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“Z” represents Hope. The Z shows Trust, Compassion, for other people. It is practical and down-to-earth, combined with common sense and diplomacy.

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Here in this page, we have compiled famous 1321 Algerian Baby Girl Names Starting With Z, Choose the best name for your newborn from the following list of most beautiful 1321 Algerian Baby Girl Names Starting With Z.



Beautiful Algerian Baby Girl Names Start With Z

Zaaba Gold
Zaada Prosperous; Increasing in Goodness
Zaafira Victorious; Successful
Zaafira Victorious; Successful; One who is a source of success; Triumphant
Zaafirah Victorious; Successful
Zaahida Hermit; Ascetic
Zaahidah Abstinent
Zaahira Helper; Supporter; Protector; Blossoming flower; Brilliant; Visible; Dawn
Zaahira Bright; Shining
Zaahirah Guest
Zaahirah Guest; Helper; Assistant; Shining; Luminous
Zaahiyah Beautiful; Brilliant; Glowing
Zaaiirah Guest; Visitor
Zaain Beauty
Zaain Beauty; Friend; Beloved; Beautiful
Zaaisha Wishing Star, Beloved, Valuable
Zaakira Devoted to Allah
Zaakirah Devoted to Allah
Zaakiyah Virtuous, Blessed
Zaaminah One who stands surety for another one who helps.
Zaaminah TBD
Zaaminah Surety
Zaaqiyah Blessed
Zaara Beautiful Flower.
Zaara In flower; Bright as the dawn; Brilliance; Blossoming flower
Zaara Light, Brave, Beautiful Flower
Zaara Beautiful Flower
Zaaya Destiny, Shining, Gift of God
Zaayesha Wishing Star
Zaaynah Beautiful
Zababa Leader; Head; Chief
Zabaidah TBD
Zabee Gazelle
Zabeebat Syrup
Zabeeha Perfect
Zabeen Fair and beautiful
Zabeena The Eye of the Storm
Zabia Like Deer
Zabia Female gazelle; Like deer
Zabin Flower Blooming
Zabiyah She was the daughter of al-Barra bin Maroor; she reported Hadith from the Prophet PBUH.
Zabiyah Daughter of Al-barra Bin Maroor
Zabiyah She reported Hadith from the prophet (Pbuh) (She was the daughter of al-barra bin maroor)
Zabra Topper
Zabreen Dominant, exalted, upright.
Zabreen Dominant; Exalted; Upright
Zabreen Dominant; Exalted; Upright
Zabrina Fruitful Desert Flower
Zabya Female Gazelle
Zabya Female gazelle.
Zabya Female gazelle; Like deer
Zabyn Pretty
Zackiya Intelligent
Zackyia Princess of Love; Fearless
Zada Lucky One; Fortunate; Prosperous
Zadreana Flower
Zaeemah Leader
Zaeemah Leader
Zaerana TBD
Zafaa Growth
Zafana Light
Zafeera Victorius, successful
Zafeera One who is a source of success, a successful lady.
Zafeera Successful Lady
Zafeera Victorious; Successful; One who is a source of success; Triumphant
Zafeerah Firm.
Zafeerah Firm
Zafeerah Firm; Victorious; Successful
Zaffrah TBD
Zaffren To have will Power
Zafia Enthusiastic; Pretty
Zafina Victorious
Zafira Successful, winner
Zafira Victorious, triumphant, successful, winner, conqueror; fem. of Zafir.
Zafira Victorious; Successful; One who is a source of success; Triumphant
Zafirah Victorious
Zafirah Victorious; Victory
Zafirah Firm; Victorious; Successful
Zafirah, Zaafirah Victorious, successful
Zafreen Victorious, Knowledgable
Zafreen Intelligent; Victorious
Zafreen Victorious; Knowledgeable
Zafreena Victorious; Intelligent
Zafrina Saffron Flower
Zagheefat Green; Blooming; Fresh
Zagheeghat Abundance; Affluence; Multitude
Zaghlula Small pigeon
Zaghlula Young pigeon; fem. of Zaghlul.
Zaghlula Young Pigeon
Zaghlula Young pigeon
Zaghlulah Young Pigeon
Zaghrab Deep; Flowing Abundantly
Zaha Radiance, splendor
Zahaa Morning
Zahaa Brilliance; Radiance; Beautiful
Zahaara Flower; Radiance
Zahab Gold; Precious; Wealthy
Zahabia Golden, precious.
Zahabia Golden; Precious; Made of Gold
Zahabia Golden; Precious
Zahabiya Gold
Zahabiya Gold.
Zahabiya Gold
Zahabiyya Golden; Precious
Zahabiyyah Golden; Precious
Zahara shining, luminous
Zahara Flower, beauty, star
Zaharah Brilliant Bright Rose Flower
Zaharin Beautiful
Zahariya TBD
Zahba Strong; Pure; Rich; Popular
Zahbia Beautiful
Zaheeda Patient; Beautiful
Zaheeda Abstinent
Zaheema Beautiful
Zaheen Intelligent
Zaheen Clever, fast, intelligent, sharp.
Zaheena Intelligent; Clever
Zaheera Helper, supporter, protector, patron; fem. of Zahir.
Zaheera Expression, Shining, Brilliant
Zaheera Helper; Supporter; Protector; Blossoming flower; Brilliant; Visible; Dawn
Zaheeraa Radiant, Brilliant
Zaheerah Helper; Assistant
Zaheerah Helper, Assistant
Zaheeya Beautiful
Zahereen Light from Precious Metal
Zaherrah Helper; Assistant
Zahi Glowing; Beautiful
Zahia Pious; Noble; Grand; Great
Zahia Pious, noble, grand, great.
