Not sure what name to choose for your future baby? Read on to discover our suggestions for names of boys with P.

We know that there are infinite names of all types, but since we think that a focus is necessary in any search, we have decided to delimit all the existing possibilities by focusing on the  names of children with P .

Less than 2% of names begin with the letter P, so the options are not as great as in names that begin with other more popular letters.

The origin of these names is usually Latin, Native American, Quechua… So there are names that are both classic and really original and different from what you may be used to hearing, but why not give them a try? To do this, we have compiled a list of 14 boy names with P!


Native American Origin

Before colonization, the Native American people included different tribes, each of which had its own dialect. Most of the names belonging to these cultures made reference to some psychic or physical characteristic of the person who was born. Also to elements of nature.

1.Palladin  .  Fighter.

2.  Patamon . Rabid.

3.Patwin .  Man.

latin origin

Latin is an Indo-European language spoken in the ancient Roman Empire. It had great influence on other European languages, and this lasts to this day. Currently, many of the names of the countries of Europe have their origin in Latin. We are going to suggest some names of children with P that have this origin.

4. Paul . The small. Formerly, more than a first name, it was a nickname. Thanks to the apostle Saint Paul, who was initially Saulus, but who changed his name to Paulus as a sign of humility before Jesus Christ, this name became popular.

5. Pascal . Child born on Easter.

6. Paschal . Variant of the name Pascal,  belonging to Easter.

7. Shepherd . Who cares for his sheep.

8. Patrick . In Roman antiquity, the patricians were the citizens who had all rights, unlike slaves and serfs. So it means  free man. Furthermore, Patrick was the descendant of the first senators appointed by Romulus and Remus at the creation of Rome.

9. Pedro or Pedro. The masculine name corresponding to Petra, which means  stone, rock. Its meaning is reaffirmed by Saint Peter, the first “stone” of the Catholic Church, since he was the first pope in Rome. Pedro and Juan are two of the most popular names among Christians, and the most used worldwide. In the saint list you can find 115 saints with the name of Pedro!

10. Placid . Serene, calm. 

11. Pliny . It comes from the Latin  plinius.  It was a  civil group (gens) of ancient Rome or also the Latinization of a name of Celtic origin. Some characters with these names: Pliny the Elder, a naturalist who died in the eruption of Vesuvius, or Pliny the Younger, his nephew and an author of famous epistles.

12. Pluto . The one who gives wealth. He was the Roman god of the underworld, as well as one of the planets that make up the Solar System.

13. Pompey . The meaning of this Latin name is  solemn, pompous, lavish. A historical figure with this name was Pompey the Great, a Roman politician and general allied with Julius Caesar, together with whom he founded the political alliance of the First Triumvirate. Ultimately, he fought against him in a civil war that erupted for control of the government after Crassus’s death.

14. Publius . The one who is popular. 

Have we left a child’s name with P in the inkwell? If our suggestions haven’t been enough, keep digging! If there is one that has captivated you, do not hesitate to use it!