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“U” represents Accumulation. The U shows intelligence, clever and shrewd, capable of understanding a great deal, as well as being a collector and gatherer. U is lucky, and it never forgets an injury or a good deed done.

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Beautiful Algerian Baby Girl Names Start With U

Ubaab Heavy Rain; Waves
Ubab Waves; Heavy Rain
Ubab Waves, heavy rain
Ubab Waves; Heavy rain
Ubab, Ubaab Waves, heavy rain
Ubah Flower
Ubah Flower.
Ubah Flower
Ubaida Servant of God
Ubaidah Servant / Worshipper of God
Ubaitha Servant of God
Ubayaa Beautiful
Ubayda Female servant of lower rank; fem. of Ubayd.
Ubayda Servant of God
Ubayda A female servant of lower rank
Udaina Place of Everlasting Bliss
Udaysah This was the name of the narrator of Hadith, daughter of Ahban al-Ghifariyah.
Udaysah She was a narrator of Hadith
Udaysah A narrator of Hadith
Udoola Justified.
Udoola Justified
Udoola Justified
Ufairah Refers to a Type of Gazelle
Ufaq Bright Sky
Ufaq Bright Sky
Uffra The Flowers of the Heaven
Ufrish Sky; Kind
Uftama Best; Loving; Most eminent
Ugay Kind of Necklace
Ugay Kind of necklace
Ugbaad Roses
Ugbaad Roses
Uhaidah Covenant; Promise
Uhee A Flower, Soul
Uhud Commitment; Pledge; Delegation
Uhud Commitment, pledge, delegation
Ujala Lighting; On Fire; Bright
Ujala Light of the universe.
Ujala Light of the universe
Ujama Fellowship; Brotherhood
Ujma Brotherhood; Fellowship
Ula Sea Jewel, Wealthy, Little Bear
Ula High rank, prestige, glory.
Ula Uppermost, highest
Ulaa Highest
Ulama Scholar
Ulayyah Beautiful
Ulema Intelligent
Ulfa Friendship; Love; Harmony
Ulfah Friendship; Harmony; Love
Ulfah Affection, intimacy
Ulfah Harmony, intimacy
Ulfah Friendship; Harmony; Love
Ulfat Friendship; Love; Attachment
Ulfath Attachment; Friendship
Ulima Astute; Wise
Ullaiyyah TBD
Ullima Astute; Wise
Ulwiyat Sublimity
Ulya Almighty, Higher
Ulya Higher, highest; fem. of Ala.
Ulya Higher; Highest
Ulyaa Eminent; High
Uma Goddess Parvati / Durga, Nation
Umaema Little Mother
Umah Sweet Kiss
Umaiba Angel of Ubaid / Shaabi
Umaid Inspire Hope
Umaida Loved by God; Female Leader
Umaija TBD
Umaima Pretty Face
Umaimah Little Mother
Umaira Living a long life, living long.
Umaira Living Long
Umaira Second Khalifah
Umairah She was the Daughter of Alqamah
Umairah Living a long life
Umaisa Soft Hearted
Umaiyah TBD
Umaiyyah Attendant
Umaiza Bright, beautiful and soft hearted
Umaiza Bright; Beautiful and Soft Hearted
Umaiza Bright; Beautiful and soft hearted
Umaizah Bright, Beautiful
Umam Plural of Ummah; Nations
Umama Proper Name
Umama Proper name. Name of grand daughter of the Prophet Muhammad.
Umama Grand daughter of the Prophet Muhammad
Umamah Proper name
Umamah Proper Name, An Ancient Word
Umamah Young mother; name of the Prophets granddaughter
Umamah A young mother; Name of the granddaughter of the prophet
Umar 2nd Sahaba
Umara An Ancient Name
Umarah Name of a Sahabi who took part in the battle of Badr.
Umarah TBD
Umasha TBD
Umayma Diminutive of Umm, mother.
Umayma Little mother
Umaymah Young mother
Umaymah A young mother; Name of the granddaughter of the prophet
Umaynah Daughter of Anas bin Malik. She had this name and had narrated Hadith.
Umaynah She was a narrator of Hadith
Umaynah Narrator of Hadith
Umaynah A narrator of Hadith
Umayrah She was the daughter of Alqamah
Umayrah Daughter of Alqamah
Umayrah Living a long life (Daughter of al qamah)
Umayyah She was a narrator of Hadith.
Umayyah She was a Narrator of Hadith
Umber Moon
Umeed Wish; Expectation
Umeera Living a Long Life
Umehra Living a Long Life; Intelligent
Umera Red; Living a Long Life; Beautiful
Umerah Living a Long Life; Beautiful; Red
Umesa Hope; Beautiful; Lord of Om
Umeza Beautiful, Soft Hearted
Umi Ocean; Servant
Umira Beautiful
UmKalsum TBD
UmKalthum TBD
Umm Mother
Umm Ruman Historical name
Umm Abaan Name of a Sahabiyah RA.