Zahia Pious; Noble; Grand; Great
Zahida Pious, abstinent
Zahida Devout, ascetic, a hermit, self-denying.
Zahida Abstinent; Helps the vulnerable
Zahidabano Pious Princess
Zahidah Abstinent
Zahidah Ascetic, abstentious
Zahidah Abstinent; Ascetic; Devoted to God
Zahidah Abstinent; Helps the vulnerable
Zahidasultana Pious Queen
Zahidha Ascetic; Beautiful
Zahiera Brilliant; Luminous; Expression
Zahin Wise; Clever; Intelligent
Zahira Radiant, dazzling
Zahira Bright, brilliant, shining, luminous, distinguished, lofty.
Zahira Helper; Supporter; Protector; Blossoming flower; Brilliant; Visible; Dawn
Zahirah Shining, luminous
Zahirah Shining, Brilliant, Luminous
Zahirah Guest; Helper; Assistant; Shining; Luminous
Zahirah, Zahra Shining, luminous
Zahireen TBD
Zahirrah Luminous, Shining
Zahisha Proud of Culture
Zahiya Beautiful, bright faced
Zahiya A radiant person; Gorgeous
Zahiyya Bright Face; Beautiful
Zahna A River Name in Switzerland
Zahna God is graciously derived from jane
Zahnaya TBD
Zahoora TBD
Zahr Flower; Poison
Zahra Beautiful
Zahra Radiant, Beautiful, Fair, White
Zahra Bright, brilliant, radiant, shining, luminous; fem. of Azhar.
Zahra Beautiful; White
Zahra, Zahraa White
Zahraa Lady of Jannah.
Zahraa Lady of Jannah
Zahraa Beautiful; White
Zahrah Beauty, the planet venus
Zahrah Flower, beauty, star
Zahrah Flower, blossom, beauty.
Zahrah Beauty; The planet Venus
Zahrain Beautiful Flower
Zahrayn TBD
Zahreen TBD
Zahrina Beautiful
Zahrine TBD
Zahrish Golden; Precious; Shining Flower
Zahrisha Golden; Precious
Zahriyyah Flower-like; Flower Vase
Zahur Presentable; Advent
Zahwaah Beauty; Pretty
Zahwah Beauty, pretty
Zahwah Beauty; Pretty
Zahyaa Bright
Zaiah Popular, well-known
Zaib Decoration; Beauty
Zaib Beauty
Zaib Beauty.
Zaib Adornment; Beauty
Zaiba Beautiful; Adorned
Zaiba Adornment; Beauty
Zaibi Invisible
Zaibuneesa TBD
Zaibunisa TBD
Zaibunissa TBD
Zaibunnisa TBD
Zaibunnissa TBD
Zaid Growth, Increase
Zaida fortunate one
Zaida She was a very devoted worshipper about whose worship the Prophet (S.A.W) also learnt; she was the freed slave of Sayyidina Umar bin al-Khattab
Zaida To Raise, Boost, Abundance
Zaida Increasing, exceeding, excessive, growing, surplus; fem. of Zaid.
Zaida Great abundance; Growth
Zaidee Rich
Zaifa Gift of God; Love
Zaiha Friendly, Likeable, Eternity
Zaika Delicious
Zaima Leader; Dignity; Manner
Zaima Leader.
Zaima Leader
Zain Grace; Beauty; Good
Zain Beauty, grace. Zayn un Nisa was a literary lady of her times.
Zain, Zayn Beauty
Zaina Beautiful
Zaina Lovely, Pretty, Strong, Cheerful
Zaina Beauty; Friend; Beloved; Beautiful
Zainab Daughter Of The Prophet Muhammad, Decorated or ornamented tree
Zainab Prophets wife
Zainab Name of a beautiful tree exuding fragrance. Names of two wives and one daughter of the Prophet Muhammad and one daughter of Khalifa Ali.
Zainab Name of prophet’s daughter; Decorated tree
Zainab, Zaynab an ornamented tree; name of the daughter of the Prophet
Zainaba Most Beautiful
Zainba Beautiful
Zaine One who is Bold
Zaini Cheerful; Pretty; Beautiful
Zainish Most Beautiful
Zainisha Most Beautiful
Zainton TBD
Zainu Pretty; Cheerful; Beautiful
Zainunnisa Beautiful; Obeident
Zair Afflicted; Little; In Tribulation
Zaira rose
Zaira Guest, Visitor, Rose Flower
Zaira Shining flower; Brilliance; Blossoming flower
Zairah Visitor
Zairah Visitor.
Zairah Visitor
Zairana TBD
Zaire Powerful
Zaireen TBD
Zairi Light of God
Zairisha Precious; Golden
Zaisha Beloved
Zaishah Beloved
Zaiton Olive
Zaiton Olive
Zaitoon Olive.
Zaitoon Olive
Zaitoon Olive; Fiery; Sower of seeds
Zaitoona Olive
Zaitun The olive tree or the olive fruit.
Zaitun Olive; Fiery; Sower of seeds
Zaituna Olive; fem. of Zaytun.
Zaituna Olive
Zaiva Strong Mind
Zaiwa Bright
Zaiyana Blessing from Heaven
Zakaa Intelligence; Cleverness
Zakaria TBD
Zakariya TBD
Zakat Purification
Zakawat Intelligence, Sharp-mindedness
Zakee Pious; Pure; Another Name of God
Zakeera To Remember
Zakeeya TBD
Zakeeyyah Pure; Good
Zakera To Remember
Zakeya Purely Righteous or Chaste
Zakia Beautiful, intellegent
Zakia Bright; Pure; Intelligent
Zakia Intelligent
Zakir Remembering
Zakira To Remember
Zakira One who speaks of, speaker.
