name of Some Prominent Women
Ruqayqah A name of some prominent women.
Ruqayya Spell; Superior; Ascent; Charm
Ruqayya Gentle; name of the daughter of the Prophet (S.A.W).
Ruqayya Gentle; name of the daughter of the Prophet (S.A.W)
Ruqayya Charming, attractive, captivating. Daughter of Muhammad(s) married to Khalifa Usman.
Ruqayya Gentle (Name of the daughter of the prophet (SAW))
Ruqayyah TBD
Ruqayyah The daughter of the prophet Muhammed (S.A.W).
Ruqayyah The daughter of the prophet Muhammed (S.A.W)
Ruqayyah Name of Daughter of Prophet Muhammad (The daughter of the prophet Muhammad (SAW))
Ruqayyah, Ruqayya Gentle; name of the daughter of the Prophet
Ruqayyat Elevated, High in Rank and Status
Ruqhiya Name of Prophet’s Daughter
Ruqia TBD
Ruqiya TBD
Ruqquaiya TBD
Ruqsaar Brilliant
Ruqsana Beautiful; Brilliant
Ruqsanaa Beautiful
Ruqsar Brilliant
Ruquaiya Daughter of the Prophet (S.A.W) (Daughter of the prophet (SAW))
Ruquda TBD
Rusa The World; Bride
Rusaiba TBD
Rusda TBD
Rusdah Bright
Rusfida Queen; Beautiful
Rusfidha TBD
Rusha Peaceful; Different from Another
Rusha Short for Rusham which means peaceful
Rushaana Decoration; Adorning
Rushadaa Rightly Guided, On the Right Path
Rushadha Straight Path
Rushafida Beautiful Princes
Rushaiba TBD
Rushana Adorning; Decoration
Rushd Sensible conduct
Rushda The Rightly Guided, Guidance
Rushda Most rightly guided.
Rushda Good news
Rushdah Knowledge; True Path; Guidance
Rushdania Sensible Contact
Rushdha Joy
Rushdia TBD
Rushdiya Rightly Guided
Rushdiya Rightly guided, on the right way, following the right path; fem. of Rushdi.
Rushdiya Rightly guided
Rushfida TBD
Rushida TBD
Rushina Adorning; Charming
Rushna Light
Rushni Protector of the Land
Rushqa TBD
Rushta Truth
Ruslana TBD
Rusmin TBD
Rusmina Sense of Justice
Rusul Little, Messengers
Rutba Status; Glorious; Fame
Ruthba Glory; Fame
Ruthi Companion; Friend
Ruvaida A Ruler of Soul; Knowledgeable
Ruveda TBD
Ruwa Beauty
Ruwa Beautiful; Countenance; Comely; Prettiness; Grace; Beauty
Ruwaa Beauty, Grace, Prettiness
Ruwaa Beauty, grace, prettiness, comeliness, pleasing appearance.
Ruwaa Beautiful; Countenance; Comely; Prettiness; Grace; Beauty
Ruwah Beauty; Vision; Dream
Ruwaid Leniency; Leader; Soft Breeze
Ruwaida Beautiful; Walking Gently; Time
Ruwaida Walking gently.
Ruwaida Walking gently
Ruwaidah Walking Gently
Ruwaidah, Ruwaydah Walking gently
Ruwaiha Rest; Good Scent
Ruwaisa Small Master, Leader
Ruwaizah Beautiful Garden / Orchard
Ruwayda Walking Gently
Ruwayda Walking gently
Ruwaydah Walking Gently
Ruwaydah Walking gently
Ruwayyifah Merciful; Compassionate
Ruweena TBD
Ruweyda Walking Gently
Ruxana Beautiful
Ruya Seeing, Looking, Viewing, Vision
Ruya Seeing, viewing, looking.
Ruya Seeing; Viewing; Looking; Dream; Vision
Ruyaa Dream; Vision
Ruyaa Dream, vision.
Ruyaa Seeing; Viewing; Looking; Dream; Vision
Ruyah Dream, vision
Ruyah Dream; Vision
Ruyisha TBD
Ruza Rose
Ruzaina Calm, Composed
Ruzainah Composed; Calm
Ruzana Smell of Flower; Calm; Composed
Ruzanna Composed; Calm
Ruzaynah TBD
Ruzaynah Name of the freed slave-girl of Sayyidah Safiyah RA wife of the Prophet PBUH.
Ruzaynah Name of the freed slave-girl
Ruzeena TBD
Ruzena Rose Flower
Ruzha Rose
Ruzina Pretty; Un-measurable
Ruziya Contended; Delighted; Pleasant
Ruzmeen Steady; Well-established
Ruzmina Sense of Justice; Rose Flower
Ruzyna TBD
Ryah Proud
Ryca Ruler Forever; Rich
Ryda Favour
Rydah Favour
Ryhanna Pure in Heart, Sweet Basil
Ryihana Kindness
Ryma Mercy of God; Blessing
Rymah A White Antelope
Ryna Night
Rynn Park; Descendant of Rian
Ryqa Born out of a Prayer
Rysa Laughter
Rysah Laughter; Beloved of Amun
Rysha Beautiful Angel of God
Ryza Kindness; Heaven’s Beauty