Umm Abaan Name of a sahabiyah ra
Umm Abiha Its meaning is “her father” which was given to Fatima az-Zahra by the Islamic Prophet Muhammad
Umm Fakeeh Name of a Sahabiyah RA.
Umm Fakeeh Name of a sahabiyah ra
Umm Haraam Name of a Sahabiyah RA.
Umm Haraam Name of a sahabiyah ra
Umm Kalthum Name of the Prophets daughter
Umm Kalthum Name of prophet’s daughter
Umm Khalid Name of a Sahabiyah RA.
Umm Khalid Name of a sahabiyah ra
Umm Kulthum One with round face.
Umm Kulthum One with round face
Umm Kulthum One with a round face
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Umm Rabeeah Name of Sahabiyah RA.
Umm Rabeeah Name of sahabiyah ra
Umm Shareek Name of a Sahabiyah RA.
Umm Sulaim Name of a Sahabiyah RA.
Umm Umarah Name of a Sahabiyah RA.
Umm Umarah Name of a sahabiyah ra
Umm Warqah Name of a Sahabiyah RA.
Umm Warqah Name of a sahabiyah ra
Umm Yousuf Name of Sahabiyah RA.
Umm Yousuf Name of sahabiyah ra
Umm-Abaan Name of a Sahabiyah (RA)
Umm-Abiha Means ‘her Father’; Which was …
Umm-Aiman Blessed; Name of Two Sahabi Women
Umm-E-Abeeha Fast
Umm-E-Abeeha Fast
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Umm-e-Ayman Mother of the blessed.
Umm-E-Ayman Mother of the Blessed
Umm-e-Fazl Mother of favour, bounty.
Umm-E-Fazl Mother of Favour; Bounty
Umm-e-Habiba Wife of the Prophet Muhammad. Her name is Ramla; Umm Habiba is her Kunya (nickname) after the name of her daughter habiba.
Umm-e-Habiba Wife of the Prophet Muhammad
Umm-e-Hani Name of the daughter of Abu Talib and sister of Ali (RA).
Umm-E-Hani TBD
Umm-E-Kulsoom Mother of Favour; Bounty
Umm-e-Kulsum Daughter of the Prophet Muhammad, married to Khalifa Usman (uthman) after the death of her sister Ruqayya.
Umm-e-kulsum The mother of kulsum.
Umm-e-Kulsum The Mother of Kulsum
Umm-e-Rooman Name of the sacred wife of first Khalifa Abu Bakr (RA) mother of Hazrat Ayesha (RA).
Umm-e-Rooman TBD
Umm-e-Rumman Mother of Ayesha (wife of the Prophet Muhammad).
Umm-e-Salma Name of the beloved mother of first Khalifa Abu Bakr (RA).
Umm-E-Salma TBD
Umm-e-Salmah Wife of Muhammad, Her name was Hind.
Umm-e-Salmah Wife of Muhammad (PBUH)
Umm-Fakeeh Name of a Sahabiyah (RA)
Umm-Hamdi TBD
Umm-Haraam Name of a Sahabiyah (RA)
Umm-Kalthum Name of the Prophet’s Daughter
Umm-Khalid Name of a Sahabiyah (RA)
Umm-Kulthum One with Round Face
Umm-Rabeeah Name of Sahabiyah (RA)
Umm-Sulaim Name of a Sahabiyah (RA)
Umm-ul Mother of Sons
Umm-ul-Banin Mother of Sons
Umm-Ul-Banin Mother of sons
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Umm-Umarah Name of a Sahabiyah (RA)
Umm-Warqah Name of a Sahabiyah (RA)
Umm-Yousuf Name of Sahabiyah (RA)
UmmAbaan Name of a Sahabiyah RA
Ummah Nation, Community, Darkened
Ummamah Young Mother
Ummayyah She was a narrator of Hadith.
Ummayyah Narrator of Hadith
Ummayyah She was a narrator of Hadith
Ummayyah A narrator of Hadith
Umme Mother of Sons
Umme-Warah Mother of All Creations
UmmEAbeeha Mother of Father
UmmEAyman Mother of the Blessed
UmmEFazl Mother of Favour; Bounty
UmmEHabiba Wife of the Prophet Muhammad
UmmEKulsoom Mother of Favour; Bounty
UmmEKulsum The Mother of Kulsum
Ummera TBD
UmmERooman TBD
UmmERumman TBD
UmmESalma TBD
UmmESalmah Wife of Muhammad
UmmFakeeh Name of a Sahabiyah RA
UmmHaraam Name of a Sahabiyah RA
Ummia Gods Gift
Ummid Hope
Ummid Hope.
Ummid Hope
UmmKalthum Name of the Prophets Daughter
UmmKhalid Name of a Sahabiyah RA
UmmKulthum One with Round Face
UmmRabeeah Name of Sahabiyah RA
UmmShareek Name of a Sahabiyah RA
UmmSulaim Name of a Sahabiyah RA
Ummul Fazal Name of a Sahabiyah RA.