Zakira One who speaks of, Speaker
Zakirah One who Remembers Allah
Zakirah One who remembers Allah regularly
Zakirah One who remembers Allah regularly
Zakirat One who Remember God
Zakiya Intelligent; Pure
Zakiya Intelligent, bright, brilliant, sharp-witted.
Zakiya Intelligent; Pure
Zakiyaa Pure
Zakiyaa Intelligent; Pure
Zakiyah TBD
Zakiyah Intelligent
Zakiyah Pure
Zakiyah Intelligent
Zakiyya Pure, Chaste, Fem, Sinless
Zakiyya Intelligent
Zakiyya Pure, chaste, sinless, fem. of Zaki.
Zakiyyah Sharp; Intellectual; Pure; Pious
Zakiyyah Pure
Zakkiyya Sharp; Intellectual; Pure; Pious
Zakya Purely Righteous / Chaste
Zakyah Beautiful
Zala Shininess
Zala Clarity; Elucidation
Zalaikah TBD
Zalanda Bright
Zalanda Bright; Masculine Zealand
Zalea Bailiff, Hay Clearing, Dry
Zalfa This was the name of a distinguished woman of her times, she was Hajib known as Umm al-Hajib Abdul Malik
Zalfa Distinguished Woman
Zalfa This was the name of a distinguished woman of her times, she was Hajib known as Umm al-Hajib Abdul Malik.
Zalfa This was the name of a distinguished woman of her times, She was Hajib known as Umm al-Hajib Abdul Malik
Zaliah TBD
Zaliema Attractive; Full of Affection
Zalifah TBD
Zalika Well Born, Wondrously Beautiful
Zalikah Well-born
Zalikha Charming Beauty
Zalikhah Charming Beauty
Zalima TBD
Zalina Moon; Heaven; Shine; Light
Zalka Pure, Virtuous, Devout, Saintly
Zallah From the River
Zalma City in the State of Missouri
Zama Fly
Zamaair Hearts; Minds; Consciences
Zamah TBD
Zamam Blessing of God; Grace; Power
Zamara Conscientious
Zamda A Plant that Grows in Quick Sand
Zamda A plant that grows in quick
Zamee TBD
Zameela Friend; Companion; Colleague
Zameelah Companion
Zameelah Companion.
Zameelah Beautiful; Graceful; Lovely
Zameena Genius; Intellectual
Zameena Intelligent, Intellectual
Zameena Holy river; Intelligent; Intellectual; Progressive; Productive
Zameer Conscience, Heart, Mind
Zameera TBD
Zamera TBD
Zami TBD
Zamida TBD
Zamila Zamil is an Ancient Name
Zamima Beautiful
Zamira Conscientious; Slender
Zamiya Blooming Flower and Intelligent
Zamma TBD
Zamna TBD
Zamora Praised; From Zamora
Zamra Popular
Zamrin God’s Remembrance; Beautiful
Zamrooda Narrator of Hadith
Zamrooth Gems
Zamrud She was a narrator of Hadith.
Zamrud Narrator of Hadith
Zamrud She was a narrator of Hadith
Zamrud A narrator of Hadith
Zamruth TBD
Zamurd Narrator of Hadith
Zamurd A narrator of Hadith wife of Abu Hayyan al-Kasir was so named.
Zamurd A narrator of Hadith (Wife of abu Hayyan al-kasir)
Zamurrad Emerald; Precious Stone
Zamya Blooming Flower
Zamzam Pure Water; Holy Spring
Zamzam The name of a spring in Arabia.
Zamzam The name of a Spring in Arab
Zana Flow of Water
Zanah Merry, Name, Quick, Alert
Zanaib Beauty
Zanat Heaven; Paradise
Zane Beloved; God is Gracious
Zaneerah Intelligent; Wise
Zaneesha Most Beautiful; Gift
Zanerah Wise; Intelligent
Zanha Famous; Friend of King
Zania TBD
Zaniah Beautiful
Zaniah Beautiful
Zanie God Grace
Zanika One who is Healthy
Zanira TBD
Zanirah Intelligent; Wise
Zanish Most Beautiful
Zaniya Good Health
Zannah Merry, Quick, Alert, Hospitable
Zannat Paradise; Heaven
Zanobea Fathers Ornament
Zanub Wind from the South
Zanubia TBD
Zanubiya Name of a Great Syrian Queen
Zanubiya Name of a great syrian queen
Zanyaah Princess of Beauty
Zanyah Beautiful flower
Zanyah Beautiful
Zanza Most Beautiful
Zaqawat Wisdom; Prudence; Sharpness
Zaqawat Wisdom, sharpness, prudence.
Zar Masta Zar – gold; Masta – excited
Zar Mina Lovely and precious gold
Zar Wareen Derived from zarwari
Zar-Masta Zar – Gold; Masta – Excited
Zar-Mina Zar – Gold; Mina – Love
Zar-Wareen One who Sprinkles Gold
Zara Bright as the dawn
Zara Bright as the dawn.
Zara Princess, Lady, Shining, Light
Zara Dawn, morning
Zaraa Super
Zarafat Humour; Wisdom; Prudence; Wit
Zarafat Wit, humour, wisdom, prudence.
Zarafat Wit; Humor; Wisdom; Prudence
Zarafshaan Made with Golden String
Zarah Coming of Dawn, Form of Sarah
Zaraka TBD
Zaranj TBD
Zaray Variant of Zahrah; Radiance
Zarbaha Gold
Zarbaha Gold
Zareah Dawn, Blossoming Flower
Zaree Dawn; Blossoming Flower; Splendour
Zareefa Elegant, Witty, Graceful, Fem
Zareefa Elegant, witty, graceful; fem. of Zarif.
