You don’t realize it, but due to the rush of life, work, responsibilities… of wanting to get to everything, we eat up time. The days go by slowly but the years fly by without us even noticing. Today the children are small, tomorrow they are already teenagers and in the blink of an eye, they have already flown from the nest and you just want time to go back so that they can once again be those little children who looked at you with admiring eyes all the time… They mimicked everything you did and said.

But you didn’t realize it at the time, you realize when it’s all over and now you miss them. Do not fall into that mistake if you have small children or you will regret it all your life. Your children are young now, and it is NOW when you should enjoy them to the fullest and dedicate all your time to them, even the one you think you don’t have.

Your children will not be small forever

Even if you think you have a lot of time ahead of you, the reality is that you don’t. If you want to influence the lives of your children, that they feel close to you and that they grow up happy, then you must dedicate time NOW. Neither later nor tomorrow. If you are with your children, now is the time. Children grow very fast and you have to be present in those daily moments, in the little things that happen and in all the opportunities to grow together that life gives you… and that if you spend your life stressed, you will not realize it .

Enjoy the stage of childhood because it is the basis of their growth and happiness, it is the most beautiful stage that parents can enjoy at their side. When you least expect it, you will find a child who needs you more than ever, but who feels “grown up” and wants to do things for himself.

What now tires you and exhausts you, will end. It will happen. And afterwards, you will miss him with great sadness. Therefore, pay attention to your children now because time will not stop for you or for anyone. They need to feel you present… they want to be part of a family that loves them above all else. You are that family that needs so much.

Think that what you do now will directly influence their development and future. It is possible that right now you do not see it, or that you are somewhat incredulous, but it is so. Let them know every day that you love them and that you are willing to do whatever it takes to keep them well, happy and with an excellent education.

They grow too fast so enjoy them NOW

As we are telling you throughout this article and that we will not tire of reiterating… children grow up very fast. If you are a father or a mother who lives life in an accelerated way, the time has come to put the brakes on.

Focus on the small details of life, on how you influence the life and development of your children. Before you know it, your words, your actions and how you treat your children will influence their path in life. Therefore, bet on positive discipline and show him all your support whenever he needs it from the deepest love and respect.

If he ever breaks a doll to see what’s inside, why would you punish him? Perhaps you have a potential future engineer or surgeon in your home. Or if he paints your wall, it is clear that he has an artistic ability that he must develop. Taking a good look at what he does and highlighting the positive part is essential so that he can work on positive thinking from his earliest childhood.

Reflect on how is the education that you provide to your children daily, live the present by their side, savor the small moments, discover how life has precious and vivid colors from the hand of your children.