Ummul Fazal Name of a sahabiyah ra
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Ummul-Fazal Name of a Sahabiyah (RA)
UmmUlBanin Mother of Sons
UmmulFazal Name of a Sahabiyah RA
Ummulkhair Nice Mother
Ummulvara Mother of Sons
UmmUmarah Name of a Sahabiyah RA
UmmWarqah Name of a Sahabiyah RA
UmmYousuf Name of Sahabiyah RA
Umnia Gift
Umnia Gift.
Umnia Gift
Umniya Wish, desire, hope.
Umniya Wish; Desire; Hope; Fancy
Umniya Wish; Desire; Hope
Umniyah a wish, an aspiration
Umniyah A wish; An aspiration
Umrah TBD
Umrah Pilgrimage to Makkah other than regular hajj days.
Umrah Pilgrimage to makkah
Umrana TBD
Umrao Noble
Umrao Noble
Umraz TBD
Umulikhair Good Mother; Sweet Mother
Unaisa Sweetheart; Kind; Friendly
Unaisa Sweetheart
Unaisah Friendly, Calm, Kind, Helpful
Unaisha Guide to Others; Helpful
Unaiza Sheep, Goat
Unaiza Sheep; Goat; Name of a valley
Unaizah Shinning Star, Garden of Roses
Unaysah Friendly; Affable
Unaysah Friendly; Affable.
Unaysah Friendly; Affable
Unaza The one and only
Unaza The only
Uncu TBD
Unisa Sweetheart
Unjeela TBD
Unjila TBD
Unma Joy
Unnisa Sweetheart
Unoosha TBD
Unquda Bunch of grapes.
Unquda Bunch of Grapes
Unquda Bunch of grapes
Unsa Woman
Unsa Woman
Unsha Fragrance
Unzila Gentle, Devotee of God
Unzilla TBD
Ur-Al-Huda Light of the Faith
Uraifah The Name of Mountain Near Mecca
Urbi Princess
Urefa TBD
Ureza Combination
Urfeena Leader
Urfi TBD
Urfia Servant of God
Urooba Woman who loves her husband.
Urooba Woman who Loves her Husband
Urooba A woman who loves her husband
Urooj Height; Exaltation
Urooj Height, exaltation.
Uroosa Bride, heroine.
Uroosa Bride, happiness
Uroosa Bride; Heroine
Uroosa Bride; Happiness
Uroosha TBD
Urshia One who belongs in the skies.
Urshia One who Belongs in the Skies
Urshia One who belongs in the skies
Ursila Little Female Bear
Ursula Little bear
Urub Devoted; Full of Love; Loving
Urusa Bright; Calm
Urush Thrones; Ceilings
Urusha Forgiving
Urusha Forgiving; Generous; Bountiful
Urvana Soul
Urveen Sam; Sdw
Urwa Support, Handhold
Urwa Support, handhold. Description of Ayesha by Muhammad.
Urwah Handhold; Lion; Ever-green Tree
Usaimah Morning Light
Usaimah Old Arabic name
Usaimah Old Arabic name
Usaimah, Usaymah Old Arabic name
Usaymah Old Arabic Name
Ushama Warmth; Heat
Ushba Fragrance; A Never Drying Grass
Ushma Heat; Warmth; Fire; Summer
Ushna Warm; Active; Innocent; Beautiful
Ushna Fragrant.
Ushna Beautiful girl
Ushna Beautiful girl
Ushta Everlasting Happiness
Ushta Everlasting happiness; Illumination
Usma Beautiful, Spring, Warmth
Usmaa Warmth; Sunlight
Usool Root of a Plant, Trunks
Usra First Light
Usraat Refuge; Shelter; Place of Safety
Usrath TBD
Uswa Sunnah; Practise
Uswa Sunnah, practice.
Uswa Sunnah, practice
Uswa Sunnah; Practice
Utaiqah Virtue
Utaiqah Generosity; Goodness; Virtue
Utaybah Narrator of Hadith
Utaybah A narrator of Hadith and daughter of Abdul Malik had this name.
Utaybah A narrator of Hadith
Utaybah A narrator of Hadith
Utayk Noble
Utbah TBD
Uvaisa A Companion of Prophet Mohammed
Uwaisah Bilberry; Living Life
Uwaisah Bilberry, whortleberry
Uwaisah Bilberry
Uwaisah, Uwaysah Bilberry, whortleberry
Uwaysah Beautiful; Good Looking
Uwaysah Bilberry, whortleberry
Uzaibah Fresh; Sweet
Uzaifa Gift of God
Uzaina Decoration
Uzaizah Mighty, Powerful
Uzama Supreme; Greatest
Uzeena Beauty; Bird
Uzifa TBD
Uzma Greatest; Grand; Supreme
Uzma Great, supreme
Uzma Greatest, more magnificent, more glorious; fem. of Azam.
Uzma Greatest
Uzma Greatest
Uzma-Zabi Impressive
Uzmaa Sunlight; Warmth; Supreme
Uzmah Supreme; Grand
Uzmi TBD
Uzra A Women who Loves Everyone
Uzza Strong