Zareefa Elegant; Witty; Graceful
Zareefah Graceful
Zareen Full of expression and smile
Zareen Golden, Full of Expression
Zareen Full of expression and smile; Golden
Zareena Gold
Zareena Of Gold; Golden
Zareena Golden
Zareenah A companion of Prophet (S.A.W)
Zareenah A Companion of Prophet SAW
Zareenah A companion of Prophet (S.A.W).
Zareenah A companion of the prophet (Saw)
Zareenat TBD
Zareesh Wealthy; Prosperous
Zareesh Wealth
Zareesha Wealth
Zarena Most Beautiful
Zarenat TBD
Zarene A Golden Vessel, Flower
Zarfiya Angel of Haven, Victory, Sea
Zarghoona Green / Rainbow
Zarghuna Green; Fresh
Zari Brocaded Silk; Golden; Beautiful
Zaria rose
Zaria Princess, Sunrise, Strong Women
Zaria Radiance
Zariah Princess, Shining, Radiance
Zariat TBD
Zarie Blossoming Flower; Dawn; Splendour
Zarifa Elegant; Witty; Graceful
Zarifa Graceful; Moves with Grace
Zarifah Beauty, smart
Zarifah Beauty, smart.
Zarifah Beauty; Smart
Zarifah Beauty; Smart
Zarija Blooming Flower
Zarin Golden; Made of Gold; Queen
Zarin Golden.
Zarin Full of expression and smile; Golden
Zarina Beautiful
Zarina The Gold One, Golden, Queen
Zarina Golden.
Zarina Golden
Zarinah A Golden Vessel, Golden One
Zarine Golden
Zarinyan TBD
Zariqa TBD
Zarish Flower, Gold, Precious, Wealthy
Zarisha Gift of God; Golden
Zarita Form of Sarah; Princess
Zariya Beauty and light
Zariya Beauty and light.
Zariya Beauty and light
Zariyah Queen
Zariyah Beauty and Light
Zariyah Queen
Zarka Red / Blue Eye
Zarka Bluish green eyes
Zarkah TBD
Zarlacht TBD
Zarma Captivating
Zarma Captivating
Zarmeen Wealth
Zarmeena Golden Daisy
Zarmina Lovely and precious gold
Zarmina Precious Gold; Lovely
Zarmina Lovely and precious gold
Zarna A Small Stream of Sweet Water
Zarnab Wealthy; Pure Gold
Zarnab Pure gold
Zarnish Beautiful Gold Precious
Zarnisha TBD
Zarola Hunter
Zarpash Determination, Elegant
Zarqa Blue
Zarqa Bluish green (eyes).
Zarqa Having Bluish Green Eyes; Blue
Zarqa Blue.
Zarqa-Bano Blue Eyed Princess / Lady
Zarqa-Habiba Blue-eyed, Beloved
Zarqa-Sultana Blue-eyed Sovereign / Queen
Zarqaa Having Bluish Green Eyes
Zarqabano Blue Eyed Princess
Zarqahabiba Blue Eyed Friend
Zarqasultana Blue Eyed Queen
Zarra Beautiful; Particle
Zarrah She was a narrator of Hadith
Zarrah She was a narrator of Hadith who reported from the Prophet PBUH and Sayyidah Ayshah RA.
Zarrah A narrator of Hadith
Zarreen Beautiful
Zarreena Golden
Zarren Golden
Zarri Blossoming Flower; Splendour; Dawn
Zarria Powerful
Zarrien Golden
Zarrin-Dokht Golden Girl
Zarrina Golden
Zarry Bright; Shinning
Zarsha Shining Star; Wealthy
Zartaj Queen; Gold Crown
Zartaj Queen
Zartaj Gold crown
Zartasha Made of Golden String
Zarwa Height
Zarwa Apex, peak, zenith
Zarwisha TBD
Zary Neat and Clean
Zarya Water Priestess; Blossoming Flower
Zarzain TBD
Zasha Defender of Mankind
Zasmin Fragrant
Zaufishan TBD
Zauji TBD
Zaura Life
Zaveen Gods Follower
Zaveira TBD
Zaveria Jewel
Zaveriya Jewel
Zavi Beautiful; Rich; Vicious
Zavier Blessing
Zaviera Owner of the Home
Zavijava TBD
Zaviya Beautiful Angel
Zavon Star
Zawadi Gift
Zawal Sundown; The Time Close to Sunset
Zawala Sundown, The Time before Sunset
Zaweela Motion; Movement; Side
Zaweriya Beautiful; Honest
Zawiat TBD
Zawiya Slim Beauty
Zawiya Slim beauty
Zaya Hope – Faith
Zayaan Something beautiful
Zayah Honest; Hope – Faith
Zayan Something Beautiful
Zayana Adorner; Adorned; Beautiful,
Zayanaa Adorner, Beautifier
Zayanah Adorned; Beautifier
Zayani Tell Someone
Zayb Adornment
Zayb Adornment.
Zayba Adornment; Beauty.
Zayba Adornment
Zayba Adornment; Beauty
Zaybah Beautiful
Zaybah Beautiful
Zayda Lucky; Fortunate; Prosperous
Zayeda Fortunate; Prosperous; Beautiful
Zayeeda Fortunate; Prosperous
Zayeema Manner; Dignity; Leader
Zayesha Special; Valuable
Zayirah Roaring Lion
Zayit Oil
Zaylee Bailiff; Berry Wood; Hay Clearing
Zaylin Clever
Zayma Leader
Zayn Beauty; Grace
Zayna Beauty; Friend; Beloved; Beautiful
Zayna Beauty; Grace
Zaynaat Beautiful Things
Zaynab Daughter of the Prophet (pbuh)
Zaynab Beautiful
Zaynab Name of prophet’s daughter; Decorated tree
Zaynaban ornamented tree; name of the daughter of the Prophet
Zaynah Beautiful.
