Motherhood is one of the most wonderful stages in a woman’s life, but it can also be one of the most stressful. To all the attention that a child requires at home are added household chores, the responsibility of taking care of her health, investing time in her education and, of course, work activities. Thus the list of daily tasks can become very long and exhausting. The result? Exhausted mothers who stop thinking about themselves to dedicate themselves to their children and their environment.

It may seem like a titanic undertaking to many, but the truth is that most mothers carry this heavy burden on their shoulders with satisfaction. They love their children above all else and are willing to give themselves completely to them. The problem, however, is that focusing too much on parenting not only ends up draining your energy and strength, it can affect your long-term health, causing anxiety, stress, or even depression. The good news is that there is a way to avoid it.

The key is in balance

Many mothers feel that their children are growing up too fast and want to treasure every moment before it slips through their fingers. That is why they dedicate so much time and effort to their children’s education and want to be with them at all times. However, if you want to raise happy and emotionally balanced children, it is also important that you think a little more about yourself and allow them to discover their own path independently.

Giving children the freedom to spend time alone not only helps them become more autonomous and develop their skills, but also allows them to learn to manage “dead hours” and deal with frustration. And you can take advantage of that time to pamper yourself, after all, you are not only a mother but also a woman, a partner and a professional. Keep in mind that you also need time alone with yourself, doing the things you enjoy the most, sharing with those around you or simply resting quietly.

The key lies in finding the balance between your responsibilities as a mother and your needs as a woman. In the end, if you are not able to take care of yourself, you will not be able to take good care of your child or teach him to love himself, the first step to developing his self-esteem and self-confidence.

How to deal with motherhood? 5 keys that can help you

1. Do not pretend to be perfect

Children do not come with an instruction manual under their arm, so it is often necessary to resort to instinct and sometimes it is normal to make mistakes and make mistakes. Therefore, do not pretend to be perfect, your child does not need it, he just wants you to be by his side to support him, accompany him and pamper him. Also, remember that there is no correct way of educating that guarantees success with children, so beyond striving to do everything right, focus on loving and accepting your children. Both will enjoy much more and you will be creating a solid relationship, based on love and mutual respect.

2. Focus on the positive

Blaming yourself for the mistakes you have made in your child’s education will not make you learn the lesson. On the other hand, when you focus on the positive, the things you do well, the achievements you have reached and the gratifications that the relationship with your little one brings you, you will begin to feel much better and you will reinforce your self-esteem. Not only will this push you to discover your best abilities , but it will help you compensate for those areas that you are not so good at. At the end of the day, it is not about covering the sun with a finger or overlooking mistakes, but about focusing on the positive things to refocus your child’s education, feel better about yourself and strengthen your self-confidence.

3. Spend more time for yourself

To take care of those you love, you must first take care of yourself. Therefore, dedicate some time just for you each day or at least once a week. Get together with your friends, go get a manicure, go to a spa, practice yoga, take a walk around the city or the beach, lie down to read or listen to music, no matter what you do, just take some time to pamper yourself and be happy. And don’t feel guilty about doing it, it’s normal to need time to disconnect and recharge the batteries. Afterwards, you will not only feel completely renewed and with more energy, but you will also be much more relaxed and ready to face the new day with a better mood.

4. Learn new parenting tools

Motherhood is a stage of constant learning, in which every day you face a new challenge and learn something different. There is nothing written, nor are there absolute truths, but there are some tools that can make your daily life as a mother easier. For example, learning to practice mindfulness meditation, mastering some breathing exercises or relaxation techniques will allow you to go about your daily life with a more open and relaxed attitude. It is also convenient that you learn to prioritize tasks and manage time, in this way you will not only be able to get to everything more calmly but also have more freedom to enjoy some time alone.

5. Share responsibilities

If there is one thing that most mothers tend to sin against, it is wanting to do everything by themselves because they believe that the rest will not do it the same way. And it is not necessary that they replicate your way of doing things, after all, each one has a different way of solving problems. However, that doesn’t mean it’s better or worse than your strategies, they’re just different. Therefore, a good way to lighten the load on your shoulders is to delegate some of your responsibilities to your partner and share tasks with your parents, siblings and friends. They will surely be happy to give you a hand and you will have more free time for yourself.