Zaynah Beautiful
Zaynah Beautiful, Beauty
Zaynah Beautiful
Zayne Pure; Love
Zayrah Dawn; Princess
Zaysha Valuable
Zaytoon Olive
Zaytoonah (A single) Olive
Zaytoonah Olive
Zaytoonah A single olive
Zaytunah Olive; Olive Tree
Zayyah Honest; Strong
Zayyan Beautifier, Improves Things
Zaza Flowery; Movement
Zeahire Outstanding; Distinguished
Zeb Ara Adorning ornament.
Zeb Ara Beauty
Zeb-Ara Adorning Ornament
Zeb-un-Nisa Adornment of Women
Zeb-un-Nisa Adornment of women.
Zeb-Un-Nisa Adornment of women
Zeba Beauty.
Zeba Pretty, beautiful.
Zeba Pretty; Beautiful; Thankful
Zebadhiyah Gift of God
Zebadiyah Allah’s Gift
Zebara Beauty
Zebara Adorning Beauty
Zebba Pretty
Zebeebah TBD
Zebun TBD
Zebunisa TBD
Zebunissa TBD
Zebunnisa TBD
Zee Shan Dignified
Zeeana Adornment; Beautification
Zeeba Beautiful
Zeedan TBD
Zeela TBD
Zeema TBD
Zeena Ornament, Something beautiful.
Zeena Ornament; Something beautiful; A hospitable woman
Zeenaat Decorations
Zeenab TBD
Zeenah Beauty; Adornment
Zeenal Flower
Zeenat Gorgeous
Zeenat Beauty and Happiness of Home
Zeenat Adornment; Ornament; Delicate or honor
Zeenath Happiness; Silence
Zeenath Adornment; Ornament; Delicate or honor
Zeenay A Hospitable Woman
Zeenet Old; Life of Zeus; Hospitable
Zeenia Welcoming; Flower
Zeennat Decoration, Beauty, Honour
Zeent Glamour
Zeenu Pretty; Cheerful
Zeenut Beautiful
Zeerak Knowing
Zeesha Calmness, Unique Desire
Zeeshan Lovely
Zeeva Brilliance; Brightness
Zeeya Splendour, Radiance
Zeeyana Light; Radiant; Beautiful
Zehaana TBD
Zehak Smile
Zehak Smile
Zehanne TBD
Zehar Poison
Zehara Radiance; Beauty; Star
Zeharah Brightness
Zeharin Light of Day
Zeharish Flower; Morning Time; Happiness
Zehba Gold
Zehba Gold
Zehen Intelligent; Mind
Zehiya Radiant Person
Zehma Angel; Crowded
Zehna Beautiful
Zehna Beautiful.
Zehnaseeb TBD
Zehra Flower
Zehra Flower.
Zehra Flower
Zehrah Venus
Zehrin Beautiful; Flower
Zehrunnisa TBD
Zehwa Pretty; Beauty
Zeiba Beautiful; Adorned
Zeifa Guest
Zeikha TBD
Zein Fragrant / Beautiful Plant
Zeina Leader
Zeina Beauty; Friend; Beloved; Beautiful
Zeinab Flower of the Desert, Good
Zeineb Purity
Zeiny Leader
Zeira Dawn; Eastern Brightness
Zeisha Beloved
Zekariah Remembered by God
Zelam Name of River in Punjab
Zelam Name of a river
Zelda Fighting in Darkness
Zeleeka TBD
Zeliha Water Fairy
Zella Young Warrior, Rendered to Mars
Zellah One who Knows the Path
Zelmira Brilliant One
Zemfira TBD
Zemira Praised
Zena Moon, Fame, News, Ethiopian
Zenab Beauty
Zenah Princess; Celestial
Zenaida Power of Zeus; Belonging of Zeus
Zenan Weapon; Coldness; Target
Zenat Beauty; Adornment
Zenaya TBD
Zeneeya TBD
Zenha Heaven; Paradise; Beautiful Flower
Zenia Flower.
Zenia Hospitable; Welcoming; Flower
Zenia Flower
Zenith Highest; At the Top; First
Zeniya A Flower
Zenna Born of Zeus
Zenobea Warrior Queen of Syria
Zenobia Given Life by Zeus, Power of Zeus
Zenobiah Life of Zeus
Zerada Gold Maker
Zerada Gold maker.
Zerada Gold maker
Zerah Rising of Light; Beauty of God
Zerah Rising of light
Zeriah Seeds
Zerifa TBD
Zerin Golden
Zerina Princess, Smart, Inteligent.
Zerina Princess; Smart; Intelligent
Zerlinda Beautiful Dawn
Zermaine Beautiful; Attractive; Cute
Zernain Richness of Eyes
Zertashia TBD
Zesha Unique Desire; Happiness; Calmness
Zevah Fruitful
Zevah Fruitful
Zewya Princess
Zeya Success
Zeyana Ornament
Zeyna Beautiful; Ornament
Zeynab TBD
Zeytuna TBD
Zhaafirah Victorious
Zhaahirah Apparent; Bright; Evident
Zhafeerah Firm; Resolute Intention
Zhafira Victorious
Zhaheerah Assistant; Supporter
Zhaina The Lord is Gracious
Zhalai Hail
Zhalai Dew; Hail
Zhalay Dew
Zhalay Dew; Hail
Zhaleh Dew
Zhaleh Dew
Zhane Phonetic Variant of Jenae
Zhara Beautiful
Zharous TBD
Zharra Beautiful; Variant of Zara
Zhavia Gift from God; Living Water
Zheenath TBD
Zhivaya Living Water
Zhiya A Piece of Heart
Zhumyla TBD
Zhureen Brave
Zia Light, Enlightened, To Tremble
Zia Light
Zia-ul-Qamar The Moon’s Brilliance / Glow; …
Ziada TBD
Ziagull TBD
Ziah Light, Life, Pleasant
Ziana Beautiful; Blessed; Bold
Zianaaz TBD
Ziani Honest
Ziara A Piece of Heart, Visit
Ziarah A Piece of Heart; Visitation
Ziba Gorgeous, Gazelle, Beautiful
Ziba Pl. of Zaby, gazelle.
Ziba Beautiful; Antelopes
Zibaa Gazelles
Zibiah Doe
Zibna TBD
Zida Shield of God
Zidan Abundance
Zihaka One who Laughs Often; Happy
Zihana Accurate; Bright Ray of the Sun
Zihni Intellectual, Understanding
Zihuna Wise, Accurate
Ziina Name of a Flower; A Beauty
Zikara Recollection, Memory, Remembrance
Zikeria TBD
Zikiyah TBD
Zikiyya TBD
Zikr Remembrance, Mention
Zikra Beautiful, Intelligent, Memory
Zikrat To Mention of All Sweets Word
Zikrayat Memories, Reminiscences
Zikril TBD
Zil-e-Qamar The Dark Side of the Moon
Zil-Yazdan God’s Mercy – Protection; Shade of …
Zila Shadow; Flower
Zilal Shade, Shadow
Zilal Shadow
Zilal Shade; Shadow
Zilan Storm / Wind
Zilay-Urooj Zilay – Shadow, Share
Zill Shade; Shadow; Lake
Zilla Blinded; Shadow
Zilna TBD
Zimal Modesty; Part of Dopatta
Zimmal Part of Dopatta, Modesty
Zimra Song of Praise; Praised
Zimran Vine; Song
Zimrin Singer; Vine
Zina Name, A Beauty, Welcoming
Zinaah Adornment; Ornamentation
Zinaat Dress; Ornament
Zinaat Pl. of Zinat, ornament.
Zinaat Pl of Zinat; Ornament
Zinab Flower of the Desert, Beauty
Zinah Beauty.
Zinah Beauty
Zinah Beautiful; Adornment; Ornamentation
Zinat Adornment, ornamentation
Zinat Adornment, ornament, decoration, elegance, beauty.
Zinat-Un-Nisa Ornament of Women
Zinat-un-Nisa Ornament of women.
Zinat-Un-Nisa Ornament of women
Zinath Adornment; Beauty; Decoration
Zindani TBD
Zineb Comforting
Zineerah TBD
Zineerat TBD
Zinera TBD
Zineta Beautiful ornament
Zineta Beautiful ornament
Zinia Brilliant Flower; Flower Name
Zinia Name of a flower.
Zinia Name of a flower
Zinirah Flower Found in Paradise
Zinnat Glamour
Zinneerah Name of a sahabiah.
Zinneerah Name of a Sahabiyah RA
Zinneerah Name of a Sahabiyah RA.
Zinneerah Name of a sahabiyah ra
Zinnera TBD
Zinnu Gold
Zinu Cheerful; Beautiful; Pretty
Zinva TBD
Zionah One who Symbolises Goodness
Ziqra Thoughts of Past; Memory
Zirah Arena
Ziram Glow
Ziram Glow
Zirsha Creative
Zirwa Top; Pinnacle
Zisnat TBD
Zitarah TBD
Zithna TBD
Ziva Life, Radiant, Aglow, Splendour
Ziva Brightness; Radiant; Splendor
Zivanka Alive
Zivia Radiant
Zivit Splendour
Ziwa Woman of the Lake
Ziya Light
Ziya Source of Light, Radiance
Ziya Splendor; Light; Glow
Ziyaadah Increase; Extra
Ziyaah Light; Splendour
Ziyaan Ornament; Decoration
Ziyada Growth
Ziyada Addition, Surplus, Increase
Ziyada Increase, addition, surplus, superabundance.
Ziyah Splendour; Light
Ziyan Elegance
Ziyan Decoration, Ornament, Elegance
Ziyan Ornament, decoration.
Ziyan Elegance
Ziyana Radiant, Blessing from Heaven
Ziyanah Radiant; Blessing from Heaven
Ziyarah A Piece of Heart
Ziyasa Idealist
Ziyaunnisa TBD
Zizi Dedicated to God
Zmarai TBD
Zobeida Pleasant as Cream; Rich and Creamy
Zobia Blessed; God Gifted
Zobia God Gifted
Zobia God gifted
Zobiya A Gift from God
Zobya TBD
Zoeba TBD
Zoena Beauty
Zoeya Life
Zoeya Life, Smoke, Made of Light
Zoeya Life
Zofeya God Sees
Zofia Wisdom; Wise
Zofisha Precious
Zoha Light
Zoha Light, Morning Light, Sunrise
Zoha-Fathima Morning Light Sunrise
Zohaiba TBD
Zohaid TBD
Zohain TBD
Zohaira Dignified, Blooming, Shining
Zohal Moon of Another Planet
Zohal Moon of another planet
Zohana Accurate
Zohar Light; Brilliance
Zohara Beautiful, Venus, Blooming
Zoharah Splendour
Zoharin Dawn, light of day
Zoharin Dawn; Light of Day
Zoharin Dawn, Light of day
Zohha Hope, Shining light
Zohha Hope; Shining light
Zohniyya Bright Minded
Zohora Beautiful; Blooming
Zohra Venus, jewels of sky
Zohra Venus; Love; Beautiful; Princess
Zohra Sparkle; Blossom; Blooming
Zohrabi TBD
Zohrah A Name of Planet
Zohre The Planet Venus
Zohreen TBD
Zohreh The Planet Venus
Zohreh Planet venus
Zohrin Beautiful
Zohura Beautiful; Innocent and Caring
Zohura Beautiful, innocent and caring.
Zohura Beautiful; Innocent and caring
Zoila Life
Zoina TBD
Zolaica Fair; Brilliant Beauty
Zona Girdle; Belt; A Girth; From a Zone
Zonaira Flower of Paradise
Zonia Belt; A Dragon; Gridle
Zonira Precious Stone, Expensive Jewel.
Zonira Precious Stone; Expensive Jewel
Zonira A precious stone; Expensive Jewel
Zonish Beautiful and Pretty
Zonisha First Sunshine, Most Beautiful
Zoniya Wisdom; Wise
Zoobia Blessed; God Gifted
Zoohi Flower
Zoona Wise Women
Zoona Intelligent
Zooni Flower
Zooznairah TBD
Zora Daybreak, Sunrise, Dawn
Zorah Dawn
Zorah Dawn; Dawn’s Light
Zorah Dawn
Zoraida One who is Eloquent
Zoraiz One who Pours
Zoreed One who Meets
Zoreed One who meets, one with strong intentions, one with decisiveness, distance, gap.
Zoreed One who meets
Zoreza Spreader of Light
Zori Golden Dawn
Zorin Dawn’s Light; Strong
Zorna Dawn; A Lake; Dawn’s Light
Zorya Dawn’s Light
Zoubida Pure; The Best One; High Hill
Zoufishan Moonlight.
Zoufishan Moonlight
Zoufishan Moonlight
Zouhra Love, Venus, Beautiful
Zoura Venus; Beautiful
Zoy Life
Zoya Loving & caring.
Zoya Fragrance of Heaven, Shining
Zoya Life, age.
Zoyaa Beautiful, Shining
Zoyaara Destiny
Zoyah Alive
Zoyana TBD
Zoyanoor TBD
Zoyeba TBD
Zoyfa TBD
Zoyia TBD
Zoysia Wisdom; Unique
Zshakira Thankful
Zuaifa TBD
Zuaina TBD
Zuba Precious; Flower
Zubaah Great
Zubaah Name of a Sahaabiyyah, daughter of the uncle of the Holy Prophet PBUH.
Zubaah Name of a sahaabiyyah
Zubaedah Excellent, The Best One
Zubah TBD
Zubaida High Hill; Man’s Defender; …
Zubaida Pure; Beautiful
Zubaidah Excellent; name of the wife of Caliph Harun Al Rashid
Zubaidah Excellent
Zubaidah Excellent (Name of the wife of caliph Harun al Rashid)
Zubaidha One who Gives Everything for Needy
Zubaira Sunshine
Zubairaa Diminutive of Zahraa
Zubairya Sunshine
Zubana TBD
Zubaria Blooming flower
Zubaria Blooming flower
Zubash Silver
Zubash Silver
Zubaydah This was the name of the daughter of Jafar Mansoor and the wife of Khalifah Haroon Rasheed.
Zubaydah Kind Hearted
Zubaydah Excellent (This was the Name of the daughter of Jafar Mansoor and the wife of Khalifah Haroon Rasheed)
Zubda Butter
Zubdah Butter
Zubdah Butter.
Zubdah Butter
Zubeda The Best One; Daughter of Hadith
Zubedah The Best One
Zubeeda TBD
Zubeen TBD
Zubeida Honest; The Best One; Marigold
Zubeidah Marigold, Honest, The Best One
Zubein TBD
Zubeira Sunshine, Pure
Zuber Brave Warrior; Pure
Zuber Brave warrior
Zuberiya Pure as Spring
Zubeyda The Best One, Marigold, Honest
Zubi Loving and Understanding
Zubi Loving and understanding.
Zubi Loving and understanding
Zubia Gift of God; Beautiful Lady
Zubida Pure; Elite; High Hill
Zubin Lucky in Life; Lucky Angel
Zubina Lucky Angel
Zubiya God’s Gift
Zubra TBD
Zubrah Best of Everything / Everyone
Zuby Loving
Zubyda The Best of All
Zudora Explore, Provider of Food
Zueinah Lucky Number; Stone; Metal; Colour
Zueinah Lucky Number; Stone; Metal; Color
Zuella Peace
Zufaa Flower Tree
Zufash When Light Spreads over the World
Zufeen Victorious
Zufeesha TBD
Zufiah One of the Beautiful Allah Tree
Zufin Victorious
Zufisha Precious
Zuha Forenoon
Zuha Morning Star; Light; Bright
Zuha, Zuhaa Adornment
Zuhaa Adornment
Zuhaa Woman with Quality to Sacrifice
Zuhaibah Piece of Gold, Lump of Gold
Zuhaifa TBD
Zuhaila Star; Moon Glow
Zuhaina Bright; Courage; Sparkling
Zuhair TBD
Zuhaira Courage
Zuhaira Floret, Small Flower, Shining
Zuhaira Floret, small flower.
Zuhairaa Brilliant; Radiant; Little Flower
Zuhairah Floret, Small Flower, Spirit
Zuhana Pleasant; Bright
Zuharah Planet Venus.
Zuharah Planet Venus
Zuhariyah TBD
Zuhayna Sparkling; Courage; Bright
Zuhayra Courage
Zuhdiyyah Ascetic; Devoted to God
Zuher aName of a planet.
Zuhera Name of a planet
Zuhina Intelligent
Zuhniyya Bright Minded
Zuhoor Flowers
Zuhr Forenoon, Radiant, Brilliant
Zuhra Venus, Star, Appearance
Zuhra Venus, brilliancy, brightness, flower.
Zuhrah Brightness
Zuhriyaa Manifestation; Appearance
Zuhriyyah Florid; Pink; Rosy
Zuhur to flower, to blossom, to glow
Zuhur Pl. of Zahrah, flower.
Zuhura Brightness; Venus
Zuhurto flower, to blossom, to glow
Zukhruf Pure Gold
Zukreat TBD
Zulaica Fair
Zulaika Brilliant Beauty
Zulaikha Wife of the king of Egypt (Pharaonic age) who was attracted by the beauty of the Prophet Yusuf/Joseph.
Zulaikha Brilliant Beauty
Zulaikhah TBD
Zulain Angel; Bright Light
Zulaita Dominant
Zulakha Wife of the king of Egypt, who was attracted by the beauty of the Prophet Yusuf/Joseph.
Zulaykha Narrator of Hadith
Zulaykha Historical name
Zulaykha She was a narrator of Hadith
Zulaykha, Zuleikha Potiphar’s wife
Zulecia Plump
Zuleika Brilliant, The Fair One
Zuleika fair-haired
Zuleikha Brilliant and Lovely
Zuleima Peace
Zuleka The Fair One, Young Lady
Zulekha Young Lady; Brilliant Beauty
Zulekha Brilliant beauty.
Zulekha Brilliant beauty
Zulema peace
Zulema Full of Beauty, Peace
Zulema Full of beauty
Zulemah TBD
Zuleqa The Fair One, Honest, Young Lady
Zulequa Good; Honest; Brave
Zuleyha TBD
Zuleyka Beautiful
Zuleyka Brilliant; Beautiful
Zuleyma Peace
Zulf Dark Complexion; Hair
Zulfa Having a small and finely chiselled nose.
Zulfa First part of the night.
Zulfa First part of the night
Zulfa The first part of the night
Zulfaa Part of the Night, Nearness
Zulfah Nearness; Closeness
Zulfah Nearness, closeness
Zulfah Nearness; Closeness
Zulfana TBD
Zulfath Guided
Zulfeen TBD
Zulfika TBD
Zulfin TBD
Zulfisha TBD
Zulfiya Nearest One; Special Thing or Gift
Zulhema Full of Beauty
Zulhijjah 12th Month of Hijri Calendar
Zuliana TBD
Zulika Well-born
Zulima Peaceful
Zullah Dark Cloud
Zultan Variant of Sultan, Ruler
Zultana Queen, Ruler, Leader, Sovereign
Zuly Healthy & vigorous
Zuly Healthy; Vigorous
Zuma Friday
Zumaana Beauty; Majestic; Beautiful
Zumaira Beautiful Flower
Zumairah TBD
Zumana Beauty, Lovable, Beautiful
Zumarrada Precious Stone; Emerald
Zumera TBD
Zumriya Beautiful; Kind Hearted
Zumruda TBD
Zumurrud Emerald
Zumurrud Emerlad
Zumurrud Emerald
Zumurruda Emerald
Zumurruda Emerald
Zumzum Sweet water of paradise.
Zumzum Sweet Water of Paradise
Zumzum Sweet water of paradise
Zuna Abundance; From Bobangi
Zunaiba Appreciate
Zunaina Beautiful Eyes
Zunaira Blooming Flower
Zunaira Flower
Zunairah Flower found in paradise.
Zunairah Flower of Heaven
Zunairah Flower found in paradise
Zunairah Flower found in paradise
Zunaisha Most Beautiful; Gift of God
Zunaitha TBD
Zunara Pretty Flowers in Paradise
Zunaybah Appreciate
Zuneera Flower; A Necklace of Diamond
Zuneerah TBD
Zunena Smart
Zunerah A Flower of Paradise
Zuneria TBD
Zuneyna Smart
Zunira Flower in Paradise; Guiding Light
Zunisha Gift of God; White Rose; Very High
Zuniya Beautiful; Wise; Wisdom
Zunnayrah TBD
Zuny One who is Creative
Zurafa Elegant, witty, graceful; fem. of Zarif.
Zurafa Elegant; Witty; Graceful
Zurafa Elegant; Witty; Graceful
Zuraida One who is Eloquent
Zuraidah One who is Eloquent
Zurain Gift of God
Zurana TBD
Zuri Beautiful; White; Light
Zuriah Beautiful
Zuriella God is My Refuge
Zurina White
Zurisaday Over the earth
Zurqes TBD
Zurraidah TBD
Zuvairiya Everlasting Young
Zuvairya Name of Prophet Mohammed’s Wife
Zuveriya Name of Prophet Mohammed’s Wife
Zuvi Life
Zuwaida TBD
Zuwaila Motion; Movement; Side
Zuwailah Adorable; Cute; Pretty
Zuwaina Blessing
Zuwainah Blessing
Zuwaiten Little Olive
Zuwana Good; Thanks
Zuwena Thanks; Good
Zuweriya TBD
Zuweyna Blessing
Zuya Warrior Woman
Zuyaina TBD
Zuzi Delicious Fruit
Zweena A Beautiful Woman
Zyah Splendour; Glow; Light
Zyanah Beautiful
Zyanya Eternally
Zykaraya Smart
Zyna Welcoming
Zynah Beautiful.
Zynah Beautiful
Zynah Beautiful; Adornment; Ornamentation
Zyra Eastern Brightness; Dawn
Zyva Brightness, radiant, splendor
Zyva Beautiful; Bright Light
Zyva Brightness; Radiant; Splendor
Zywa Woman of the Lake